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World Trigger 55

Tamakoma Daiichi ②

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Jun 25, 2014 09:50 | Go to World Trigger

-> RTS Page for World Trigger 55

World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke

Reserved for KIKE and Mangabandits

World Trigger - [Chapter 55 : Tamakoma Daiichi ②]

Insert : The Neighbors appear!!

Insert Text : Southwest of the Base

Hughes : I’ll catch the target myself,
I’d like you to please back me up, Mr Visa.

[World Trigger]

Visa : Fine.
However, the target is also the owner of a powerful trion.
Please be careful, Mr Hughes.

Hughes : I’ll be cautious

Hughes : Not to be killed then.

Chapter Title : Chapter 55 - Tamakoma Daiichi ②
Author : Ashihara Daisuke

Replica : There is no doubt now,
Our opponent is Aftkratol.

Left Text : An unknown trigger bares its fangs!!

Osamu : Please be careful!
Their horns…

Konami : We heard from the boss and the brass.
They’re monsters that have enhanced their trion with their horns, right?

Reiji : Two new models are still alive too.
Although they’re wounded they’ll be though to handle from now so,

Reiji : Get rid of them
In 3 minutes.

Osamu thinking : Ms Konami, by herself…?!

Konami : 1 minute is enough.
Try not to get taken out before I come back, alright?

Reiji : Even though we’ll have to oppose the Humanoid Neighbors [by backing up a little and that until - 下がり気味に] Konami comes back
Protecting for the C-Class still takes priority.

Karasuma : Got it.

Osamu : What,
What should I do?

Reiji : Protect Amatori,
With your life if needed.

Osamu : Yes, sir!!

Visa : Dear me!
They look rather composed.
It appears they’ll be unexpectedly though to handle.

Hughes : That won’t be a problem.
As long as they back up the chicks…
There won’t be any shaking off this advantageous situation from us.

No text

Konami : Surprisingly though for some cracked up clunker.

Konami : But well,
It’s not really a big deal.

Trigger : Connector ON.

Insert : Sogetsu* (Axe) TN : Twin Moon

No Text

Izuho : Seriously…?!
She killed them instantly!!

Osamu : Although they were wounded,
These new models were…!

Replica : According to Branch Chief Rindou, the Tamakoma Branch triggers
Slightly differ in their structure compared to that of HQ.

Replica : The trigger of HQ are made on the assumption they'll be used by a great number of people,
And are thus standardised with a focus placed on their durability for continuous fighting.

Replica : On the contrary, Tamakoma’s triggers are made to match their user special characteristics, and are also
The products of experiments that used Neighbor Technology unapproved by HQ.

Osamu : Technology unapproved by HQ…?!

Replica : Engineers analysed the triggers Rindou Branch Chief personally brought back from the Neighborhood;
Triggers which now make up Tamakoma’s personal technology.

Replica : Konami’s concept consists of “focusing on fire power”,
A concept that enables her to drastically increase the power in one hit through the connection of her triggers.
In short, these are triggers that leave Trion efficiency out of consideration and that are made for short and decisive battles.

Osamu : Then, is it the same for Mr Karasuma and Reiji…?!

Replica: Just like Konami,

Replica : Each of them possess their personal triggers and style.

Replica : The fact Tamakoma Daiichi doesn’t participate in HQ rank battle
Is most likely because
Pyramid : A-Class
Their triggers have different regulations from that of HQ.

Kitora Cameo : Mr Karasuma…
You haven’t been appearing at all in the rank battles lately…

Shinoda Cameo : Border strongest unit is already heading your way.

Osamu thinking : So that was the meaning behind their words…

Replica : Among Border Tamakoma must be a heresy.
After all Konami’s movements…

Replica : Closely resemble the way Neighbors fight.
Konami : I’ve recovered the cubes of Kitora and of the C-Classes!
Copy that, got work!

Karasuma : It doesn’t feel like…

Karasuma : His reflection shield can be breached through just by shooting so
Should we stop firing?

Reiji : He might only be making us believe this is case to draw us into close-combat.

Reiji : I still don’t understand which principles they move around with but
The line of fire of these sharp splinters isn’t that long so
We should keep our distances for now.

Karasuma : Wouldn’t it be best if you could snipe at him from his blind spot?
Cardbox : Oranges

Reiji : As long as we prioritize making the C-Classes withdraw what we are able to do will be limited but,
There has to be a way to destroy him even from this distance.

Reiji : Let’s follow Konami’s charge.
Watch out for the other one too.

Karasuma / Konami : Roger!

Insert text : East of the Base

Enedora : No matter how I look at it you’re 3 twerps alright, although…

Enodara : You seem to be skilled enough to the extent you’re able to kill Rabits?
Well do your best against me, alright?

Kazama : A Black Trigger, eh?
Still, knowing which type it is will be our main problem.

Utagawa : It’ll either be a power type like Amou’s
Or even a type that comes at you from your weak points just like Jin’s…

Kikichihara : It’s gotta be type like Jin’s,
I mean, it’s often like this for people with bad personalities.

Kikuchihara : Below us.

Enedora thinking : Fucking little twerps, they evaded that…?
That was totally coming at them from their blind spot!

Kazama : I see,
So that’s the type it is after all.

Kazama : Mikami,
Link us to Kikuchihara’s ears.
Kikuchihara : Eeh?

Mikami : Understood.
The auditory informations are now shared.

Utagawa : We’re counting on you.
We need your side-effect for this.

Kikuchihara : Haaa…

Kikuchihara : I hate to use it since it’s pretty tiring…

Left :Eh?! A side-effect?!!

World Trigger …Chapter 55 / End.
Next issue, Kazama’s Unit intense fight against Aftkratol!!

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