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Hachi 4


+ posted by vinceled as translation on Oct 24, 2013 09:21 | Go to Hachi

-> RTS Page for Hachi 4

[HACHI : Tokyo’s 23 Palaces - YOSHIYUKI Nishi]

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[HACHI : Tokyo’s 23 Palaces - Chapter 4 : SERENE]

Proofed by VanquisherR

Hachi : What
Did you say…?
This is
Text Insert : An unbelievable sight——!!
Chapter title : Chapter 4 - Serene
Author : YOSHIYUKI Nishi
Series title : HACHI - Tokyo’s 23 Palaces

Hachi : It’s… a dream, right Helena?
Hah Hah.
Helena : No, this is Tokyo.
The closest in front of us is Arakawa,
Back there is Katsushika,
Then, the city full of mist in the distance is Yokohama.
Ah, you’re blowing out smoke, you’re blowing out smoke.
Hachi : It’s a dream.
A dream…!
Helena : Well, this reaction is inevitable. You slept for half a year after all.
In bubble SFX : BEEP BEEP
Hachi : I see
I slept for…

Hachi : What?
I slept for half a year?!!
Helena : When we first discovered you, all your internal organs were damaged.
You underwent surgery four times,
And almost died of blood loss many times.
Only because you displayed an extraordinary resilience,
You finally managed to wake up this morning after 179 days.
Hachi : I slept for half a year… meaning New Year’s passed by too…
Huh? I’m remembering something really important——
In bubble SFX : GROWL
Hachi : What?
Helena : You sure are a noisy patient right after waking up.

Hachi : Alright, go on.
I’ll listen while eating.
Helena : …You’re listening…? It’s more like you’re choking.
In bubble SFX : FLAP
Helena : First, let me explain the situation in simple words,
Tokyo’s 23 Wards are currently on plant roots that rose out of the ground.
Tokyo’s 23 Wards Map : [explaining how to typeset would be really difficult so I’ll be adding the kanji beside the name. Refer to the various maps available online for more information. Googling “Tokyo’s 23 Wards” should do it.]

Before :
Nerima - 練馬区
Itabashi - 板橋区
Kita - 北区
Adachi - 足立区
Katsushika - 葛飾区
Edogawa - 江戸川区
Suginami - 杉並区
Nakano - 中野区
Toshima - 豊島区
Bunkyō - 文京区
Arakawa - 荒川区
Taitō - 台東区
Sumida - 墨田区
Kōtō - 江東区
Setagaya - 世田谷区
Meguro - 目黒区
Shibuya - 渋谷区
Minato - 港区
Shinjuku - 新宿区
Chiyoda - 千代田区
Chūō - 中央区
Shinagawa - 品川区
Ōta - 大田区

After :
Adachi - 足立区
Nerima - 練馬区
Shinjuku - 新宿区
Minato - 港区
Edogawa - 江戸川区
Setagaya - 世田谷区
Ōta - 大田区

Hachi : ——…Hmm, Whaat?
Helena : You must be wondering why I’m telling you all of this now.
Getting back on topic, 6 months ago
Just a few hours after the Tokyo elevation,

Helena : Several hundred thousand ‘halves’ came flying in.
Without even a moment of hesitation, they swiftly occupied the town,
And shrouded the wards with a special smoke.
They govern over humans, and hand down orders one after the other.
Hachi : ——T-the people…!
Didn’t the people outside the town do anything?!
Helena : They tried,
By invading the areas in the smoke to destroy the roots.
We played all the hands we possibly had.

Helena : However, everything was fruitless.
We were utterly crushed.
And now, after these 6 months, this is what Tokyo has become,
In bubble SFX : STEP
In bubble SFX : STEP
In bubble SFX : WHOOSH
Helena : …Look.
Hachi : Huh? That smell——
Helena : That’s right, sorry. Your muscular strength has decreased a lot.
Hachi : Don’t fret about it. I’m fine.
Ugh… just what kind of awful place is it now, I wonder.

Hachi : Oh!
Huuuh?? What the hell, it looks really fun?!
Helena : This place originally was Shinjuku’s entertainment district, Kabukichou.
Hachi : Also, it stinks of alcohol.
Taking a good look now, it doesn’t seem interesting at all!! It’s become really lax and worrisome!
Helena : It’s because ‘they’ changed the structures.

Hachi : They changed the structures——…?!
Helena : Tokyo’s remodeling
Was done right after the ‘halves’ flew in, and through the mobilization of the residents of every ward, it progressed at a fast pace.
Soon after, there was an announcement.
It stated “From now on, the denomination of the 23 Wards is abolished
It will be renamed as the 23 Palaces. Additionally, 23 new Palace Headmen will be appointed”
In others words, even though the reading stayed the same, the kanji changed——
Hachi : Hold on, Helena.

Hachi : It’s weird.
I can’t smell people anywhere.
Just where the heck
Have they gone off to?
Helena : Follow me.
Hachi : I can smell people…?
Where is this?
Helena : It’s the site of an abandoned factory that was used for the ‘remodeling’.
In bubble SFX : KA-CREEAK…!!

In bubble SFX : Ooar
In bubble SFX : Ooar
Helena : Also,
Right under it is
The Residential Zone for Humans.
Top bubble : Hey!!
Bubble on down left : Work!!
Bubble down left of big bubble : Don’t rest!!
Bubble on the left on big bubble : Someoneee,
Injured person over here!!
Hachi : ——Did you just say
A zone for

In bubble SFX : BA-THUMP
In bubble SFX : BA-THUMP
Hachi : A…
A Residential Zone…
In bubble SFX : BA-THUMP
In bubble SFX : THUMP…
Hachi : As I see it,
This is nothing but a huge ass prison!!
Crap~~!! Was I noticed…?!
Helena : Don’t worry, this is the signal for something else.
You’d better watch carefully from now.
Half XXXX : Line up, line up!!
Hurry up!

Half XXXX : Hold still!
Helena : This is
What the ‘demi-gods’, the ‘halves’ have dreamed of
Half XXXX : Start!
The ultimate method to supply themselves with Human Blood,
“Tax Payment”…!!
Every seven days, 1500cc of blood is drained, an amount which is on the verge of lethal for one person, and finally, the blood is packed.
Hachi : What… no way…!
Helena : This was most certainly their primary objective in capturing Tokyo.

Helena: This is the total domestication of humans through the levying of taxes.
Hachi : Hele…na,
Give me blood transformation pills!!
Helena : Wait,
Calm down. C’mon look!
That little girl has a low amount of blood so
Even after she collapses, she’ll still courteously receive help.
Hachi : Still, she’ll get wrung out of blood once again, right?!
Helena : Yes, but you see…
You shouldn’t be impatient. You’re still only a wounded Cerberus!
Also, you shouldn’t take the ‘halves’ lightly. Especially the Palace Headmen.
Usually, in the blood transformation of ‘halves’ the degree of transformation is determined by the subject of the legend.
However, this is not the case for those of the Palace Headmen Rank.

Helena: The more important the name conferred to the God in the legend is, the more mighty the ‘half’ reigning over the Palace will be!!
They can make the dangerousness of the environment inside the Palace change at will…!!
It is confirmed that the God of War, Ares is the Palace Headman of Sumida.
And also that Bacchus God of Wine controls Shinjuku Palace.
And also, that Bacchus, the God of Wine controls the Shinjuku Palace.
The latter being a coldhearted ‘half’ that thirsts for the blood of virgins and sake!

Hachi : But!
Helena : Over here, Hachi.
In bubble SFX : FWISH
There is a resistance from the human side that fights against ‘halves’ like that
Here we are——
…Huh, Hachi?
In bubble SFX : STEP
In bubble SFX : STEP
Ah, you already got in.
Hold on for a minute, I’ll introduce you to everyone right away———
Hachi : Ares,
That’s right.

Hachi thinking: I remember now——…!!
Hachi : Tekkin…!!!
Helena : Damn, did he remember?!
Don’t, Hachi!!
Hachi : Aare
Helena : Someone!!
Someone stop him——

XXXX : Quieten down, kid.
You’re being really boisterous during ‘tea-time’.
Black Box : Drakilee
Helena : Thank goodness, Drakilee.
Drakilee: Hey, Helena. If I remember correctly, this boy is your plaything, isn’t he?
Hachi: Crap… I’m losing my strength…
Helena: Ah!
Hachi: Off!
Drakilee : Huh?
Helena : Phew.
Person 1 : He’s the one
Person 2 : That was always sleeping…

In bubble SFX : OPEN
In bubble SFX : SMILE
XXXX : Ah, so sly~~!! I even told you to call me if Hachi woke up.
Black Box : Otone
Helena : Otone!!
XXXX : Oh.
So you finally woke up?
Welcome, Inugami Hachi.
We are the resistance against the half,
This is the hideout of “Serene”!!
Black Box: Commander Leni.
In bubble SFX SPLASH
Alright (note insert) Let’s toast to ramen!
Left : Smiles of hope in the Tokyo of despair——!!
Hachi - Tokyo’s 23 Palaces …Chapter 4 / End.

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