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Charon 1


+ posted by vinceled as translation on Nov 15, 2013 16:52 | Go to Charon

-> RTS Page for Charon 1


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CHARON - [Chapter 1 : GATEWAY]

Free for Use

Insert White Circled Red Text : I SAW, AND I HEARD
In bubble SFX : OPEN
In bubble SFX : OPEN
In bubble SFX : OPEN
Inserted Black Circled Red Text : The long-awaited new series start!!

Insert White Circled Red Text : “WOE! WOE!”
Inserted Black Circled Red Text : YOSHINOBU Yamada of “Cage of Eden”!
Bubbles 1st Panel : Ugh…
Bubbles 2nd Panel : …Argh…
Bubbles 3rd Panel : Ugh…
Bubbles 4th Panel : Uggh…

YOSHINOBU Yamada presents CHARÖN
White Blue drop-shadowed Text : An adventure on a species’ destruction and on the saving of a species.
Pink White Circled Text : A new adventure starts,
Purple White Circled Text : Lead Color, 68 pages!!
Author : YOSHINOBU Yamada
Chapter Title : Chapter 1 - GATEWAY

Text Insert Top Left : New series “CHARON” starting with lead color!!
Text Insert Bottom Right First Panel : The time for awakening draws near for the boys and girls in this mysterious facility——!!
In bubble SFX : OPEN
In bubble SFX : OPEN
In bubble SFX : OPEN

No Text

In bubble SFX : DRIP
In bubble SFX : DRIP
In bubble SFX : SPLASH
Boy XXXX 1 : Ugh…

Boy XXXX 1 : Ughh…
Boy XXXX 1 thinking : …What… What the hell…
Boy XXXX 1 : Ugh…
I… I can’t summon any strength…
Boy XXXX 1 thinking : Just… What happened to me…
Boy XXXX 1 : …Eh?
W-Who are they…?!
Bubble for other people : Ugh…

Boy XXXX 1 : A… metallic floor…?
The walls, the ceiling and everything else are the same too…
Also… What the heck is this machine…?
The heck am I…?!
Argh… My head is spinning…
Boy XXXX 1 thinking : What am I doing here…

Boy XXXX 1 thinking : …If I remember well, I was lingering in the streets after the end of my part-time work…
Girl Passerby XXXX 1 : Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah
Passerby XXXX (top bubble) : How about it mister, there are G-Cup in this cabaret club!!
Boy Passerby XXXX : G…G?! What should we do chief?
Passerby (bubble below previous) : L-let me think…
Reporter : In Southern India, intense hailing have cause major damage
And, it has been confirmed that casualties number to more than two hundred thousand…
Boy XXXX 1 thinking : Then I unexpectedly met with a friend from my middle school days…
We dropped in by a Game Center,
Boy XXXX 1 : …After that…
I can’t remember anything
That happened from then on!!

Girl XXXX 1 : Ugh… Uggh… What…?
Girl XXXX 2 : I’m… naked…?
Girl XXXX 1 : How come?
Girl XXXX : W…Where am I…?
Girl XXXX : What’s with this place…
Boy XXXX 1 thinking : T…They’re the same as me…?
What the heck is happening?!
Someone did this to me…!

Boy XXXX 1 thinking : Light?!
Dark skinned girl : Hmph…
What an useless bunch of people.
Can’t you even get up yet…?
Boy XXXX 1 : W…Who are you?
Dark skinned girl : I wonder if people like you will really be helpful?

Boy XXXX 1 thinking : Who…
Who is she…?
She has dark-skin…
Has white hair,
Blue eyes…
She isn’t… Japanese…
Boy XXXX 1 : D…Did you bring us here?!
Girl XXXX 1 : W…Where are we?!
Girl XXXX 2 : Say something!
Girl XXXX : Hm… Hmm…
It’s cold, aren’t there any clothes…?
Dark skinned girl : Go to the locker room,
You’ll get to it by going through the door I entered from.
Boy XXXX 1 : H…Hey, where are you going…

Dark skinned girl : So, I was included in the 18 people that were chosen.
So that’s it, it’s because this number expresses God’s blessing and good fortune.
…Still, can it really be stopped using these people…?
The woe rap that bringing about destruction.
Girl : …Eh…?
W…What did she say…?
Boy thinking : We…
Were chosen…?
Girl : W… what’s the meaning of this…?
Who was that girl…?
Boy : …Huh?
Boy thinking : What…? There is something written on the bottom of the machine.

On plate : Nitarazu Hisoka
Boy : Nitarazu Hisoka.
That’s my name…
Hisoka : Why is my name written on here…
Hisoka thinking : Is it actually possible that tall of hem too have their name written on the machines…?
What did she mean by the18 people that were chosen…?

Hisoka thinking : At a glance…
They seem to be people who are around the same age as me…
Hisoka : Ugh…
Hisoka thinking : It’s no good, my head hurts…
I guess I should go take a look at the locker room…
People : Huff

Hisoka thinking : …It certainly looks like a locker room…
Still, why are these things here…
That woman isn’t here…
There is an inner door, did she exit through there?
On plate : 18 Nitarazu Hisoka
Hisoka thinking : My name is written on here too…

Hisoka thinking : Does that mean… this is only for me…?
There is only one set of clothes…
It’s similar to the suit that woman was wearing…
Girl : I…Isn’t there any underwear…?
W…What weird clothes…
What? …My hairband is here…
In bubble SFX : ZIIIP
Hisoka : Dammit…
Hisoka thinking : I still can’t move properly.

Hisoka thinking : …However this suit,
It fits me so perfectly, it’s like it was specially ordered for me…
Be it either these machines from before or even this locker room, in the end all of them seems to…
Have been prepared in advance for us…
Hisoka : Huh?
Is that…
A choker?
Hisoka thinking :Was it also placed by the people that abducted us…?
Something similar to a monitor is affixed to it…
Looks like it’s no powered though,
I can’t seem to find something like a switch either.
What the heck is this thing…?

XXXX : Hey, whose locker is this? There are still some things remaining.
Isn’t it hers?
The person who is still on the ground in the room with the machines.
Hisoka thinking : …What…
She still hasn’t woken up…?
Girl : Hey, she hasn’t been moving at all, maybe she’s dead…
Boy : Like hell she is.
Hisoka : Damn!
Hisoka thinking : Fuck! Why do I have to be the one doing this…
Girl : I…I’ll go too…

Girl : I…I’ll help you out…
Hisoka : …Yeah, thanks for the help.
What’s your name?
Girl : Yes, I’m
Called Fukuju.
Box : Fukuju Sachi

Hisoka : So you’re called Fukuju, my name is…
Sachi : I know it, you’re Tsukumo, right? - It was written on the locker.
Hisoka : Wrong, it’s read Nitarazu, you made a mistake.
Hisoka : Hey, are you alright…?
Girl : Ugh…
Hisoka : …At least she’s breathing…
She seems to have a high fever though…
Hisoka thinking : Still, Where have I seen her before…?
Sachi : …Rein.

Hisoka : Rein?
Do you know each other, Fukuju?
Sachi : N… Not at all!
There is no way we would know each other, right Nitarazu?
She’s a genius in track-and-field events that became Japanese Representative at the Olympics at 16 years old.
She’s called Saionji Rein!
Hisoka thinking : That’s it, I remember now.
Sachi : Ah…! A…Anyway, I’ll dress her up…
Nitarazu, please face the other way!
Hisoka : Ah, yeah…

Hisakoa : …I see, so you don’t remember either…
Sachi : Yes, there is a sudden blank in my memories from when I was on my way back to school…
Hisoka : So you’re the same as me…
…But still, Saionji Rein,
I wonder why such a super celebrity is with us…
Sachi : …That’s right…
It doesn’t seem to be a simple kidnapping…
Come to think of it, Nitaruzu… Do you remember what ‘she’ said last time?
Hisoka : About us the people that “were chosen” …?
Sachi : …That’s right.

Sachi : The 18 people that were chosen…
Must certainly refer to us, right?
I… don’t have any idea as to why we were chosen but…
What about you, Nitarazu?
Hisoka : …No, I don’t know either…
Sachi : …Is that so…

Sachi : Still, it’s been changed quite a lot…
Hisoka : Eh?
Sachi : I’m talking about your name!
It’s the first time I’ve heard the kanji or “九 (nine) 十 (ten) 八 (eight)” said as “Nitarazu”.
Is there some reason to it?
Hisoka : Yeah… 100 minus 2 makes 98, right?
There are two missing in one hundred so “Nitarazu”. TN : something pretty hard to explain in English since it used a play on words based on kanji. The “ni” refers to the number 2 in Japanese while, “tarazu” or “tarinai” in Japanese means “not enough”.
Sachi : Ah, I get it! It sure is interesting.
Hisoka : …Yeah.
I’ve been told that quite often ever since I was little…
XXXX : Hisoka,
You miserable child…

XXXX : Oh I feel sorry for you, I feel so sorry for Hisoka,
It’s all because you were born with this power.
You’ve even been robbed of the two important things the other children
Usually possess.
To the point that this name has become really sarcastic…

Hisoka thinking : …Why I was chosen…
Don’t tell me it’s…
Sachi : …Zu,
I’m done dressing her up.
Can you give me a hand for moving Saionji from the locker room?
Hisoka : Ah… Yeah, of course.
My body is quite recovered so I’ll help you out.
Sachi : Ah… It seems everyone is here.
Hisoka thinking : Everyone… right…

No Text

No Text

Hisoka : Who are they…?
Are they really abductees…?
There seem to be something wrong with them…?
Cameo dark skinned girl : There were 18 people chosen——
Hisoka thinking : Just what did she mean by chosen people…?
Sachi : Nitarazu, let’s place Saionji on this bench…
Hisoka : Ah… Alright…

Girl : Hey, you two!
Hisoka : Eh…?
Girl : Let me ask you one thing.
Do you remember what day it was when we were abducted?
Box : Onigahara Sayoko
Hisoka : …The date…?
Hisoka thinking : What’s with this girl, asking strange things…
Sachi : It was… on September 4th…
Sayoko : …Right I knew it. It’s the same as me.
What a waste of time that was.
Hisoka : H…Hey, wait. What is the meaning of this?!

Sayoko : Are you blind or anything?
Hisako : W-What did you say?
Sayoko : Look above the door from where you entered!
Hisoka : Above the door…?
Hisoka thinking : There is a clock here? So it’s a built-in calendar…
September… 7th…? …In other words…
Boy : That’s right, it’s been 3 days!!
3 days passed in the blink of an eyeeeee!!
Hisoka : W…What did you say… There is no way it’s possible…
Sachi : Isn’t this a prank by someone?
Hisoka : Anyone could have tempered with the clock…

Boy : In that case, who?! What fooor?!
Box : Nedzu Ouri
Sachi : T…That is…
Ouri : If you don’t know don’t say things only to ease your mind, alright?! You scum!
Hisoka : Hey, enough…
Boy : How lame… Don’t hit women, Mr Plain-Guy.
Ouri : P…Plain-Guuuy?! Why did you just say to me you bastard——…
Boy : You monkey… Don’t your dare put those dirty hands ——

Hisoka thinling : Scars?!
Boy : On this great me.
Box : Raphael Bestia
Sachi : W-What a large number of scars…
Hisoka : Just who is this guy…?
Boy : …Hmph, he’s from the Mafia…
Hisoka : Eh?
Box : Man’nen Nobuhiko

Hisoka : D…Did you say the Mafia…?
Do you know him…?
Nobuhiko : Yeah, my dad is a reporter for the NYP, the New-York Paper, you see…
So he can even get detailed information on the Underworld.
His name his Raphael.
Ouri : I’m sorry, I apologize.
Nobuhiko : He’s the leader of the largest Sicilian Mafia, the “Bestia Family”.
Despite his feminine looks he’s possessed extraordinary muscle strength ever since he was little.
At 12, he was already serving as bodyguard for the boss even though it was his father.
It is said that even though he’s only 16,
He’s the family’s greatest violence specialist.
Raphael : Don’t say unnecessary things,
Else I’ll devour you, pig.
Nobuhiko : Nooo, scary!

Sachi : H…How could have people like him been abducted…?
Hisoka : …I don’t know…
Hisoka thinking : So he’s a well-known person from the Underworld…
Sachi : …But, now that I look carefully…
Hisoka : Huh?
Sachi : There doesn’t seem to be…
Box : Marguerite Walker
Christhard Kebler
In bubble SFX : *TAP TAP*
Box : Steve Yan
Sachi : Many foreigners, right…?
Box : Kachua Lastroguever

Hisoka thinking : So there are these 4 people…
That woman was also a foreigner…
Then, by including Raphael too, it makes 6 among 18 people who are foreigners.
One third of us are foreigners… Meaning that assuming they were carried to Japan after their abduction might be too far fetched?
In that case…
That means we were gathered from all over the World…?
…I don’t get it…
Why were we chosen…?
Sachi : Just what the heck have we been dragged into…?
Hisoka : …What indeed…

Box : Kijimadaira Ikki
Hisoka thinking : Is he looking at me?
What’s with him…
Why is he doing that…?
Ouri : Hiii, forgive me alreadyyy!
Raphael : Shut up!

XXXX : …Hey, we should check the place out.
Instead of doing that, shouldn’t it take precedence to obtain reliable information in order to put the screws on the people that did this to us?
Box : Ayasaka Akira
Raphael : …Hmph.
Ouri : Ugh.
Akira : There must be some truth in what that dark-skinned woman said.
Sachi : B…But, where has she gone off too?
Hisoka : Probably through that door.
There is only one more door in this room we came in,
So if she’s gone somewhere, it can only be through here.

XXXX : Alright…
Let’s go and check the place out…
Sachi : W…Will Saionji be alright?
We left her alone after all…
Hisoka : There is no one there so nothing will happen.
More importantly, catching that woman, might get us a medicine or something.

Sayoko : …Anyway, this place sure is strange…
The floor and the walls…
And even the ceiling are all made out of metal.
Steve : …What’s more the metal plates aren’t thin or anything.
In bubble SFX : *TAP*
They’re fairly hot and warm.
Marguerite : D…Does such a building even exist?
Just what the heck is this place…?
Hisoka thinking : …It’s certainly weird…
A building entirely made out of metal only…
Girl : W-wait, didn’t you hear something just now?!
Sayoko : Eh?
Girl : It… feels somewhat really eerie…
Just like a growl…
In bubble SFX : *Groowl…*
Sayoko : Hii?!
Girl : T-that’s it…!

Girl : Eh?
Box : Sakuragawa Madoka
Madoka : Agh.
Madoka : Noo.
I’m sorry, it’s just that I…
Girl : It…It’s alright, it’s alright.
Hisoka : Damn!
Hisoka thinking : What an happy-go-lucky woman.
…However, it sure is a weird combination…

Hisoka thinking : There are well-known people like Raphael and Saionji…
But even kids
Amongst the foreigners.
Countries and genders,
Age as well as personalities are all different amongst the 18 of us…
We were chosen by someone
And gathered here from all over the World.
…And what’s more…in this
Bizarre place…
Why the hell…
In bubble SFX : *WHIIIIIR*

Who the hell
And what for…?
Sachi : Nitarazu, Nitarazu!
Hisoka : Eh?

Sachi : What’s wrong? You’re spacing out.
Everyone else has went ahead…
Hisoka : Ah… Yeah, sorry about that.
In bubble SFX : *CLICK*
Hisoka : Huh?
I pressed something…
Sachi : Eh?
Hisoka : W…What is that sound…?
T…The floor is opening up?!
W…Was that the switch for a hatch?!
Ouri : Eh?
Hisoka : W…What is that doing here——…

Hisoka : What the heck is that…?!
It’s rotating really fast…
Is this some kind of machine?
It’s huge…
Sachi : W…What’s with this machine…?
Hisoka : Fukuju, it’s blowing strong wind,
Don’t go any closer.
Sachi : Alright.

Sachi : Eh?
Ouri : S-she fell?!
Hisoka : F-Fukuju!!

Hisoka : Kuh…
Sachi : Nitarazu!!
Hisoka thinking : It’s no good, I can’t reach.
This height!! If she falls,
She’ll die——…

Ouri : Uwaaaah!!
I-it’s no goood!!
He… He made it?!
Hisoka : …Agh.

Hisoka : Hey, hurry up and close the hatch!!
Nobuhiko : Y-Yeah.
Girl : Eh? Eh?
W…what happened…?

Hisoka thinking : Damn it!
Just now, I used my “strength”——…
Even though I promised I wouldn’t use it anymore…
Did I get found out…?!
Sachi : Ni…Nitarazu…

Sachi : Uwaaaaah!
I… I… Was so sacred…
Thank you very much, Nitarazu…
Hisoka : …Yeah…
Hisoka thinking : What a dull woman,
It looks like I’m fine for the time being.
Beeeep! Beeeep!

Speaker : Message to the 18 crew members!! Head to the bridge immediately!!
Sachi : A… broadcast…?
Ouri : Is it from the people that kidnapped us…?!
Speaker : I repeat,
Head to the bridge immediately!!
Raphael : The bridge…?
What the heck is this…?
Akira : Where is it?
Hisoka : Hey, isn’t this a mark to guide us?!
L…Let’s go and check it out.
Hisoka : I…It’s here.

Hisoka : I-I can see her…
Girl : …Hmph, so you’re only coming now?
I’m amazed of how slow you can be.
Box : Aisha Malaak Zafar
Hisoka : Don’t screw with us! I have a mountain loads of things to ask you…
Aisha : There is no time to talk.
Hisoka : What…?
XXXX : …You seem to all be assembled.

Hisoka thinking : W…What is that guy?!
Is he a giant?!
Hisoka : …No…

Hisoka : It’s not real…
It’s a three-dimensional picture…
Hisoka : W…Who the hell is that old man…
Sayoko : Hey!! Were you the one who kidnapped us?!
Ouri : Why did you do that?!
XXXX : You being bewildered is understandable…
After all, you were suddenly brought here…
Hisoka : I…I knew it, you are…
XXXX : Wrong, it wasn’t me.
It was God.
Hisoka : G…God…?!

Sachi : Ni…Nitarazu, look…!
On that old man’s stomach…
Hisoka : Eh?
Hisoka thinking : This rosario…
If I remember well…
It is from the World Largest Religious Organization
The “Kreetha Church”——…
XXXX : Abandon your selves to fate… for you people were chosen by God——…

You are the 18 Messiahs
That will save the World.

Hisoka thinking : D…Did he just say we are going
To save the World…?
W…What the fuck is that old man saying…
Is he insane?!
Ouri : DD…Don’t spout nonsense!!
Get us back home right away!!
XXXX : …Impossible,
Mankind doesn’t have any more time.

The seven angels rap has sstarted resounding.
Hisoka : Did you say the seven angels rap…?
XXXX : …That’s right.
It is written down in the Apocalyse,
That the time of Humanity’s ruin is nearing.
You people will need to put your lives at stake for the sake of mankind.
Ouri : O…Our lives?1 Why…
XXXX : Press the green switch on the console.
Hisoka : I…Is this it…?
Just what will it do…?
The ceiling’s dome is opening…

No Text

Hisoka : S…
Insert Text : It’s only just starting but they already are at the ending place—— These 18 people’s legend is only just starting!!
Next issue too, a grand extension to 42 pages!! Look forward to it!!

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Simplemente asombroso.... :D
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