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World Trigger 39

Kuga Yuuma ⑦

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Dec 13, 2013 10:23 | Go to World Trigger

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World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke

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World Trigger - [Chapter 39 : Kuga Yuuma ⑦]

Reserved for Powermanga

Left Text : Not even a rest from “being the topic of discussion”——
Chapter Title : Chapter 39 - “Kuga Yuuma ⑦”
People whispering : Look, that four eyes is the one …
That tied against Kazama the other day!
Now that you mention it, he seems pretty composed…
Osamu thinking : …Not at all,
I’m not composed at all.

Osamu thinking : When circulating between people, the truth got distorted…
They say I “tied” against him…
Above chibi Osamu and Kazama : Tie
While to be precise it was “24 losses for 1 tie”…
Though, I’m not even being asked…
Osamu : I lost 24 times!
Osamu thinking : … But I guess saying something like that would be pretty weird.
If someone asks me…
??? : Hey, hey.
Can I ask you something?
Osamu : S-sure.

??? : This mark on your shoulder,
Is from Tamakoma’s.
Are you a Tamakoma Branch agent?
Osamu : Eh? Yeah…
That’s right.
I first enlisted at the Headquarters but then
I transferred to Tamakoma.
??? : Transferred…?
Why? How did you do that?
Osamu : A lot happened but
It’s mainly because Jin of Tamakoma invited me…
??? : Jin…?
So that’s how it is.
Are you off duty today?
Are you on Defense Duty break?
Osamu : Yeah, I’m on break…
??? : Then,

??? : How about doing a solo Rank Battle with me right now?
Osamu : A solo rank battle…?
Aren’t Rank battle between Regular Members are supposed to be team competitions though…
??? : If we use the C-Class booths we can have one.
Though we can take each other points like the trainees do.
Let’s fight,
I’m fine whether it’s 5 rounds or even 10 rounds.
Osamu thinking : Come to think of it, it’s been a while since I did a proper Rank Battle…
I’ll do it.

People whispering : That four eyes is going to fight!
It’ll be interesting so let’s go watch!
Osamu thinking : …Somehow,
Things seems to have been blown out of proportion…
Who is that kid…?
It seems he is a Regular Member…

Yuuma : Thanks.
What’s wrong? You seem down.
Before, you incessantly shot me out of the blue.

Shuuji : Since the Headquarters recognised your enlistment…
Killing you would now be a breach of the rules.
Yuuma : Really…?
??? : Oh!
That’s the white midget with the Black Trigger!
Youtarou : Hello, how are you people doing?
Yousuke : I heard you entered Border!
Yuuma : The “man with the spear” and Youtarou…?
Why are you together?
Yousuke : I’m babysitting the damn kid.
Youtarou : Yousuke is Shiori’s cousin, you know.
Yuuma : I see, Shiori’s cousin?

Yuuma : Is it possible the Headquarters and Tamakoma aren’t on as much bad terms as I thought…?
Youtarou : That’s because until about 1 year ago,
Shiori and Torimaru belonged to the Headquarters.
Yousuke : Even now, they come to the Heaquarters once in a while.
Yuuma : Heh?
It’s similar to Osamu’s status.
Yousuke : Anyway, Shuuji,
Weren’t you called to be to the meeting?
Shuuji : …I told Kazama I wouldn't be attending because of my poor physical health.
Yuuma : Hmph,
So he’s in bad condition?
Yousuke : No at all, not at all.
He thought eliminating Neighbors was an obvious thing to do,
But now he’s confused since he’s been told the opposite recently.
Cameo Kido : I’ll officially recognised the enlistment
Of Kuga Yuuma from the Tamakoma Branch.
Cameo Jin : As a Talented Elite,
I have to protect my cute juniors.

Yuuma : Ah, that’s right,
That must be because your big sister was killed by a Neighbor.
Shuuji : why do you know that…?!
Yuuma : If you want to take revenge, then I’ll help you.
Shuuji : What…?!
Yuuma : By having my partner investigate properly,
It’s be possible to narrow down by a lot which Trion Soldier from which country
Killed your sister, you know?
Anyway, if you want to do this, you’d better do it seriously.

Shuuji : Don’t screw around…!
I don’t need your help…!
Are all enemies…!
Yousuke : Hey, Shuuji. Where are you going?
Shuuji : I’m going to the meeting.
Yousuke : Good grief,
Serious guys are such a handful…

Yousuke : Ah!
That’s right, we promised each other to fight!
If you’re free, let’s go at it!
Yuuma : Can Regular Members and Trainees fight each other?
Kazama refused to fight me.
Yousuke : Well, it’s impossible to Rank Battle and to have our points change but,
We can do it ivy having a free Practise Fight.
Kazama has a high pride so
He might want to fight you in a serious Rank Battle.
I’m fine as long as I get to have fun.
Alright, enough talking. Let’s go to the competition booths.
Yuuma : Yeah.

Yousuke : What’s happening?
It’s strange, there are a lot a people here.
On screen : Mikumo
Yuuma : “Mikumo”…?
Announcer : 10 Round Battle over,
10 vs. 0.

Announcer : Winner,
Box : A-Class Rank, Kusakabe’s Unit - Attacker - Midorikawa Shun (14)
Youtarou : Ah, Osamu?!
He lost!!
Yousuke : It’s that four eyes from before.
So he Rank Battled Midorikawa?
Yuuma : Midorikawa…?

Osamu thinking : Complete defeat, huh…?
I couldn’t read his movements up to the very end…
Youtarou : Hey, Osamu!
I can’t accept that you lost!
Yuuma : You kinda stood out, you know.
Osamu : Youtarou…?!
??? : Well done, four eyes.
Midorikawa : Let’s stop here. I got an estimate of your true ability anyway.
You can go back now.

People whispering : That four eyes somehow seemed no good at all.
His movements weren’t that good.
What a let down.
He was completely made fun of by Midorikawa who’s younger than him.
It must have been a lie that he tied against Kazama.
Youtarou : Osamu, I’ll avenge you!
Let’s go! Raijinmaru!
Yuuma : Hey,
Was it you that gathered that many spectators?
Midorikawa : …No way,
They only gathered because of the rumour that he tied against Kazama.
I didn’t do anything.
Yuuma : Heh…?

Yuuma : What
A boring liar you are.
Fight me, Midorikawa.
If you win…
I’ll give you all my points,
1508 points.

Osamu / Midorikawa : What…?!
Yousuke : Huh?
What happened to fighting me?
Midorikawa thinking : What’s with him…?
Is he from Takakoma too…?
Midorikawa : 1500…
You’re a C-Class then.
Do you intend on fighting me using a training trigger?
Yuuma : Yep.
It’ll be plenty enough if I’m facing you.

Midorikawa : … Fine, I’ll do it.
If you win, what do you want?
3000 points? 5000 points?
Yuuma : I don’t need points.
If I win,
I want you to be more “respectful”.
Midorikawa thinking : More “respectful”…? So he’s older than me?
I thought he was younger since he looks like a midget.
Midorikawa : …OK.
If by any chance I lose,
I’ll show you as much respect as you want.
Yuuma : No,
Not to me.

Yuuma : I’ll have you show more “respect” to my leader.
Youtarou : Oh…?!
How surprising, Yuuma got angry?!
Insert : “Mikumo’s Unit”, Yuuma takes a belligerent attitude!!
World Trigger …Chapter 39 / End. Next issue, the disrespectful A-Class Midorikawa and Yuuma, their clash…!!

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