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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

World Trigger 45

Large-Scale Invasion ②

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Dec 27, 2013 16:54 | Go to World Trigger

-> RTS Page for World Trigger 45

World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke

Reserved for PowerManga

World Trigger - [Chapter 45 : Large-Scale Invasion ②]

The story for the invasion continues to become more mysterious.

Box : East of the Base.
B-Class, Suwa’s Unit.
??? : Hey, somethin’ came out.
??? : It’s a new model… isn’t it?
[World Trigger]
Box : South-West of the Base.
Kuruma : S-something new came out
From the stomach of the Colossal Neighbor…!!
??? : Mr Kuruma, please fall back.
Box : B-Class, Suzunari Daiichi.
??? : That thing looks dangerous.
Left Text : An unfamiliar Trion Soldier…

Right Text : How strong is it…?!
Box : South of the Base.
Chapter title : Chapter 45 - [Large-Scale Invasion ②]
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??? : Is that a Trion Soldier too…?!
??? : It’s my first time seeing one like this…!
Box : B-Class, Azuma’s Unit.
Azuma thinking : So it’s arrival of new troops…?
Azuma : It’s not the time to keep staring-down out at it but
We’re too close to it…

??? : Please go ahead, Mr Azuma!
We’ll take care of it…
Azuma : Okudera!!

No Text

??? : O…
Azuma : Okudera! Answer me!
Okudera : I’m…
I’m… fine…
??? : You bastard!!
Azuma : Don’t Koarai!
That thing’s aiming to divide our team!
Wait until Okudera comes back!

Koarai : Guh!!!
Let go, you…

Koarai : What…?!
W-what the fuck?!

Azuma : Koarai!!
Azuma thinking : He repelled the Ibis…?!
Koarai : Uwaaaaa!!
Mr Azuma!!!

Announce : Trion Body Activity Limit,

Box : Azuma’s Unit Operator Room.
??? : Koara, you alright?!
Koarai : I-I’m saved…!
Azuma : Mr Shinoda, Azuma talking!
We encountered a new Trion Soldier!
It’s a little over 3 meters in size.
It walks on two legs with a form that is close that of a human.
It’s small but has high fighting strength!

Azuma : Now for its characteristics,
It moves in order to capture unit members.
It’s cautious against objects. Over.
Shinoda : It captures unit members…?!
…Understood, defy him carefully until reinforcements arrive!
Osamu : A new trion Soldier…!!
Replica : I see,
So that’s it?
General Manager Shinoda.
That new model is most likely
A never before seen Trion Soldier for Capture that was under development at Aft Kratol,
A “Rabbit”.
Shinoda : For capture…?!
Isn’t capture the Colossal Neighbor’s role…?!

Replica : Their role might be the same
But their target differ.
The Rabbit
Is a Trion Soldier ‘used to capture trigger users’.
Netsuki : What…
Kinuta : What did you say?!
Replica : It’s better to see it
As having different abilities compared to the other Trion Soldier.
Even by sending an A-Class against it,
That A-Class would be defeated if by himself.

??? : Fuck, its as obstinate as an idiot!!
??? : Hisato! Wrench it open!!
Hisato : Roger!!
Box : B-Class Rank 10 Suwa’s Unit - Sasamori Hisato (16)

Hisato : Ack…!!
??? : Hisato!!

??? : …Bastard!!
I’ll blow you off!!

Suwa : Uoo?!
??? : Mr Suwa!!!

??? : Is that the new model?
It’s smaller than I thought.

Kazama : Don’t underestimate it,
It’s stronger than it looks.
Kikuchihara : I know,
I’ve learned that from making a sudden exit before.
??? : …Mr Kazama!
Kazama : Step back, Suwa’s Unit.
We’ll take care
Of this new model.
Insert : The A-Class massive presence!!
World Triger …Chapter 45 / End.
Next issue, ominous new model Trion Soldier vs A-Class Kazama’s Unit, the bloody battle…!!

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#1. by DH777 ()
Posted on Dec 27, 2013
Good job!! Thanks!!
#2. by duenneud ()
Posted on Dec 27, 2013
#3. by Bers ()
Posted on Dec 29, 2013
hello. I can ask you a question? can you tell me where you found the raw? is that e been looking and nothing to find her.
#4. by Midorima kun ()
Posted on Dec 30, 2013
Good Job!!
If it can continue providing the translation before or as you leave the raw I would be very grateful!
Hope it is not too much to ask ...^^

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