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World Trigger 47

Large-Scale Invasion ④

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Jan 30, 2014 13:24 | Go to World Trigger

-> RTS Page for World Trigger 47

World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke

Reserved for PowerManga

World Trigger - [Chapter 47 : Large-Scale Invasion ④]

And done^^ Enjoy!! Now that this is done, I'll be able to focus on Destro 246 over the week-end but first I'll get my package with World Trigger Vol.3 in it \(*v*)/

★ Commemorative center color just before Comics Vol.4 goes on sale & for the Large-Scale Invasion really favorable reception!!
Insert Text : The boys standing on the battlefield
Ambush the extraordinary!!
Comics Vol.4 finally goes on sale on February 4th (Wed)!!
Vol.1~3 too are on sale after a large additional printing!!
Chapter Title : Chapter 47 [Large-Scale Invasion ④]
Author : Ashihara Daisuke
Check the official right away @W_Trigger_off !!

P02 [Ad Page / Thorough Analysis]
Yellow : Special Collaboration Packages
Red : Great Introduction!!
Mr Ashihara specially drew Yuuma, Osamu and Jin for the occasion!!

TN : the rest talks about release dates and offers like getting a free wallpaper with a code so I don’t think it’s really worth translating.

Hairein : Miden
Still hasn’t fully displayed its assets.

Insert Text : They people are the “enemy”!!

Hairein : Last time, when we scattered Rads,
Several hundred soldiers were mobilized.
Based on this,

Hairein : We can guess that users that can stand up in skill to us exist in great numbers,
And that even if we don’t take this unit into account.

??? : Ain’t ya a bit too scared of going against ‘em Miden’s monkeys?

??? : Watch your mouth, Enedora.
You’re being rude to a superior officer.

Enedora : What?
Right back at ya, who dya think yer preaching, huh?
Small fry.

??? : Ho ho, good gracious.

??? : The ship won’t hold if the two of you start fighting.

Enedora : Che…

Enedora : This is really pissin’ me off!!
I’ve had my fill of this fuckin’ cramped ship!

Enedora : C’mon send me out there, Hairein!
I’m gon’ kill all of ‘em puny Miden’s soldiers by myself!

??? : Well a massacre is only a figure of speech,
But, I’m really starting to want to move my body a bit.
Big bro… no, Captain.

Hairein : Wait a little bit more,
You’ll all be up soon.

Hairein : Mira.
Mira : Yes, sir.

Mira :I’m proceeding to the next stage.

Replica : They are too numerous.
We had better give up on this place.

Osamu : But, if they go through here, Chika and the other people will be in danger…!

Replica : The B-Class members have been ordered to all join with each other

Replica : In order to counterattack and crush the fronts one by one
As there is certainly great riskiness in B-Class being caught by the new model if alone.

Osamu : One by one…?!
But then, in that time, what will happen to the other places…
To Chika and the other members?!

Replica : The elimination of the Trion Soldiers
Will take precedence in the sectors where evacuation isn’t progressing.
It appears, you’ll turn u only afterwards in the sectors where evacuation is going smoothly like with Chika and Natsume.

Osamu : No way…

Osamu thinking : So in the end, what I did backfired on me, is that it…?
Osamu Cameo : Take shelter with everyone.

Osamu : A new trion soldier…?!

Osamu : Shield Mode!!

Yuuma : “Boost”,

Osamu : Kuga!
Yuuma : Wow,
It sure is hard.

Osamu : You were told not to use the Black Trigger, weren’t you!
With this, Rindou Branch Chief or I won’t be able to defend you anymore!

Yuuma : Still, at this rate, Chika will end up in danger, won’t she?

Yuuma : This ain’t the time to hold grudges,
I’ll put an end to all this in one fell swoop.

??? : I hit him!!

??? : I knew it, this guy ain’t from Border!!
He’s a Humanoid Neighbor!!
??? : Headquarters!! Chano’s Unit speaking!!
We’re currently fighting a Humanoid Neighbor!!
Box : B-Class Rank 19, Chano’s Unit

??? : Hey, four-eyes!
Hurry up, run away!!

Osamu : What… You’re mistaking…
Osamu thinking : B-Class members…?!

??? : Let’s turn this guy into swiss cheese…

Osamu : Wait…

??? : Fuck…!!
A new model…!!

Osamu : They’re being eaten!!

Arashiyama : Target Silenced!

Osamu : A…

Osamu : Arashiyama!
Arashiyama : Mikumo!
Are you alright?!

??? : A… Arashiyama!!
He’s a Humanoid Neighbor…!!

Arashiyama : Calm down, Chano.
He’s an ally.
Chano : An ally…?!

Yuuma : Thank you for helping me, Tokieda.
Tokieda : Huh?
Did you always look like this in your gear?
Kitora : That’s because he has a Black Trigger, Tokieda.

Kitora : That aside, did
Commander Shirei grant you a license for its use?
Yuuma : Of course he didn’t but
Well, we’re in a crisis here.

Arashiyama : Headquarters!
Arashiyama’s Unit speaking!

We eliminated one new model!
Moving on to our next target, in order to diminish the number of trion soldiers!

Arashiyama : Headquarters…?!

??? : Counterattack… with the cannons…
Closing in…

Kitora : This is…!!

Osamu : A bombing Trion Soldier…
An Ilgar!

Insert Text : Headquarters Descent!!
World Trigger …Chapter 47 / End.
Next issue, Border Headquarters under attack!! The Neighbors Invasion grows even more heated!!

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