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World Trigger 34

Amatori Chika ③

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Oct 8, 2013 16:46 | Go to World Trigger

-> RTS Page for World Trigger 34

[World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke]

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[World Trigger - Chapter 34 : Amatori Chika ③ ]

Trainee 3 : 0.6 seconds…?!
Series Title : [World Trigger]
Text left top : Right at the start of the fighting exercise,
Text Left bottom : Yuuma displays his overwhelming ability——!!
Yuuma : Did that just now get me a perfect score?
Trainee 3 : Wait, wait, wait.
It’s impossible.
That was only a fluke!
The measuring instrument must have broke down!
Do it once more!
Yuuma : Hmph, one more time?

☆ Comics Volume 1 and 2 are on sale with great popularity!!
☆An Extra-Story will be published in the Jump NEXT! going on sale 10/15!!
Chapter Title : Chapter 34 - Amatori Chika ③
Author : Ashihara Daisuke
0.4 seconds.
Trainees 2-5 : It diminished?!!
XXXX : So,
This is Jin’s junior...
Text Right : Even more instakill!!

Kazama : So that’s what he meant.
It certainly seems he can be used.
Kikuchihara : Really?
Anyone would have gotten accustomed to it by now…
Insert : Kikuchihara Shirou - Enlistment Time Points : 2800
Utagawa : These aren’t movements from an amateur.
So he’s really a Neighbor it seems…
Insert : Utagawa Ryou - Enlistment Time Points : 2950
Trainee XXXX : You’re incredible!
Who are you?!
Kitora : It’s finally making sense for me now…
Osamu : ...Eh?

Kitora : The Neighbor that attacked you at school…
‘He’ defeated it right?
Didn’t he?
Osamu : Ugh…
Kido Cameo 1 : “Kuga”?
Kido Cameo 2 : Are you talking about “Kuga Yuugo”…?!
Osamu thinking : Kuga’s existence has already been discovered by the Headquarters,
So there is no point in hiding it anymore…
Osamu : …That’s right.
Kitora : I knew it!
So that’s how it was!
I knew there was no way for you to be able to accomplish something like this!
Osamu thinking : Why does she look so happy…?
XXXX : Osamu.
Osamu : Ah.
Kitora : Ka…Ka-Ka-Ka

Kitora : Karasuma!
Karasuma : Oh, Kitora.
It’s been a while.
Sorry, my part-time job dragged on.
How is it going?
Osamu : There is no problem.
Even though Kuga is standing out…
Karasuma : Well, he’s only standing out.
So this time too, the Arashiyama’s Unit is in charge of the ‘Enlisting Guidance’.
It must be troublesome.
Kitora : No!
Not at all!
You haven’t been appearing in the Rank Battles at all lately.
So if you have time, practice with me again, please…!

Karasuma : No, you’re strong enough as it is.
I don’t anything more to teach you.
Kitora : Don’t say that… I still have a long way to go.
Karasuma : Huh?
Come to think of it, you’re the same age as Osamu, right?
Kitora : Yes,
That’s right.
Karasuma : Perfect then.
He’s my pupil,
So I’d like you to teach him a lot of things too, Kitora.
Kitora : Your pupil…?!

Kitora : By pupil, do you mean…
You practice with him man-to-man…?
Karasuma : Exactly.
Still, he has a long way to go.
Osamu : I’m sorry…
Karasuma : Now… I should go and greet Arashiyama too.
Looks like he’s over there.
Kitora thinking : Him being Karasuma’s “pupil”…
Just makes me so jealous…!!!
Satori : Listen, sniper candidates.

Satori : This will be our training place.
Trainee XXXX : So spacious…!
Is this really the inside of the building…?!
Satori : A 10 floor height and a 360 meters length
Make it the biggest room of the Base.
I’ll first train you
On the kinds of sniper trigger available.
This time, the sniper candidates number to 1,2,3…
7 people total, huh?
Chika : E-Excuse me…

Chika : We’re 8 people…
Satori : Oops! I overlooked a girl!
I’m really sorry! So, 8 people right!
Trainee XXXX thinking : What a midget… is she an elementary schooler?
Can someone like her really fight…?
Satori : Alright! You’ll follow the instructions of these Regular Members.
Now, let’s start the individual training!
Chika : Excuse me…
Regular member XXXX : Huh? Is something wrong?

Chika : Is it alright…
If I don’t run after shooting?
Trainee XXXX : Run?
Regular member XXXX : Yes, you don’t have to run right after.
Chika : Thank you, sorry for the disturbance…
Trainee XXXX : Snipers don’t need to run, right?
Trainee XXXX 2 : A sniper work is only to stay hidden and to shoot after all.
She’s too weird.
Above Chika : Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah.
Regular member XXXX : No…
What she said is true.

Regular member XXXX thinking : It’s a huge handicap for a sniper to have his location known,
As such making a change in sniping spot after shooting few times is standard.
That’s why we run.
Even though this is usually taught after getting promoted to B-Class…
This means her master has at the least…
Absolute confidence in the fact that she can get promoted to B-Class…
Who can her teacher be…?
Satori : Next will be an introduction to these sniper triggers.
The trigger for snipers number to 3 total.
The one everyone is using now, “Eaglet”
Is an all-purpose type focusing on range.
Shooting with is is relatively OK.

Satori : “Lighting” from the lightweight class possesses low power but,
Is a ‘tingling type’ which has a fast bullet speed and is easy to hit with.
“Ibis”, of the heavyweight class
Is a long-pipe model which strength has been enhanced for fighting against Colossal Neighbor.
However, its slow bullet speed makes it difficult to hit.
Well, it’s better to see it than hear it a hundred times.
Let’s make a test shooting using you two girls.
Using Ibis, aim at this Colossal Neighbor target.
Chika : Yes, sir.
Satori : Alright, get set.
3… 2… 1… Fire!

No Text

Chika : I… I’m…
I’m really sorry…

Trainee 3 : …Alright,
I understand now that your strength isn’t a fluke.
You passed.
Join our team.
When strong people team up it’s possible to reach higher heights.
Yuuma : I decline.
Trainee 3 : What…?!
Arashiyama : Are you teamed up with Mikumo?
Yuuma : Yes, that’s right.
Kazama : …So that’s it.

Kazama : Arashiyama.
Arashiyama : So you came here?
Kazama : Lent me one training room,
I want to see with my own eyes the true ability of Jin’s junior.
Yuuma : Oh.
Osamu : Who is he…?!
Karasuma : He’s the Officer of the A-Class Rank 3 Kazama’s Unit.
Osamu thinking : A-Class Rank 3…!!

Arashiyama : Wait a moment, Kazama!
He’s still a trainee, you know?
He only has a trigger for training!
Yuuma : I’m fine with whichever.
Kazama : You’re mistaken,
I’m not talking about him.
The person I want to test…
Is you.
Mikumo Osamu.
Osamu : …Eh?!
Left : What is the true meaning behind Kazama’s words?!
World Trigger …Chapter 34 / End.

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#1. by michalek10866 ()
Posted on Oct 8, 2013
#2. by berserkfury ()
Posted on Oct 9, 2013
Thanks.....I can't wait for next chapter.....osamu don't let me down
#3. by oneshot921 ()
Posted on Oct 10, 2013
Are you still going to translate triage x ?

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