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Biorg Trinity 8


+ posted by vinceled as translation on Mar 30, 2014 11:39 | Go to Biorg Trinity

-> RTS Page for Biorg Trinity 8

Biorg Trinity by Oh Great & Maijou Outarou

Reserved for KIKE Scans

Biorg Trinity - [Bug 8]

On button (reversed) : Hey!

On building : North Bole Hospital
Insert : Fumiho, Behind you, Behind you!!
Authors : Oh Great
Maijou Outarou

Fumiho : I… I’m only scared because he angered me, that’s only it.
Guess it’s goes like this… then… around here?

Fumiho : I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,
…I’ll replace it later…

Fumiho : Huh? Eh…?
The light… won’t turn on…

On phone : Kiwa-chan
Make the call?

Fumiho thinking : Nooo!! Kiwa-chan lied to me too.
She’ll definitely be getting in my ay if I call her.

Fumiho : I’ll only be investigating Hosa-kun’s room!! It’s a place I always visit!!
It’s not like there are monsters here or anything!!

P04-05 [TN : Suuuuure, there is one right behind you :P]
No Text

Hosa : Well, I’m fuckin’ telling you they exist at my home!!
Fujii : And, seriously dude!! I’m telling you I really don’t get anything at all!!
What the fuck is that ghost that employs zombies anyway?!!

Saitou : Hey you there, stop!! Your phone!! Umbrella too!!
Fujii : Sorry, Saitou-san but I really gotta hurry!

Hosa : One hunter comes partnered with a bio bug support system…
And… mine activates the “Home Defense System, Trespasser Indiscriminate Massacre Mode” if I don’t return for 72 hours.

??? : Heh ~~ Heh, Heh Heh~~!!
As if an umbrella attack could scare anyone, heh.
??? : …More.
??? : More… more,

??? : Go further inside.

Ghost : Wake up, wake up I tell ya,
Zombie : Nbooo Ahiahiahiahia

Ghost : It’s yer turn.
Box : Biorg Hunter N.09’s Support System, “Gorey”

Fujii : Eeeeeeh?!
A Bio bug that fused with a ghost?

Fujii : What nonsense is this…! W…Well anyway!!
Can’t that thing recognise Fumiho? Look at her with a CCTV or something?!

Hosa : Remember,
How we went to the mountain with the class in summer, right?
Fujii : What?!
Ah… Yeah, Rinkan School’s…

Hosa : Was there anything you realized?

Fujii : Eh… Erm…
I remember you’d been attributed the meat magistrate position and that the class rep was macho and…

Hosa : Like these things matter right now, dumbass!! Die in 2 seconds!!
Bastard, I know you sneakily took pictures of Fumiho behind my back!! You fucking stalker creep!!
Fujii : W…What of it!! - I discarded them though…

Hosa : Talking about the pictures from that time…
You didn’t save any on your smartphone and there were none on your room either.

Hosa : Why?
Fujii : Eh…?

Hosa : It’s because Fumiho’s face,

Hosa : Was out of focus on all the pictures, ain't it?

Hosa : Just like the fact no one that has ever observed the whole universe,
Taking a picture of the “universe” from outside and even recognising it can’t be done either.

Hosa : It’s the same thing.

Fujii : What?
What… Are you saying?
Wait… does that mean…?

No Text

??? : ‘Scuse me, miss?

??? : Do you have any business here? I’m this place’s manager, ya see.
Fumiho : Ah!
I see…

Manager : I’m far from pleased with a girl coming by herself at this hour.
This place’s famous for being a monster hospital, you see.

Fumiho : Eh?! - Is that so?

Gorey : Hi Hi Hi.

Fumiho thinking : He… he’s too fucking shady…!! Who’s he really?
Why is he at Hosa-kun’s place?!
I’ve never seen him before until now.

Fumiho thinking : And somehow… he only a glove on his right hand…
Fumiho : Eh?
Eh! Eh?!

Jester : Bellwood.

Jester : “Night Vision Battle Mode”.

Fumiho : Eh?

Bellwood : Copy that, master.

Fumiho : Eh?

Bellwood : So those were extremely small…
Because they were nothing but “zombie offsprings”…?

Jester thinking : It’s “Aldebaran*”, a Corpse-Manipulator Biorg that attacked F-City 3 years ago. TN: the name is a reference to an orange giant star located about 65 light years away in the zodiac constellation of Taurus. You’ll see later than the names of most biorgs use star references.
Jester : Heh… He sure is
Hard working as a door boy. He must have had just the right ability of a bug*,TN : as, in insect.

Jester : That Gorey, he’s got some really good taste.

Aldebaran : Aghhhh
Stop… i… it alreadyyyyy
Noooo… I can see… They died again! They were killed!
My children…!
Gorey : Yeeeep., well it’s because those trespassers are kinda strong, ya know?
But seriously… Why does it feel like I’ve seen them somewhere before?
Oh well, doesn’t matter. All I have to do is kill off all those trespassers.
Aldebaran : I beg youuuu…
Don’t wilfully use my childreeeens.

Gorey : Aldebaran.

Gorey : Human Rights don’t apply to “biorgs” so,
I think you should be really glad of the fact you’re even made use of as a “part” of my defines system.

Gorey : Spirit World Poweeeeeer,
Brains Rape!!

Insert Aldebaran (bottom) : Arrgghhhhh
Insert Aldebaran (top) : Enough alreadyyyyyyy
Please, forgive meeeeee.
Gorey : Stop pointlessly opposing me!
Hurry and dispatch the big guns, the colossal children!!

Insert above Gorey : C’mooooom use these lethal beams well.
Gorey : Now, go on!
Turn the trespassers into minced beef!!.

Fumiho : Haa!
Fumiho thinking : W…What the heck is this, what the heck is this?
What’s the heck is happening, seriously?!

Jester : Huff

Jester : Wait!
Don’t go over there! It’s dangerous!!

Box : To Fumiho ears
Jester : Meat! Fresh Meat!!
Let me turn you into delicious galbi, Korean-style beef ribs!!

No Text

No Text

Fumiho : Haa!

Fumiho : Huff!
Fumiho thinking : I’ve
Gotta be hallucinating, that must be it right?!

Fumiho thinking : I mean, Hosa-kun have been living here all this time…
And I’ve known him… since we were little…!
And I even came to play here… tens, no, hundreds of times…!

Box, Fumiho thinking : What happened to the Hosa-kun I know?

Bellwood : It appears the opponents this time have a high level.
Jester : Wait.

Bellwood : You fucking sleaze bag, do you really want to see tentacle-rape play that much?
Jester : ‘Scuse meee?

Fumiho thinking : These octopuses monsters…
Can’t be… real!
They can’t just be real…!!!

Fumiho : Just,

Aldebaran : Eek!!

Aldebaran : Noooooooooooo
T…They disappeared!

Aldebaran : My children!
They all vanisheeeeeeed

Gorey : Shut your fucking trap bitch!!
Aldebaran : Ugghhhhhhhhhh

Aldebaran : Unforgivable… It’s definitely unforgivable!!
Come out, my clone!!
This is my strongest child, one I produce when people have their innings and I’m backed up to a corne, that can waste any number of hunter possible!!

Gorey : Ah… Huh…?
I can’t… control her…?
Aldebaran : Now!!
Go forth!!

Fujii thinking : People can’t really well perceive things that are too big. And then, assuming they also can’t recognise the truth of this then…
This would … somewhat mean

Fujii thinking : …That in spite of everything,

People : Ah…
He disappeared?

Fujii thinking : There isn’t
Anyone in this World that could actually discover her true self, right?

Fujii thinking : Is it even possible,
To seriously put up with such loneliness?

Fujii : You alright?

Fumiho : Fuji…i…

Fumiho thinking : …No… that’s not it…
…This atmosphere…

Fujii : Hosa’s there too, you know?
In here.

Fumiho : Fu…
Fuji… Ho. Hosa…ji…
Erm… Hofuji…?

Fumiho : Hosafuji-kun’s fine, right?
Fujii : Eh?
Insert Text near Bellwood : Horses can even hear the sound of a needle falling from 2km away.
Bellwood : …So Hosa’s ahead after all…?
Fumiho : The monsters… have vanished.

Hosa : Tell her “that’s right”,

Hosa : Don’t let Fumiho gain “self-awareness”.

Hosa : Fumiho can’t be burdened with something like this.

Box, Fujii thinking : That was when I understood Hosa for the first time.
Fujii thinking : “Coordinate 0”.

Fujii : Just what would happen if Fumiho were to ever understand everything?
Wouldn’t this be way too harsh and heavy on her?

Fujii : That’s why Hosa definitely is…
Carrying on back the World in place of Fumiho, resolved to turn this into a scene of carnage if need be.

Fujii : That’s right…
They all ended up running away after shouted.
Dind’t you know… I could do this?
Fumiho thinking : Cold.

Fumiho : This smell…
I know it.
It’s the same old metallic smell that surrounded me,
It’s Hosa-kun’s smell.

Fujii : Fumiho.

Fujii thinking : Somehow… It might be because I fused with Hosa…
Or even because I hit my head back when I was run over by the car,

Fujii thinking : But somehow…
I think I can say pretty much anything if I say it right now.

Fujii : It’s good enough for me as long as you’re by my side.

Fujii thinking : I
Really don’t give a rat’s ass about the World.
Fujii : I’ll protect you,

Fujii thinking : I want to stop
The shaking of these small shoulders.

Fujii thinking : This is the only thing that matters…

Fumiho : This is
A lie.

Fujii : Eh?
Fumiho : Or is it
A wish…?

No Text

Fujii : I swear,
I do.

Jester : Che.
Really, kids playing house shouldn’t hang out with each other.

Bellwood : Well, that's because you're a super S.
As for me, it's making my Bartholin’s gland fluids cum out like crazy.
SFX near Bellwood : *SQUIRM SQUIRM*
Jester : Stop that!

Jester thinking : Bringing “Coordinate 0” under our control is impossible.

Jester thinking : That’s why a substitute to Biorg Hunter N.09 that disappeared was necessary but…
If I keep winning him over, “Coordinate 0” will…
“The World” will end up in my hands…!
Jester : Heh Heh!

Jester : Huh?
Clone : Myyy cuteeeeeeee

Fujii : Are you alright?
Fujii thinking : I resolved
To protect her so,

Fumiho : Y…

Bellwood insert : Woow!
Bellwood thinking : He instantly killed… Aldebaran’s clone…?!
Fujii thinking : I won’t fear spurts of blood anymore.
Fujii : Nice.
Call me anytime if you’re in trouble, ok?

Fujii : Where you are doesn’t matter, I’ll definitely find you.
Fujii thinking : I swear,
I myself do.

Fumiho : Ah Ha Ha…
…Seriously, there are way too many things that don’t make sense.
Help me.

Fumiho : There are a lot of things I want to ask but if you two want to keep these secret,
Then I too will keep some things… secret.

Fujii : …What’s with you? Suddenly…
Fumiho : No.
Fumiho thinking : As if I could ever say it,

The way you guys are right now
Fumiho : It’s a secret.
Makes you looks pretty awesome?

Gorey : Ah, Master (heart)
Welcome back.

Gorey : I’m really sorry. The Defense System was destroyed.
No wait… Huh?
Your face’s really changed, you know?
But the recognition number is the same…

Fumiho : Nooooooooooo, a monster
Jester : My arm!! My aaaaaaaarm
Even though it took so long to fix it too.
Bellwood : Well there are octopuses arms available, Master. You can use them too.
If you actually attach one on you, I’ll even allow you to do some tentacle-rape with me.

Insert : Fujii : obtained Gorey.
Fumiho : ran away!
N.08 : obtained tentacle.
Bellwood : smiles ominously.
TN : I think thie insert is supposed to mimic a Dragon Quest / Final Fantasy message after defeating monsters. Not sure since I don’t play video games.

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