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Biorg Trinity 9


+ posted by vinceled as translation on May 23, 2014 14:55 | Go to Biorg Trinity

-> RTS Page for Biorg Trinity 9

Biorg Trinity by Oh Great & Maijou Outarou

Reserved for KIKE Scans

Biorg Trinity - [Bug 9]

This takes sooooooo long, seriously XD 4 hours to TL and almost double the time to check the whole thing for errors, sentence wording etc.... Still it's so much fun. Since ch10-16 are done too I'll try to finalize them next week.

Yuu : Siiiiiiiiiis.

Yuu : Kiwaaaa.

Left side, books top to bottom :
Bio Bug I Foundations Workbook
Bio Bug Dictionary
Life Science Foundations
Bio Bug Application and Theory
For Dummies, An introduction to Bioethics
Bio Bug and Biotechnology

On poster : Let’s go, MIT!

Kiwa : …I get it…
So I use this numerical formula like this and…

Yuu : Special move!! Chonmage*. TN : form of Japanese traditional haircut worn by men. Just look it up on Google to see why it looks like.
Kiwa : Huh?
Arrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhh! Jerkkkk!! Yuu!!

What “Special move!! Chonmage” is :
① Go behind target.
② Place penis.
③ Chonmage.
Authors : Oh Great
Maijou Outarou

On books : Dictionary of Bio Bug, Biog Bug of modern times - Bio Bug Medical Treatment Encyclopedia - Bio Bug and Biotechnology
Kiwa : Uhmmmm - For crying out loud…
Kiwa : Yawn
Yuu : Nee-chan almost mimbled on my thiiiiiing.

Kiwa : Aggggggh!! I haven’t even read half of it!!
It’s freakishly complex and there are way too much words!! It looks just like the chant of a spell!
And because of these things, everyday’s the same. I don’t get enough sleeping time! Seriously, why do I gotta do this…

Kiwa thinking, own cameo : No matter how many years it takes I’ll figure something out!!
That’s why,
Keep what happened today a secret between the two of us.

Kiwa : …A secret, huh…?
Yuu : Sis, sis.
See, I told you so, Fujii.
She hasn’t been willing to play with me at all lately.

Fujii : Hey,
Sorry to drop by like this out of the blue.
Yuu-kun said I could come in…
How many times did I tell you Fujii was here?

Kiwa : Bastaaaaard, Yuu!!
Yuu : Ouuuuch. you’re tearing it off, you’re freaking tearing it off!!
Poster : Let’s go, MIT!!

Fujii : For real? You’re aiming for MIT?
Isn’t that too high of an objective? No well… I gotta say it’s pretty amazing though…
Kiwa : Eh?!
Ah!! Yeah.

SFX : Undresses!

Fujii : W…Why are you suddenly undressing?!
Kiwa : W…well!
I… It’s kinda hot in there isn’t it…?

Kiwa thinking : W… why did I even hide the books, anyways…?
Anyway… Right back at you, what’s with you
Suddenly coming here…?

Fujii insert : What’s her deal?

Kiwa thinking : The reasons he came
Were written all over his eyes.

Fujii : Kiwa…
I’m really sorry.
Errm… I couldn’t tell you this by phone… I wanted… to apologise to you face-to-face…

Kiwa : Here it comes.
I bet you told Enomoto Fumiho, is that it?

Kiwa : Well, it’s no use crying over spilt milk anyway.
It’s fine, isn’t it? In the end you fixed things up with Enomoto Fumiho, right?

Kiwa : It was bound to get out out one day or another anyway…

Kiwa : So?
Why did you tell her?

Fujii thinking, Cameo : I swear,
I myself do.
Fujii : Where you are doesn’t matter, I’ll definitely find you.
It’s good enough for me as long as you’re by my side, Fumiho.
Call me whenever you’re in trouble.

Kiwa : No way, No way, No way, No way, No way, No way.
Fujii : Agggh…
Seriously… why the fuck did I say that… Seriously…
I so wanna forget…

Kiwa : It’s good enough for me as long as you’re by my side, Fumiho.

Kiwa : Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah.
Insert Kiwa : It’d be such a waste to try overwriting these memories.
Fujii : Stoooop iiiiit!!

Kiwa : Cough!
Fujii : Don’t laugh so much that it makes you wanna throw up!

Insert Kiwa : What’s wrong with laughing a lot?
Kiwa : Anyway… Don’t put your heart in your mouth for this.
She called you “Hosafuji” so it’s definitely gotta mean you, right?

Fujii : I seriously wanna believe that.
Well then… see ya tomorrow.
Insert Fujii : Haa…

On book : Bio Bug I Foundations Workbook

Book Behind : Cutting-Edge, Biotechnology for Dummies
Book : Bio Bug

Book : Bio Bug Foundations Workbook - Cutting-Edge Bio Bug Associated Words - A careful selection of 800 words explained in detail - Easy to understand explanations with illustrations and photos. - A Nippon B.B Research Institute Book. - Kodan Publishing

Kiwa : Oops, the books have nothing to do with this.
Guess I’ll go
To sleep.

Page : CHECK - This term certainly refers to one kind [partially hidden - corner of the panel]

Book article : Biorg /bʌʊg/
Biorg, term originating from the portmanteau of bio and cyborg. This isn’t a generic term but rather a coined word that some people make use of. There are so much doubts as to their existence that it is by nature, classified as an urban legend. They are affiliated in what are defined as conspiracy theories in a lot of cases.
Their characteristic is [rest hidden]
Page : Biorg - Biorg (rest hidden)
Kiwa thinking : Now that I think about it, that long blond haired dude
Didn’t even tell us the most important thing…

Kiwa : “Biorg”,
…“Term originating from the portmanteau of bio and cyborg. This isn’t a generic term but rather a coined word that some people make use of.”

Kiwa thinking : It’s true that… For the most part, I didn’t find anything on the Net…
Kiwa : “There are so much doubts as to their existence that it is by nature, classified as an urban legend. They are affiliated in what are defined as conspiracy theories in a lot of cases.”

Kiwa : Nah! They exist. That hunter definitely came to my school!
What the heck, why did he even do that anyway? Was it so that he could blackout any outgoing intelligence?
“Their characteristic is…”
Box, Kiwa reading : Their characteristic is

Box : “Their particular trait is to ‘fuse together as fellow human bug contractors that make use of their bug holes’.”
Box : “To put if simply, the theory is as follows, when buggglar A absorbs buggglar B one of the holes of A shuts up in order for him to obtain 2 ‘holes’; thus resulting in making him able to fuse with three other objects. Through a repetition of this process, it is in theory possible to infinitely increase the number of ‘holes’.”

Kiwa : “While doing this constitutes a humanly and legally unforgivable action,
According to some firmly rooted rumours, “Biorgs” were used as weapons against humanity in the Third Bug War
Seeing as each individual is able to possess special abilities through the use of this special characteristic.
Nowadays, it is said that the remnants of the faction take part in terrorist activities.

Kiwa thinking, Cameo : Better known under the reduced name of Biorg!!!

Kiwa : Terrorists…

Page : However, the side effects are that, the mutual personalities will

Kiwa : However, the side effects are that
The mutual personalities will conflict, repeat the fusion
Resulting in the inherent personality…
Page : Nowadays, it is said that the remnants of the faction take part in terrorist activities. However, the side effects are that, the mutual personalities will conflict, repeat the fusion resulting in the inherent personality

Kiwa thinking : It’s definitely gotta mean you, right?

Fumiho : Enomoto Fumiho! Arrived safely this Monday morning!! Was tempted by her warm futon!! And yet managed to arrive safely!!
A briiiiilliant morning to everyone!!

Julie insert : So you still came?
Julie : Hmm?
Looks like you’ve gone back to your usual tension, panda.
Insert : Mornin’ Fumiho.
Fumiho : Eh? That’s how it looks like to you? I’m always like that, aren’t I?
Also, where did that panda come from, Julie-tan?

Fujii thinking : I thought as much,
It feels awkward.

Fujii : I… I can’t look her in the eye directly…

Fujii thinking : The fact Fumiho is smiling seems to somehow
Fumiho : Hih Hih Hih.
Fujii thinking : Increase the temperature in the classroom.

Fumiho : Fujii-kun.
Thanks for the other day.

Girls : Whaaaat?

Fumiho : Thanks, that was really nice.
??? : I know, right? It’s currently airing.

Kiwa : Where’s Fujii?
??? : What is it to you?
Is he under your control or something?
Kiwa : C’mon, I’m being serious here.
??? : He went off to the toilets with Watanabe.

Fumiho : Hello, Kiwa-chan!!

Fumiho : Well? How about we go too?
To the toilets (heart)
Fumiho’s eye : I have a load of things to tell! Things about Hosa-kun and even about Fujii-kun.

Kiwa : Sorry, tell me at home, alright?

Fujii : Well?
What is it you wanted to tell me… Nabe?
Watanabe : I’ll take the initiative of the talk if you don’t mind.
Fujii : Excuse me?
It’s a talk where “I’m the one pulling out the cards”.

Watanabe : Something related… to “what” you did Friday during
That night where there was heavy rain.

Watanabe : For now,
I’ll only play one card to say

Nabe : You got run down by a car and that place
Is right on front of my place.

Watanabe : Usually, it’d be impossible
To stand back up right away after being run down by a car
To then go off somewhere running at an incredible speed.

Dude, this, is entering some really unstable ground, you know?

Fujii : Excuse me…?
What… What do you wanna say…?
??? : It’s fucking leaking out,
The shit I’m about to take is already showing half of its face.
??? : Yo’, Fujii-kun.
Fujii : Hm.
Watanabe : Don’t you dare… run away after school, got that?
This is related to our talk… read this before then.

Hosa : Kill kim.

Fujii : Ex… Excuse me? Wait… Hosa?
Hosa : If it gets know about us, we won’t be able to protect Fumiho anymore… Ya better take care of him quickly.
I’ll teach you how to dispose of his corpse.
Fujii : As
As if I could do that!!
Nabe’s a friend!
Hosa : Even though you swore?

Watanabe : Over hereeeeee.
I hope you read it.

Fujii : I’ve really, definitely set my heart on you, there is no hesitating in love;
There is obviously only one thing in the World I want to tell you and it's the most important;

No Text

Fujii : And this the you from these moments that I can’t turn my eyes from, I hold my breath in order not to let my tears flow as I become unable to run away from your gaze Tululi Happy Lalalalala.

Watanabe : W… Well? What did you think of my song…
G… Give a few pointers on the bridge, alright?

Fujii : Is this… addressed to me?
Watanabe : Scuse me? You gotta be fuckin’ kiddin’ me, as if it could be!!

IT… It rocks, right?
SFX : makes rock
Fujii : It’s no good.
Rather, this looks like a complete mish-mash of things you’ve taken somewhere else and the musical performance was seriously awful too.
Watanabe : Y… you fucking bastard! When you speak, the least you could do is to pay more consideration to the feelings I’ve put in my letter! I’ll cry you know?

Watanabe : Alright, I’ll play one more card.
The long and short of it is that I’am aiming to become a composer, that’s pretty much it.

Fujii : Something like Nabe the brass band, I bet?
Heh…Is that it…? You loaded instruments into a round container and fused with them as a whole right?
That’s how you did this.
Watanabe : …Still, this talk also has to do with how stupid that was of me.

Watanabe : Musical instruments are after all, only tools so
No matter how many of them I fuse with, it doesn’t mean that I myself will play music well.

Nabe : The musical instruments are only here to express the fact that music is born “inside me”.
The one that masters them… is my heart.
Rather… This is a talk that has to do on how on the contrary, I realised how hollow and half-assed “I” had become after fusing.

Fujii : And?
What’s the thing you want to ask me in exchange of you
Keeping secret what you saw that day?

Watanabe : Hm,
Ahem! Well, you see… You see, erm…
Heeeere goes,

Nabe : This is how I’ll play my final card…

Kiwa : …What is it…?
Fujii : Ahaha… I’m glad you were still on school grounds.

Kiwa : That’s because I was looking all over for you, dumbass!!
Because of that I didn’t even have time to enjoy recess! You even ignored all my texts and calls!
Fujii : Eh? …Sorry, did I really do that?
Well… It’s the same for me… I’ve been pretty busy…

Watanabe : Excuse me!!
Hear me out, Imoto-san!!
I! You see!!

Watanabe : Fujii!
Fujii : Ah!
Got it.
I’ve really, definitely set my heart on you,
There is no hesitating in love…

Watanabe, Cameo : Eh?! We’re moving?!
That’s the first I’m hearing of this!!
This month?
What the heck!!
This calls for better prospects.
I’ve even been promoted to branch manager, you know?
It’s Australia we’re talking about, Australia.
It’s really lovely (heart)
The visa as well as the moving formalities have already been completed too.

Watanabe thinking : I know, Imoto-san.
I know your feelings.
After all… For the past 3 years
I’ve always been looking at you..

Watanabe thinking : That’s also why I threatened him to make him sing.

Watanabe thinking : Maybe it’ll even reach you if Fujii’s soprano is used…
I know you’ll definitely remember it if you hear it through his soprano.

Watanabe thinking : However, here is what I wish to convey to you with all my might

Watanabe thinking : In hope that one day,
You sing this song to the person that is the most important to you.

No Text

Suzuki : It’s from the 3rd rooftop ridge, signal green.
…It’s sure is a good song. Whose do you think it is, Sensei-master? - It’s making this place throb.

Jester : Hmph.

Jester : His technique is all over the place but
It’s not that bad considering what the monkeys of this island usually play.

Watanabe : Haa!

Kiwa : I’m sorry, Nabe.
I can’t respond to your feelings.

Nabe : Yeah…

Kiwa : But,
Thank you. It was a song filled with courage, it was great!

Kiwa : I’ll remember your song whenever I feel down
And do my best too!

Fujii : Today, was the coolest I’d ever seen him.

Fujii : In a sense, that kinda made me jealous.
I was jealous
And frustrated.

Box : Nabe really wasn’t half-assed at all.

Hosa : He’s transferring to Australia…?
All I could see was that he seemed to transform for an instant… Well, never mind then.
However, if something like that ever happens again
Kill him in 2 seconds.

Fujii thinking : Hosa’s like that too.
That he stays unshaken regardless of the merits…
In a sense it’s something like him being able to see… his own self pretty clearly.
Hosa Cameo : Kill him.

Fujii thinking : After thinking that, an urge to cry suddenly went over me.
After all, I had an absolute confidence there was nothing I could show and said “this is my own self”.

Kiwa : Fujii… That time when you transformed… No, I mean
When you managed to,
Only made it your second time fusing with Hosaka Shouji even when we take into account what happened that night back then, right?

Kiwa : Fusing really takes its toll on your body so
At times, you’ll lose consciousness.
Assuming fusing is the same thing as when you were run down by that car then,

Kiwa : It’s
Only a time when you lose consciousness…

Kiwa : Hey!! Don’t sleep! It’s dangerous.
C’moon!! Fujii!!

Fujii : Sorry… lately…
I get sleepy… whenever
I do something…
Kiwa : It’s serious, idiot. - Seriously.
Phone me when you wake up, got that? Hey? You better be listening!! Hey!

Kotro : Meooooow

Kiwa : You’ll choke if you go to sleep with your necktie still on.
Kiwa insert : For crying out loud!
Kotro : Meooow

Kiwa : Maybe I should make a move on you? Jerk. TN : GO FOR IIIIIIIIIIT!!
Box : “However”
Kotro : Meoooooooow
Box : “However, the side effects are that”

Box : The mutual personalities will conflict, repeat the fusion thus resulting in the inherent personality…
Kiwa : Fu…
Bubble : Vanishing.
Insert : This vanishment means someones love dying out. Next issue, BT on the cover of UJ!!

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