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Hachi 5

Resolution and a Rising to Action

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Nov 14, 2013 15:26 | Go to Hachi

-> RTS Page for Hachi 5

[HACHI : Tokyo’s 23 Palaces - YOSHIYUKI Nishi]

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[HACHI : Tokyo’s 23 Palaces - Chapter 5 : Resolution and a Rise to Action]

Near Leni: Kiba Reiji - Serene Headquarters Commandant
Near Helena (the version the author provided us with is slightly confusing) : Doctor - MARY J. EREN
Near Drakilee: Satoraki Riku
Above Right of Otone : Combatant
Bottom Right of Otone : Intelligence Agent
Makurano Otone
Chapter Title : Chapter 5 - Resolution and Rise to Action
Author : YOSHIYUKI Nishi
Series Title : HACHI - Tokyo’s 23 Palaces
Insert Text Left : All the members of the Resistance Serene opposing the ‘Halves’!!

XXXX : The total of active members of “Serene”,
The resistance against the half is 415——!!
Self-Defense personnels,
Elite Engineers,
Or even cooks,
Are the various occupations they had originally.
This is what the abandoned subway line inside Shinjuku Palace has turned into,
We’re hiding ourselves in this derelict building while being active.
Our activity mainly consists of doing three things, “Provision Supplying”
As well as aiming to recapture the metropolis,
And then our “spy activities”.

Leni : Then we have the “combatants”…
He isn’t listening at all.
Hachi : Hell if this matters, dumbaaaaaass!!
Untie that rope and let me go to Ares’ plaaaace!!
Hachi thinking : Fuck, what’s with these people…!
Otone : You’re tied up because you keep on struggling~~.
Drakilee : Since he’s really noisy, how about putting him back to sleep?
Helena : What are you talking about? He finally woke up after sleeping for half a year!
Otone : Anyway, why Ares?
Leni : It’s for Tekkin, right? The girl that was taken by Ares.

Hachi : How do you know this…??
Helena : Everyone knows,
I mean, during these 6 months you kept on moaning “Tekkin, Tekkin” all the time, you know?
Hachi : All the time…!
Leni : Is she that important to you?
Hachi : O-obviously she is!! She’s my best friend you know——
Leni : In that case, for the sake of that friend, you should listen to what I say silently,
Hachi: …S-such a thing…
Leni : Do you get it?
With that pervert creep Bacchus governing over Shinjuku Palace,
And according to our spies with him being addicted to virgin’s blood and to wine,
I heard that lately, due to the ‘virgin shortage’ he’s been massively buying from the other Palaces.

Hachi : ——…Eh?
Leni : C’mon really… don’t you understand?
Hachi : Let me think…
Leni : It’s about Tekkin~~
Hachi : I get it. Is it possible Tekkin was brought along to that Palace——
Leni : Correct.
In bubble SFX : FWISH
Hachi : Ah.
Leni : In others words,
It means that, Serene will sooner or later gain total control over Shinjuku.
Hachi : …Still,
Only with 400 people?
Is it really possible to gain to control
With this method?
Leni : Ah. By the way, my name is Leni.
Nice to meet you, Hachi.
Hachi : Wait an instant, L-Leni?!
How do you plan on fighting against the ‘half’?!
Leni : Ask ‘those two’ about this.
In bubble SFX : POINT

Hachi : Heh?
Those two?
In bubble SFX : CRUNCH
In bubble SFX :
Hachi : What the heck——?!
What are you doing——
Otone : Yo’,
The name’s Otone.
That red nose, it really is just like a dog’s.
Hachi thinking : What really light movements——
Also, what’s with the sleeves of her clothes?

Hachi thinking : They grew——
Otone : Give your hand…
In bubble SFX : FLINCH
Helena : C’mon, Otone!
Insert near Otone right : He’s really just like a dog~~
Insert near Otone left : He’s a dog~~
Helena : I’m really sorry, Hachi. She has really bad manners.
Hachi : It’s my first meeting wit her and she already said “give your hand”…
Insert near Hachi : I’m nothing more than a dog…
Drakili : No need to apologize, Helena.
Otone with her sharp eye noticed this guy’s true nature.

Drakili : Truth be hold
That guy
Helena : Drakili——…?!
Drakili : Shouldn’t be called Hachi but ‘Pochi’. TN :famous dog name in Japan.
Insert near Hachi and Helena : What?
Drakili : ‘HACHI’ was originally used for the naming of the dogs with pedigree that would loyally carry their missions to their very end…!!
It cannot be used for stray dogs!
Helena : Hey, that’s a lie isn’t it?
Drakili : Therefore, you shall be named thusly from today henceforth——
Hachi : I could stay silent before,

Hachi : But don’t go saying things
As you please, you freaking bastaaaard!!!
People told me I have a red nose,
That I’m a stray dog,
And also that
I’m a midget.
Drakili : I never said
In bubble SFX : FWSHH
That you were a midget, did I?

In bubble SFX : SLAP
In bubble SFX : RUSTLE
Drakilee : Hmph,
In bubble SFX : CLACK
In bubble SFX : CLATTER
Drakili : Only your power is pretty good.
Hachi : Guh…
Drakilee : Sooner or later, you won’t need to be kept by me, Pochi…!!
Helena, look after Pochi’s hand.
Helena : …Wait…!!
Please wait a monent, Drakilee.
Hachi thinking : …What was with his hand…?!
Helena : What do you think you are doing to an injured person?!

In bubble SFX : GULP GULP
On tag : Non potable.
In bubble SFX : SQUEAK
Hachi : I finally woke up~~…
Still what weird people… Can they really fight? - So irritating.
I can feel the smell of the wind coming from there——
In bubble SFX : SNIFF
In bubble SFX : SNIFF
Hachi : U-Uwaah!!
In bubble SFX : THUMP
In bubble SFX : THUMP
Hachi : That was cloooose~~!!
The walls for this hideout are completely broken~~!!

Hachi : It’s so scary, I’d better get back inside.
I don’t have any focus point anymore. Is that really Tokyo…?
I’m sure they’re gone too by now…
The boring school
As well as my house——…
Come to think of it, I wonder how big sis is fairing?
Well, if it’s her then I’m sure she must be alive. She has an impressive life force after all.
In bubble SFX : BA-THUMP…
Otone : Ice cream,
Ice cream.

Otone : Oh, there you are Hachi. Want some ice——
Right now, she’s probably in some horrible place,
And horrible things are being done… to her.
That possibility
It can’t be possible…!
Ever since we were little, she’s was always playing with me
So it trained not to act like a poor-built girl.

Hachi : ——…That’s it.
Hachi thinking : I’m sure she’s alive.
Hachi thinking : Live on,
And wait for the time I’ll come to get you——…!!
Hachi : ——…Alright,
I’ve decided…!!
Even if

Hachi : I have to eliminate
Each of you one by one
From this
Crappy looking World,
I’ll come to save you,
So wait for me.

Hachi : I’ll definitely do it!
I’ll become your
Tekkin Cameo : My——
Small Hero!!!

Hachi thinking : …That’s why please,
In bubble SFX : TEAR
Hachi : Huh?
Hachi thinking : I’m asking you
To stay healthy,
Hachi : Ah, it’s you Otone!! I didn’t see you here!!
Otone : I’ll root for you!! Give it your best shot, Hachii~~!!
Hachi thinking : Tekkin——.
Insert Hachi : Don’t fuss about it!!
Leni : Well, you really picked up an interesting guy, Helena…
Helena : Eeh?! He even got you to cry?!
Leni : Well, you see…

Helena : I’m honestly really uneasy…
As to whether he can completely keep his composure during combat——.
Leni : Well, don’t be in such a hurry. There is still time until the plan is put into motion.
Drakili : I really wonder about that.
In bubble SFX : THROB
Leni : Drakilee, since when have you been here?!
Drakili : You see this plant, I was able
In bubble SFX : GLURG
In bubble SFX : GLUG
Drakili : To harvest it here.
Leni : …This
This plant is…
“Zeus’ Eyes”——…!!!

Leni : Everyone, listen well!!
Because of a technique that has been release by the enemy ‘half’, the hideout has been exposed!
Thus, we’re interrupting the ‘Shinjuku Palace Recovery Plan’ that was in motion!!
Hachi: N-no way, why interrupt it——…!!
Otone : You’ll see - Listen.
Leni: And then, we’ll move to a new plan that we’ll execute immediately,
And that’ll be named
In bubble SFX : BANG
“Bacchus Subjugation”!!!
Otone : Thought so.
In bubble SFX : CLENCH
Left text : Now, on to challenging the mighty enemy to a fight——!!
Bottom : HACHI - Tokyo’s 23 Palaces …Chapter 5 / End.

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