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World Trigger 52

Amatori Chika ④

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Mar 18, 2014 08:18 | Go to World Trigger

-> RTS Page for World Trigger 52

World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke

Reserved for KIKE

World Trigger - [Chapter 52 : Amatori Chika ④]

Hairein : Miden’s forces are properly dispersed,
And with the Rabits doing their work, the stage is now ready.
Text : [World Trigger]
Hairein : Also, with the Rads investigations, I know understand that the chicks triggers
Aren’t equipped with an escape feature.
Hairein : Guys,
Try to have a good time against Miden’s soldiers without
Interfering in the Rabits work, okay?
Insert Text : “Enemy” on the move!!

Chapter Title : [Chapter 52 - Amatori Chika ④]
Insert Text : Three “differently colored” Trion soldiers…!!
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Kitora thinking : No way…
Osamu : Three new models?!
Natsume : Not fair…!
So with this they’re telling us they can send as many as they want, ain’t it!!
Kitora : Hurry up and please run away!!
They’re targeting…
Author : Ashihara Daisuke

Kitora : The C-Class members!!
Kitora : Damn…!
Kitora thinking : Each unit’s power is different…?!
Osamu : Kitora!!

Kitora : Mikumo,
Contact Headquarters…
Kitora : Ba…
Bail O…
3 new idiots : She got eaten…
Osamu : Fuck!!

Natsume : Four-eyes mister!!
Osamu : I… I’m fine!!
Run away without minding about me!!

C-class : …The A-Class was eaten!!
Natsume : This is really bad,
Let’s bail, Chikako!
Natsume : …Chikako?!
Chika : …Agh…
Osamu : What are you doing, Chika!!
Go, quickly!!
Chika : Ugh…

Chika : Haa
Osamu : Chika!!
Osamu thinking : Damnit!!

Natsume : Don’t ya dare lay a hand on her, you fuckin’ cluster!!
Natsume : Guhh!
Natsume : Agh, wait! Time-out!!
Gross, gross, gross!!

Chika : Izuho…
Natsume : Run away, Chikako!!
Osamu : Run away, Chika!!
Chika thinking : Please hurry up, run away!!
Run away without minding about me!!
Go, quickly!!
Run away!!
Chika : Ugh…

Yuuma cameo : She’ll obviously be a combatant, right?
It’d be better for Chika tobe able to fight so that she can defend herself
When she’s being targeted by Neighbors from now
Chika cameo : I too…
Want to be able to fight by myself.
Trigger : Trigger Temporary Connection.
Chika thinking : This time for sure,

Chika : I’ll
Protect my friends!!

Natsume : Ack!

Chika : Haa…
Natsume : Hey, Chikako!
Didja plan on blowing me to pieces too?!
Chika : S-sorry…

Natsume : What, so it was still alive?!
Osamu : General Manager, Shinoda!
Kitora’s been captured by the enemy while fighting several new models!
It’s possible that the enemies’ numbers will increase even more!
They’re targeting the C-Class members!

Shinoda : I’ve roughly grasped the situation,
Differently colored new models are appearing in the East and South too.
Shinoda : We’ll be surpassed in no time if this continues.
I received Kitora’s report.
Border’s strongest unit is already heading your way.
Osamu : Border’s strongest

Konami : Seriously!
How come we’re so freaking late?!
Reiji : Well, because we went to pick you up at school, you know?
Konami : What?!
Karasuma : Indeed.

Konami : So, what’s the battle plan, this time?
Reiji : Same as always,
You go wild and we follow your lead, Konami.
Karasmu : Roger.
Konami : OK!!
Konami : Let’s shred these new models to pieces!
Trigger on!!
Insert : Finally stepping up!!
World Trigger …Ch52 / End.
Next issue, Tamakoma First goes wild against the Rabits, new trion soldiers!!

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