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World Trigger 54


+ posted by vinceled as translation on Jun 4, 2014 16:16 | Go to World Trigger

-> RTS Page for World Trigger 54

World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke

Reserved for KIKE

World Trigger - [Chapter 54 : Aftkratol]

Chapter Title : Chapter 54 - Aftkratol
Author : Ashihara Daisuke

Replica : It’s highly possible that either Khione or Aftkratol are coming to attack us so
Let me tell you of the marks that will enable you to differentiate these two countries.

Replica : In a word,
The one that have horns on their heads are from Aftkratol.

Kinuta : Horns…?
Horns, like deers and goats have?

Replica : Strictly speaking, these aren’t horns but trion receptors, however
In appearance, the look like horns.

Left Text : Right before the large-scale invasion, Replica’s teachings.

Replica : Since former times in Aftkratol,
Trion receptors processed as triggers have been embed in the heads of infants,
And researches conducted to produce humans with innately high trion ability.

Osamu : “Produce”…?!

Yousuke : That makes them altered human!
Replica : Exactly.

Replica : Back when we were staying there,
That technology already had a practical level of use.
This technology is classified as military secret in Aftkratol,
And it’s hard to think an information like this would actually leak to foreign countries.

Replica : If it is Aftkratol that has sent out personnel for the current expedition then
The first thing you definitely noticed are that they’re “horned”.

Kazama : What would it specifically change if they have horns?
What about their amount of trion?

Replica : Additionally to the amount, the quality too would be altered.
When talking about the triggers used by the “horned”,
It would be better to refer to them as “a part of the body” rather than as a “weapon”.

Replica : What’s more,
Researches to increase compatibility with Black Triggers by using “horns” have even taken place
And in the case there is compatibility with a Black Trigger, the horns will also have taken a black color.

Shinoda : In other words, if they have black horns it’ll mean they’re a black trigger…!

Replica : At any rate,
As the fighting potential of “horned” greatly exceed that of regular triggers

Replica : Proceed with great care in the case you were to be faced with them.

Visa : Oh my…
It really weights heavy on my heart to have to kidnap a kid.
Hughes : Yet, this is our duty,
Mr. Visa.

Insert : South-West of the Base

Osamu : “Horned”…!!

Enedora : Damn!
There ain’t nothing but kids here!
I got a bad draw.
Insert : East of the Base

Kikuchihara : Woah.

Kikuchihara : A humanoid neighbour has appeared, Kazama.
Kazama : I see.

Kazama : He also has Black horns so
It seems we’ve hit the jackpot.

Insert L South of the Base

Ranbanein : Huh?
Only 2 people?
What a disappointment.

Taichi : A… humanoid neighbor…?!
Box : B-Class Rank 8 Suzunari Daiichi (Kuruma’s Unit) - Betsuyaku Taichi (16)

Azuma : Let’s get away from him, Taichi.

Azuma : This isn’t good, we’re too close so
Let’s fall back and lure him into the Dangerous Zone.
Box : B-Class Rank 6 - Azuma’s Unit - Azuma Haruaki (25)

Azuma thinking : The new models were already pretty troublesome to handle…
And now an irregular gate…?

Ranbanein : …No
I can’t take you lightly just because of your numbers so
I guess I’ll defeat you steadily one after the other.

Azuma : He’s coming!

Chano : This time for sure, a humanoid Neighbor has appeared!!
Box : B-Class Rank 19 Chano’s Unit. - Chano Makoto (16)
Please fall back, Azuma!
We’ll stop him!
Box : Fujisawa Ikki (16)

Taichi : Chano’s Unit!

Azuma : Be careful!
He’s already…

Azuma : Taken an offensive stance!

Ikki : Shield!!

Trigger : Battle Body Activity Limit,

Taichi : O
One hit?!

Azuma : Don’t stop! Run, Taichi!

Azuma thinking : He shouldn’t be able to continuously fire at this power…

Ranbanein : 4 people to begin with.

No Text

Azuma : Taichi!!
Azuma thinking : He didn’t even mind the obstacles!

Ranbanein : Hah Haah!!

Ranbanein : You’re the only one left!!

??? : Target Locked.

??? : Target Hit.

??? : Good job luring him, Azuma.
Box : B-Class Rank 11Arafune’s Unit (All 3 Members are snipers)

Azuma thinking : : …No, he…

Ranbanein : An increase of 3 people,
For a total of 7 people?

Azuma thinking : I can tell just by looking that he isn’t being careless,
Meaning we were the one that were lured…?!

Ranbanein : I warmly welcome long distance battles.
With my trigger “Chelidon”
I have confidence I’ll prevail in gunfights.

No Text

Kuruma : Again, bail outs…?!
Box : B-Class Rank 8, Suzunari Daiichi (Kuruma’s Unit); Kuruma Tatsuya (19)

Okudera : It’s a humanoid Neighbor!
Chano’s Unit and Taichi as well as
Two members of the Arafune’s Unit were taken out!
B-Class Rank 6, Azuma’s Unit. Okudera Tsuneyuki (16)

??? : Seriously?
The new models were already given us enough trouble as it was!
B-Class Rank 13, Kakizaki’s Unit.

Azuma thinking : I had heard… of this from the brass.
So this is “Aftkratol” Enhanced Trigger…!!

Ranbanein : Since you’re more numerous than what I expected
I’ll be able to fight to my heart’s content!
Too strong!!
World Trigger …Ch54 / End.
Next issue, Tamakoma Daiichi retaliates against the overwhelmingly powerful Aftkratol forces!!

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#1. by Kayvaan Shrike ()
Posted on Jun 25, 2014
if you need help with proof reading i'll gladly help out.

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