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The Meaning of Ability

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Jan 17, 2015 13:08 | Go to DEATHTOPIA

-> RTS Page for DEATHTOPIA 8

Deathtopia by Yamada Yoshinobu

Reserved for KIKE Scans

Deathtopia - [Chapter 8 - The Meaning of Ability]

Chapter 8 - The Meaning of Ability
Insert in white: Great sales! Vol.1 is on sale with rave reviews!!
Insert: In the end, girls are girls after all (heart)
An official Twitter has been started! @deathtopia_moe

Plate: Special Crimes Investigations Division 6

Saki: Jeez, that old man Kokonoe is late!
How long does he plan on making us wait after telling us to come here.

Koh: …Her punches sure are awesome.
Did Ms Saki do boxing or something before?
Maya: Yes, she did.
Koh: Eh?

Maya: I heard she even managed to come victorious in the Nationals during her high school days
And that she was a certified athlete for the Olympics.

Koh: Really? Awesome! It doesn't seem like she’s lost her touch at all!
Maya: Of course she hasn’t, I’m talking of something that happened 2 years ago.
She’s 19 years old, you know.

Koh: 1-19…?
Koh thinking: She’s the same age as me! Why the heck does she keep calling me brat for then…

Koh: …By the way, what is Ms Yui doing?
Maya: It’s as you can see, she’s studying.
Today, she’s doing mathematics.

Koh: Mathematics?
Maya: That’s right, other subjects include Japanese, Room Economics and English…
It seems she can’t settle down if she doesn’t study like she’s doing now when she has free time.

Maya: But well, it can’t really be helped since she’s only 17 years after all.
Koh: 17…?!
H-Hang on, she’s not going to high school?

Maya: Obviously… She stopped going.
Anyway, you really shouldn’t pry too much into what each of us were doing before this job, we all have our own circumstances after all…

Koh: Erm… Can I ask you one more thing?
Maya: Sure?

Koh: Ms Maya,
How old are you?

Maya: … It’s a se-cr-et.

Koh thinking: …I guess that means she’s older than me then…

Koh thinking: Come to think of it, they told me they entered the police force after being scouted
But, that aside, I really don’t know anything else about these girls, do I…?

Maya: Alright, I’m done!

Maya: How is it? I tried drawing these after listening to what you told me…
Koh: It’s awesome! They’re the spitting images of what I saw!

Koh: You sure are good at drawing!
Maya: Heh Heh, thank you. I took some classes in the past.

Maya: …Anyway, it’s pretty weird.
Why is it only you that can see these things
And we can’t…?

Maya: You know what? I heard from Division Chief Kokonoe
That the culprits behind that hit-and-run incident you were a part of and that elderly woman you helped… they disappeared without a trace.

Koh: Eh…?
Maya: My point is that… it’s just like your incident never happened.

Maya : It looks like even Division Chief Kokonoe is looking into those events…
And well, we’re quite interested too
In that unidentified ability only you have among us…

Kokonoe: Girls, are all 3 of you here?

Maya: We are.
Saki: You’re late old man!
Yui: What is the matter? You said you had something to tell us and called an emergency meeting…

Saki: Hey, brat.
Anything we’ll talk about now is secret.
Go sit elsewhere.

Koh: Ah, yes. I’ll wait outside then.

Kokonoe: No, it’s alright. You can stay, Fujimura.
Koh: Eh?
Saki: Tell us why, old man! He’s only an outsider we're monitoring, isn’t he?
Yui: She’s right! This is a violation of the regulations.

Kokonoe: Whatever,
I’m giving him permission using my power as the person in charge.

Kokonoe: You’ve heard of this case, right?

TV: This is where the corpse was discovered:
A backstreet in Ginza, Tokyo.

TV: Here is how the corpse of the victim Ms Suzuki was when it was discovered:
She’d had the skin of her face peeled off and had been made to wear a dress
Before being placed in a seating position, her back against the wall…

TV: This totally unprecedented crime is making the residents of the neighborhood spend sleepless nights.
Thank you very much for this coverage, Ms Mochizuki.
Well, what dis your opinion on this case, Ms Sonoyama…?
Screen: Victim - Miss Ryoh Suzuki

Sonoyama: The culprit’s actions are unforgivable.
Plate: Director of the Misono Beauty Clinic - Yurie Sonoyama.
Sonoyama: To women, beauty is akin to their life: it’s priceless.

Sonoyama: Yet, the way he took that girl’s face before killing her
Shows his act was made as a challenge to all women.

Yui: That’s what the medias have been fussing about since yesterday, isn’t it? They even named it
“Beautiful office lady from Ginza dies an unnatural and violent death”.

Yui: Yesterday, during the night, the corpse of a woman was found near Ginza’s shopping district.
The victim, 21-year-old Ryoh Suzuki
Had gone missing 2 weeks prior, thus leading her family to request the Police to search for her.

Yui: However, when she was found, it was as a corpse…
Which had the skin of its face peeled off and had been made to wear a dress.
Because of these factors, the police forces investigating the case believe a deviant did this…

Yui: Mr Division Chief, is this the work of a cheater?
Kokonoe: It is.

Kokonoe: It still hasn’t been made public
But, crimes displaying the same modus operandi have happened a few times these past two months.
Take a look at these pictures.

Koh: Ugh…
Koh thinking: Disgusting…
Saki: C’mon, don’t show us gore photos out of the blue, old man!

Koh: …But, is this really the work of a cheater?
Sorry for how I say it
But, even regular people can peel off the skin of someone else’s face…

Kokonoe: Yeah, at first it was believed some sort of edged tool was used to do this.
However, the trick behind how this is done was grasped along with the growing number of corpses.
This time around, the way the skin is peeled off is abnormal.

Koh: What do you mean by that?
Kokonoe: Let’s see, according to the forensics, here is how it goes.

Koh: Wait… What are you…
Kokonoe: The culprit…
Koh: Guh…!

Kokonoe: Used his bare hands to tear of the skin, just like this!
Koh: Gaargh!

Kokonoe: Men in their 20’s have 45kg strong average grip…
And doing something would require having a grip higher than 450kg… 10 times the first value.

Kokonoe: We have three criteria to recognise the acts of cheaters.

Kokonoe: First: there are more than three murders;
Second: the way of killing is abnormal;

Kokonoe: And third:
An act which is unfeasible for humans…

Kokonoe: All three criteria match, so the culprit this time around is a cheater.
The code name we’ll use for him will be “FACE”.
Now, for the results of what was investigated.

Kokonoe: This is the list of suspects
I was left in charge with by the guys from the First Section.

Maya: …So the culprit is a man, eh?
Yui: That must mean the First Section believes the culprit has a grudge against girls because of how cruelly he kills them.
Kokonoe: Exactly, the investigation focused on people that committed sex crimes.
Well, this’ll be either be a hit or a miss I guess.

Kokonoe: A cheater might be among them
So give your best on the mission.

Yui: Understood, sir!

Kokonoe: Also, here is a list of the victims.

Saki: Woah! All of them are babes!
Yui: So this is the work of an ugly man resenting beautiful women…? How spiteful…

Maya: Incidentally, Mr Division Chief.
What will become of Fujimura’s surveillance during our investigation…?

Kokonoe: I’ll have you continue doing it.
Maya: Eh?

Kokonoe: Koh Fujimura is now part of this investigation team.

Saki: W-What?!
Yui: You mean we are to team up with a novice like him…?!

Maya: …I see, that’s what it’s been about all along, hasn’t it…?

Maya: You had him take training on how to handle a gun and let him hear what we talked about now even though he’s under surveillance
Because from the very beginning, you planned to have him take part in investigations, am I right…?

Kokonoe: Does that dissatisfy you, Hoshimiya?
Well then, how about you give it some thought?

kokonoe: You understood from that previous case
That his ability enables him to grasp the people who are cheaters and nothing else, right?

Koh: E-Erm… I can’t possible take part in the investigations, sir…

Koh: I don’t even know how to properly investigate…

Kokonoe: I did lots of research in concerns to your ability, and you know…
Koh: Eh?

Kokonoe: …You sure you’re not a cheater or anything?

Kokonoe: I mean, you being one would explain why you’re “able to see” them, right? You think so too don’t you?
Koh: I-I don’t really…
Kokonoe: …Sorry, I was joking. Don’t think ill of me.

Kokomo : But, if you really believe you aren’t one then shouldn’t you use that power for mankind’s sake?
You’ll even be able to save lives if you use your ability properly.

Kokonoe: You’re the only being that can see those people…
Which means the key that can help you what your power is lies with them, doesn't it?

Saki: Hey! What are you doing, brat?! Let’s go!
Koh: Y-Yes…

SFX: *Rattle*
Paper: Written Report on Koh Fujimura
Truly… you’re deeply interesting…

Koh thinking: You sure you’re not a cheater or anything?
…Screw that…! That can’t be…

Saki: Hey! What are you spacing around for?
Koh: I’m sorry! It’s nothing.

Koh: Erm… What will we do now?
Saki: Let’s see… First off, we’ll be investigating the people on the list of suspects.

Koh: …If I remember well… the culprit only targets beautiful women, right…?
Saki: Looks like it.

Koh: Then, all of you will have to be careful too.
You’re all beautiful after all…

Saki: Eh?
Yui: Eh?

Saki: W-What’s with you, suddenly saying something like that?
Yui: Hmph, we know at least that much.

Koh: Eh?

Yui: That was obviously one of the criteria used when we were scouted.
After all, being beautiful makes the fact of getting information and of sneaking in easy… It’s useful in a lot of ways.

The work modesty in her vocabulary or something…?

No Text

Girl: Mmmh!

FACE: …Alright, today it’ll be you.
Girl: Eek!

Girl: N-Nooooo!!

Face: Zip it!

Face: No matter how much you scream
No one will save you.
Girl: Nooooo…

Face: I’ll kill
All young and beautiful women…

Face: With my own hands.

Face: Heh Heh Heh
Hah Hah Hah Hah!
Insert: That one… means trouble…

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