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Biorg Trinity 6


+ posted by vinceled as translation on Mar 4, 2014 20:29 | Go to Biorg Trinity

-> RTS Page for Biorg Trinity 6

Biorg Trinity - Oh Great & Maijou Outarou

Reserved for K.I.K.E

Biorg Trinity - Bug 6

Pink Text : Love equals Power.
Small Yellow Text : The long-awaited Comics Vol. 1 is now on sale!
Author : Maijou Outarou x Oh Great

For once, we’re on the same wavelength,
I’ll beat the hell out of you in 2 seconds.
On bullets, orange bubble : Look out for its orange fluorescence and Fujii!
Pink Circle Text : “Biorg Trinity” Volume 1 with extra-drawings is on sale with raving reviews!

Green Text Top Right : Commemorating Vol.1 going on sale & its continuation here with Opening-Color Pages!
Black Text Bottom : Maijou Outarou x Oh Great
Blue Text Insert : Is this the deliberate murder of the World or, possibly the Enforcement of Youth?!
At any given time, endings are abrupt,
Beginnings are sudden.

Orange Text : You must obtain it.

??? : …Ho.

The Cola!! The Colaaa!!

Fumiho : Eh?

Fumiho : I’m…
Really sorry, I’m really sorry!

??? : Everyone!! Major News!!

??? : Wadao and Kawamura-san are outside and hitting on each other!! - We gotta see thiiiiiiis (heart insert)

??? : Wooow,
Didn’t know ‘bout thaaat. - It’s pretty sudden too…
Oh? Huuuh? - Is Wadao going for it?

Fumiho : …Hey…
Stop doing this! By peeking… you’re being rude to them, you know.
??? : Alright, alright. Kids should just go home.
Whoa look, no one’s acting as her guardian now.

??? : Say, what about you then, Fumiho?

??? : Yer going out with Hosa, ain’t ya? - What’s his standing to you?
Fumiho : Eh?
We aren’t dating, we aren’t dating!! - And what d’you mean by standing?
Insert above couple : Uhn?
Y… You see to me, as we’ve always been…
Together since we were little… so…
I’d say I see him as my best friend or something…
??? : What do we make of this?
It was to be expected coming from her.
Yep, that’s right.
Then, what about Fujii-kun?
Fumiho : Eh?
Insert Near Fumiho : Why are you
Asking me about him?
Fumiho : Fujii-kun?
What about him?
??? thinking : Hmph…
In other words… she “thinks nothing of him”, is that it?
??? thinking : It means Fujiicchi is basically in “sef-service”…
Well that’s a golden chance right here… Ah… But there is still Kiwa to be careful of… Whatever… I don’t really think I’ll lose to her though.

??? : C’mon, you know how Fumiho is.
Just like this.
Just like something in a cage that frolics around with the things near her because they’re cute,
Picture, near panda : This.
Near Toy : Toys.

Insert : Enomoto Fumiho is just like a panda.
??? : We can’t let her loose in this field of men!! Let’s make them our target!!
Insert near people : …Now that you say it,
They really seem to be in her possession…
??? : Che.
??? : Got it? Let’s support them with all or might so that Fumiho encroaches one between the two of them!!

Insert : They did iiiiiit!!
Class Rep : All this is a bit too stimulating for her, so I’ll taking her away, alright?
??? : Please do so, Class Rep.

Class Rep : …That aside, they’re pretty late, aren’t they…?
It’s already time to call it a night.
Fumiho : …Erm…
S…Say, Class Rep…

Fumiho : L…let’s imagine? Only as an example, alright? What if… What if someone ever told you
“For me, it’d be perfectly fine… even if you were the only here”

Fumiho : “I don’t need anything else”… What if you were told that…

Fumiho : How,
This… H… How would you interpret…

Class Rep : Let’s see…

Class Rep : A lie
A wish,
Like that.

Class Rep : Well it cannot really be true, can it? No matter how much one likes someone, who would ever want to live a life where there are only two people in it just as if they were on an unpopulated island?
They’d want to go to school, or even want to eat delicious sweets too, right?

Class Rep : To the bitter end, if anyone said he’d alright with only me here… I’d only take it as a word game.

Fumiho : Ah,
…I see.
…So it’s a lie…
Only… a word game…

Class Rep : Besides, no matter how much you think of someone as being important to you,
It doesn't necessarily mean this will reach the other person,

Class Rep : Much less,
Be rewarded.

Class Rep : But, that’s why… wishes are here for.
We direct them on ourselves, you see.

Class Rep : In order for us
To never betray these feelings.

Fujii : …Hosa.

Fujii : Where d’you put rounds in that thing?
Eh? What?
I can’t hear ya well.

Fujii : The magazine on my right thigh? What’s that, a manga?
What the heck man, speak slower.

Biorg Hunter : It’s been 2 seconds already!!
Boards : Automatic Intercetion System Operation (should be interception I think - no change either in the tank raws so oh well… ) - <Active>
Hunter System - Lv. Goblin Lv. Demon - Rank UP

Fujii thinking : My… body is…
…Moving on its own…!

Biorg Hunter : Hmph… How unpleasant.
It looks like you’ve completely taken in the N.09’s Hunter System.

Biorg Hunter : Guhh…?!

Fujii : Those bullets that were shot before too… all of them too
Are a part of us.

Fujii : Guess I should have warned you?

Biorg Hunter : Biorg Hunter N.09!!!

Biorg Hunter : No…
You’re no longer a “Hunter”.

Biorg Hunter : You’re only a

Biorg Hunter : In other words, a Fighting type Bio Bug
Born solely for the sake of fighting.
Also better known under the reduced name of Biorg!!!

??? : Confirmed signal from N.08 establishing as “Biorg” the concerned Bio Bug.

??? : Hunter Support System plenipotentiary powers, lock OFF.
Mobile Unit,
Descent Preparations, complete.

Fujii : A bio bug… born solely
For the sake of fighting…
A Biorg…?

Biorg Hunter : Given the circumstances, I too will use all the available features I have.

Biorg Hunter : Come,

No Text

Kiwa : Jerk!!
What’s with ya, Fujii?! Don’t go starting a fight against a devilish homicidal maniac!!
He’s a cop. He freaking cop!!

Fujii : Wait.
W…Wait, Kiwa!! …That guy!!

Fujii : He, Hosa!!
The enemy…!!

Kiwa : Listen to me, jerk!!
You’re not the only one involved here, got it?
I’m here too…
Kiwa : …Still…!! …That’s why!
…I beg you… Fujii…!!

…Don’t go…
Dying on me too, got it…?
On Board : Bombing Warning.

Kiwa : Saitou-san!!

On board : I’ll be absent until 7:30 to assist in a Mega Crashed Burglar scheduled bombing.
On board, bubble : Sorry for the inconvenience. - Saitou
On board, bottom : For emergencies head to the N.110!!

Kiwa : …Is that for real…?
Fujii : Ah!

Biorg Hunter : What a fresh flavor this is,
The first experience at “failure” ever since my birth.

Biorg Hunter : It’s just so bitter!!

Fujii : Eh? What? Eh? What are you saying?!
This way’s no good? What’s wrong with it?
Kiwa : S’cuse me?

Fujii : We’re being cornered?

No Text

Fujii : Mega… Crashed Burglar.
“Tower of Babel”, Katou.

Biorg Hunter : Can you see, Katou?
It’s them, the people that have always

Biorg Hunter : Been bombing you. Your detestable foes.

Box : Hunter System

Box : Preparing Sound Wave against Crashed Burglar.

Box : Brain Control.

Biorg Hunter : Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah.
Biorg Hunter insert : Mow them down!!

Kiwa : Fujii!
Fujii!! Fujii!!!

Fujii : Got it.

Kiwa : Fujii?

Fujii : Alright,

Fujii : Can I pray a little?

No Text

Hosa thinking : I’ve
always been hiding it.

Hosa thinking : Why is it that even when I rip it off,

Hosa thinking : My face
Never changes at all?

Hosa thinking : The face I made to hide the fact that I was a hunter.
The face I made to conceal who I really was. Whenever the new masks increase by one, I end up sinking even deeper, losing myself into them.

Hosa : Even back then, I couldn’t even tell her what I was really feeling…
Cameo, Hosa : It’s fine by me as long as you’re here.

Hosa : If there won’t be any reward no matter what I do then,
What… the heck am I really fighting for…?

Hosa : But then, you… on the other hand
Is always making a face that can be read as in a book.

Hosa : In my sinking… and sinking… vanishing consciousness,
Yours was the only voice I could hear.
Fujii thinking : Hosa…
Your feelings are sometimes so complex that I don’t really understand them but

Fujii thinking : The fact
That you’re alive and kicking makes me

Fujii thinking (wish) : I won’t sink anymore,

Biorg Hunter thinking : N.09…
C’mon, he’s… no good.
His heart is way too bare.

Biorg Hunter : …Heh Heh!
So you plan to shoot me by pinpointing…?
Anyway… your magazine is still empty, ain’t it?

Biorg Hunter thinking : Just wait… I’ll lop off both his arms and feet… Then drag you out from the guts in his abdomen…
Biorg Hunter : Agh… Fuck.
My ball are fuckin’ aching…
Guess I’ll scratch them.

Biorg Hunter thinking : A laser blade…
And he has… one more arm…?

Fujii thinking (wish) : And that’s why you should
Pray on too.

Fujii thinking : To simply wish,
To become stronger to the best of your ability then
Shout it!!

Biorg Hunter : What?!!

Biorg Hunter thinking : The arms fused?

Hosa : Your wish is that
I remember the real me that I have forgotten, huh?

Fumiho : A wish…

Fujii(?) thinking : It’s fine even if it doesn’t come true,
Or even if it stays secret,
My wish only is for you to earnestly
Hope and desire the things you want.

Hosa : I had forgotten,
Mr N.08,
That as long as I kept wearing this masks, winning against you was being overly optimistic.

Hosa : A hunter’s work regards caring of someone to be
As important as hoping for the enemy’s death.

Hosa : Fujii…
Even… if you regret it,
It’s already way too late for that.

Biorg Hunter 8 : Huh?

Hosa : As you wished for
A scene of carnage.
Insert : He, that withstood a verdant and deep grief while being in Fujii’s heart which is as fragile as Sacred Glass is one scene of carnage.

New important information on the next page (heart insert)

Maijou Outarou x Oh Great
☆ Landmarks, orange! As well as Fujii! ☆ There are extra drawing, improvements and correction! ☆ Maijou Outarou wrote an extra manga!
Biorg Trinity Volume 1, on sale with rave reviews!!

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