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Biorg Trinity 11


+ posted by vinceled as translation on Jun 28, 2014 15:18 | Go to Biorg Trinity

-> RTS Page for Biorg Trinity 11

Biorg Trinity by Oh Great & Maijou Outarou

Reserved for KIKE Scans

Biorg Trinity - [Bug 11]

Kiwa : Fujii,
Absorb me.
Left Text : Whether its a hole of love or… a love of death… all comes down to Kiwa’s dedicated love?!

Fujii : So close.
Kiwa thinking : Huh?
Wait…? “Bug Holes” are made to “absorb the things we’d like to” so…

Fujii : Erm, you see…
The thing is…
Kiwa thinking : No way… what I said… just now,
Was that possibly the same thing as me confessing to him?
Kiwa insert : Aaaaaargh

Fujii : I’m happy you feel that way but
Even if you suddenly tell me something like that…
Kiwa thinking : No, it definitely carried the same sense.
NO… Sorry… I didn’t mean it like that!
How weird does he think I am now, what heck’s wrong with me to go and confess to him out of the blue.

Fujii : I can’t possibly do it, can I?
I can’t possibly use you… only to save myself after all, Kiwa.

Kiwa : Eh?

Fujii : Somehow… I realized.
About to disappear, aren’t I?

Fujii : Matsukage said it, right…? That since Hosa’s really strong
I’d be able to restore the balance by absorbing someone strong like you Kiwa. However,

Fujii : I wanna figure things out myself,
I’m a guy after all.

Kiwa : Stop being conceited, Fujii!!

Kiwa : You
Didn’t totally forget about this, did you?
Fujii : Eh…?! Erm…
That’s the… bug uninstallation drug? …Right.
Kiwa : I
Wanna examine you.

Kiwa thinking, Box : After all… the fusion you did is a pretty unique case
So we’re in the dark concerning what the thing that can counterbalance Hosaka Shouji is… the situation you’re actually in is completely unknown.
What’s more, it was naive of me to think I could tackle this problem without there being risks involved.

Kiwa : I’ll be taking your phone with me and contact you when the “examination” is done.
When I do so, pull out of the drug. I really don’t plan on sacrificing my life for your sake after all!

Kiwa : So you actually hate it!! - Bastard.
Fujii : Ouch!

Fujii : I wonder if that was really alright, leaving the student council room in such a mess…?

Kiwa : It’s gotta be fine, I guess?
It will have been all fixed by “Senda-san” by morning after all
Just like how they repair the streets that were destroyed during the scheduled bombarding.
Thanks to them, the town’s landscape
Hasn’t changed for 30 years or something.

Plate : Choufu City Sightseeing Guide (white text)
Trekking on Tachino-san the Pitcher Plants (black text of the right)
Don’t go close (black text in “forbidden sign”)
Tachino-san is a bio bug fused with a carnivorous plant.
Personality wise he’s usually quite meek but, he also has a trait that makes him prey upon any mobile body within a radius of 62m around him.
If you value the safety of your body then pay heed to this warning. Furthermore, know that the authorities of the city authorities will not get concerned at all if you get preyed upon.
So please by all means do not ever approach the carnivorous plants’ mouth.
Fujii : Kiwa,
Wanna win against Hosa.

Fujii : It’s like round me… everyone “knows what they envision themselves to be”, you know?
It’s obviously when looking at it.
For you, it’s MIT…
The other day, Nabe and his musical performance… To speak frankly, I really took him lightly. That I did.

Fujii thinking : I’m losing to Hosa because I’m weak.

Fujii : …Before,
You remember how I said I wanted to become Hosa?
I was mistaken.

Fujii thinking : There wouldn’t be any meaning in winning against him if I had to rely on something to do so.

Fujii : I thought as much,
I gotta become me.

??? : Mama, the white lines are a bridge so
If I don’t step on them, you’ll lose by falling, alright?
Mama : It’s impossible to play this for me, my feet are too big.

Fujii : Huh?
Kiwa, we gotta take the right there…

Kiwa : You have to go and pick up Kotaro at the veterinarian you left him at, right?
Let’s use this opportunity and drop by there. It’s the airport veterinarian place, right?
Box : Kotaro

Fujii : …Thank you.
You know, he was really excited this morning. That was the first time I’d ever seen him like that…

Fujii thinking : Huh…? Kiwa… seems angry…?

Jester : You’re too weak.

Jester : You ended up losing your heart and were rendered unable to move;
With something like this happening to you, I’m now having misgiving in thinking whether you’re really fit to be my support system, Bellwood.

??? : She’s fine so calm down alright?
Everything went well concerning connecting her to the heart-lung machine we had to use as an emergency measure.
Her heart had even been ablated cleanly! In other words, it can be used as it is!
Jester : Then, if she dies,
I’ll cleanly cut that head of yours off, alright?

Jester : A personal aeroplane is on standby for you at Choufu Airport.
From there, you’ll fly to Headquarters and and get treated…

Jester : The coffee is really bitter when it’s not you making it so
Hurry up and get better.

Suzuki : That’s because when I’m making the coffee I always stealthily put in my, you know “it”…
No, forget what I just said.
Jester : Whaaat?! What did you said, bitch!
What are you putting in? Hey!!
Suzuki : Ugh, cough cough.

??? : This is the driver speaking.
No 7-san’s mission is complete. She’ll now be joining you.

No 7-san : Haaaaa,
Really, it’s so comfy in here (heart)

No.7 : I heard it all. It is true Bell-chan died?
Suzuki : I’m still alive.

No 7 : The fact this happened means
The hole No 9 left is bigger than we expected…

No 7 : Don’t think I’d ever say affectionate words No 8. You’re nothing but an incompetent, you foooool.
Jester : Hunter No 7,
My mission is to keep an eye on “Coordinate 0”,
only… [originally in English]
Pulling the stops on Uranus
Is “Karasuma’s” role.

Uranus : That Matsukagecchi, she totally thought you and I were dating.
But well, I guess that’s how it must look from an outsider perspective.

Uranus : Karasuma,
Certainly, you must have enough of only watching over me, right? Why don’t you go to a game center by yourself once in a while?

Box : Biorg Hunter N.03 - One of the Three Tengus - Karasuma Inukichi
Karasuma : By being here I can cut your head off at any time.

Uranus : Well then, why don’t you try?
This way we’ll see whose neck falls off first, right…?

Karasuma : Heh.

Karasuma : Well… that’s exactly why I stay here. It’s because, I know I’ll be able to enjoy really thrilling game by doing so.

Uranus : What a nice wind…

Uranus : That’s right,

Uranus : I wonder if the love letter’s properly reached his destination?

Karasuma : …What are you talking about?

Uranus : Let’s just say it’s something that’d emotionally move you if it was sent to you.

Uranus : It represents the passionate love call of my burning heart.

Doc : This was… inside Bellwood’s heart?

??? : Hm.

Jester : A letter…?

No7 : Wait, why do you read it before me without permission?
My number is higher than yours, right?
Jester : Don’t touch me.
I hate you.

Doc : The fact he didn’t kill Bellwood-kun instantly might have been out of consideration for Uranus.
After all, having the current power balance crumble… would only mean turning things into an all-out war.
Insert bottom of hunter n.07 : It hurts.

N.07 : This is really irritating,
Knowing we can’t kill them even though they boldly expose themselves before us.

Doc : It makes me remember the American-Soviet Cold War where neither countries could pull out their cards as they were vying with other for power too much.

No 7 : Whaaat?? The Cold War?
How old are ya, old man?

Jester thinking : The reasons as to why I start a fight with him
Lie elsewhere…

Uranus is
Taking measures from “outside” the board.
And since he’s a person that makes the “moves”
And I’m a “piece”…
I can’t see his moves
…From “here”, where I stand…!!

Letter : Notice of Extermination

Dear Mr Biorg Hunter n.08,

Suspended Sentence : Up to the 30th of this month.

I’d like all the hunters currently residing in Choufu Central High School to withdraw from the school by the first of next month.
In addition, in case you do not comply, you’ll be forcibly evicted by the biorgs of absolute magnitude minus 1.0 rank and above so please do comply.

P.S. : Please give your answer to the messenger that will come to you later on.

Author note : = Way of writing Uranus in Greek.

Panel : P.S. : Please give your answer to the messenger that will come to you later on.

Jester thinking : So it’s from him after all…?
Does he plan on annihilating us hunters? No, if he could do such a thing he’d have done it long ago…
Also, why did he even address this to me anyway…?

Uranus : It’s about time to start this killing party.

Uranus : The prize
Given to the winner will be

Text : Da Da Dum Da Da Dum Da Da Dum (note)

Banner : Well done - Congratulations!!

No Text

No Text

??? : Heave-ho!

Spica : Me, Spica.
Me, Uranus-san’s messenger. Me, came to hear reply to love letter.

No 7 : Who the heck is that insect?

No 7 : Oh!

No 7 : So hard!

Spica : Heave-ho!

No 7 : Oh (heart)
Hunter System : Relative Velocity (same is written in Japanese)
Results - No trace of poison; no trace of explosive material; main component : Carbon

Jester : Don’t touch it!!

No 7 : What?

Hunter System : Signal Red, Emergency Evacuation.
Master, please terminate the nerve synchronous connection.
This is a mass weapon with an estimated weight of 550,000 tons. I cannot… defend… against it…

No 7 : Damn…!

Spica : Ah…
What… this, real body…?

No 7 : That was close.
More importantly… She’s a new Biorg, right?

No 7 : Ow, owww!! Wait… You.
The padding’s coming out! The padding!!
And what are you doing, stepping on a superior!!

Jester : Tell this to Uranus.
(In English) - Fuckin’ hell!
(In Japanese) - Drop to hell!
You’ll be the ones… to all be exterminated.

Spica : Under… stood.
Will… tell him then.

Spica : Huh?

Insert near Spica : Well… Whatever…
Messenger mission complete… going back…

Driver : …Sa,

Doc : This is a notice of extermination… in other words, this is de facto nothing more than a proclamation of war…
No 7 : Hey you! You big fuckin’ idiot!
You can’t possibly decide arbitrarily for something major like this!!
You should have at the very least discussed this with the three Tengus…

Insert Driver : Huh?!

Kiwa : Hey, wait a sec’. You with the sea mustard hair.

Fujii : Woah!
Kiwa : Did you… do that just now?

Jester : Them of all people… - Shit.

Fujii : So he was riding on that car…

Spica : Fluffy (heart)

Kiwa : Hey you, I don’t know what the heck happened
But don’t you move an inch from here until the Police officers Saitou-san arrive!

Fujii : Wait,
Look at the car!

Kiwa : Hey, you listening to me?

Fujii : Hm?
Insert near Fujii : What’s that sound…?!

Spica : Y…You…
Get lost.

Fujii : What’s that? …In my eye.

Hunter System : Hunter System “data link”
Joint Tactical Information Distribution System [same in Japanese]

No Text

Fujii : What the heck?

Kiwa : Kotarooo!!
Box : The cat tends to tense when in panic.

Spica : Fluffy.

Fujii thinking :Shit, this seriously bad news, I gotta transform… Transform!!

Fujii : Kiwa!

Fujii thinking : Hosa!! Hosa!!

Fujii : Eh?

Fujii thinking : There wasn’t any answer from Hosa.
After all, I can only ordinarily talk to him through phone.
I’m no super hero or anything after all so it’s understandable for me not to even be able to transform properly under these circumstances.

Kiwa : Run away.

Fujii thinking : Seriously, am I a freaking idiot or something?

Fujii : Eh?

Hosa Cameo : Run away.
Fujii thinking : How many times will I let the same things happen until I finally learn my lesson?

Fujii : “Reality” isn’t so kind as to wait for me to become stronger.

Cameo :
Fujii : I thought as much,
I gotta become me.

Fujii : Erm…
Did… I just say something somewhat strange… just now?

Kiwa : No… Fujii…
In my opinion, what you’re saying is a really sound argument.

Kiwa : But the thing is, in this World, the most acceptable theory there isn’t necessarily a sound argument.

Kiwa : Do you remember… that time in elementary school… the thing that happened during a class?
You know, with Yasuda-sensei?

Kiwa : When he suddenly said something really weird.

Yasuda : Imagine yourselves right in the middle of a desert with no one but you as far as the eye could see.
Do you think that to keep waiting for the light to turn green is the right thing to do?

Fujii : Ah, I remember about that.
Like everyone else, I too answered “Yeeees” with the others.
Kiwa : Ha Ha Ha - That’s because we were kids.

Kiwa : But now what you should know is that in reality the answer would go like this,
“Noooo, someone that’d keep on waiting for that is an idiot”.

Fujii : Grrr.
So what you’re saying that I’m an idiot, is that it?
No, I’m a kid, right?

Kiwa : Fujii, I understand that
You have a lot of things you hold dear to you but,

Kiwa : For you to to become you,
You need a rule you’ll abide to at all costs, you know?

Kiwa : And, to say nothing of the fact that we’re the light in this desert,
We’re even living on top of a suspended bridge that can tear at any time
And make us fall down if you’re careless.

Kiwa : Even though you hold things dear to you but
You’re only thinking of yourself!

Kiwa : Let’s depend on each other - Jerk.
We’re weak
After all.

Fujii : Kiwa!!

Kiwa : Stop it, you won’t make it on time!!

Fujii thinking : What did she even mean by a rule to become stronger, anyway?

Fujii thinking : I guess it’s gotta mean I have to “take in” the nourishment and knowledge of my learnings and times I train my body from outside.

Fujii : No… You just see, I’ll make it.

Fine then, I’ll accept them. Be it my weaknesses or Kiwa’s kindness. Holding each other hands on top of a shaking suspended bridge
Definitely can’t be a mistake.

Kiwa : Eeeh?!

Fujii : You alright?

Fujii thinking : I didn’t have a rule to protect the people I hold dear to me…

Kiwa : Yeah.

Fujii : But… I’m a boy after all so
This, will be my final rule.

Fujii : I’d prefer to protect the people important to me, rather than being protected by them so
I really can’t absorb you Kiwa.

Jester thinking : Did he notice it… after all? That brat…
For a bugglar… absorbing a cat at such a speed isn’t possible…

Jester thinking : That’s the way of fighting “biorgs” use…!! TN : don’t mind the above text, doesn’t exist in volume version

Bellwood : A comrade!

Fujii : Do you remember… what happened back then with Hosa, that shock I had when fusing with him? …I transformed right away back then so…
I thought this’d work out.
Insert near Fujii : Oh, don’t worry. I’ll properly get Kotaro out of me afterwards.

Fujii : Eh?
Is this coming out of me? What the heck?
Is that a tail?
SFX : Pissed off
Bubble : Killing Intent.

Kiwa : L…look,
She’s staring at you, right?

Spica : Fluffy.

Spica : So soft looking…

Spica : Hate when

Spica : Me want,
Left : He didn’t find an answer but, he now understands what’s important to him!!

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