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World Trigger 38

Kuga Yuuma ⑥

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Dec 6, 2013 08:39 | Go to World Trigger

-> RTS Page for World Trigger 38

World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke

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World Trigger - [Chapter 38 : Kuga Yuuma ⑥]

Reserved for Powermanga

Insert : Terrain on Foot-Traveling Training,
Rank 1.
Covert Behavior Training,
Rank 1.
Series title : [World Trigger]
Insert : Detection and Tracing Training,
Rank 1.
Yuuma : Hmph…
With this, I’ve fully completed the training.
Left Text : It’s too easy for him!!

Yuuma : So, full marks are 20 points per training?
With the previous and this time’s fighting exercise, I earned 100 points
So it makes 2900 points left.
In other words, if I want to get it to 4000 points…
Tokieda : There are joint trainings twice a week,
If you continue earning full marks every time, you’ll get to 4000 points in around 19 weeks.
Yuuma : How many days does that make?
Tokieda : 133.
Yuuma : Hmph… I can’t wait that long.
In other words…

Yuuma : I’ll have to earn them through the “Rank Battles”.
Insert Text : Rank Battles, the long-awaited start!!
Chapter Title : Chapter 38 : [Kuga Yuuma ⑥]
Tokieda : This is the lobby for the C-Class Rank Battles.
I’ll teach you on how the Rank Battles work.
Let’s get in a vacant booth.
Author : Ashihara Daisuke

Tokieda : C-Class Rank Battles are fundamentally, individual battles in a virtual field.
The process is easy.
Do you see the points and weapons on this panel?
These correspond to the members that are currently taking part in the Rank Battle.
On panel : 249 710 Raygust
315 1240 Viper
311 2760 Asteroid
246 1985 Kogetsu
115 2010 Asteroid
151 1420 Meteor
328 590 Scorpion
Tokieda : You can have a match by pressing to choose the opponent you want.
Conversely, there are also conditions to get designated on this list.
on Panel : Asteroid
151 1420 Meteor
338 590 Scorpion
105 1826 Scorpion
Tokieda : Once you want to stop fighting, you just have to get out of the booth.
Yuuma : How do I earn points the fastest?
Tokieda : By winning against opponents with a high number of points than yours.
Conversely, winning against people with fewer points than yours won’t get you that much and
You’ll lose a lot of points by losing.
Yuuma : Hmph, hmph. I get it.

Yuuma : Thank you for going out of your way to tell this to me, Kitora’s superior.
Tokieda : My name is Tokieda.
Yuuma : Thank you Tokieda.
??? : Truly strong people don’t walk on a tight ropes,
They win as much as possible while following the previous tactic.
And amateurs coveting high points will foolishly fall prey to this trap.
Although few, the points taken from weak opponents never changes.
Trainee : “Take from those who can be taken”,
This is a basic plan for “winners”,
A natural conclusion.
On panel : 105 1828 Scorpion
200 940 Kogetsu
333 2810 Scorpion
194 2300 Asteroid
128 3020 Viper
308 1100 Scorpion
Trainee : Oh,
A new “offering” has come.

On panel : Scorpion
2300 Asteroid
128 3020 Viper
308 1100 Scorpion
Trainee : Now then…
I’m off to teach that guy how harsh the World is.
Trainee 2 : Hey, hey,
Don’t break the heart of that rookie by persecuting him to much.
You need to show mercy to weak people.
Survival of the fittest is the truth of this World…
Giving people without ‘future’ their final notice is a form of kindness too,
You know?
Trainee 2 : We’re reserving the next fights too.
Announcer : Fight stage, “Town Area A”.
C-Class Rank Battle,

Yuuma : Oh,
It’s the first of the 3 idiots.
Idiot 1 : You’re…!!
Yuuma : Well then,
Please treat me well.

No Text

Yuuma : Ooh~~.
This is way faster than the trainings!
Replica : It seems like it.
Though the amount taken will get smaller the more your points increase.
Yuuma : Guess I’ll fight against the 3 idiots again.
Don’t break their hearts by taken from them too much.
3 idiots : Hiiiii!!
Kido : So this is
Kuga’s son?

Rindou : That’s right,
Kuga Yuuma.
He’s quite skilled.
Kido : …Kazama,
What do you think of him?
Kazama : …He is still a C-Class so I can’t tell this positively but
These movements shows he clearly has battle experience.
He’d probably reach master level by using a trigger for fighting…
He probably has a latent ability of more than 8000 points.

Shinoda : 8000…!!
In that case,
Putting him together with the other C-Class might have been a bad idea.
By giving him 3000 points from the start,
He could have progressed to B-Class more quickly.
If I remember, Kitora started with 3600 points, right?
Rindou : That’s what I wanted to do but, Kido would have certainly complained about it.
Kido : …Why isn’t he using the Black Trigger?
If he wants his status raised, becoming S-Class would be the fastest way, right?

Rindou : You must be kidding~~,
You know full well if he used the Black Trigger
You’d find fault with it and you’d take it away.
“I’ll approve to his enlistment but I don’t approve of him using the Black Trigger”
Is what you said.
Kido : …A few days ago,
I heard that a Tamakoma newcomer opened a hole in a wall at a training location, she’s called
“Amatori Chika”.
Rindou : Ah, her Trion is a bit too great you see.
Well, sooner or later it’ll turn into a great war potential so just overlook it, right?
Kido : A Neighbor with a Black Trigger and a Trion Monstress…
What do you plan on achieving by teaming them up?

Rindou : Nothing in particular.
Kido, do you believe that Jin and I are always scheming something?
Teaming up,
Aiming for A-Class,
Is something they decided themselves.
Chika’s elder brother and a friend were abducted by the Neighbors,
So, she’s aiming to be selected for the Expeditionary Force in order to bring those two back.
Yuuma and the other teammate, Osamu
Are helping her with it.
Kazama thinking : …So that’s it,
That’s their goal.
Kido : Recapturing people that were abducted by the Neighbor from the Neighbor, huh…?
How foolish…

Kido : Neighbor have countless countries,
So she’ll have trouble distinguishing which country they were abducted to.
And, in the first place, to know whether the abducted people are still alive or not…
It’s a shame but they cannot be rescued.
Shinoda : Is that why they should give up on going to save them?
Talking about possibility isn’t the matter here!
Kido : I’m talking about the World being much more atrocious than how kids imagine it to be.
Rindou : Well, they are dedicated because they have some sort of objective, you know?
Be it for their rescue
Or even for Revenge.
Kazama : …That’s where Miwa’s interests lies but
…I’m not really doing it to avenge my older brother or anything.

Rindou : Oh?
Did the expedition change your values a little?
Kazama : They haven’t changed at all.
I still intend to follow Border’s command to eliminate the Neighbors.
Since last month’s skirmish,
Miwa has been troubling me…
Rindou : What do you mean?
Kazama : It’s about something he told Arashiyama.
Rindou : Heh… What was it?
Jin : Sorry for being late.
The Talented Elite is here.
Shinoda : Great, we’re all here.
Then let’s get to the issue at hand.

Shinoda : Our current topic of discussion
Will be on the estimated to happen soon…
Neighbor large-scale invasion.
Yuuma : Hmph…

Trainee thinking : It’s Tamakoma’s ‘White Hair’…!
He completed the Fighting Exercise in 1 second…!
Yuuma : According to Osamu,
This metallic looking thing is money.
It seems the value for papers is much higher than the one for metal…
Even though it’s only paper…
Replica : That’s right.
By the look of things,
The more the number increases, the more the size gets bigger.
If it continued that way, being metallic and all,
It’d be too heavy and difficult to carry.
So, it’s highly likely a substitution with light paper has been made in order to avoid this.
Yuuma : Hmph…
I understand now.

Yuuma : That the money I have increases when I buy something,
This too is a mystery.
Replica : It’s called “change”.
It’s trivial.
Yuuma : Ah!

Miwa : Don’t wonder around shopping for our things…
Yuuma : You are…
The “Person whose bullets become heavier”.
Left Text : What is Miwa thinking?!
World Trigger …Chapter 38 / End.
Next issue, a very explosive atmosphere? What will Yuuma do in front of Miwa…?!

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