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Biorg Trinity 5


+ posted by vinceled as translation on Dec 30, 2013 19:56 | Go to Biorg Trinity

-> RTS Page for Biorg Trinity 5

[Biorg Trinity - Oh Great & Maijou Outarou]

Reserved for K.I.K.E

Biorg Trinity - Bug 5

“Biorg Trinity” Vol. 01 goes on sale on 2013/04/19, Spring.
Insert : Don’t let the game you’re aiming for escape from you!! By Love Hunter, Fujii.
Oh Great & Maijou Outarou

Mandagora : …So, what can we substitute this ‘X’ with?
C’mon, tell me.

Hosa : Ouch!
Insert, near Mandagora : Huh?
Fujii : I… Idiot!
Don’t actually say it!!

Box, Fujii : Letter of True Colors - Well, after all on March 20th, it’s my birthday! Meeting at my place at 7 PM!! TN : Fujii swaps the kanji for invitation with those of true colours, both kanjis are pronounced the same “shoutai”.
Box, Hosa : Like I give a damn, dumbass!! - Something like this doesn't matter at all!! You didn’t have to contact me like this now, sending me a text afterwards would have been perfectly fine, you bastard! Anyway, what the heck do you mean by Letters of True Colors? Why the heck are you doing while we’re having mathematics class, telling me you want to make your coming out? Are you the Kamen Rider? Or even Ultraman? Tell me, I’ll listen to it, you bastard. Considering that, even if the inside of your head was entirely made up of kanimiso*, I wouldn’t give a damn at all!!TN : literally crab brain, stuff Japanese people eat.
Fujii thinking : He wrote that heated message in that short moment?!

Box, Fujii : It does matter! Had I not been born on that day, that’d be it for you! You know… You’d probably be really lonely!!
Box, Hosa : You beaver-faced bastard! As if I needed your face to suddenly dart in my life, Fuck off!!
Box, Fujii : Come again, you helmet-haired bastard!!
Box, Hosa : Whaaat?! Now you’re making fun of my ancestor, you’re so dead!!!
Insert around girl : Sigh—…
There they go again…
Box, Fujii : Eeeeeeh?? So this is a hair style that is passed down in your family? No fucking way!!
??? : Ack!

Mandagora : Enough!!
Fumiho : Awesome!
To think you were born on March 20th!
Kiwa : What day is it?
Fumiho : The “day of love”.
Kiwa :Yeah… And what makes it awesome?
Fumiho : Are you 45 or something?
Fujii : Eh?
Eh? What?
Class Rep : So it’s concluded this is a fairly strange number alright.

Fujii : What about you Class President?
Are you coming?
Class Rep : If good men are coming then I’ll go.
Above girls : Fujii-kun, can we come too?
Fujii : Of course, you’re totally welcome.
Ah, if you’re coming Yoshihara-san then Nishi-kun from Class 4 might too.
??? : Ah,
Then I’ll bring my boyfriend too.
He’ll pay-his-own-way to the party with ¥500 in drinks.

??? : Agh
In two bubbles : Agggh
??? : …I’m relieved.

Biorg Hunter : It seems that your skill isn’t shaken.
Biorg Hunter No9.

Biorg Trinity : You’re going to be “deleted”.
You should know best… Which “bug” is the cause of this…
Hosa : Did the boss,
Biorg Hunter : Huh?
Hosa : What did the Necro Maria… say?
Biorg Hunter : I still… haven’t
Reported you.

Biorg Hunter : You see, I, for one, quite appreciate you.
That’s why at the very least, I don’t want to have you “checked” all for the disposal of one insect.
…You understand the meaning of what I’m telling, don’t you?
Cut yourself apart from
The “source” of your shaking.

No Text

Fujii : That’s right, Hosa.
For the present, you don’t need to get me something really pricy.
Hosa : So it’s a given for you you’ll receive something?!

Fumiho : It’s so troubling,
What does Fujii-kun like anyway?
Hosa : Don’t worry, he’ll be happy if we get this for him.
Wait, why are you pulling on it?!
Do you want it or something?!
Fumiho : Still, getting a present for someone is really amusing, isn’t it?
Same bubble as before : Even Kiwa-chan was really enthusiastic.
Kiwa : See ya. I’m in a hurry today.

Fumiho : Hosa-kun,
Is… Something wrong?
Hosa : It’s nothing… it’s not that important… - What about this?
Fumiho : Don’t feed me this bullshit!!
You’re definitely hiding something!!
Would you tell me if something was troubling you?

Hosa : I wouldn’t.
I wouldn’t tell you even if there was.
Fumiho : Grrrr!!
Ah, C’mon!! You’ve always been like this! - I can read you like an open book!
Stop acting like this!! You remember, right? What happened with Anzai-san in Elementary 5th grade?
Hosa : Fumiho.

Hosa : It’s good enough for me, if you are by my side.
I don’t need anything else.
So… Don’t need to concern yourself over anything.
Even if only a little… I want to get sentimental…

??? : I thought you might have wanted to hear this, No9.
Our regular meeting is on the 20th,
And that’s where I’ll dispose of you.
Confirming to my duty, I couldn’t delay my report anymore than this.
Fumiho : Eh…?
Hmm… What…
Do you mean… by this?

Hosa : Like I said, don’t concern yourself over anything, Fumiho.
Fumiho : Eh?
Hosa : Alright, let’s try another store.
Fumiho : Ah!
Hosa : …It was quite short,
The time I worked
With him.

??? : Yuu-kun, this isn’t for eating!
These are the ‘Party Merchants’, you know.

Fujii : Kiwa… Did the call connect?
Kiwa : I didn’t.
On phone : No new calls.
The number you have composed is currently either out of battery or out of range——
Kiwa : Geez, what the hell is Hosaka Shouji doing?
He’s so9 late…
Fujii : I’m going drop by his home for a bit.
Kiwa : Eh?
Wait, wait!

Fujii : Despite how he is, I know he would have love this event!
You see… I planned this party since he was feeling unusually down lately!
It’s entirely possible
That… he’s somehow gotten involved in some really shady things…
Kiwa : Enomoto Fumiho.
Fumiho : Eh?
Kiwa : Sorry but I’ll have to leave you in charge here,
I’ll come back as fast as I can.
Fumiho : Ah… Alright… I too…
Stopped by Hosa-kun’s house before coming here but… he was absent…
Insert near girls : Ah, crap!
Yes, yes.
Bishop goes to B5. With this it’s checkmate, right?

Plate : Caution Bombarding
Kiwa : …Something definitely happened between those two.
Hosaka Shouji probably died a hero’s death too
And that’s why he couldn’t come.
Fujii : Eh?
W… well! Even if it’s true, for now finding him is our top priority!!
Later, we’ll laugh about this!!

Box, Fujii thinking : What…? Do perfect timings usually happen like this?
Fujii : Ah!
Box, Fujii thinking : The words he told me the other day are spinning round and round and round in my head, much like a refrain.
Maeda : Hosa-kun? I see… The one who’s always with you, that helmet-haired man…?
Fujii : Yeah, did you see him from above or noticed someone that looked like him?
Maeda : Let’s see~~,
Now that I think of it… I think I saw someone that fits the bill around 3rd Street.
Fujii : Really?! I knew it Maeda-san, you’re an angel!!

Cameo, Hosa : “Fujii, if you continue to deeply immerse yourself in this neither very good nor very bad looking life, you’ll end up the things you care about, you know?”
Maeda : He was with someone that was fully dressed in black clothes…
They were quarrelling, I think… The atmosphere between those two wasn’t particularly good.
“The things I care about”…?!

No Text

Biorg Hunter : No.9! You bastard!!
So you’ve turned traitor!!

Hosa : Hah!
We only worked together… for a really short time,
Biorg Hunter 8 : So, you’ve lost your morals to your wavering heart?
You’re only a brat after all.

Biorg Hunter 8 : A talent such as yours will be quite regretted!!
At any rate, in this dawn, it seems I became too conceited for my own good, since I only kept thinking of this right arm of mine!

Hosa thinking : Don’t misunderstand… Fujii.
I’m not doing this for some “one out of several trillions beings in the World” scum like you…
…When the idiot I am is gone,
You’ll surely,
Cry for how stupid I was, won’t you…?

Fujii : Hosa!!!
Hosa thinking : Even so, you should
Always smile.

No Text

Hosa was always curt, when saying “I’ll hit you”, he would ready do it and now that I think of it, when we ended up in the same class for the first time, he kicked me out of the blue like it was an everyday kind of thing.
That’s why I feel like he might have wanted to tell me some really cruel things when I was being reckless. Yet, even so it might have been the case, Hosa probably never even thought in the slightest that was I was doing was weird and this had become something obvious without me noticing it.
Right, it was something obvious to me.
No matter how many time passes he’ll always be there.
“Fujii, if you continue to deeply immerse yourself in this neither very good nor very bad looking life, you’ll end up the things you care about, you know?”
I hadn’t fully understood what he had told me back then up until that moment.
Yet, it obviously was something really, extremely fundamental.

Fujii thinking : That is that people die.
Hosa : You…
Run away.
Fujii thinking : These aren’t only words.
Only a fact.

Fujii thinking : The ordinary times he was there, and which I thought would always continue,
I’ve lost them permanently.

Kiwa : …What…?!
Biorg Hunter 8 : The prospect I had to sacrifice… So that you could lose your life… are important too…
Kiwa : Ho…
And this is only a punishment that makes up for the great agony you insects are now feeling.

Kiwa : …No way… so he was the serial killer…?!
Leaflet : Murder Cases that have been targeting “burglar” in the recent years are still frequently occurring!!
Be Careful!!
It is believe to be a “drug” targeted offense.
If by any chance you noticed anything then please by all means contact the Bio Bug Department using the number provided below.
Kiwa : Fujii!! Get on!!
Fujii : Hosa!!

Fujii : If you die now,
Who the hell is going to protect Fumiho, damnit!!!
Hosa : Fujii… You… do it…
…Protect her…

Biorg Hunter 8 : Huh?!
Fujii : Like hell,
…I can’t.

Kiwa : Fujii…!!!
Fujii : I can’t do it
By myself.

Biorg Hunter 8 : Impossible…
This is…
A Biorg Hunter’s Super Electromagnetic Defense Shield…!

Become one with you.

No Text

Biorg Hunter 8 : …?!
You are…?!
Fujii : Yeah.
That’s right,
For once, we’re on the same wavelength.

Fujii : It’s 2 vs.1,
So, we’ll beat the hell out of you in 2 seconds.
Insert : Now, you know there are no such things as an eternity, even so, you should believe in the future of 2 seconds ahead!!
Now you know there is no such thing that lasts an eternity, and yet, you should believe in the future 2 seconds ahead!!

[Ad on Volume 1 going on sale.]

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