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Kakuriyo Monogatari 5

Fifth Chapter

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Nov 13, 2013 12:26 | Go to Kakuriyo Monogatari

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[Kakuriyo Monogatari - Fujisaki Ryuu]

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[The Tale of the Afterlife (Kakuriyo Monogatari) - Fifth Chapter]

Insert white on left : Purity and innocence, food for the mind.
Kakuriyo Monogatari
Fifth Chapter
☆ Read chapter 1 to 3 for free, online on the Young Jump official website!!
Author : Fujisaki Ryuu

Insert : The three Sada brothers souls are now requiemed…!!
Zeami : A few days ago, I sent a pursuing party towards where the enemy had left,
Soon, we’ll know his particular location.
Shibou : By enemy…
Do you mean Wata?
Zeami : That’s right.
Shibou : Also, where are Ame and Sarutahiko?

Zeami : They’re undergoing training… to prepare for the fight to come.

Sarutahiko : Let’s get to it, masteeer!!!
XXXX : What did you stopped there?
Why didn’t you push in further?

No text

XXXX : You’ve stopped moving.
Sarutahiko : …Fuck!!!
XXXX : That’s it for today.
After all a master’s duty is to smack down his self-assertive pupil,
Which I’ve achieved.

XXXX : You’re not are you, Saru?!
I’m sorry, whenever I wield a blade my personality completely changes!!
Sarutahiko : Shut up!
Leave me alone!
XXXX : Well, Sarutahiko. Since the training is now over why don’t go to eat sweets together with Ame!!
Sarutahiko : Idiot, Idiot.
Stop treating me as a kid!!
TIPS ⑦ Okita Shouji
Born in 1842 or 1844; Died in 1868. Fencing master as well as captain of the first unit of the Shinsengumi armed forces during the Bakumatsu. While he is fond of kids he is also a genius swordsman. His ability to stab thrice without his enemy noticing gave name to his well know technique the “Three Piece Thrust”. TN : Sandanzuki

Shibou : Over here, over here.
Sarutahiko : Huh?
Shibou : Ah,
Sorry to disturb you!
Sarutahiko : You’re… Shibou, right?
What are you doing ‘here’?
Shibou : It’s been a while, Sarutahiko. Thank you very much for back then!
On book : Kamitsuyomido, people list.
Shibou : This time, I managed to change careers and get a job here due to Zeami’s intervention.
TIPS ⑧ - Shibou Furao
Was attacked by a ghost in chapter one, then was brought back to life by Ame. Had a girlfriend.

Shibou : Y… You must be the really famous Okita, right!
Okita : Yes, nice to meet you.
My name is Okita.
Shibou : While everything about you isn’t fully explained in History, I’ve heard a lot about you!!
My name is Shibou! Nice to meet you!!
Okito : Really,
It seems even more interesting people are coming here.
We’ve only just met but I already believe it’ll be really fun!
Shibou : Yes, sir!!

Box : Even though being serious was my only strong point as a salary man, it’s already been 3 days since I came here.
Zeami : We don’t have enough live-people manpower.
Box : As I knew the secret of the “Return from Hell”, I was scouted by Zeami.
Zeami : Now, it’s that time of the day, Princess Ame.
Today, we will be studying the division of numbers.
What does 76.5 divided by 8.5 give?
Ame : Hmm,

Box : This is the Princess for the “Return from Hell”, Ame (11).
She is the only being possessing “the Power” capable of defeating ghosts.
Zeami told me that originally, this ability was carried by her twin elder sister called Wata but…
Something happened several days after her death.
Zeami : Sarutahiko,
I need to tell you something.
It seems Princess Wata’s younger sister… Princess Ame has started showing symptoms of a Princess.
Sarutahiko : Eh?

Zeami : She’s started overflowing with extraordinary beauty,
Her body emanates euphoria which looks much like floating incense.
Her every word resembles the blessing filling Shinto prayers.
“the Power” has been transferred from Princess Wata to Princess Ame.
Sarutahiko : The Power?
What the heck is that?!
Zeami : Well…
This is something that has been conferred to people with pure hearts ever since ancient times.
Sarutahiko : To pure hearted people?

Zeami : To be more specific,
It is given to people who are whiling to throw their life away for the sake of others.
It was really good fortune for us that Princesses Wata and Ame were twins.
It’s unprecedented for the wielder of the Power to flow that smoothly,
This shows how much the beauty of their hearts are alike.

Zeami : However, there are times when a suitable person cannot be found even by searching the whole World.
In case that happens, “the Power” conceals itself.
What do you think happens when ghosts appears when there is no Princess possessing the Power?
Sarutahiko : Eh…
Zeami : Obviously, we don’t have any method to deal with them.
There is no other choice but to let them rampage until their regrets are lifted.
Sometimes, even ten thousands of people have fallen victims to these rampages.

The era without Princess lapses,
Then, with the suitable person wishing for it, the possessor of the Power appears.
That’s when, the person of influence is transferred to Kamitsuyomido.
The Princess with her power takes care of every matters concerning the Afterlife.
Author note : Afterlife matters… That is everything that is related to Ghosts.
While the Power accelerates her death…

Zeami : And this is something sad, I still want you to understand this, Sarutahiko.
In order for
Few victims to appear,
A woman has to be chosen as sacrifice.

Sarutahiko : No way in hell!!!
I won’t allow it!!!
No matters how many ten thousands people die, I’ll always find Ame’s death to be sadder!!!
Box : After that irresponsible declaration, Sarutahiko became a warrior so that he could protect Ame.
His training over three years for quite severe.
However, while battling with many ghosts, he lost part of his body which was transformed to machinery.
Yet, he is even now cutting away at his life for the sake of the people.
Shibou thinking : I believed,
That to the very end he is experiencing the same pain as Ame.

Sarutahiko : One more time, Master!!
Okita : Yes!
That’s the spirit, Sarutahiko!!
Box : You might not be able to pursue this really splendid road all the way but,
I want to see you give it your very best.
This is because I was thinking that that I resolved to come working here.

Box : On a certain see
Guard : Unit 4 to Kamitsuyomido.
Unit 4 to Kamitsuyomido.
Target discovered,
Target discovered!!
Insert Text : The Castle aiming… at people… and at the Border!!
Kakuriyo Monogatari Fifth Chapter / End.
Next issue, what will happen to Wata and Takemikajichi in the castle…?!

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