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World Trigger 50

Mikumo Osamu ⑦

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Mar 5, 2014 14:57 | Go to World Trigger

-> RTS Page for World Trigger 50

World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke

Reserved for PowerManga

Wow can't believe it's already been one year since I started translating this series... Time passes by so fast, anyway enjoy^^

World Trigger - [Chapter 50 : Mikumo Osamu ⑦]

Three idiots : Wha… What’s with that thing…?
Insert : Run away!!
Three idiots : Looks kinda dangerous, doesn't it…?

[World Trigger]
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Three idiots : …Damn right,
That’s exactly what my intuition as a veteran of many battles tells me…

Chapter Title : [Chapter 50 : Mikumo Osamu ⑦]
Author : Ashihara Daisuke

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Insert : Overwhelming!!

Three idiots : Aaack!!

Three idiots : R-r-r-retreat!!
Retreaaaaat strategically!!

C-Class members : Here are the Trion soldiers!!
Run away!!

Natsume : Crap…

C-Class : …This is

C-Class : Arashiyama’s Unit!
Kitora Of Arashiyama’s Unit!
As well as that four eyes Midorikawa recently defeated.

Chika : Osamu!
Natsume : Four eyes mister!

Three idiots : Arashiyama’s Unit…?!
Of all things, to think the mascot team would come here…!

Kitora : The color of that new model is different from the one before, isn’t it?
Osamu : Yep, and even its shape is slightly different…

C-Class : Another Neighbor has appeared!!

Osamu : It’s a mole mod…!
Seriously, coming at such a troublesome time too…!!

Kitora : Go protect them, Mikumo.
I’ll take down that new model.
Osamu : You plan to fight the new model by yourself…?!
Kitora : Well, it wouldn’t really make much of a difference even with the two of us against it, would it?

Kitora : I’m entrusting that mole mod to you,
Show me how much you’ve changed.

Osamu : …Got it…!

Kitora : Headquarters,
Kitora speaking.
I’m engaging a new model.

Miyoshi (Osamu’s classmate aiming to enter Border) : Look, it’s Mikumo!
He came back for us!

Osamu thinking : I haven’t had a real fight one-on-one against a mole mod…
Without Kuga or Arashiyama backing me up in battle

Osamu thinking : Since back then…!!

Kuga cameo : To kill one Mole Mod
Would be impossible if there weren’t at least 20 of you Osamu.
And even if you managed to win, 18 among those 20 of you would die.

Osamu thinking : I wonder how much I’ve changed since then?
It’s the prefect opponent to try it.
This time for sure, I’ll save everyone using my own strength…!!

Osamu : Say Usami,

Osamu : You know Headquarters has a virtual training with which fighting Trion Soldiers is possible, right?
Is it possible to have that training at the Branch too?

Usami : Of course it is.
Just so you know, the branch’s training room is at the base of this training.

Usami : What do you wanna fight? Anything is possible, it’s virtual after all.
Wanna fight a 100 meter long Worster?
50 Ilgars?
Osamu : Nope, only a common mole mod…

Usami : Mole mods, huh!
Then, if you want…
You can even fight the mole mods
From the “Yashamaru Series” I programmed myself!

Usami : Possessing overwhelming power and armor!
Yashamaru Gold!

Usami : With its God speed slashing attacks and turtle-shelled body!
Yashamaru Black!

Usami : Greatly popular among women!
Yashamaru Honey-Brown!

Usami : Deeply in love about Yashamaru Black but still doesn’t know it’s the brother its been separated all its life from!
Yashamaru Pink!

Usami : Now tell me, which one do you want?!
Osamu : Like I said, a normal one…
Usami : Eeeeh?!

Osamu thinking : At first sight, the movements of Trion Soldiers can be seen to be animal like, but

Osamu thinking : In reality, they are acts that follow a program, selected actions that depends on what fits the situation best.
They’re movements that “make sense”.

Osamu thinking : In other words,
As these movements are closer from Kazama’s than Modorikawa’s

Osamu thinking : The more I get hit

Osamu thinking : The more I can see what its next move will be.

Osamu thinking : However,
With the amount of Trion I have
I can’t keep on getting hit forever.

Karasuma : Why are staying still and getting those hits for?
Counterattack. C’mon counterattack.

Osamu : Karasuma…?!
Karasuma : You won’t win by only defending, you know?

Karasuma : The fact that Raygust is for defense is irrelevant,
Sooner or later it’ll break if you keep on continuously receiving attacks.

Karasuma : In your case, it’ll break even faster since you have low trion ability.
So, you have to counterattack before it breaks.
Osamu : It…
It’s good an all for you to say this but it ain’t like I have any openings to counterattack…

Karasuma : That’s only because you don’t any image on how you’ll counterattack in your mind.

Osamu : An image of counterattack…?!

Karasuma : By first having an image in your mind before the action,
Your body will then try to move accordingly.
Even so, that doesn't mean your body will move on its own.

Karasuma : To launch a counterattack after seizing an opportunity, an image is what you need.
Else you won’t even be able to notice your opponent’s openings.

Karasuma : Make an image of the best movement you’re aiming for.
Then move thinking on how you can get as close to that image as possible.

Karasuma : That’s what training exists for.

Osamu thinking : Here!! It’s now or never!!
Osamu : Stealth

Osamu : One more slash!

Osamu : Aaaaahh!!

Natsume : He did it!!

Osamu : Great…!!
Osamu thinking : I beat it…!!

Osamu thinking : Thanks to Kuga and the seniors, even I…
Am growing little by little…!

Osamu thinking : …No, it’s not over yet.

Osamu thinking : I have to go to Kitora's help…!!

Osamu : What is this…?!
Insert : What is reflected in his eyes…?!
World Trigger …Chapter 50 / End.
Next issue, cover and opening color pages commemorating the breakthrough of one year of serialization! There will even be a special project!!

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