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Biorg Trinity 7


+ posted by vinceled as translation on Mar 29, 2014 16:55 | Go to Biorg Trinity

-> RTS Page for Biorg Trinity 7

Biorg Trinity - Oh Great & Maijou Outarou

Reserved for KIKE

Biorg Trinity - [Bug 7]

Hmm, now that I look at it on MH I realized this is really a long script lol...

Fujii : Yes, yes.
Just a sec’, Kiwa.

Fujii : I don’t know how many times I told my mom not to leave the diet shoes here. - It’s seriously embarrassing.
Kiwa : Like I care. Hurry up, jerk.

Fujii : Huh?
You changed your helmet?
Kiwa : What?
C’mon… It’s the third time you’ve…

Insert Text : Scenes come and go, seasons go past. Thus, we run leaving in the lurch our hearts that have become motionless.

Box, Fujii thinking : Then two weeks after “that”,

Box : After passing in the blink of an eye, spring Break suddenly ended.

Workers : No shit! The dissection alone will take us 4 months.
That’s the most we can compromise, the 4th Street’s scheduled bombing didn’t even work well after all.
Well… you see, Choufu Tree’s restructuring plan will be taking here so…
Please, tell those guys at Lab what I just told you. Something like that happened only because they take way too long with their investigations.

Author : Oh Great Maijou Outarou

??? : Kiwako, seems like you’re pretty tired recently?
Insert : Yawn
Kiwa : Yeah,
Lately, I haven’t been sleeping much these days.

??? : Ain’t it because Fujii is the type to make unequalled declarations? - I’m sure you’re going at it really vigorously!
Kiwa : S’cuse meeeeee?! What crap are you spouting…
Ugh, you fuckin’ bastaaaaard, die you pervert fatty!!

On phone : No new calls.

Box, Fujii thinking : And we became 3rd years.

Fumiho : Good mooorning!

??? : Yo, Mornin’ panda.
Fumiho : Panda? - What d’you mean?

Fumiho : Good morning, Fujii-kun.

Fujii : ‘Sup.

Box : The four of us were once again in the same class.
We felt pretty lucky to have Mandogora-sensei as our homeroom teacher once again.

Fumiho : Sir, somehow haven’t the leaves increased in number?

Mandogora : Hoh Hoh Hoh,
We’re in Spring after all (note insert) You’ll see, it’s even more impressive in July, you knooow.

No Text

Fujii thinking : However,
Something was missing.

Kiwa : Got it?!

Kiwa : Don’t tell anyone you’ve absorbed Hosaka Shouji!!
Not a soul!

Fujii : Even Fumiho…?

Kiwa : Jerk! Listen to what I tell ya!!
Stop having me repeat the same thing over and over!!

Fujii thinking : For a Bio Bug, absorbing a human means
Death Penalty.

Box, Fujii thinking : Now that I think about it, I think even something along those lines was said during the training,
And the same thing was even written all over when I looked on the Internet.

Internet page right, black border (below box): Special Edition
Internet page right, white line near black border : Check it out now.

Internet Page middle top (2nd panel) : YHAPPA! Full of Wisdom, Login
Answers relevant to Q&A
Absorbing a human being represents the largest kind of human rights violation.
ID - Anonymous
Absorbing a human being represents the largest kind of human rights violation. It’s considered to be an even more vicious and mean deed than rape-murder. This is also interpreted as a selfish crime and that without any margin for apology given. According to Second Section’s First Article of the popularly named Burglar Criminal Law, this act isn’t penalized if done by a legally unaccountable person (due to mental illness, drugs, alcohol, etc). Acts of legally unaccountable people belittle this sentence… (rest Hidden). (hidden text) people only can determine if the perpetrator is really legally unaccountable. (text hidden from unaccountable). (Text hidden) the Burglar that absorbed a human will… (Text hidden)

Internet Page bottom (3rd panel): It’s considered to be an even more vicious and mean deed than rape-murder. [This is also interpreted as a selfish crime and that without any margin for apology given. - white line] According to Second Section’s First Article of the popularly named Burglar Criminal Law, this act isn’t penalized if done by a legally unaccountable person (due to mental illness, drugs, alcohol, etc). Acts of legally unaccountable people belittle this sentence…(text hidden from belittle)

Box, Fujii thinking : Well, since absorbing the tiger at the zoo would have been larceny,
I should have expected that absorbing a human being would be considered a crime.

Kiwa : Going to the Police is useless!
There’s no way they’d ever listen to us, burglars!

Kiwa : Also, don’t ever use the cancellation medicine, DRUG!!
In the first place, this is a drug that spits out “the thing that has been absorbed at the same state it’s been absorbed at” so if you use it…

Kiwa : …It’d probably turn like this…
Fujii : Man, you’re so good at drawing!!

Kiwa : You…

Kiwa : Haven’t been able to hear Hosaka Shouji’s voice since then?

Kiwa : …I see…
Then that probably means you can only hear him when you’re transformed…

Kiwa : Fujii!!
Fujii : …Eh?

Kiwa thinking : Fujii, had you not defeated Katou,
I’d have definitely… died back there.

Kiwa : Erm…
It… It’s not like I’m doing this to repay the favor… or anything!!

Kiwa : I’ll definitely figure something out… about you and Hosaka Shouji!!
I’m… probably getting ahead of myself and talking about one hell of a line of work and… It’ll most likely take some time but… I’ll study for it!
No matter how many years it takes I’ll figure something out!!

Kiwa : That’s why,
Keep what happened today, a secret between the two of us.

Fujii : …Got it,
Thank you, Kiwa.

Cat : Meow~~.
In bubble SFX : *DRIIIING*
On phone : Calling
Hosaka Shouji
Left : Reject
Right : Reply

On phone : Calling
Hosaka Shouji
In bubble : Iiiit’s Hosahosahosa calliiiiing

Fujii : Eh?! Hosa?!
Fujii : Wait…
How can it be from you, Hosa…?!
Hosa : Yer slow,
When I call you, you gotta pick up in 2 seconds, got it?

Hosa : I’m calling from “inside” of you.
Anyway, looks like you can even use the Hunter System you’ve absorbed
And that I can use a smartphone ordinarily enough.

Fujii : Hah…
Hah Hah…

Fujii : T…This is great, Hah Hah…
This rocks! So that’s it…
What the heck, never thought a phone would be that useful!

Fujii : Hah Hah.
Hosa, you know
There’s something I really wanna talk to you about…Erm, you see…
Hosa : Fujii…

Hosa : Don’t tell anyone you absorbed me, ‘kay?
Not a soul.

Hosa : I ain’t sayin’ this for your sake.

Hosa : If it ever comes to light that I was a “hunter”, the problems ensuing would be a major pain in the ass to handle.

Hosa : Especially Fumiho, don’t let her realize.
I sent her a mail saying that… my father who is in Germany fell victim to a sudden illness.
One final thing, don’t ever contact me. If you do, it’s a given you’ll definitely make a mistake when doing so…

Fujii thinking : Recently, I’ve been thinking on how things actually were when burglar still didn’t exist,
Well, this probably stems from when Matsukage crashed.

Fujii thinking : Since it isn’t something particularly unusual for people to disappear, no one actually really pays attention to it.
Fusions can end up being failures, and as such people are either killed or beaten half to death, or left alive, or shot to death or end up committing suicide due to despair.

Fujii : That’s what “ordinary” means nowadays…
I’m sure Hosa too deals with “such feelings” equivocally.

Hosa : Don’t worry,
Everyone’s gonna forget ‘bout me in 2 seconds.

On phone : No new calls.

Mandagora : Alright… Let’s make the introductions, shall we?
Ok, come on in you two.

Mandagora : Here are Mr Michael Jesterkovich who became the vice homeroom teacher for this class as well as
A transfer student, Suzuki-san.
Jester : Hello,
I’ll break your asses up so badly that even your necks will snap and you’ll drop dead, fuckin’ monkeys.
Suzuki : Hello.

Jester : Get my drift? And now a special word to the group of bitches over there, don’t get emotionally attached to me, ‘kay?
If you dare put even only one finger on me, I’m gonna have you take a dip in formalin before seinding you back to your parents.

??? : …She’s got horse’s ears…
Girls : It… It’s a long and blond hair hottie!!
Now, that makes it looks like we’re really in Spring!!
Seriously, take a load of him, he’s gotta be a fuckin’ prince, right?
Oh my gooood, it’s so really intense with him doing his greetings in a foreign language and all!

Jester : I’ll be teaching foreign languages. - I know you can year this special secondary channel,
Insert : Kyaaaaa
I learned Japanese in 3 days. - Fujii.

Suzuki : Yes, these ears are real. - You better stay put and follow our instructions.
Insert on Suzuki’s left : Hah Hah Hah Hah, I’m sure you’re showing them on purpose~ They’re so cute~
Obviously, I’m showing them on purpose because they’re cute. - Fight here and hundreds of people will die.

Above the Class Rep : Oh my… Nice move they’ve made there.

Jester : Nice to meet you.
Class : We look forward to you teaching us.

On Board : Audiovisual Room
Jester : It’s just so bitter, Bellwood.
On panel on top of TV : Locus of glory of Biorg Trinity N.08
TV : Its shell is composed of the chitin peculiar to crustaceans,
And even seemed to be considerably in pain when I stabbed it.
However, in defiance of everything, N.08 managed to pass through this attack…

Suzuki : Might it be because I didn’t put in enough sugar, Master?

Jester : Even though it isn’t coffee… you still have to put in 3 blocks of sugar in it. You know that right, Bellwood?

Jester : Also, call me “Sir” when we’re here.
Suzuki : Acknowledged, Sir-master.

Suzuki : Then - Would “don’t call be Bellwood either, bastard”
Jester : S’cuse meee?!
Suzuki : … As the type of verbal expression satisfy you, Sir-master?

Jester : I told you not to move, didn’t I?.

Jester : Look at my arm,
Jester : The quack transplanting doctor told me he had no stock left or something so
This is a arm I took from a Spaniard.

Kiwa : Ughh

Jester : Rest assured, I didn’t come here to kill you,
But only to monitor “Coordinate 0”.

Jester : Look.

Jester : Do the serratus anterior under the left armpiiiiiit,
As well as the pectoralis minor muscle all in rythmmm.
Tadaa, Tadaa,. here is the Capuchin order trapezius muscle.

Jester : Ouccha!!

Jester : Bellwood.

Suzuki : It appears I made a mistake with the other video which I added to my treasure folder in my confusion.
Obviously, it was on purpose but who cares.
Jester : Come here, fuckin’ bitch!
Suzuki : I refuse to accept that order, we’re not in battle after all.

Suzuki : Incidentally, just why do think I always have my arms crossed behind me?
This is obviously a link in the efforts I make as a maiden to want to show you bigger boobs even if it’s only a little.
Jester : Like I give a fuck ‘bout that!!

Jester : Ah no, wait…
I wanted to see something else, didn’t I…?
Ughhh, she even has pictures like these in there?!

Jester : Here are the War Records of people that were like you, of “Biorgs”.

Suzuki : Although… these were nothing more than endpoints, lone nodes,
This doesn’t change the fact because of these, 265 civilians died, and that even our organization incurred big losses as several hunters died or were discontinued.

Fujii : Guhuh Bubuhuh Huubu

Fujii : Buhuhuhuhahuhuha!!

Jester : Don’t misunderstand… I don’t give a rat’s ass about hearing any comments you have.
Act like when you’re “in class” and be quiet, you fuckin’ snot nosed brat.

Suzuki : Biorg Hunters are deployed under a plan centered around “Choufu Central High School”
And depending on terrain, influence, mission traits and so forth
Are lined-up in a battle formation without gaps that uses the most fitting “piece” in each and every points.

Jester : Well, in all exactitude,
It’s more like “were”… you know?

Jester : Since, as you should know… N.09 that was here acting as “knight”
Disappeared two weeks ago.

Jester : Since the Maginot Line has crumbled,
You can be sure those people will definitely not overlook that “hole”.

Jester : This here, is called “Thelazia callipaeda” an insect that parasits the inside of the eyeball,
Then sends out a unique location-based pattern using a DNA alteration.

Jester : Once inserted in your eye, surgically removing it is impossible without first gouging out your eyeball.

Jester : Let me tell you this, ‘kay? Don’t get in my way! Don’t tell my true colours to who anyone!
But well, watching you separately would be a real bother so I guess I’ll have this thing implanted in you?

Kiwa : Buh
Fuji : Buhu

Above Fujii : Arrrrrrrgh
Fumiho : Hey there!

Kiwa / Fujii : We’re sorry! We’re sorry! We’re sorry!
So please, anything but that inseeeeeeeect!!

Jester : Hmph
Guess they’ll stay put now seeing how much I threatened them.
Suzuki : I… cannot understand.

Suzuki : These two know way too much.
Had it been the usual you, you’d have played stone-deaf and killed them right away.
Sure, I recognize their fighting strength is impressive as they were able to bisect Mega Crashed Burglar Katou after all,
And that above all they are the people who are the most intimate with “Coordinate 0”, however…

Suzuki : Did Necro Maria-sama’s instruct you
To acknowledge them as our “targets of protection”?

Jester : Let’s go back to the classroom,

Kiwa : Haa

Kiwa : That scared the hell outta me but
Now that I think about it, it seems like the things we have to worry about decreased by one…
Fujii : …Yep,
It really didn’t feel like he intended to kill us.

Kiwa : You know,
About that “Coordinate 0” he talked about…

Fujii thinking : Kiwa didn’t say anymore that this. And that most likely due to the fact that we perfectly knew who he was referring to.

Fujii thinking : Afterwards and for a while, we were only able to hear the rain. I was feeling the same thing as Kiwa did, after all. We felt everything we held dear could be completely destroyed and wrecked by only saying even a few single words.

Kiwa : Fujii.

Kiwa : Tell this to Hosa Shouji
That when he comes out I’ll punch him once… no, 13 times.

Fujii : Why 13 times?
Kiwa : Nothin’ much…
Just thought I’d make him save time when he climbs the stairway to Heaven.
Fujii thinking : I never though that things like “secrets”, “mysteries” or even “impossible to understand” would be so scattered about in this roadside of life I’m walking on.
However, secrets aren’t suddenly born. They exist from the very beginning.

Fujii thinking : Patching up together the fragments of this secret,
Would probably mean taking on the “form” of this human.
While Hosa and I looked at the Word we were living in the same way, what we were seeing were completely different things.
If he’s made of the things I couldn’t hear and the things I couldn’t see,
Then that means I could even see a little of this world’s form if collect the fragments, right…?
This is what I’ve been thinking lately.
“But well, wouldn’t saying that you can’t really perceive the world without collecting a secret first mean that something is completely missing from it from the very start?”
Even thought that was way too obvious… I never really did gave it any thinking…
Just what the heck are… these “holes”? Why do they open?
Why… do they enable us to absorb the things we like?

Fujii : Kiwa, I gotta go to the toilet.

Kiwa : I see… Then, I’m going back to the classroom first, ‘kay?

Fujii thinking, Hosa Cameo : Don’t ever
Contact me.

In bubble SFX : BEEP

Fumiho : Fujii-kun.

Fumiho : Have you been contacted by Hosa-kun…
Fujii : Eh?! Ah!! Ahhhh, Nope.
Insert near Fujii : Ooops.
No, no. There wasn’t anything. I wonder what he’s doing, really!
Classroom! Gotta go! Class’s starting, you know?

Fujii thinking : Eh?

Fumiho : The hole,
I knew I saw that right… it’s shut.
Fujii : Erm
Fumiho : What
Did you absorb?

Fujii thinking : She’s looking,
Fujii thiking : Frantically looking for Hosa’s fragments inside me.
Fumiho : Hosa-kun, right?

Fujii : Yeah.
Fumiho : Why

Fumiho : Did you hide it?

Fumiho : Why
…Did you lie?

Fujii : I can’t tell you.

No Text

Fujii : Ack!!

Fujii : What?!
What the fuck are those things, mushrooms?!
Fu-Fumiho!! You alright?! Fumiho?

Hosa : Die!!
Die!! Die!! Die!! Die!!

Fujii : …Sorry

Hosa : Don’t give me that, dumbass!!
I told you not it couldn’t be realised by Fumiho, didn’t I?!
Don’t you understand how important this is?!

Fujii : Shut up!! No, I don’t know!! And how could I know anyway!!
You’re not telling me anything!!
Hosa: Huh?

Fujii : And now it’s too late now!!

Fujii : Fumiho… was seriously pissed off. She… probably really hates me now… But… But, you know…

Fujii : …Seeing how she was looking for you like crazy,
She must have… found out you were here, you know!!
That’s why…
Don’t say you’ll be forgotten in 2 seconds…
Box, Fujii thinking : Back then…

Box, Fujii thinking : I didn’t notice it at all,


Fujii : Ack!
W… Who can it be at this hour…

Jester : It’s me.
Why are you surprised? It’s obvious that I wouldn’t have any trouble finding your phone number.
I hate idiots, you know?
I didn’t want to contact you but
What it’s about something that concerns you too.

Jester : “Coordinate 0” is moving, pressing forward in the wind and rain.
I’m forwarding the details for her location.
You must have a hunch of what her destination is, right?
Hosa : At my place, isn’t it…?
Fujii : Ah…!
Don’t tell me… Fumiho
Plans to investigate herself the cause of Hosa and I fusing…!!
Hosa: Che!
Right now… Things over there are…!!
Kinda dangerous…
Fujii thinking : That if secrets are always scattered about on the roadside then,

??? : Coming,
Coming, coming.

Fujii thinking : That’d also mean that “solutions” are scattered about right by their side.
??? : Coming!
Coffin : Aozumi (Indigo)
Insert bottom : The “Biorgs War Records” will be detailed in Big Gangan!!

Cigarette Anthology
Comic : Oh Great

Maijou Outarou x Oh Great
☆ Landmarks, orange! As well as Fujii! ☆ There are extra drawing, improvements and correction! ☆ Maijou Outarou wrote an extra manga!
Biorg Trinity Volume 1, on sale with rave reviews!!

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