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World Trigger 36

Mikumo Osamu ⑤

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Nov 11, 2013 14:14 | Go to World Trigger

-> RTS Page for World Trigger 36

World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke

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World Trigger - [Chapter 36 : Mikumo Osamu ⑤]


☆Center Color commemorating the increasingly great popularity and the VOMIC-alization decision!!
Right : Carrying the power they have inherited
Left : They are now at the fighting grounds!!
☆Comics Volume 1 and 2 are on sale with raving popularity!! The latest, volume 3 goes on sale December 4th (Wed.)!!
Find an extra story in the currently on sale Jump NEXT!!!
There will be a VOMIC-alization in the December Broadcast “Sakiyomi JamBANG!”
Chapter Title : Chapter 36 - [Mikumo Osamu ⑤]
Author : Ashihara Daisuke

[Thorough Analysis]

Yuuma : Huh?
It seems he still want to go at it?
Kitora : Why…?!
Even though he lost plenty of times already…?!
Yuuma : Well…
It seems they talked about something.
Text : The Official Twitter long-awaiting launch!! Go Follow it right away!!
Announcer 1 : What,
That kid still wants to go at it?
He should give up and fall back already.
I want to see more of what that white haired midget can do.
Announcer 2 : Is that so?
I still want to see for a little what that four eyes can do.
Left : Even all beat up, Osamu still stands…

Announcer 2 : It feels like the atmosphere around him changed.
Osamu thinking : In all these 20 and more rounds,
My attacks haven’t reached Kazama even once.
He’s the leader of the A-Class Rank 3 Unit.
It’s obvious that I don’t have a chance of winning…

Osamu thinking : But,
Kazama Cameo : In order
For “that guy” to be enlisted at the Headquarters,
Jin presented himself at the Headquarters and handed over his Black Trigger.
Osamu thinking : Having heard something like this about Jin,
There is no way I can let it all end like this…!
I’m not saying anything extravagant,
But in this very last round,
I’ll definitely hit him.
I only have to focus toward that single goal,
Narrow my thinking,
And remember what I was taught by Karasuma…!

Karasuma : Firstly,
You should know that there are various types.
There is the assault-rifle type who shoots actively from mid-distance,
And the Hand-Gun who shoots repetitively at a short distance.
Then, we have the type that shoot rounds without using a rifle trigger.
We distinguish this one from the others by calling the latter shooter.
Osamu : Then, that’d make me a shooter type.
Karasuma : Exactly.
The strong point of a shooter type
Comes from the possibility to control the pellets power.

Karasuma : “Power”, “Range”, “Speed”;
All three can be freely adjusted with every attack.
Image top :
Power : 30
Range : 30
Speed : 40

Image bottom :
Power : 75
Range : 5
Speed : 20
Karasuma : With either concentrated or scattered pellets,
The amount of destruction using one round can be controlled.
Getting how to attack like this will take time and your somewhat rough accuracy will be a weakness,
So you’ll need sense to be able to use it.
Osamu : Sense…
Conversely, the assault-rifle and hand-gun gunner types
Can only shoot 2 predetermined types of bullets,
But this can be handled quite simply.
The more they train, the more their accuracy increases.
Moreover, there is an additional feature on rifle triggers, that is the possibility to extend the bullet’s line of fire by 20%,
Which is best if you want a safe and reliable battle.

Osamu : Somehow, listening to this
Makes me think I’d be more suited to be gunner than to be a shooter…
You said sense was needed but frankly, I have none…
Karasuma : I think the opposite,
The difference in Trion ability for gunner type completely shows in those safe battles,
With your weak trion, it’d be a disadvantage if you were to charge first.
You’re weak but not an idiot.
I believe being a shooter would fit you best if you could apply scheming and your way of thinking when battling.
Osamu : …Yes, sir!

Gunner and shooter take fighting positions while thinking about
What they have,
What their opponent has,
Each other’s targets, their teammates’ positions.
Using all factors,
They control their opponent’s movements.
Osamu thinking : I thought of a move to stop his invisible-transformation,
But the problem comes before this…
Kazama cameo : I’ve gotten accustomed to this move.
Osamu thinking : What should I do in order for my attack to land on Kazama?
I need to identify “what I have”.

Osamu thinking : “Asteroid”,
Trigger for shooting,
Power, Range and Speed can be adjusted.
Trigger for defense,
Decreasing the defensive range increases durability.
Trigger for close-fighting,
A part of the blade can be transformed,
Defense can also be use through “Shield Mode”.
“Thruster ”,
An option trigger exclusive to Raygust,
Then blade is accelerated when you make your trion erupt.
I have 4 weapons and
Using the 4 of them,

I’ll land a hit on Kazama…!
Announcer : Last round,
Yuuma : Now, what will Osamu so?
Kikuchihara : No way, no way,
It’ll one again end with an instant kill for him.
Osamu : Let’s do this,
I’m done reading my opponent’s moves.
Announcer 1 : What the heck is this?!

Announcer 2 : This are…
Super slow pellets…?!
Box - Power : 70; Range : 29.9; Speed : 0.1.
Arashiyama thinking : …That’s it!
There is no Trion expenditure in the training room,
So he’s planning to fill the room with pellets…!
Karasuma : If Kazama stays invisible, he won’t be able to defend against the pellets.
Well thought, Osamu.

Karasuma : Kazama is strong even without using Chameleon.
Osamu thinking : He’s coming!!
The chance will only be for an instant…!

Kitora thinking : Is he planning on restricting his movements
With the wall of pellets then intercept him with a big round…?!
Osamu thinking : This one attack will decide everything…!!
Kazama thinking : I know what you want to do but,
I won’t let myself get hit so easily.
Just by looking, I fully understand what your plan is.

Osamu : “Thruster” ON!!
Announcer 1 : He switched to shield?!

Kazama : Shield!!
Announcer 1 : Uooh, he pushed him to the wall!!
Announcer 2 : No! Kazama made it on time!

Arashiyama : He suppressed his Raygust…?!
Osamu : Asteroid.
Kazama : That’s it
He plans to shoot here when the distance is zero…!!

Insert text : Magnificent!!
Yuuma : It’s over.
World Trigger …Chapter 36 / End.
Next issue, was Osamu’s attack using all his strength decisive?! What about Kazama…?!

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#1. by DH777 ()
Posted on Nov 12, 2013
Estoy muy agradecido con usted.... :D

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