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World Trigger 35

Mikumo Osamu ④

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Oct 30, 2013 11:44 | Go to World Trigger

-> RTS Page for World Trigger 35

[World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke]

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[World Trigger - Chapter 35 : Mikumo Osamu ④]

PROOFED by VanquisherR

Yuuma : A fight against Osamu…?
Kitora : Kazama is inciting a mock battle…?!
Arashiyama : What are you spouting out of the blue, Kazama?
Is this another order by Commander Kido?
Kazama : He’s a Regular Member, isn’t he?
It’s not a problem if he has a mock battle with me, right?
Osamu thinking : A-Class Rank 3
Left Top text : Osamu vs A-Class Kazama?!
Title : [World Trigger]

Kazama : Get in the training room,
Chapter title : Chapter 35 - [Mikumo Osamu ④]
Author : Ashihara Daisuke
Kazama : I want you to show me what you are really worth.
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Text Insert : What will Osama’s reply be?!

Osamu thinking : Why does someone superior like him…
Wants to fight me and not Kuga…?!

Kazama Cameo : I want to see with my own eyes the true ability of Jin’s junior.
Osamu thinking : Is Jin somehow related to all this…?!
Arashiyama : You don’t need to accept against your will, Mikumo-kun.
Karasuma : You can’t compel him to take part in a mock battle.
If he says no, that’ll mark his refusal.
Osamu thinking : He’s an A-Class member…
Thinking rationally, he’s obviously no opponent I can fight against as I am now…
In the first place, I only managed to become a Regular Member
Because I benefitted from the ‘leftovers’ of Kuga’s feat.
I didn’t earn it myself.
…And yet,

Osamu thinking : He’s someone I’ll necessarily have to battle
In order to get chosen for the Expedition Force.
It’d be better for me to know his strength.
Osamu : I accept,
Let’s do this mock battle.

Kitora thinking : He shouldn’t have said “let’s do it”, especially seeing how weak he is…
It’ll only be a one-sided fight that he’ll end up losing.
Trainee XXXX 1 : What?
Trainee XXXX 2 : A fight between fellow Regular Members?
Tokieda : Alright, alright.
All the people who are done are to rest in the lounge.
Trainee XXXX 1 : Eh?
Trainee XXXX 2 : I wanted to see it…
Osamu thinking : Thank you very much…
Yuuma : Can I watch?
Arashiyama : Of course.
Karasuma : You can’t win as you are now.
Osamu : I know that.

Karasuma : Don’t do the impossible.
Osamu : Yes, sir!
Announcer 1 : It’s pretty unusual for Kazama to get interested in a B-Class.
Announcer 2: He must be related to that white-haired kid from before,
…Well anyway,
Mock Battle Start!!

Osamu thinking : Kasama uses the scorpion.
What’s more, it’s a dual-wield style.
He’s undoubtedly an attacker.
In that case I should make some distance to fire…

Kazama : I see,
So you’re a shooter that.
Uses Raygust to protect yourself, huh?
Yuuma : He disappeared!

Osamu : What…!!
Announcer : Trion Supplying Organ destruction,
Mikumo, Down.
Kikuchihara : How idiotic,
Since there are no Trion ruptures in the training room, Chameleon too, can be used without reserve.
It won’t even be a proper fight.

Kazama : Stand up, Mikumo.
The trial is still ongoing.
Osamu thinking : He disappeared again…?!
Osamu : Shi…
Shield Mode!!

Osamu : Gah…!!
Announcer : Communication System Disconnected,
Mikumo, Down.
Osamu thinking : I can’t stop
Announcer : Mikumo, down.
Mikumo, down.
Mikumo, down.

Yuuma : So he has a trigger that makes his body disappear…!
There sure are interesting triggers in Border.
Karasuma : It’s “Chameleon”,
A clandestine trigger that consumes trion to make one melt into the scenery.
Yuuma : Hmph…
I wonder how I’d fight against it…
Karasuma thinking : Chameleon is indeed powerful but,
It isn’t invincible.
Yet, can you really notice this,
Osamu thinking : A trigger that makes one invisible doesn’t make one invincible,
I know that.

Osamu thinking : If it could make one invincible,
Then all the other members would use it too.
Yet, currently it isn’t like that.
Meaning there are some risks that come with using these triggers.
Thinking about it now,
At the moment he attacks, Kazama reveals himself.
Could that possibly be it…
That he can’t use other triggers when he disappears…?
In that case that means
He’s the most fragile when he disappears!
Osamu : Asteroid!!

Kazama : Correct.

Kazama : However,
I’ve become accustomed to seeing this hand.
Announcer : Mikumo, down.
Osamu : Fuck…!!
Osamu thinking : The difference in fighting experience is too big…!
What can I do to break Kazama’s invisibility…?
I have to think, I have to think even more.
Kikuchihara : It’s too obvious.
There is no light in him.
I wonder why Kazama picked a fight?

Kitora : Karasuma,
Please stop this already.
I can’t bear to watch anymore.
Yuuma : Kitora.
Kitora : It’s too early for Mikumo to be fighting an A-Class.
He has ‘zero’ chance of winning.
Kirasuma : What, are you worried about Osamu?
Kitora : What…?
Not at all!
Yuuma : I don’t believe that Osamu is really trying to win right now,
Thinking about what happened before, it makes me think he is trying to build up his experience
Kitora : “Originally no good”, “Loss and experience”;
Characteristically are a third-rate way of thinking.
If he’s not doing this with victory in mind, then he can’t accumulate the experience to win.

Yuuma : Wow?
Karasuma : You can say some really good things at times.
Kitora : No, it’s nothing much…
Karasuma : But well,
When the fight ends has already been decided from the beginning by those two.
Yuuma : Oh,
Looks like it’s about to end.
Kazama : …Enough, we’re done here.
It’s only a waste of time.
Osamu : Thank you

Osamu thinking : In the end, I lost more than 20 rounds.
I couldn’t even put a scratch on him…
So this is the true strength of an A-Class…!
Kazama thinking : He gave me the impression he was something like a low-rank B-Class without particularly strong attributes
Even though the talk in Headquarters is that he defeated a Neighbor
It seems that I had
Too many expectations for “Jin’s junior”.

Kazama : Jin…
I really can’t understand…
Why he went as far as turning in his Black Trigger…
Osamu : Eh…?!
He turned in his Black Trigger…?!
Kazama : What,
Didn’t you know?

Kazama : In order
For “that guy” to be enlisted in the Headquarters,
Jin offered his own Black Trigger to the Headquarters.
He did it all
So that your team could participate in the Rank Battle.
But I really can’t understand why.
Jin Cameo : This Black Trigger Jin has
Was Mogami’s.
Osamu thinking : For our sakes… Jin turned in
His Black Trigger…?!

Osamu : Kazama,
I’m sorry.
I’d like one more round,
Kazama : Oh…
Top Left : Jin’s decision
Bottom Left : Brought forth Osamu’s determination!!
World Trigger ...Chapter 35 / End.
Next issue, center color to commemorate the great popularity!!

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#1. by michalek10866 ()
Posted on Oct 30, 2013
btw on page 02 it should be Osamu's insted of Osama's
#2. by babybird130 ()
Posted on Nov 9, 2013
Wake up and translate chapter 36, please! :D

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