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Encounter with the Unknown

+ posted by vinceled as translation on May 17, 2014 10:58 | Go to DEATHTOPIA

-> RTS Page for DEATHTOPIA 2

Deathtopia by Yamada Yoshinobu

Reserved for KIKE Scans

Deathtopia - [Chapter 2 - Encounter with the Unknown ]

Insert Left : Rave reviews! “Superpower and suspense”, 2nd chapter!!
Saki : Get up! Fujimura Koh.

Chapter 2 - Encounter with the Unknown

Box : Where did I hear this voice before…
That’s right, if I’m not mistaken, they’re from that night…

Cameo : That’s as far as you go!
W… Why did you shoot her Ms Saki?
Even though we could have arrested her…
Idiooot, victory goes to the one who makes the first move, or do you actually think those people would listen to us, Yui?
S… Still…!
Girls, keep the quarrelling for later.
We need to confirm her condition… Let’s head down.

Fujimura : Ah…!
Fujimura thinking : That’s right, as for that monster…

Fujimura thinking : He’s already gone…

Box : Just what the hell…
Was that exactly…?
Cameo : Sorry, are you alright?

Fujimura thinking : Was that my imagination…?
Or an hallucination or something…?


Saki : Hey… Don’t ignore us, got that?

Fujimura thinking : A gun?!
Saki : We’re people that are allowed to shoot this,
You know?

Saki : Fujimura Koh,
We gotta tell you something so
Follow us to a place people won’t disturb us!

Saki : There we go, let’s get in!

Managers : Have a fun ride!

Manager 1 : Hey… did you see that? Those clients… Those 3 girls are babes.
Manager 2 : Yeah, the guy’s got it good.
But… I wonder what they want with him.

Saki : Damn, Tokyo sure is a practical city.
I mean being able to see such a nice scenery just by riding on something like this is awesome!

Box : Just who are they?
Saki : Oh! Look, it’s the Mt. Fuji, right?!
Fujimura : Well… what do you want to ask me…?

Yui : Do you recognise that woman?

Fujimura : Eh?
No… It doesn’t ring a bell…

Yui : She’s the woman that attacked you one week ago.
Her name is Kirishima Karen…

Yui : She’s a serial killer that gouges out the eyes of the people she kills.

Fujimura : A serial killer…?
Cameo : …Hey, you…
That hurt…
Fujimura thinking : Then, I was really about to be killed back then…

Fujimura : B… But she’s already dead, right?
There is nothing to worry…

Fujimura : Eh?

Saki : You see…
She’s still alive…

Saki : She was already gone when we headed down
To check on her.
Well, let’s just say she escaped by walking.

Fujimura : T… that must be a lie, right? She fell from the 4th floor, there is no way she’s still…
Yui : Enough with that, this isn’t what we want to ask you.

Yui : Do you get it? She’s
Killed 23 people until now.

Yui : However, all of her victims so far have either been executive staff from big companies and even politicians.
My point is that she’s an assassin that specialises in killing VIPs.

Yui : ….And yet, it’s odd.
I wonder why for some reason…

Yui : This time around she stooped so far as to aim
For a civilian like you…

Yui : Tell us if you have a hunch as to why,

Fujimura : Eh? Even if you tell me that…
I don’t a clue at all or anything…
Box : …Wait.

Box : Now that I think about it, that monster I saw today…
Maybe it’s actually related
To that unusual thing it had to it?
B… But…

Fujimura : …Eh?

Fujimura : Whoa?!
What are you…

Fujimura : Uwaaaaargh
Rollercoster : Yeeeeah

Saki : Don’t play dumb, brat.
As if a professional killer would actually aim for a normal university student.

Saki : You’d better hurry up and speak…
I’ll only wait for 3 seconds!

Saki : …Threeeee,
Box : I… Is she serious?!

Box : Serious about letting go of me…?
Saki : Twooooo,

Saki : Oneeee,
Fujimura : W… Waait a moment.
I, erm…
You see…

Saki : Zero!
Fujimura : Eh?!

Yui : Please leave it at that, Ms Saki.

Saki : C’mon, don’t butt in on my fun, Yui.
Fujimura : Guh!

Yui : What are you thinking… Ms Saki?

Yui : Killing him would be meaningless, wouldn’t it?
Saki : Shut up! Your way of doing things is way too dull!

Box : T… They’re totally insane…!!
Exactly how serious was she?

Box : Why is this happening to me…?

Fujimura : Again…
I can clearly see it…
Even them…

Yui : Eh?
Saki : Did you say something?
Fujimura : Ah… No, nothing…

??? : Fujimura Koh…
Fujimura : Eh?

??? : Born on March 3rd, 19 years old… Type A Rh+.

??? : Living together with his two parents and his sister…
Hobbies are cooking and sewing.

??? : You’ve never experienced dating a woman
And are a virgin.

??? : Has one close friend from elementary school,
And in your 5th grade, this friend almost drowned and resulting in you receiving a laceration to the right thigh; the scar still remains.
Fujimura : H… Hey… why do you know so much about me…?
??? : At your graduation from high school, your grades were 3 in Modern Japanese; 2 in Japanese Classical Literature; 4 in Mathematics; 4 in World History; 3 in Political Economy; 4 in Biology; 3 in English; 5 in Physical Education…

??? : Do you want me
To reveal much more of everything…
I investigated about you?

Fujimura thinking : We’ll soon reach the ground.

Yui : Well, how should we explain this…?
Saki : Shut up, leave it to me.
Fujimura thinking : …Alright, I gotta act now…

Fujimura : Kuh…!

Saki : Hey! Don’t run away…

Saki : Hyan!

Saki : That hurt, what are you doing, bitch!
Ah! He’s running away!!

??? : …Let him go.
He’ll… be useful in its own way.

Manager 1 : M… Misses! This is no good.
We saw everything, you were acting dangerously with that other person from before…
Ah! You even destroyed the lock!

Manager 1 : Please get out for now!
You’ll have to come with us to the office…

Saki : Ah, sorry but
We’re “people like this” you see…

Managers : …Eh?

Fujimura : Haa

Fujimura : Haa

Fujimura : …Great…
They aren’t pursuing me…

Fujimura : …Ah! Damnit, I forgot my stuff…

Fujimura : Fuck! Seriously, who the heck were they?!
What was that they said…

Box : That I’d know why I’m being targeted?!
That’s exactly what I wanna know!

Box : Fuck, there it is again!
What the fuck are those monsters anyway…?!

Box : Alright… Guess I should find out
What these guys exactly are!

Box : He’s smoking…
Where is he putting his cigarette anyway? He doesn’t even have a mouth.

Fujimura thinking : He’s going to a cafe…

Box : Eh?

Box : Seriously?
He’s an ordinary person.

Box : W… Why…

Box : Is it that I can’t see it
Because he’s behind the glass…?!

Box : What’s the meaning of this?!
Does that mean there is some sort of rule to me seeing this?!

Box : Also, what the hell is that “noise”…?

Box : It looks like a kid’s scribble, and looks pretty flexible…
It expands and it contracts at random…

Fujimura : …Hm?

Box : What…?
I’m gradually see the shape better and better.

Fujimura : Guh…!

Fujimura thinking : W… What the fuck?!

Box : It’s my first time seeing the shape that clearly.
What’s the deal with that thing…?

Fujimura thinking : …Alright… Guess I should stealthily follow him and find out…

Fujimura thinking : He’s a weird guy alright…

Fujimura thinking : He’s passed by this place plenty of times already…
Is he lost or something?

Fujimura thinking : He’s going in…

Fujimura : Is this his house?
Looks like a fairly common house…

Fujimura thinking : What do I do? Should I pull out?
It doesn’t seem like anything is happening…

Fujimura : Eh?

Box : The lights went out…?
That’s weird, ain’t it? He just got back home… Is he already going to sleep…?

Box : I’m getting a bad feeling about this…

Fujimura thinking : Guess I should check out the situation for a bit…

Fujimura : I bet it’s locked anyway…

Box : It’s open…?!

Box : …Whoa, whoa, what the fuck am I doing…
Suddenly entering someone’s home without permission…

Box : There is no way I’d even find anything here anyway…

Box : Still, this is a pretty weird house…
It’s frightfully silent…

Box : Someone just got inside…
And yet it doesn’t feel like anyone is here…

No Text

Fujimura : W… What the heck is this…?
Who could have done something like this…?
Insert Text : Despair creeps in…
“Deathtopia” / To be continued. Next chapter in the issue on sale May 27th.

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#1. by KamiShinigami ()
Posted on May 18, 2014
Thank you for this translation vinceled~
#2. by babybird130 ()
Posted on May 18, 2014
Translate World Trigger please! :D

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