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World Trigger 53

Tamakoma Daiichi

+ posted by vinceled as translation on May 28, 2014 13:25 | Go to World Trigger

-> RTS Page for World Trigger 53

World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke

Reserved for KIKE

World Trigger - [Chapter 53 : Tamakoma Daiichi]

Sorry for the delay, have been kinda lazy recently concerning this series :P Anyway ch59-61 are looking good, anime has been announced too so time to catch up. I'll try releasing chapters every two days or something.

Battle Body Formation.
Conversion of content to battle body.
[World Trigger]
Trigger activation complete.
Let’s begin fighting!!
Insert : Trigger ON!!

Map : S-Class Amou - Eliminating the Trion soldiers in the city.
Ex S-Class Jin - Heading to Headquarters
B-Class Suwa’s Unit - Bringing Suwa back to Headquarters as he’s been turned to a cube.
A-Class Kazama’s Unit - Eliminating Trion Soldiers
A-Class Tachikawa - Wants to bring down new models
A-Class Arashiyama’s Unit & Yuuma - Eliminating Trion Soldiers
B-Class Murakami - Engaged in battle against a new model
B-Class Combined Units - Eliminating Trion Soldiers
Azuma’s Unit
Kuruma’s Unit
Chano’s Unit
Arafune’s Unit
B-Class Osamu - Engaged in battle against a new model and protecting C-Class.
A-Class Kitora - Defeated after a hard struggle.
C-Class Chika & Izuho - On the move with Osamu
Tamakoma Daiichi - Will soon arrive to help Osamu and his friends.
Headquarters Base
East of the Base - C-Class members are inciting the citizens to evacuate.
South of the Base - C-Class members are inciting the citizens to evacuate.
West of the Base - C-Class members are inciting the citizens to evacuate.
South-West of the Base - C-Class members are inciting the citizens to evacuate.
Insert : The enlarged war front!!
Chapter Title : Chapter 53 - Tamakoma Daiichi
Author : Ashihara Daisuke
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Hairein : What…?!
Was that trion response just now…
From a Black Trigger…?!

Mira : No, it isn’t a Black Trigger.
The response definitely comes from… a normal trigger,

Hairein : Then it’s a new formidable enemies?!
Two mod bodied rabits have already been killed!

Mira : It seems the person responsible for this is not among the combatants but among the chicks.
However, these readings…

Hairein : An unexpected “golden chick”, is it…?
Change of plans.

Hairein : Ranbanein.

Hairein : Enedora.

Hairein : The two of you will according to plan be sent out through the gates
Scatter Miden’s soldiers and backup the Rabits’ work.

Hairein : However, no need to push yourselves,
Our objective is to the bitter end their assets’ division;
If things ever become dangerous then withdraw using Mira’s trigger.

Enedora : “Dangerous”?
As if I’d ever be defeated by those small fries from Miden!

Hairein : Visa.

Hairein : Hughes.

Hairein : You two are to pursue the “golden chick”.
…And by some chance,

Hairein : Maybe we’ll be able to find a new God.

Osamu thinking : He evaded?!
Is it capable of learning?!

Osamu : Shield Mod!!

Osamu : There’s one more…!!

Izuho : Take it down, Chikako!!
Chika : I can’t, I’ll hit the house!

Chika : Kizaki!!

Reiji : …Amatori,
Have you forgotten the most the fundamental of snipers?

Chika : “Snipers lose when their whereabouts are discovered”
“So the first thing to do is to hide yourself”.
“You can’t fight the enemy as long as the latter knows where you are”

Reiji : …Great,
It’s fine if you remember.

No Text

Osamu : Uwah!!

Konami : Meteor.

No Text

Konami : Osamu,
Where is Yuuma?

Osamu thinking : This voice…
Osamu : Konami…?!

Karasuma : Escudo.

Osamu thinking : A shield sprouted out of the ground…!!

Karasuma : Sorry for being late, Osamu.
Osamu : …Karasuma!

Konami : What, they’re still alive?
Osamu : Please be careful!

Osamu : You’ll be turn into a cube if you get caught!
It happened to Kitora and several C-Class members!

Karasuma : We know that,
It also happened to one regular member.
The engineers over at HQ are currently pursuing their analysis.
It’s going smoothly but it’s also troublesome
As this is an article that won’t receive a single scratch unless the right manner of solving is used.

Konami : In other words, it’s fine not to hold back, is that it?

Karasuma : Tamakoma Daiichi will save Kitora and the other captured people
While you follow the C-Class.

Konami : So we’ll only have to clean up the small fries after we defeat these things?
Smells like an easy victory.

Osamu : …No, please wait a moment!
Those things that open gates are still here…

Mira : Transfer Complete.

Mira : Start

Insert : From here on is the real battlefield!!
World Trigger …Chapter 53 / End.
Next issue, the Neighbors finally move out!! The state of war accelerates!!

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#1. by babybird130 ()
Posted on May 30, 2014
Thank you so much! :D

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