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Kakuriyo Monogatari 6

Sixth Chapter

+ posted by vinceled as translation on May 14, 2014 12:09 | Go to Kakuriyo Monogatari

-> RTS Page for Kakuriyo Monogatari 6

Kakuriyo Monogatari by Fujisaki Ryuu

Reserved for KIKE

And back to doing this, I've seen some good things in this series in the past 6 months. Will most likely do a v2 for ch01-04 in scans for consistency like names and such.

[The Tale of the Afterlife (Kakuriyo Monogatari) - Sixth Chapter]

Sixth Chapter
Kakuriyo Monogatari
This is Wata’s warped castle…!!
Fujisaki Ryuu

Whoa!! How wonderful, the flesh that had melted regenerated!!
With this, I’ll be able to once again resurrect wrathful spirits!!!
Hmm? What is it, Takemikazuchi?
The 3 wrathful spirits you’ve resurrected…
Have been appeased by those so called Ame and Sarutahiko.

The three Sada siblings were…?!!
You gotta be kidding, that’s not possible!
Sure they were minor spirits but they were ninja Master Mouri used, you know?!!
Well, the strength of wrathful spirits is not necessarily proportional to the ability they had during their lifetime.
What’s more it is a reality that the enemy is getting stronger.
The three Sada siblings are now spirits of the dead residing in Kamitsuyomido, and have had all their lingering attachments extracted.
Incidentally, same goes for Homaro.
Their lingering attachments have been turned into lingering attachment balls, balls which are in safekeeping in Kamitsuyomido.

How awfuuul!! How awful of them!!!
Since they were full of resentment and hatred I thought of them as an important part of my heart!!
And yet, they dared forcibly shut up those feeling in these balls…
I’ll never ever eveeeeer forgive them!!

This certainly is unforgivable!!!
I hope you’ll forgive me for this sudden appearance!!
The beautiful Mr Benkeiiii!!!

I hunted 1000 swords just to take your heart baby,
Just kidding.
Musashibo Benkei
Needless to say, a historical superstar in Japan. So much the fact he lost against Ushiwakawru (Minamoto no Yoshitsune) during his duel for his one-thousandth sword hunt is even known nowadays. Afterwards, became Yoshitsune’s retainer serving him loyally until the very end.

Mr Benkei, did you by any chance purposefully come here to watch me studying?
You should have told me, I’d have called for a welcome for your arrival (heart)
I cannot dare of taking my master’s, your Princess Wata’s time with things like this!!

Incidentally, Princess Wata.
Your branch castle has been discovered by Kamitsuyomido.
The enemy is already closing in on the place.
There is no time for studying,
We must quickly depart and retreat to the capital, “Towotsukamunabi”!!
Prince Umayado was so worried he even decided to dispatch me.
Grrrrr, is it those so called Ame and Saru once again?!!
I won’t be satisfied until I’ve beaten the hell out of them!!!
Leave it to me then!!

Up until 2 years ago,
I was in Kakuriyo tied down by lingering attachments that had been gnawing at my soul for over 800 years.
And that’s when
You, Princess Wata extended your hands out to me!!
Master Yoshitsune is now dead so you, Princess Wata are now the new person I am loyal to!!!
Please by all means, let me be the anchor man so that you can retreat peacefully!!!

I’m his Yoshitsune?
A… admirable!!
Your speech was, Benkei!!
I’m entrusting you with the duty of staying back!!!
Well then, I leave the rest to you, Mr Shunsho.
I’m called Musashibo Benkei, you know?
Anyway, you'd better get back without going out of your way, Takemikazuchi.
If ever one of you two goes missing, our plans will be checkmated.
I know.

You people that are defying us,
Will experience the true strength of wrathful spirits!!


We’ve arrived.
The ship had to take a little detour to avoid a tempest.
Copy that!!
So she’s inside this castle, right? Mr Zeami!
The person that has the power to resurrect wrathful spirits!!
It’s finally time for the confrontation!!
This has made me somewhat worried!!
Shut up, Shibou!!
Even I can hear.
I made it so you could hear our voice too this time.
I’ve always been watching through a hidden camera in the crest on your forehead.
Guess I’ll rip it off later…
Failure will not be allowed, Sarutahiko.

If we defeat the enemy with this strategy the opportunities Ame has to use her power will decrease sharply,
Which will allow her to live a little longer.
Shut up, idiot.
I’m only doing it because they’ve pissed me off!!
It’s not like I’m doing it for Ame’s sake…
Ah, it’s open.
Wait, don’t go in carelessly!!!

…So many books…

T… Two people?
Even though I had planned on actively participating by doing away with the enemy that I thought would come with a large army and then planned on being a match against a thousand of them…
What’s more why is there only one kid and a small girl?!!
This won’t make me look any better even if I defeat them!!!
T… There it is! A wrathful spirit!!
Did he plan an ambush?!
Also, this doesn’t seem to be an ordinary wrathful spirit either.
I know that.
He’s got reason.
He’s a high ranked wrathful spirit.

Just kidding.
Get back, Ame. This one’s different from the wrathful spirits we’ve seen up to now!
I know you people are Kamitsuyomido’s Princess and the user of one of the ten heavenly treasures.
I’ve been ordered to be the anchor man,
Head priest of Saito Kitadani in Mt. Hiei…

I am Musashibo Benkei!!!

Look out!!
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Your greatest weakness is that you’re made of flesh!!
Now, die and become my meritorious deed!!!
Destructive wonder-priest!!

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