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World Trigger 46

Large-Scale Invasion ③

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Jan 17, 2014 09:32 | Go to World Trigger

-> RTS Page for World Trigger 46

World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke

Reserved for Powermanga

World Trigger - [Chapter 46 : Large-Scale Invasion ③]

And done. No World Trigger next week. On a side note, I love the pace of the war, things are explain correctly and at a really good pace. And we finally see the humanoid Neighbors^^

Kazama : Headquarters,
Kazama’s Unit speaking.
Suwa was eaten by the new model.

Kikuchihara : Uwah, it’s looking this way.
It’s giving me the creeps…
Kazama : We’ll set ourselves to rescuing him at once.
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Chapter Title : Chapter 46 “Large-Scale Invasion ③”
Author : Ashihara Daisuke
Bottom : Follow the official Twitter right now @W_Trigger_off
Left Text : Miwa’s Unit hastened!!

Hisato : Mr Kazama…
I’ll help out too.
It’s because I was done in that Mr Suwa was eaten…

??? : Hisato…

Kazama : I told you we’d take care of it.
The cooperation between attackers is much more severe than for gunners.
Including unfamiliar people would conversely make our fighting strength drop.

Hisato : But…
I can’t just retreat like this…!!

Kazama : Then, if you plunge into this of your own volition, you’ll die.

Kazama : Also, your mission is now over.

Kikuchihara : Just retreat,
You’re weak after all.

Utagawa : Pursue the trion soldiers together with Tsutsumi and the others.

Utagawa : We’ll definitely save Suwa.

Hisato : Roger…!

Kazama : Mikami,
Send over the data for this area.

Mikumi : Copy that.
Support intelligence now displaying in your field of vision.
Box : Kazama’s Unit Operator, Mikami Kaho (16)

Kazama : The enemies are large in numbers.
Let’s dispose of it quickly and go on to the ‘next’ one.

Team Members : Roger!

Kyouko : On the east of the Base,
Kazama’s Unit started fighting the new model!
Currently, one Suwa’s Unit member has been captured!

Kyouko : On the south of the Base,
One Azuma’s Unit member has bailed-out!
They’re currently battling the new model on a united front with Kakizaki’s Unit!
On the south-west, Chano’s Unit and Suzunari Daiichi have each encountered a new model!

Kyouko : The swarm of Trion Soldiers cannot be stopped due to the interference of the new models!
They are breaking through the Danger Zone!

Netsuki : Unsatisfactory! This is unsatisfactory!
If victims appear among the citizens, Border’s credit will…

Shinoda : How is the condition of the captured Suwa?

Kyouko : His trion body response hasn't disappearing!
Also it seems he cannot execute bail-out either…
Shinoda : Good,
Kazama’s Unit will get Suwa back!

Netsuki : General Manager Shinoda, please turn the units back at once!
At this rate, the city will…
Shinoda : The units joining forces takes precedence!

Shinoda : The enemy will not be beat by having our forces fall behind!
We’ll just fall prey to the new models if we move carelessly!

Shinoda : Also, even if we continue to pursue the swarm of Trion Soldiers,
the possibility of more new models appearing also exists!

Shinoda : Off Duty Members and Arashiyama’s Unit are currently heading to the South and South-West.
The units that are currently in battle have for maximum priority to preserve their fighting strength!

Netsuki : B…
But then…

Kido : If we lose

Kido : our assets here, it’ll become difficult for us ‘afterwards’.
I’m in favour of the General Manager’s decision.

Netsuki : Commander Kido…!

Kido : …However…

Osamu : The number of Trion Soldiers coming in our way suddenly increased!

Yuuma : So the Regular Members are opposing the Rabit?
All the same though, we can’t let the soldiers scatter any more than this.

Replica : The Regular Members that dispersed have their hands full with the Rabits.
Concentrating our forces on the Rabits would incur having the town areas attacked by the other trion soldiers.

Replica : And if we focused on protecting the town areas, the Rabits would imperil the rear.
Making the best of their advantageous large number of attackers,
Is a ‘move’ to show off to us.

Yuuma : Splitting the soldier in an half-assed way, would be playing right into the enemy’s hands.
I think focusing on the Rabits is a good decision.

Osamu : B-but, then…

Kido : …However, with this way of doing things…
If they happen to have a hard time dealing with the new models
in that time, the town areas will be annihilated.

Shinoda : I know that,
And that’s why I’ll wait until the A-Class have joined forces.
The A-Class Units will stop the new models.

Shinoda : Then, the B-Class Units
Will focus on protecting the town areas after all units have united.

Netsuki : All units combined…?! Then…
They’ll only turn up in the East, South, South-West one place at a time, won’t they?!

Shinoda : Exactly. They’ll certainly eliminate the enemy clearing one place at a time
And in that time, the injured in the other sectors will have to a certain extent time to prepare themselves.

Kunita : How will you decide on the sequential order of the sectors you’ll go to help?
There’ll be complaints afterwards, you know?

Shinoda : I’ll prioritize “the sectors were the evacuation isn’t progressing”.
Are there other questions?

Kido : …In the off-chance
That even the A-Class Members cannot stop the new models, what will you do?

Shinoda : This is certainly something unlikely to happen but

Shinoda : Should the time arise,
I’d step out.

Kazama : Don’t get caught!
Beware of electroshocks too!

Utagawa : Copy that!

Kikuchihara : I won’t get caught.
Not by such simple movements…

No Text

Kikuchihara : Dammit… What a pain…

Kikuchihara : Great, great.
Over here, over here.

No Text

Kikuchihara : C’mon, what are you doing…?
Couldn’t you have ended this in one attack?
Even though I’d finally managed to lure it in…

Kazama : So it even reacts to stealth attacks?
Utagawa : Its ears are acting like a radar too.
Even though they seems to be duller than its ‘eye’.

Kazama : Kikuchihara,
What part of its armor are the thickest?

Kikuchihara : The thickest parts are first both its arms,
Then its head and back. TN : head written as skull here.
Cutting these parts will be the most troublesome.

Kazama : We’ll just have to cut it to pieces starting from the thinnest ones.

Kazama : First the ears, then
The legs
And to finish, the stomach.

??? : Hey hey…
People that can squarely fight the Rabits have already appeared.

??? : Good gracious…

P18-19 [6 Humanoid Neighbors *v* ]
??? : Miden*’s advancement are really remarkable… it’s a simple as that. TN : written “black world” - I’ve never seen the first kanji before so waiting for more information in later chapters.
??? : It’s nothing with worrying about.
The Rabit still has a plain body, right?
??? : Well well,
They didn’t even get caught in the dispersion move, how very troublesome.

??? : Should we also sortie? Captain Hairein.
Hairein : No.

Hairein : You’ll all go out after we’ve seen the ‘bottom’ of Miden’s assets.
It’s nothing to panic over,
We still have many ‘eggs’.
Insert Text : Humanoid Neighbors…?!
World Trigger …Chapter 46 / End.
Next issue, “World Trigger” will be not be appearing in print because of author injury. TN : the author broke his hand.

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#1. by DinoTaur ()
Posted on Jan 19, 2014
I think I've found the first kanji, 玄. It means "deep".
#2. by UnspokenCoconut ()
Posted on Jan 28, 2014
thanks for translating this. i'm really appreciated it but please don't change the Japanese honorifics. eg: "-san" to "Mr". its sounds weird.

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