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World Trigger 37

Mikumo Osamu ⑥

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Nov 18, 2013 09:45 | Go to World Trigger

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World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke

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World Trigger - [Chapter 37 : Mikumo Osamu ⑥]


Chapter 37 : [Mikumo Osamu ⑥]
Author : Ashihara Daisuke
Insert Text : What’s the conclusion?!
Kikuchihara : No way…!!
Announcer : Did he win?!

Announcer : Communication System disconnected.
Mikumo, down.
Announcer : Aggggh!!
Arashiyama : In terms of reading however, it was Mikumo’s victory but…
Osamu thinking : So that’s how far this plan could go…
Osamu : Fuck…!!
Kitora : … It’s regrettable.
Yuuma : …No.

Yuuma : I don’t think so.
Announcer : Trion overleak!
Kazama, down!!
Osamu : Eh…?
That means…

Kazama : The last one was a simultaneous hit,
…In other words, it’s a tie.
Announcer : Mock battle, over!
Bottom : “Mock Battle Result”

Box : Mikumo Osamu,
0 wins, 24 losses.
1 draw.
Kitora : To think he would tie with Kazama…!
Karasuma : He didn’t win, but it’s a most-spectacular victory.
Yuuma : Osamu,
Well done.
Osamu : Can it… really be said?
Karasuma : Thank you for taking care of my pupil.

Kazama : Karasuma…
I see… So he’s your disciple.
Was that last strategy your idea?
Karasuma : No, I only taught him on the basics of trion division and shooting.
The rest is all something he came up with himself.
What did you think? Of our Mikumo?
Kazama : Frankly said,

Kazama : He’s weak,
His trion and body ability are barely at a good level,
I can’t feel the talent Jin sees in him.
He is aware of his own weaknesses,
And has the ‘head’ to read his opponent and a good way of thinking.
I don’t dislike
This way of fighting that uses ingenuity and wits.
Sorry to have disturbed you,

Yuuma : Huh?
So in the end, you’re not going to fight me?
Kazama : …Fight you?
You’re only a trainee, aren’t you?
If you want to fight me,
You’ll have to come up there.
Yuuma : So this is Kazama of the A-Class Rank 3 team…
The things to look forward to on our way to the ‘top’ are increasing.

Kikuchihara : It was to good to end it with a draw like this.
Had it been me I’d have won 100 times out of 100 rounds,
Especially against that dull four-eyes.
Utagawa : Really?
I thought filling up the space with slow pellets was quite a good move though…
Kikuchihara : He could only do it because of the inexhaustible-trion rule, you know.
By fully guarding against that last big attack,
Insert near Kazama : Shield
Got you.
Kikuchihara : Then, you would have won by hitting him.
Kazama : Probably,
But for me that was aiming for a cross counter, it was my loss.
Kikuchihara : C’mon, you should be more serious about this, Kazama.
Utagawa : Why do you look so pissed…

Kazama thinking : I didn’t feel any talent or fear when fighting Mikumo but,
Only that very last attack
Completely exceeded my ‘reading’.
In all the 20 rounds,
This is the only time where he completely grasped my movements.
I’m looking forward to see up to where such a “have-not person”
Can go using his wits and ingenuity.
Osamu cameo : Please.
Karasuma : That was a good ‘read’ you made on that last round.

Osamu : It’s all because of your guidance, Karasuma.
Karasuma : However,
Usually, loosing 20 rounds and going for one win would disqualify you.
Osamu : Y-Yes, sir.
Kitora : That’s right! Don’t get carried away!
Osamu thinking : Why is she so happy…?
Arashiyama : Mikumo,
A teammate
Of yours caused some trouble…!
Osamu : Eh…?

Chika : I’m
Terribly sorry.
I’ll pay for the wall that I broke even if it’s take my whole life…
Satori : What,
I should be saying this!
XXXX : Raise your head.
It’s alright,
It’s only a training incident.
Box : B-Class Rank 6, Azuma’s Unit Leader - Azuma Haruaki (25)
Azuma : Satori, manager of the site will take full responsibility.
Satori : Whaaat?!
Azuma : You aren’t a member at the Headquarters,
You don’t have any trion measurement records.
Which emblem is that on your shoulder…?

Chika : …I’m Amatori Chika from the Tamakoma Branch…
Um… Because of me, will my seniors at the Tamakoma branch get scolded…?
Azuma : They won’t, they won’t.
The responsibility all falls on Satori.
Satori : Right! I knew it!
Kinuda : What is this!
What the heck happened here?!
Why is there a hole is that wall?!
Who did this?!

Satori : Development Chief Kinuta,
There was an incident during training,
So the responsibility all falls on me, the site overseer.
Kinuta : Exactly!!
Satori : It hurts
Kinuta : How can you let the Defense Members destroy the base?!
Satori : Huh,
Isn’t this alright?
Chika : I’m sorry!
I was the one that destroyed that wall!
Kinuta : What…?

Kinuta : Azuma,
Is that true?!
Azuma : It is,
She made that hole using the Ibis.
She’s Amatori Chika of the Tamakoma Branch.
Kinuta : What…?!
She’s from the Tamakoma Branch…?!
Osamu : Chika!!

Kinuta : I see, I see.
So you’re called Chika.
Your Trion ability is impressive,
You have to thanks your parents for it.
Chika : Y-yes, sir.
Kinuta : Don’t worry about the wall,
It’s made out of trion so it can be fixed quite easily.
Osamu : Development Chief Kinuta?!
Why is he here…?!
Satori : So Kinuta had a lolita complex…?!
Azuma : It’s just that she must remind him of his daughter,
If I remember well, she’s currently a middle school first year student.

Chika : Ah!
Osamu : Chika!
Kinuta : Mikumo…?
I see, the one who transferred to Tamakoma’s?
Hey four-eyes!
Look after her properly, would you!
Osamu : Yes, I’m sorry.
??? : You’re awesome!
How can you shoot like that?!
Chika : Agh!
Azuma thinking : She’s from Tamakoma’s.
So she is Jin’s junior…

Azuma thinking : He didn’t even report on the extent of her trion power,
Yuuma : Oh,
There is a hole.
Azuma thinking : Was it so she could make a flashy debut at the Headquarters…?
It looks like Jin and Rindou are scheming something…
Jin : Great,
So everyone enlisted without trouble.
I’m sure they really stood out,
I can tell even without using my side-effect.
They are my juniors after all.
I’m sure that about right now, rumors are spreading.

??? : It heard a newcomer finished the fighting exercise in 1 second.
1 second?!
What do you mean?!
Ii’s impossible!
There is a hole in the wall of the base,
It was done by a newcomer girl that used the Ibis.
It’s obviously a lie~~
I heard a B-Class four-eyes
Tied with Kazama.
Is that for real…!
He’s definitely going up to A-Class then.
Jin : …But,
The fact that those three are getting noticed
is only just beginning.
Left : Intent stares in Border, announcing a remarkable future for Yuuma and his teammates…!!
World Trigger …Chapter 37 / End.

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#1. by DH777 ()
Posted on Nov 19, 2013
Gracias, amigo.... :D
#2. by VanquisherR ()
Posted on Nov 21, 2013
Pardon me for a few errors on page 19...
Checked a few times but i still missed them T_T
#3. by michalek10866 ()
Posted on Nov 29, 2013
When you will release next chapters ? There are few to catch up.

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