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World Trigger 41


+ posted by vinceled as translation on Dec 14, 2013 04:01 | Go to World Trigger

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World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke

Reserved for PowerManga

World Trigger - [Chapter 41 : Replica]

Insert : The serious but playful Border fighters.
Chapter Title : [Chapter 41 - Replica]
Author : Ashihara Daisuke

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Osamu : Commander Kido summoned us…?!
Yuuma : Umm?
People talking : It’s the S-Class Jin.
Jin of the Tamakoma Branch…
Jin : Oops, forgot to mention it before but I’m not S-Class anymore.
I’m only an A-Class Talented Elite.
Midorikawa : Ah!
Left Text : Jin appears!!

Midorikawa : You stop being S-Class, Jin?!
Then, let’s compete! Compete!
Insert x4 : Jin!
Jin : Oh, Shun. You’re energetic as always.
Midorikawa : Jin!
Yuuma : What the heck is this…?
Yousuke : Midorikawa is a hardcore fan of Jin, you see.
He was saved by Jin just as he was about to get eaten by a Neighbor.
He entered Border afterwards.
Yuuma : So that’s it,
He must have been jealous of Osamu who entered at Tamakoma’s?
Midorikawa : …Mikumo,
I apologize for my actions.

Osamu : Eh?! What?! Why?!
Because I unrespectfully beat the hell out of you in front of a great number of people.
Osamu : I know, but that was for the Rank Battle…
Midorikawa : That’s not it.
I was thinking on how to ridicule you so
I gathered all these people on purpose.
Osamu : Ah,
Is that so?
In that case I’m glad then.
Somehow, I was riding on a popularity that was more important than was my real ability befits…
The truth is that against Kazama
I lost 24 four times and tied once!
People speaking : So that was it…!
The rumours were hollow after all.
Osamu thinking : I finally said it…

Yuuma : I’m glad you decided to be honest.
Midorikawa : …That was what we agreed on,
White Haired Midget.
Yuuma : I’m Kuga Yuuma.
Just call me Yuuma.
Sorry to have beaten the hell out of you in front of that many people.
Midorikawa : It’s alright, don’t fret it.
They’re the people I gathered after all.
Next time, it’ll be me who’ll beat the hell out of you.
Yuuma : Really?
I look forward to it.
Jin : Yeah, great.
Rivalry is a good thing.

Midorikawa : Jin!
Let me enter the Tamakoma Branch if I win against Kuga Yuuma!
Yuuma : Just call me Yuuma.
Jin : Yeah but do you do of Kazakabe’s Unit?
Midorikawa : Part-time! I’ll work at both!
Jin : Don’t spout nonsense.
…Now then,
Let’s get going already, Yuuma, Four eyes.
Yuuma : Sorry about that, Yousuke.
Let’s fight another time.
Youtarou : Sorry about that, Yousuke.
Yousuke : Damn it.
People talking : I’m only noticed it now but…
That white haired guy,
Isn’t he the one that finished the fighting training in 0.4 seconds?
That’d mean the fact he surpassed Midorikawa’s record…
Wasn’t a lie after all…!
That four eyes was also being referred to as “leader” by that white haired midget.
Yeah, even though that four eyes was weaker.

People talking : Still, he was summoned by Commander Kido,
And he seems to be acquainted with that former S-Class…
That four eyes, he’s a mystery…
Jin : How did you find Shun? Yuuma.
Was he a troublesome opponent?
Yuuma : He was pretty strong, that’s for sure.
Hadn’t I done a 10 rounds fight, things could have turned sour.
I think he’ll become even stronger from now on.

Jin : Huh huh.
What about you, four eyes?
Osamu : I… couldn’t do anything at all.
It was completely different from the time with Kazama, I couldn’t read his movements at all…
Cameo Insert : 10 rounds fight, over.
10 vs 0.
Osamu : This was probably because there is no consistency to his movements or
Maybe just because he is temperamental?
Jin : I see,
How did you fight him on these grounds, Yuuma?
Yuuma : When these things happen, I usually
Fight thinking of my opponent as an “animal”.
Osamu : An “animal”…?!
Yuuma : “People make movements that aren’t really subject to any reasoning”.
“So instead of reading their reasoning, there are much more cases where it’s better to read their habits or even their personality”
Is what my Dad told me a long time ago.

Yuuma : Using reason against people who are honest just like Kazama is can work well but
It’s actually better to view people who are spontaneous just like Midorikawa is as animals.
Jin : Oh, you might be right on this one.
Osamu thinking : Come to think of it, Yoneya said something like that too…
Cameo, Yousuke : His movements are that of an impatient puppy that wants to show off the techniques he’s learned.
Yuuma : Midorikawa being so self-confident
Cameo, Midorikawa : …OK.
If by any chance I lose,
I’ll show you as much respect as you want.
Yuuma : Made me understand his pride was high.
That’s why I used the first 2 rounds, to observe Midorikawa movements
While ‘letting him enhance’ his spirit.
Osamu : You let him win…?! Why…?!
Yuuma : Simply said, it was in order for him to take me lightly.

P11 [TN : That might be quite hard to understand so I’ll let my proofreader smooth out those first few sentences]
Yuuma : You see, I occasionally participated in wars on ‘The Other Side’.
And for the first few times I used that, pretending to suffer a crushing defeat in order to draw the enemy in and kill him.
People who are convinced that “they are strong”,
Become irritated when losing to someone they should be winning against,
And in the end, their best movements crumble apart making it easy to kill them.
Also, since they become madder the more they lose trying to retaliate,
Winning can be simply achieved by using these opportunities.
Jin : I see, letting the opponent win the first few times and then pluck its feather off him. It’s just like what the dealers at casinos do .
Yuuma : Umm? Yeah?
Cameo, Yousuke : Movements that are ‘simply used to kill skillfull opponents’.
Osamu thinking : I see, so he used the first two rounds in order to gain control over his opponent…!

Osamu thinking : So this was “the difference in experience” Yoneya was talking about…?
Yuuma : Towards the end, Midorikawa became aware of my plan
So his movements were quite good on the last 2 rounds.
Jin : Oh, That’s nice. I guess he grew a little~~.
Osamu thinking : For an opponent against which Kuga won 8 vs 0,
I lost 10 vs 0.
On board : Midorikawa
This is the realistic difference in our levels…
All the other members,
Level up by constantly thinking and training.
I won’t be able to catch up to them at all by only doing things in a half-hearted way.
Anyway, I can't forget what I was told today.
Osamu : Animal, Animal…
Jin : We’re coming in.

Kinuta : You’re late!
What made you be so slow!
Jin : Ah, sorry about that.
Youtarou : Sorry for the wait, Ponkichi.
Kinuta : Why are you even here?!
Shiori : Youtarou!
Where is Yousuke?
Youtarou : I decided to come here on my own.
Kido : We’re losing time.
Let’s start, quickly.

Osamu : This is Commander Kido…
He’s a Neighbor hater and Border’s Head Honcho.
Yuuma : I see.
Shinoda : Through our investigation,
We’ve managed to predict that a large offensive by the Neighbors will soon take place.
A few days ago, one bomb only by the Bombing Neighbor produced a large number of victims.
Our objective is to hold back the number of victims to a minimum using infallible measures.
I simply want to hear your opinion on this as a Neighbor.
Yuuma : Hmph,
My opinion as a Neighbor?
Kinuta : We know there are countless countries in the Neighborhood.
And we sent expeditions to a few of these countries
However, the data we have still isn’t enough!

Kinuta : I want to know what countries come to attack,
As well as what offensive they’ll come attack us with!
I don’t care whether you are a humans on the Neighbor side or anything but
Since you enlisted in Border, you could at least cooperate!
Yuuma : I see.
In that case,
It’d be faster for you to ask my partner directly.
Here he is.
Replica : I understand the situation.
Hello to you all,
My name is Replica.
I’m Yuuma’s overseer.

Kinuta : What is this thing…?!
I’m a multipurpose trion soldier
That was made by Yuugo, Yuuma’s father.
Miwa : A trion soldier…?!
Kido : Kuga Yuugo…!
Osamu : I see,
So he was a trion soldier…!
Replica : Inside me are
The records on the Neighborhood countries Yuuma and Yuugo travelled to
So I’ll most likely be able to supply you with the information you want.
Kinuta : Nice…!
Replica : But, before that…

Replica : I heard that there are people in Border who hold indiscriminate enmity concerning the Neighbors,
And as such, I still don’t trust the Border Headquarters.
That’s why in exchange for the information I possess,
I want Border’s highest supervisor
To promise he’ll guarantee the safety of Yuuma’s body.
Kinuta thinking : What is that doll spouting…
Speaking promises aren’t worth anything.
Osamu thinking : Kuga has the side effect that can see through lies…!
So he intends to test Commander Kido…!
Kido : Very well,

Kido : As long as he abides by Border Regulations,
Then, Member Kuga Yuuma’s safety and rights will be warranted.

Osamu : Kuga isn’t responding…?
That means Commander Kido…
Didn’t lie, right…?!
Replica : It seems you
Indeed complied.
Well then,
I’ll teach you on the Neighbors.
Insert : It’s all been resolved…?!
World Trigger …Chapter 41 / End.

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