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Kakuriyo Monogatari 7

Seventh Chapter

+ posted by vinceled as translation on May 14, 2014 12:24 | Go to Kakuriyo Monogatari

-> RTS Page for Kakuriyo Monogatari 7

Kakuriyo Monogatari by Fujisaki Ryuu

Reserved for KIKE

Alright, this is the last chapter that corresponds to volume 1. Next batch in 8 weeks or so and will correspond to volume 2.

[The Tale of the Afterlife (Kakuriyo Monogatari) - Seventh Chapter]

Musashibo Benei, merciless in destruction…!!
Fujisaki Ryuu
Seventh Chapter

Musashibo Benkei?!
Is bad.
Compared to the one Ame and Sarutahiko have fought until now, this wrathful spirit is…
On a totally different league!!!
Don’t destroy everything!!!

He completely brushed away the snake repelling scarf!!
Wrathful spirit personalities with high popularity can easily become powerful, you know?
Why is that?!

It’s because the feelings of the living towards the deceased have an effect on them.
Let’s say for example that there are 100,00 people that like Oda Nobunaga in Arawayo.
Mr Nobunaga (heart)
Great Love
Great Hate
Pisses me off.
Arawayo (World of the Living)
Kakuriyo (World of the Deceased)
The feelings of kindness, sorrow, reverence, hate etc of these 100,000 people will cross over to Kakuriyo,
And as a result will increase the strength of Nobunaga’s wrathful spirit (if he hasn’t gone to Heaven).
In passing, Souji, Himiko and even I turned out to be fairly strong wrathful spirits.
Well, we’ve been quieted down though.
E… exactly how powerful?!
So strong I easily killed the Princess of that time.
All hope is lost!!!



Holy cow!
Search party to Kamitsuyomido!!
Mr Zeami!! Can you communicate with Princess Ame and Sarutahiko?
It’s useless…
The line’s cut.
Ame!! Saru!!
People that are made of flesh
Are such pitiable things.

I apologize for fighting in this manner,
However, my pride would never allow me to actually defeat you directly by my hands seeing how you’re only two kids!!
Princess Wata and Takemikazuchi seems to have managed to return to Towotsukamunabi without being followed.
I don’t know whether you’ll live or not but…
I’m heading back too!!
After all, a great military commander has to know when to pull out!!

I feel like I’ve heard this name before…
Fuck… I spread out the snake scarf but in the end I couldn’t destroy anything…
Also, the water level is gradually rising… If we stay like this, we’ll die by drowning.
…But well,
Dying here wouldn’t be such a bad thing, would it?
You too must be having a hard time living, right? Ame.
Definitely not, Sarutahiko.
I still want to live and use my life for the sake of others.

After all, my life is meant for others!!
Yeah, but look what happened.
We planned on pursuing the enemy but now it’s completely reversed and we’re in this predicament.
Still, we’re definitely gonna survive.
I’m definitely not letting it end after being played like a fool like that!!
For the future, I’ve decided to follow in my father footsteps and become a farmer!!
Your father cultivates pukripa, right?
It’s Paprika.

Nwaaargh, crap!!!
Kyaaa, from here too!!
With the situation as it is…
…Ame will…

Even if it’s only a little, I can see the exit at the end on that opening.
Though, even if I manage to get out through here,
Ame will have drowned by the time I reach the surface.
No time to think things through.
The hit ratio of saving a life within two minutes after cardiac arrest is 90%.
Drowning will be painful for her but there is no going to ways about it!!!

Princess Wata Private Submarine - Ariwara no Narihira
Princess Wata.
We’ve arrived.
I’m back,
My capital.

I’m back, everyone!!
I’ll soon get you out of here!!
And together we’ll build a Kakuriyo Era!!
Princess Wata…

Good grief, your intellect even falls behind that of insects.
Had you been killed by the enemy, my flawless calculations would have gone back to naught.
The disdain I have for a slow-poke like you comes from my innermost depths.

Prince Umayado Born in 574 ~ Died in 622
Genius politician of the Asuka Period. Rgent during the 33rd Empress, the Empress Suiko Period. Established the Twelve Level Cap and Rank System as well as the Seventeen-article constitution and dispatched an envoy to Sui dynasty in China. Said to have been able to listen to 10 people talking at once, predict the future, and even being able to use supernatural powers. Also known under the name of Prince Shotoku.
Eeek, I’m sorry. Please don’t get mad. I hate it when you get mad.
I’m not angry,
Only looking down on you, that’s all.
It wouldn’t be a hindrance even if I had to change the execution of the plan.
Still, it appears you considerably exerted yourself during your lessons.
Then, is it finally time?
It is,
Unleash Towotsukamunabi’s wrathful spirits!!!

Is this…
Her heart has stopped!!
Bring over the AED!! Let’s quickly resurrect her!!
Yes, sir!!
Is trying to save me…
Am I
Dead then?

In Kakuriyo, this wrathful spirit that eats people souls is…!!

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