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World Order

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Dec 1, 2014 10:42 | Go to DEATHTOPIA

-> RTS Page for DEATHTOPIA 7

Deathtopia by Yamada Yoshinobu

Reserved for KIKE Scans

Deathtopia - [Chapter 7 - World Order]


P02[color Page]
Chapter Title: Chapter 7 - World Order

???: Hey, look at those two chicks.
???: They’ve gotta be models.
???: They look so hot.
???: Alright, stop there!
???: Hey there missies, wanna hang out with us?

???: Oof!
???: Gyaa!

Saki: Get lost! If you came here to for clamming then
Dig the damn shellfishes!!
???: W-we’re really sorry!

Saki: Geez! Even though we’re finally off duty, what’s been happening since we came here?

Maya: …We should have switched places after all.
Saki: Hm?
Maya: I’m talking about coaching Fujimura on gun handling. We shouldn’t have left Yui in charge of it…
Saki: It’s alright, isn’t it? These were Kokonoe’s orders after all.

Maya: …That aside, don’t you think it’s pretty weird?
Why does he need to learn how to handle guns when he’s under surveillance…?

Saki: …Now that you mention it.
Insert: Wow, you caught a ton of clams!
Saki: Surely, if we only wanted to survey him, we’d just have to throw him in jail, right?
I wonder what the old man Kokonoe is thinking?
Hm? What’s wrong Maya?

Maya: Saki…
Why do you think he’s even “able to see” our enemies anyway…?
Box : Shintako Training Facility

Koh thinking: Shit! The recoil is so strong…
That I can’t hit the target at all even though I’m aiming at it properly.
This looks easy to do in dramas or animes…

Yui: You’re putting too much strength in your right hand.
You have to the position of the gun with your left hand
And you use your right hand only to pull the trigger, you know.
Also, when you pull the trigger, you have to do it slowly.

Yui: …Well, I guess you’ll just get better with time anyway.
I guess it’d be too much to ask you to get it right on the first try, right? So I guess you’ll just have try over and over, then.

Koh thinking: …It seems she's in a bad mood…
I-I’m sorry that you had to stay with me while the other two went off to play…
Eh? I don’t mind at all, you know?

Yui: It’s not like I wanted to play or anything, you see? Not at all.
And I totally didn’t wake up learning today because I was looking forward to this break I’d been waiting for a month,either, you know?
I’m totally fine with not being able to play beach volley, you know?
And don’t you know that I hate the sea anyway?

Koh thinking: T-That’s a lie…
Is she hates the sea why is she wearing a swimsuit then?
She’s totally flaunting her fineries, isn’t she…

Yui: I really can’t understand.
Even though I was told we’d finally be able to take a break after we’d solved that case with Kirishima…

Koh: Ah… Speaking of Kirishima…
Can I ask you something, Ms Kisaragi?

Yui: Call me Yui. Everyone calls me that.
Koh: Then, Ms Yui,
Why did that case turn out like this?

Yui: Like this?

Koh: Don’t play dumb, please.
I’m talking about this, look at this morning’s paper.
Paper : Reckless driving, 6 people killed.

Koh: A young man’s reckless and drunken driving has once again
Caused a collision between a station wagon and an automobile, thus causing the death of all the 6 men and women that were onboard the vehicules.
Newspaper (near the bubble Koh’s talking): Mr Takashi Yamato
Koh: Please tell me, what’s the meaning of this? Why was this case turned into a traffic incident?

Yui: Ah, that’s right,
All that really happened had to be concealed in order to hide that cheater’s criminal acts.
Some tricks were used on the corpses and cars
And because of that, this case was disposed of as a traffic incident.
You see, as long as the corpses are somewhat damaged, then it’s possible to misrepresent things as a traffic incident.
Even the people that cooperated in your abduction by Kirishima were apprehended,
But, it looks like they don’t know much about all of this overall, so they’ll most likely be released soon.
You might be dissatisfied about these things
But, know that they are necessary to maintain order in the world.

Yui: That even goes for that case where you witness the slaughter of that family.
A news coverage still hasn’t been done but, the culprit has already been found
So it will undoubtedly soon be announced on the news that he’s been arrested. Everything has been taken care of.

Koh: …You’re talking… about him, right…?

Yui: You were lucky, do you know that?
You would have easily been killed if he had found you.
He’s a cheater too after all.
He’s better known under the following alias: “the Reaper”.
His instantaneous muscular strength which is far greater than ordinary men makes him quite proficient at handling knives,
And his modus operandi is to use his speed to instantly get close to his victims before cutting their throats.

Yui: He took pleasure in murdering people at the places he went to on trips
Making no less than 18 victims all over the country.
Also he also managed to not show the cloven hoof because he leaves almost no evidence at the scenes of his killings.
You did great in helping to arrest him.

Koh: Seriously, what was his problem…?
He was eating cup ramen… right beside the corpses of the people he’d killed…
That’s way too abnormal…

Yui: …It is.
But that’s also precisely why this would cause a great uproar in our society if his background came out in the open.

Koh: His background…?

Yui: He was an elementary school
Teacher, you see.

Koh: Eh?

Yui: It’s a really gruesome tale.
He was ordinarily pretty popular with children and their guardians also deeply trusted him.
It seems he was a pretty passionate teacher.
And yet, on the underside of all this, he enjoyed killing people
And was a psychopathic killer.

Yui: I still don’t know how it’ll be announced but since there are also a large number of victims, this would look like several people framing him, wouldn’t it?
I’m glad you didn’t end up being a part of their ring.
Come on, keep on training!
We will have to face those terrifying people after all.
You need to at least be able to fire correctly.

Koh: Y-Yes!

Yui thinking: In fact, you might actually be the truly terrifying one…
Considering that the most troublesome is that those people have the same appearance as humans and yet, in spite of that we still have to fight them;
And this is also why humans like us who can supposedly “find them out” are being assembled.
Yet, you “can see” them?
Just what are you really…

You thinking: …However, even that ability should be a menace to cheaters.
Did Kirishima attack him being fully aware of this fact…?
No, that can’t be…

Koh: Ah!
Yui: Eh?

Koh: P-Please, look at this Ms Yui!
Yui: Eh…?

Kokonoe: How is it going with that case I told you about?
Did you find out anything?
Plate: Special Crimes Investigation Division 6
Kokonoe: Yeah, that case about Koh Fujimura.
That’s right.

Detective: Well you see, about that, that sure is a really weird case,
Like that hit-and-run accident he was victim of and that lead to his hospitalisation…

Kokonoe: Weird? How so?

Detective: Let’s see… the fact that in spite of there being a large number of witnesses at the scene, the culprit still hasn’t been arrested…
And, it doesn’t stop at that.

Kokonoe: What more is there to it then?

Detective: You know that hit-and-run incident originated from a purse snatching, right?
The problem is that the victim of that purse snatching…
We know she’s an elderly woman, but both the address and even the name written in her record: they’re fake.

Kokonoe: What?
What the heck is the meaning of this?

Detective: I can’t make heads or tails of all this either.
In short, the culprit of that case… As well as its victim, that elderly woman…
All the people involved in that case, it’s like they don’t even exist.

Kokonoe: Now, that sure is a pretty weird story alright…
Kokonoe thinking: …For some reason, even his examination results never reached me…
Is some kind of power at work here…?

Kokonoe: Akatsuki, I need you to do something for me. Can you investigate about Koh Fujimura for me?
Akatsuki: Eh? I heard this was already investigated by your station, wasn’t it, Mister…?
Kokonoe: Some fact have probably been overlooked so I want you to investigate even further.
Akatsuki: I get your point but I really can’t do it! I already have my hands full with other things…

Kokonoe: You sure about that? Then, I guess you won’t mind if I tell your wife
Your first sexual experience was with a 42 year old married wife that was prostituting herself, then…?

Akatsuki: C-C’mon, anything but that…!
F-Fine! What do you want me to do?

Kokonoe: I want everything:
Get me everything from Fujimura’s birth, his family make-up and even the past of his parents and his sibling.
Dredged them up all once again!

Box: QVC Marin Field

Maya: Are you still sulking, Yui?
It’s a good thing that Fujimura has made progress in his shooting, isn’t it?

Yui: …It is, but I must have fired at least 100 times before I managed to hit the target…

Koh: Woah, the food here is delicious!
I didn’t really know what to think when you told me we were going to eat at a baseball stadium though…

Saki: I know, right?
The stewed giblets they serve here are awesome!

Saki: Since I originally come from Kyushu, I’m a fan of the Hawks, you see.
I come here once in a while. Well, today’s an interleague game by the way.

Koh thinking: …Baseball, eh…? Come to think of it, I remember Hinata telling me she found someone in the Lotte pretty awesome…
I bet she’s gotta be pretty worried.
I should find a way to contact her after all…

Koh: Erm… I’m going to the toilets for a bit…
Yui: Alright… Then, I will accompany you to make sure you don’y contact anyone.

Koh: W-What are you talking about? How could I even contact anyone when you’ve confiscated both my wallet and smartphone?
Yui: You could just borrow a phone from one of the people here, couldn’t you?
Do not forget you are under our surveillance, alright?

Koh thinking: …She totally figured what I had in mind…

Yui: You needn’t worry, we contacted your family and told them you were going on a trip with the friends from your university circle.
Koh: Ah… I see… Thank you.

Kid: Daddy!

Maya: …You can see it, right?
Now that you mention it, I can faintly sense it too.

Koh: B-Before, when I saw it, “they” were a mother and her child.
But then, does that mean even children like that are murderers…?

Maya: As expected, that’s probably not it, right?
It appears that phenomenon called “atavism” is brought forth in a lot of people.
In other words, this doesn’t necessarily mean an “ability” will manifest in the people to whom this happens
So you’ll obviously also be seeing those that won’t tend towards committing crimes.

Koh: Eh? T-Then, do you mean to tell me that those I see aren’t necessarily all murderers?
Maya: That’s right.

Koh: W-What…? So that’s how it is…?

Maya: …Hey, can I ask you something?
Koh: S-Sure, go ahead…

Maya: You mentioned something like that before, didn’t you?
You said: “Kirishima looks like an eyeball to me!”.

Koh: Eh? Yeah, I did…
Maya: Well then, have you ever seen shapes other than that one?

Koh: If I’ve seen shapes other than that one… right?
The only one I can think is “The Reaper”. It appeared to be a scythe… no, more like an edge tool…

Maya: In other words,
For both of them, it took on the shape of what they are obsessed with…

Maya: For instance, Kirishima held an abnormal obsession in eyeballs
While the Reaper didn’t kill anyone other than with his knife.
It appears you are able to see
What they are obsessed with as a shape…
“An ability that enables you to vision their power”… was it?
It appears that what Division Chief Kokonoe said wasn’t really that far off the mark after all…
However, I don't really understand all of his reasoning…

Fans: Gooo Goo, Uwooh wooh, DeNA Baystars
Buuurniiing Stars!

Koh thinking: The ability to vision their power…?
How did I end up being able to see that thing anyway…?

Koh: Hm?

Koh thinking: This is…

Koh: …You told me I can see the shape of what they are obsessed with, right…?
Well, it looks like this might really be it, after all.

Maya: Eh?
I mean, look at that person…

Song: DeeeNA Baystaaars

Song: Pursue
Your dreaaams!!

Saki: Eh? Can you see anything?

???: Hic
That fucking vice-director…
How dare he mess with me…
I’m gonna kill you, bastard!
Got a problem?!

???: U-U…
Insert: And here is the gun sound announcing the beginning.

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