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World Trigger 43

Jin Yuuichi ⑦

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Dec 14, 2013 04:25 | Go to World Trigger

-> RTS Page for World Trigger 43

World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke

Reserved for PowerManga

World Trigger - [Chapter 43 : Jin Yuuichi ⑦]

Short, intense chapter. With this I'm finally caught up. Chapters should be out as scans soon.

Shuuji : You have a favour to ask me…?!
Chapter Title : [Chapter 43 - Jin Yuuichi ⑦]
Author : Ashihara Daisuke
Jin : Yeah,
That’s right.
Shuuji : …I refuse.
Choose someone else.
Jin : Hey, c’mon. At least, listen to what I have to say.
Left Text : What will Jin tell to the shaken Miwa——?!

Jin : Somewhere during this large-scale invasion,
Four eyes will get in a predicament.
When that happens, I want you to save him.
Shuuji thinking : A prediction from his side effect…
Shuuji : Mikumo will be in tough spot…?
Why are you asking me?
You could do it or ask the people at Tamakoma or
You could even ask your companion Neighbor.
Jin : That’s what I intended to do but,
It seems there is no one else except you that’ll go rushing
To him when that happens.
Shuuji : Mikumo is a Regular Member.
He should wipe his shit with his own hand.

Shuuji : If he can’t, lock him up in Tamakoma’s.
Jin : Kido
Is troubled over who should be able to use “wind blade”.
The first candidate Kazama, turned the offer down.
Arashiyama and Kitora too,
They have work ‘facing outwards’ to take care off so they were taken off the candidates list,
So now there are 8 possible candidates.
Kako, Saeki, Ikomacchi,
Katagiri, Yukimaru, Yuba, Kou
And finally, you.

Jin : If you listen to my request
Then, I’ll refer you.
Shuuji : What…?!
Jin : If you had the “wind blade”,
You could easily take revenge on your big sister’s killer.
Is it really alright to leave things as they are when you can power up?
Shuuji : …Don’t screw around.
You can’t possible decide who gets to possess the Black Trigger to your own discretion.
End of the story.
Jin : I know you’ll definitely save four eyes.

Jin : My side effect tells me so.
Yuuma : Become a Regular Member…?

Yuuma : I think I’ll pass.
I’ll become a Regular Member using my own strength.
Shinoda : …Are you sure?
You‘ll even be able to take part in Defense Duty if you get promoted to Regular Member.
You could also officially assemble your team with Mikumo right away.
Also, your power would become a great asset as far as the large-scale invasion is concerned,
I’m talking about something that could benefit both of us.
Yuuma : I think it’s a great story and all but…
I think that if I don’t level up by properly following Border rules
on diagram : A-Class
B-Class Rank Battles
C-Class Rank Battles
Yuuma : Then, there will be people who don’t consent who will come forth.

Yuuma : I’m a Neighbor after all.
Shinoda : I see…
Indeed, that might be true.
I guess I didn’t think this over enough.
Yuuma : Not at all.
Shinoda : I’m sure you’ll be able to become a Regular Member in no time.
I’ll be waiting for the time when you get promoted to B-Class.
Yuuma : Thank you, Mr Shinoda.

Replica : Was refusing really the right choice?
Yuuma : Yeah.
It has nothing to do with whether I want to become a Regular Member or not.
If I wanted to fight Neighbors seriously,
I wouldn’t be using the triggers from Border
But my pop’s Black Trigger.
Replica : Naturally, it’d be that choice if you were talking about fighting potential.
If you used the Black Trigger,
The Headquarters probably wouldn’t keep silent.
There weren’t any lies behind Commander Kido’s words but,
They could also be taken as there being no forgiveness if you don’t abide by Border rules.

Yuuma : Is that so?
Kido might have known about my pop’s ability after all.
In battle, if you hesitate, you lose.
That’s why if I think that even if only a little that things are turning sour, then I’ll use it.
Replica : …I understand.
This isn’t something I can decide on,
Only you yourself can, Yuuma.

Girls : Mikumo!
Boys : Congratulations on your status raise to B-Class!
Osamu : Eh?!
Boy : Border Regular Members all have their names mentioned on the information site!
I know all of them by heart!!
Girl : Miyoshi, this is kinda scary.
Class : You appeared on TV at the time of the bombing uproar, right?!
How is it inside the Base?!
Idiots thinking : Crap.
It’s Border.
It’s four eyes.

Teacher : Alright everyone,
The bell already rung, you know.
Osamu : Ah…
Madam, excuse me.
I have Defense Duty at 2 PM you see…
Teacher : Really?
Then, you have special permission to leave early after lunch break finishes.
Do your best at work.
Miyoshi : A special permission for early leave!
It’s like you’re a pro!
Girl : Well, he is a pro after all.
Osamu : Well… Hah Hah…

Osamu : It’s so tiring being surrounded by people…
Yuuma : Well, it’s because you always are surrounded.
Idiot thinking : Crap.
It’s Border.
It’s four eyes.
Chika : Osamu.
Natsume : Oh, it’s so freaking cold.
Yuuma : Oh, Chika.
Osamu : Who is she…?

Chika : She’s Izuho. She became a sniper, just like me.
Natsume : Hello, I’m Natsume Izuho.
Yuuma : So you’re Chika’s friend?
Nice to meet you.
Natsume : Nice to meet you too.
Osamu : Come to think of it…
Did the C-Class Members receive the information on the large-scale invasion too?
Yuuma : Well, you can say we did.
While us, C-Classes can’t fight,
We’re authorised to use our triggers to support aid or to find shelter.

Yuuma : Border changed the rule because of the great efforts you furnished during the time with the Ilugard.
Osamu : Stop flattering me.
Yuuma : Kion as well as Aft Kratol
Will separate from the World “On this Side” in around 10 days so
We somehow have to endure until then.
Osamu : 10 days left…
Jin : Damn,
They’re early.

No Text

Osamu : This is…!!
Office : Gates number,
Still increasing!!

Shinoda : Units currently on duty are to deploy following the instructions of their operators!
Destroy the Trion Soldiers!!
Don’t let even one of them escape from the Dangerous Zone!!
Osamu : It’s an emergency call…!
Dispatch emergency calls to the Off Duty Regular Members!
Let’s counter attack with all the fighting potential we have!!

Shinoda : Battle Start!!
Insert Text : The gate to the battlefield has finally opened——!!
World Trigger …Chapter 43 / End.
Next issue, the Neighbor large-sale invasion has finally started!! What is the situation’s full portrait…?!

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#1. by berserkfury ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2013
cant wait for the war to start
#2. by Ryosuke Uchiha ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2013
Why 41-42's translations are private? some method to avoid plagiarism? Thanks for translate this manga (:
#3. by vinceled ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2013

Same here. I must say I had my doubts about the series when it began but now :o I was really bothered by this 'facing outwards', I guess external work Arashiyama and Kitora have to do? I guess this will be the focus of a later arc. The author exposes so many potential battles, at least 8 if I'm not mistaken plus the fact that Osamu will get in a predicament. This could easily last for at least 20 to 30 chapters.

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