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Biorg Trinity 10


+ posted by vinceled as translation on Jun 26, 2014 10:54 | Go to Biorg Trinity

-> RTS Page for Biorg Trinity 10

Biorg Trinity by Oh Great & Maijou Outarou

Reserved for KIKE Scans

Biorg Trinity - [Bug 10]

P01 [cover]
Lead CP, the long-awaited newest vol.2 is now on sale!!
Yellow Text : Biorg Trinity
White, Red Circled Text : An answer you find right away, ins’t necessarily a good answer.

White, Blue Circle Text : Commemorating Vol.1 going on sale & its continuation here,
Lead Color!
Blue Bubble : Yellow Fluorescence + Kiwa are the landmarks!
Text on Left : To a woman, being in love is like a battle.

Ads for Vol2

Fujii : Huh?

Fujii : Where am I?

Box : As I heard someone’s voice in the distance, I decided to head towards it. I didn’t get tired no matter how long I walked.

Fujii : I guess this is… it?
That thing called a dream within a dream, a dream which lets you perceive things…

Fujii : Whoa!

Fujii : …What’s with that hole…?
So Deep!
Box : I heard the “voice” coming from inside the hole. This is a “voice” that I know really well.

Fujii thinking : If I head down that hole, Fumiho will be there.

Fujii : Ouch!!
…It hurts! …Huh?

Insert Fujii : What a weird dream that was…

Fujii : Crap - It’s already morning…
Even though Kiwa told me to contact her if I woke up…

Kiwa : Fuck…!
Seriously…God damnit!

Kiwa :What do I do…?
What… to do?

Kotaro : Hiiiiiis!

Fujii : What is it Kotaro?

Fujii thinking : Even now, it still remains somewhere in my body…

Box : As I was about to be absorbed,
That feeling I had as I headed down inside the hole…

Fujii thinking : The feeling of the night we started to fall.

??? : Let’s goooo

??? : Certain kill, table wave!!
??? : Agh, seriously guys!! Hey!! Just carry the tables!!

Kiwa : Mumble

Kiwa thinking : The quickest and easiest way would be to use the “drug”
And have him belch and Hosaka Shouji…But well…
I wouldn’t be so troubled if I could actually do that…
Fujii : Mop Polo, Super Slicer!
Kiwa thinking : Sure, I said I’d cure him no matter how many years it takes but… Really… How many decades will it actually take me… to graduate from MIT…?

Class Rep : Hey, you over there!! Don’t pass the mop in a circle, clean the corners too!! There is still dust left in them!!!
??? : C’mon, move your ass, ponytail woman.
Kiwa : Whaaaat?!

Fumiho : What a thing… the tables are like a wall…
Fujii : Wait!
Hey, hey.
Class : The Heavens, Prison of Tables!!
Fujii : Stop screwing around,

Insert girls : Heh Heh Heh, nice. Well done my servants…
They followed our instructions to the perfection…

Insert Fujii : Looks like we’ve got no choice but to endure until the cleaning is done…
Ha Ha…
Kiwa thinking : There,

Kiwa thinking : Probably isn’t
Much time

Fumiho : Starved person helicopteeeeer!!
All the people that want to have lunch on the rooftop are to spin spin follow me!!

Fumiho : March.

Julie : Slut!
Insert : She’s seriously pissing me off.
Just keep turning your whole life and go get gang-raped while you’re at it.
??? : C’mon…!! S…She’ll will hear you, Julie-chan…

??? : Ack!!
Julie :C’mon Mei, untie your braids.
No one comes around these parts during lunch break, after all.

Julie : Loooook,
The truth is there is an even more atrocious living being than that panda and it’s right here.

Julie : Seriously, men must have assholes instead of where their eyes should be - Heh Heh Heh
I mean, the panda’s an A-cup, right? and what about you, H-cup? Or maybe I?
Mei : S… stop that, Julie-chan… - I have… a J-cup though…

Julie : In other words, men are total assholes!!
Mei : Ack!!
Jule : Anus, the anus!!
It’d be perfectly fine to see them as being only anuses!!

Julie : Agggghhhhhhhh!! For goodness’s sake!! I wanna violate some men’s assholes!! I’ll bring assholes over right away!!
Insert Julie : I hunger for them so much!

Julie : I even absorbed a vibro with my bug hole after all,
It took me so long to learn how to use it just for that too.

Julie : Alright!! This Sunday! We’re going to Shibuya!!
I bet we’ll fish up a lot of men again using your face and breasts, right?!

Julie : You like that too, right? Things like that…
You looked really happy the other day when we the 3 of us were…

Julie : You knoooow…

Julie : Matsukage?

Julie : What… so you came to school today?
Tell me, where the heck have you been until now?
Matsukage : Heh…

Julie : Keep quiet… about what I just said.
Mei… hates this type of things…
And the fact she’s a girl that plays around… Wouldn’t really leave a good impression… She’a aiming for a recommendation you see… so… please?
Speaking of Mei, haven’t you seen her? …We were together only moments ago…

Matsukage : Holes don’t open in the body, you know?

Matsukage : They open in this heart.

Julie : What?

Julie : What the heck? Is that a sermon or something? How lame.
You’re a virgin, right? Your pussy, it reeks of that smell.

Matsukage : And that’s why… even if my body and the spider’s have switched,
The hole moves to the spider’s tune.

Matsukage : As I continuously absorb human bug contractors,
I’ll raise my “human composition”… And then I’ll be able to return to human form…
You know?

Matsukage : With the first person, 50%…
Second person, 75%… Third person, 88%…
By absorbing 10 people I’ll reach 99.923451…%…
Julie : M…
Mei? Mei, Where are you?
Mei, come on out!

Matsukage : That means
I’ll be… ‘almost’ human, right?

Julie : Let go of me, bitch!!

Matsukage : Julie was
The 10th person, eh?

Fumiho : Welcome back, Matsukagecchiiiii (heart)

Suzuki : How long do you plan on letting this “baby” roam freely?

Jester : How many victims…? …Hm, what?
Only 4 people inside school grounds?

Suzuki : This conversation is being monitored by the Center.
There have already been 4 people!
You have to be accurate in your use of words. Sir Master.

Jester : What about that person then…?

Suzuki : At present… there are no signs of “Urano” being on the move but…
I’m being leered at lecherously.
Operator : Operator from the management of Center speaking.
This conversation is being recorded so try to use accurate terminology in your business reports.

Fujii thinking, Box : After school, Kiwa and I were invited by Matsukagecchi.

Matsukage : I’m telling you to come!! Alright?

Fujii : I… It’s fine isn’t it? You don’t need to thank us for back then.

Kiwa : That’s right, all that happened was you losing your top going wild of your own accord after all…

Matsukage : It’s fine, it’s fine. Follow me (heart)

Fujii : Huh? Where is Fumiho? You know… back then, Fumiho was with us too…

Fujii thinking, Box : Anyway… Was Matsukage… always a girl that smiled that much?

Fujii : The student council room?
Is it really alright for us to enter without authorization?
Matsukage : I’m really thankful to the two of you, you know.
Ah, close the door, close it.
It’s alright.

Kiwa : Matsukage… I…
I’m sorry but, there is something… I want to talk to you afterwards…

Matsukage : Of course… There is the fact that you saved me… but
I… There is also that after being all this time over at Honda-kun’s house… I noticed.
No, that’s not it.
Someone made me notice.

Fujii : Eh?

No Text

Matsukage : Look,
Awesome J-cups, right?

Kiwa : Hey!!
Wait… You!!
Matsukage insert : Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
Fujii : I… I didn’t see, I’m telling you I didn’t see anything!! - Only a little…

Matsukage : Ha Ha Ha, the way they bounce feels awesome!!
So that’s why that girl had slow feet, because of these?

Matsukage : When you’re thirsty, you drink water, right?
It’s the same thing.
Kiwa : Whaat?!

Matsukage : “Holes” open when there is
Something missing.

Matsukage : They open in order to make up for this missing something.

Matsukage : In my case… I think this was “self-confidence” I was missing so
I tried to take in things in succession…
How foolish of me that was…

Kiwa : You… as I thought, you’re still up to no good, right?
This time, I’ll send you to the doctor using by force.
Fujii : Matsukagecchi!!

Fujii : …Tell me… what’s all this about…?

Matsukage : I’ve shoved in several things inside my body such as a spider, a butterfly and even cosmetics
And in turn I was forced out,

Matsukage : What do you think I did about it then?

No Text

Matsukage : Do you get it?
Isn’t this… what you were looking for, Kiwako?

Kiwa : Ah!!
That’s it!
With this…!!
So that how it goes!!

Kiwa : Eh…?
No… Wait… a second…
In that case… Matsukage… That means that to be able to return to human form you…

Matsukage : Good luck, Kiwako.
This is something only you can do Kiwako, you know?

Suzuki : The spider woman is currently departing in a titanic transformation. Do I engage pursuit?
Jester : No need.

Jester : I’ve already killed her.

Jester : I knew it… I guess this must have been instigated by him?
How foolish of her, to think she actually followed his suggestion.

Suzuki : Her remnants are being disseminated as macromolecular mirror fragments in the area.
These will visually not be noticeable when seen from outside so… I feel for he person that’ll have to tidy up this whole mess.
Insert around Suzuki : I - won’t do it.

Jester : What?!

Jester thinking : She “absorbed” her own body that had been cut to pieces…
And regenerated…

Class Rep : Are you not moving out today?
Suzuki :What a roundabout way to do things…
What exactly are you aiming for, going as far as conferring such an ability to the spider woman?
Class Rep : Hm?
I find it quite regrettable you actually think I’m doing things in a roundabout way… By any chance, did you really see my actions as being that treacherous?

Class Rep : That boy, Fujii-kun’s “hole” is a ‘straight way’ to my plan, you see.
Even I will be troubled… if I cannot get it to stabilize.

Girl : Ah, he’s here, look!
The Class Presideeeent! Hey!! He’s on duty!
What was that big sound just now?
We’ll, I’ll be going now.
Support System Scram. TN : As in emergency shutdown.
Signal Red, requesting reinforcements.

Class Rep : Oh my,
I must say
This hand is quite useful even though it’s from a newcomer.

Matsukage : So, old man
What will you do?
Will you do me?

Class Rep : With this meddling done to the shoe cupboard I guess it’ll be considered pretty lucky for things get back to how they were before?
But well, until then, No.8, you’ll have your hands tied.

Jester : Don’t you dare underestimate me, Uranus.
??? : That’s enough.

Matsukage thinking : I’ll be waiting, you two…
Kiwa : T…This is really screwed up… What the heck will we do about this?
I seriously don’t get it!!

Kiwa : If it was an object… everything would be alright…
But something strong is needed… Inside his body…

Fujii : Kiwa…?
Kiwa : If he’s being forced out…
Then all that’s needed… is to force him back in using the same strength…
In other words, he needs something that’s at least that strong to immobilize Hosaka Shouji…

Kiwa : Fujii.
Absorb me!!
Insert Text : That’s all there is to it, but this is also the thing that means everything.

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