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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128


Those People

+ posted by vinceled as translation on May 3, 2014 23:50 | Go to DEATHTOPIA

-> RTS Page for DEATHTOPIA 1

Deathtopia by Yamada Yoshinobu

Reserved for KIKE Scans

Seriously, procrastination is a scary thing... Guess I'll have to get back to doing some World Trigger now... and some Biorg Trinity :3

Deathtopia - [Chapter 1 - Those People]

P01 [cover]
White Text : Everything started from these eyes…!!
Brown Grey Text : Curtain Raise, thrilling lead color and 59 pages!!
First of the New Series, Yamada Yoshinobu - DEATHTOPIA

Box : In Japan, more than 3,500 brutal crimes…
Brutal crimes, meaning the likes of murders that never cease to happen, occur yearly.
And, among these aforementioned cold-blooded crimes, a small percentage is the work of deplorable people,
People that have a certain something that is different from other people, a something that ordinary people can’t distinguish…

Left Text :Long-awaited new series by Yamada Yoshinobu of “Cage of Eden”!!

SFX : Bzz!
??? : A hit-and-run incident has happened in Sakaecho, Nerima District! Requesting reinforcements!!

??? : The victim is currently being transported to the hospital.
According to the student card he had on him…

??? : The victim’s name is Fujimura Koh, 19 years old.
As for his address…

Doctor : What’s his condition?!
Hospital personnel : Injuries on every part of his body,
And his cranium has been powerfully hit.

Fujimura : My eyes…
My eyes…!

Doctor : Contact the CT Room!
He’ll probably need surgery.

Nurse : Sir! He seems to be in terrible pain…
Give him an analgesic!

Box : My eyes are burning…
My eyes…!

Right Text : Curtain raise, a “superpower-suspense” series,
Left Text : Delivered by Yamada Yoshinobu of “Cage of Eden”!

Red Bubble : With lead Color, 59P!

White Text : In this World that has jumbled up truth and fiction, is it hope or despair his pupil reflects?

Red Text Bottom : First appearance in Evening!
Black Text : Yamada Yoshinobu

Chapter Title : Chapter 1 - Those People

Kitaue General Hospital - 20:19

First panel hidden : Furigana

Second Panel : Fujimura Koh
Kanji : Fujimura Koh
TSH 7 years

Doctor A : Orbit Fracture…?
Doctor B : Both eyes at the same time sure is unusual…

Doctor A : Look, an extra-ocular muscle has found its way into this part of the fracture.
Doctor : Indeed, then we’ll have to operate or it’ll leave prognostic effects…

Nurse : Sir! Here are Mr Fujimura’s examination results!
Doctor A : Alright, thank you.

Doctor B : …Hm?
Doctor A : What’s wrong?

Doctor B : Mr Akatani, please have a look at this…

Akatani : Albumin levels at 12… and AST at 3…?
Results :
Birth Date
Examination Date - Year - Month

Scan Entry - Measured Value
Total Protein
Total Bilirubin
Direct Bilirubin
…T (GPT)
Cholinesterase (Hidden until the “terase”)
Total Cholesterol
Neutral Fat

Akatani : These values can’t be right…

Doctor C : …Ah, damn…
These are probably due to a machine disfunction…
Akatani : Eh? What do you mean?

Doctor C : Yesterday, the machine didn’t function properly when I used it
And I forgot to contact the manufacturer…
Akatani : I can’t have that, tell me things like these right away!

Doctor C : I… I’m really sorry. I’ll go make the call right away.
Doctor B : That old geezer really is useless.
Akatani : Well, Mr Katsuta seems to have a lot on his plate nowadays…

Katsuta : It’s me…

Katsuta : Yes…
I found “the thing you were looking for”.
Indeed, I think he’s most likely the genuine article.

Katsuta : His name is Fujimura Koh, 19 years old.
Yes, I’m sending you his picture.
…Yes… well then…

In bubble SFX : BEEP

Katsuta : Hmph, giving away a patient personal information is a disgrace to the profession of doctors but…
I have to make as much earnings as I can before my retirement so don’t hold it against me.

Katsuta : You only have a little
Time left to live, anyway…

Box : Shinjuku, Kabukichou - 22:26

??? : Woow, you were amazing Laura.
I expected nothing less from Shinjuku’s number one.

Laura : Heh Heh…
Thanks (heart)

??? : Anyway, you sure are beautiful, Laura.

??? : Your skin is so white it almost seems transparent…
Your hair is silky…
You got a secret for this or something?

Laura : …Yep, I guess…

Laura : It’s because I always have someone…
That look only at me, by my side?

??? : Eeeeeh, seriously?
So you really do have a boyfriend, don’t you?

??? : So, tell me. What kind of guy is he? Who’s the lucky guy?
Laura : Heh Heh Heh… It’s-a-se-cret (heart)

??? : …Well then, see ya Laura.
Laura : Kiss (heart)
See you next timeee (note)

In bubble SFX : *DRIIING*
In bubble SFX : *DRIIING*
In bubble SFX : *DRIIING*
In bubble SFX : *DRIIING*

Phone : New message - sender UD - BACK - OPEN

Laura : Heh Heh Heh…
So this kid is my next target…?

Laura : Fujimura Koh,
He has some pretty beautiful eyes…

Laura : A kid that possesses special eyes…?
For me, he’s a most unsuitable person.

Laura : Heh Heh Heh…

Laura : A boyfriend… Right…?

Laura : Rather than saying a boyfriend,
I’d say Boyfriends though (heart)

Laura : Fujimura Koh… Your eyeballs too
Will end up gouged out in my hands.

Laura : Heh Heh Heh… (heart)

??? : She’s going out…

Koh : Ugh… Uugh…
It… hurts…

Koh : Guh…
M… my eyes…

Koh : My eyes can’t see…
It hurts… What…?
Where am I…?

Koh : Kuh…

Koh : Haa
…J… Just what is…

Koh : …Eh?

Koh : Ah

Koh : …Eh?

Sister : D… Did you wake up?! Brother!!

Koh : T… This voice…
Hinata… is that you…?

Hinata : Doctor! Doctoooor!
Please come here, my brother…

Koh : W… What…? Are these… bandages…?

Hinata : B… Brother, don’t you remember…?
You were in an accident.

Koh : An… accident…?
Hinata : Yes, the bones in the area of your eyes broke so you underwent surgery…
And you’ve been asleep for 8 hours already…

Koh : The bones… were broken…?
Did… they remove my eyes or anything…?
Hinata : Eh? No, only the broken bones…

Koh : I see… so… this was only… a dream…?
Box : An accident…

Box : Now that I remember,
It happened right when I was doing my daily jogging…
??? : Noooooo

Box : That’s right, I came across purse snatchers…
??? : Thiefffff!!

Box : Pursued them without thinking

Box : And then…

Koh : …I remember…
I… tried to catch purse snatchers…

Hinata : Seriously…
I know it’s one of your goods points you not being able to turn a blind eye to these things, but…

Hinata : Don’t act rashly like that,

Koh : Hinata…

Akatani : I heard Fujimura’s woken up?
Hinata : Doctor!

Koh : Doctor…?

Akatani : Yes, my name is Akatani, I’m your doctor-in-charge.
So? How are you feeling?
Does it hurt anywhere?

Nurse : Are you alright? You must be tired from constantly watching over him, aren’t you?
Hinata : N-no…

Koh : …My eyes… hurt… when I talk…
And… My body feels heavy…
Akatani : I see, this is due to the anesthesia but,
The heaviness will soon go away.

Akatani : …I’m going to take a quick look at your eyes, alright?

Koh : Doctor…
My eyes… there’s no problem with them, right?

Akatani : No, of course there isn’t.
Neither the eyeballs nor the nerves were injured
And you even quickly received treatment, so there shouldn't be any prognostic effects.

Akatani : Yeah, everything’s in order. If you continue recovering like this, you’ll be discharged in a week.

Hinata : …Really…? What a relief…

Koh : …Really… So I’m really alright then…?

Box : Then I guess it’s perfectly normal
For my eyes to feel hot?

Board : Kitaue General Hospital (in big - other stuff in small people won’t even be able to read anyway)

Board : Visiting Hours - Over.

Laura thinking : CCTV as well as…

Laura thinking : A guard…?
Wall (black text) : Hospitalization Ward

5F : Multipurpose Hall
4F : Dining Hall / Lounge - Rooms 401…
Board : 415-430 : Remodeling - Entry prohibited to non-staff members
3F : Dining Hall / Lounge - Rooms 301-330 - Rehabilitation Room
2F : Dining Hall / Lounge - Rooms 201-225 - Examination Room
1F : General Reception - CT Scanning Room - X-Ray Room - Waiting Room - Staff Changing Room

Koh : …Guh…
It hurts…

Koh : M… My head…
Fuck! Hell, how is everything alright? You fucking doctor…
It hurts so much when I chew I can’t even eat properly
And I can’t even sleep because of the pain…

Koh : I… I gotta pee…
Damnit, I can’t even go to the toilets by myself…
Button : CALL

Koh : Woooow,
Dis is fun.

Nurse : Right? You can use it to have fun, right?
And it even provides a nice change from being bedridden, you know?
Koh : Heeeeh… I always thought wheel-chair were only used by people who can’t freely use their legs.

Koh : E… erm, I’m fine!
Could you please wait for me outside?

Nurse : Eh? It’s alright, I don’t mind about this you know…

Koh : W… Well, I do mind, you know.
Nurse : Ah… so that’s how it is.

Nurse : Me being here embarrasses you, is that it?
Call me when you’re done, alright?
Koh : Y… yeah…

Koh : …Geez…
As if it’d actually come out if I did it while being watched…
On toilet : Aim here.

Koh : Errm,
Miss Nurse, I’m done.
Koh : …Huh…?

Koh : I… It’s weird…
Miss Nurse,

Koh : Agh…

Nurse : No, no, no. You have to be careful.
Koh : T… thank you very much.

Board : Remodeling ahead - Entry Prohibited
Koh : …Somehow, the return feels longer than when we went…
Nurse : Really? Heh Heh Heh, it’s because I hurried before.

Nurse : But look, we’ve already arrived.

Nurse : There, go on.
Here is the bed.

Koh : Sorry, thank you very much.

Koh : Hm?

Koh : Somehow, this bed…
Feels harder from the one before…

Box : Eh?
Where is…

Koh : Gack!

Koh : Gack…
Box : W… What?!
What the heck is…

Laura : Heh Heh Heh, did that surprise you?

Laura : When I went to visit your room, I saw you coming out…
And really, I saved time by not having to purposefully carry you here from (heart)

Laura : as for the real nurse, I put her to sleep
For a little bit…

Laura : After all I…

Laura : Decided I’d only ever kill men, you know?
Koh : So… Someoneeeee…
Laura : It’s useless, this area is being remodeled so no one will come here even if you scream.

Laura : Please die quietly, alright (heart)
Koh : Gaack…

Box : W… weird…
The rope won’t budge…

Box : Is… this really the strength of a woman?!
It ain’t ordinary…

Koh : Vu…
Vu… gg…

Laura : Gyaah!
Koh : Cough!

Koh : Cough! Cough!
Gack! Cough…!

Koh : Haa
Box : Fuck!
Why is this happening to me?!

Koh : Eh?!

Laura : …Hey, you…
That hurt…

Box : She’s unscathed…?!
Even though I hit her with all my strength?!

Koh : Guh… Gack…
W… why are you… doing this to me…

Laura : Heh Heh Heh, d’you wanna knooow?
You see, this is because you’re an extremely dangerous man…!

Laura : To us at least.
Box : Us…?

Laura : That’s why I’ll have you die,
Like this!
Koh : Guuh!

Laura : Heh Heh Heh, I’ve gotten aroused.
Do you know why I always strangle the neck like this
Whenever I kill people…?

Laura : It’s because the eyes on the corpse of a strangled person get steeped in a deep red…
And become extremely beautiful, just like rubies.

Koh : Guh…

??? : That’s as far as you go!

Box : W… Who…?

Laura : Gack…!
Koh : Guh…

Laura : Y…
You bitches…

??? : S… She fell…

??? : W… Why did you shoot her Ms Saki?
Even though we could have arrested her…

Saki : Idiooot, victory goes to the one who makes the first move, or do you actually think those people would listen to our warning, Yui?
Yui : S… Still…!

??? : Girls, keep the quarreling for later.
We need to confirm her condition… Let’s go down.
Yui : Y-Yes, Madam!
Saki : Understood!

Koh : Cough
Box : What?

Box : What was with those girls just now…
I was saved, is that it?

Box : Just what the hell is happening…

Box : T… the woman that attacked me
And from here too…

Box : What?!
What the fuck is happening…

Detective : …I see…

Detective : In other words, you were attacked by a strange woman…
Then were saved by different girls who possessed guns during that pinch,
Is that it, Mr Fujiwara?

Detective : Hmmm…

Koh : I… It’s not a lie.
Please look at the mark on my neck!
The fact it’s here means I can’t possibly be lying, doesn’t it?

Koh : T… that’s right, there was a corpse outside, wasn’t there?!
This is indisputable evidence.

Detective : You see,
That’s the thing, Mr Fujimura…

Detective : There was none,
No corpse at all.

Koh : Eh?

Koh : B… but, I definitely heard someone falling…
A… are you sure the body wasn’t carried off by someone?

Detective : …Yes… It doesn’t seem to be the case…

Koh : E… Erm… then, how about asking the nurse that was attacked just like I was?
She should know somethi…

Detective : Sure, we did find the unconscious nurse just like you said,
However, she told us she didn’t see anything, and didn’t remember anything either…

Koh : …R …Really…?

Detective : Well, you must be pretty tired so I’ll leave it at that for today.
The investigation will continue so let me know if you remember anything.
Koh : Y-Yes, sir…

Detective 2: Mister,
I really can’t make heads or tails of this case.

Detective :…Me too…

Detective : …Say, did you hear?
Detective 2: Hm? Hear what?

Detective : That the top isn’t very assertive as far as the investigation is concerned.
Since fundamentally there isn’t even a corpse to speak of, it’s possible the investigation will be closed right away.

Detective 2: Eh?
What do you mean…?!
Detective : Don’t ask me, I dont even get it myself.

Detective : But well, if there is one thing I can say, it’s that…

Detective :…This somehow isn’t
A case we should poke our noses into.

Detective :…What a seriously screwed up case.

Detective : Look at those footprints…
They totally make it seem like the corpse walked off…

Detective 2: The footprints stop right in front of this wall.

Detective : The national highway’s right beside this wall, isn’t it…?

Detective 2: Indeed.

Detective : Geez…

Detective : Seriously…
What the heck is happening…

Akatani : Your sister isn’t coming today?

Koh : No, she has exams today.

Akatani : I see… You must be feeling a bit lonely then, no?
You’re finally getting discharged but no one is here to welcome you.
Koh : Doctor, it really isn’t nice to treat me like a kid.

Akatani : Alright,
I’m done extracting the threads!
You can open your eyes now, Fujimura.

No Text

Akatani : How is it? You were pretty worried for a while but
You can properly see just like you did before, can’t you?
Koh : Yeah!

Box : …It’s more like,
I can…
See better than before even…

Box : …Is it just me…?
I guess it’s because I haven’t seen anything in a while…?

Akatani : …Ra,
Koh : Eh?

Akatani : What’s with you, suddenly spacing out…
If there is even the slightest problem…
Koh : Ah… No, I just had the impression I could see really well.

Akatani : I see, nevermind then, also…

Akatani : I’m terribly sorry.
Koh : Eh?

Akatani : You were involved in an outrageous case while being hospitalized…
And we ended up reenforcing the security after that.
I hope you’ll forgive me.

Koh : P-please stop it! It’s not like you were in the wrong, doctor.
I understand as much.

Koh : …But, what has become of that case?
The Police didn’t come at all after that…

Akatani : I really have no idea.
Even the Police seems to tackle it half-heartedly.

Akatani : …Well then, congratulations on your discharge, Fujimura.
We don’t know what might happen so be careful for a while, alright…?

Koh : I will, thank you very much.

Koh : This is “Toneya”…

Koh : This “Makom” and this

Koh :…Seriously…
I took off my glasses since my vision was blurred but…

Koh : I can see everything…
I don’t even need glasses anymore…

Box : So, it wasn’t just my imagination then…?

Koh : Is it because of the surgery…?
I’ve never of this happening before though.
I guess things like these do happen after all…?

Koh thinking : “Being able to see” is pretty nice…

Koh thinking : I went through a pretty bitter experience but
This is the only good thing I got out of it…
Koh : …Hm?

No Text

Box : What’s… that…?

Koh thinking : Is he wearing a mask or something?
Though, it feels like this is something even weirder than that…

Koh : …Ouch…

Box : What? My head suddenly…

Koh : Ugh!

Koh : It hurts!

??? : Oops, sorry.
Are you alright?

Koh : Uwaaargh!

??? : Eh?
What’s with you! How rude…

Box : What is that…?!
A monster…?!

Box : B… but no one’s making a fuss over it,
Meaning they can’t see it?!

Box : I’m the only one… that can see it…?!
Koh thinking : No way, did…
Something weird happen to me…?

Saki : …Fujimura Koh.
Koh : Eh?

Box : …This voice…
Where did I…

Saki : Get up!

Insert bottom : The mysterious beautiful women reappear! His peaceful ordinary life starts to change along with his “eyes”…
“DEATHTOPIA” / To be continued. Next chapter will be in the issue on sale from May 13th (Wed.).

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#1. by lolman ()
Posted on May 4, 2014
Oh, then you're doing DEATHTOPIA! Thank you very much, sir vinceled! I'm looking foward to KIKE scanlation version. I hope someone translates Domestic na Kanojo, too. :)

More World Trigger and Biorg Trinity? Yeah, mainly World Trigger :D
#2. by vinceled ()
Posted on May 4, 2014
You meant Biorg Trinity right? :P The series has me completely addicted >.< I'm enjoying translating it way too much lol
#3. by KamiShinigami ()
Posted on May 4, 2014
Arigatou~ This series seems...fun. :D Just a question though, do you know by when the chapter will be released? I was searching for the RAWs (just to look at the images), but no luck. ( ,__,)
#4. by vinceled ()
Posted on May 4, 2014
Evening isn't a mag that gets public raws. As for scans, next week I hope.
#5. by KamiShinigami ()
Posted on May 4, 2014
Ohh, hahaha. Thanks for the info. :) And yeah, I really like the concept and (thanks to your awesome translation) I can get the feel of the story. I'm too excited. >.<
#6. by pop777 ()
Posted on May 5, 2014
Arigatou raw

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