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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128
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Hinamizawa Bus Stop 1

Sound of Rainfall

+ posted by WarriorKK as translation on Nov 9, 2011 04:01 | Go to Hinamizawa Bus Stop

-> RTS Page for Hinamizawa Bus Stop 1

Reserved for Enigma! Group.
But still need help from freelance proof-readers. Thanks in advance.

Page 02-03:

Chapter 1: Sound of Rainfall

Page 05:

Mion: Ahahahahahaha! / It's started to rain massively! // Even the inside gets soaked!
Rika: That's why I said we should take along umbrellas...
Mion: If we took umbrellas, they would be an obstacle and we couldn't feel free to play, right!? / Well... it rained, so what else can we do! / Rika-san!

Page 06:

Rika: Geez... / You're still optimistic as always, Mion... // At any rate, the rain is heavy... I hope it will stop...
Mion: Don't worry, don't worry! // Ever since the dawn of mankind history, there've never been a rain that doesn't stop, nor a sun that doesn't rise! // Ahahahaha! I've said such a cool thing! A-ha-ha-ha-ha!
Rika: Go laughing to dead, you are. I consider you've already dead...

Page 07:

Rika: But, it was good. / I didn't think I could enjoy like this.
Mion: No-! Today's really--- // Total mess, very very, like crazy fun!!
Rika: It's just you overreacted... I don't feel it's bad, but...
Mion: Well, um... how do I gonna say... / ...I, you see, my personality is like that. // I always go wild... // Also had a thought that... maybe Rika-san thinks I'm too annoying...
Rika: .........

Page 08:

Rika: ...I don't have any thought Mion is annoying. // I like how you're noisy.
Mion: Really!? // When Rika-san asked me to go out, I was very happy. / I was asked by Rika-san~ Ah~! // So I set my plans all-cancel! Same with not going to school!
Rika: Is... is that so? // ...But... / ...I wonder skipping school to go play is alright?
Mion: It's fine! It's fine! // Because skipping Fujishima's lesson one day won't give any big change!
Teacher: Hmm, where have we gone to?
Rika: Is... is that so?

Page 09:

Mion: ...Also, if it weren't a weekday, we couldn't play till your heart content.
Rika: Skipping school to go play was worth... / ...huh?
Mion: It was, it was! Yes it was! // ...Honestly, when Rika-san, who look likes a sober person started talking me about skipping school to go play, I was a little surprised...
Rika: ...... / My talk made you surprised?
Mion: Yes it did!

Page 10:

Mion: Because Rika-san's more like a honor student-! / That Rika-san, secrectly said into my ears. // ...that "let's skip school on next Wednesday, okay?" / That day, I was like taking off from school already! // Perhaps I might get a confession!? Such things! / Our relationship eventually will step-up to one new level of sentiment!!
Rika (image): I love you!
Rika: ...That would never be, so don't worry.
Mion: Why can you declare that would so!? // If people love one another, they easily can pass over such things as the wall of gender!
Rika: ...I have no need to pass it.

Page 11:

Mion: This's such a remote place, right... // Next bus's even one hour, right...?
Rika: ...Moreover, it rains today...
Mion: In addition, this bus stop is a desolate place where rarely get a person, right...
Rika: ...Moreover, it rains today...
Mion: ...So that means... at least one hour! / Cumberer won't appear, right?
Rika: ...... // ...Moreover, it rains today...
Mion: You know, right... // And because of the raaaiiins!

Page 12:

Tonegawa: Well-! / We're saved, we're saved!
Arakawa: Phew! // It's really a heavy rain, right? I was all soaked.
Tonegawa: Yeah...
Mion: Because of the rain...
Tonegawa: ...Hahaha! Well well, I agree with you. / Arakawa-kun, what time does the next bus come?
Arakawa: Let's see...
Tonegawa: It won't come in least one hour, huh...
Arakawa: It seems the last bus just has left a short time ago...

Page 13:

Mion: Because of the rain---!!!
Arakawa: ? ...Did we do something...?
Tonegawa: ...I haven't gone to bath for a couple of days... She smells it?
Rika: ...The hindrance has come already. Too bad huh?
Mion: Damned~ ...If I have a chance, I'll do Sumaki to them-!
Tone+Ara (aside): I wonder if she smells it~
Mion: Rika-san, so we'll continue later!
Rika: You're right... I think it would be really good if you did Sumaki. // You would be r-e-w-a-r-d-e-d.
[T/N: Sumaki is a way to kill people, by using sedge mat to wind victim's body and throw him into a river.] - From my Meakashi-hen chp.1 translation.

Page 14:

Mion: Kyeeeehh!!!
Tone+Ara: Eeekk!!
Tonegawa: Mi-... Missy... you smell it after all...?
Mion: I smell, I smell! Of course, I smell!! // Look! That's why I told you! / You drank a lot, so your body gives out a smell!
Mion (side): Achoo!!
Tonegawa: Is... Is that so...?

Page 15:

Arakawa: See!? / For a man, appearance is the requisition!
Tonegawa: I'll... I'll notice next time. // ...However, that missy does not say she smells, right!?
Rika: ...It is not I smell.
Arakawa: ...Come to think of it... I don't very know either.
Tonegawa (side): Don't you agree?
Mion: I smell! Don't you know by their look!?
Rika: Their look?
Mion: Two suspicious men come to a God-forsaken place like this...

Page 16:

Mion: Of course, the reason is only one!
Arakawa: Heh?
Tonegawa: Reason?
Mion: Oh c'mon... When you says about a reason, it should be... // -thaaat!!
Rika: ...Please don't give it a mind... She's a little weird girl.
Rika (side): Nipah~
Mion: Kyu~n...

Page 17:

Mion: ...Ri-... Rika-san... ...It hurts very bad... ...Do you know it's our child in my stomach...!?
Rika: You want your body can't give birth?
Mion: Rika-san, it hurts, it extremely hurts...
Tonegawa: You two seems very close... Maybe you friends?
Mion: Absolutely we're not such friends! I and Rika-oneesama are closer than-! // -thaaat!!
Rika: We're friends... This girl is Mion, Sonozaki Mion.
Mion: Auu...
Rika: ...I'm Rika, Furude Rika.

Page 18:

Tonegawa: Aah, I'm greeting. My name is Tonegawa. / This is Arakawa-kun. As a side note, he's still single.
Arakawa: Tonegawa-san, please don't say unnecessary things!
Rika: ......What is Arakawa-san's hobby and occupation?
Tonegawa: C'mon! You have to answer nicely!
Arakawa: Eh!? // Aah, I... I like a bit of skiing! // Umm, my job is...
Rika: ...in Ministry of Construction.

Page 19:

Rika: ......the River Bureau of it... You're from the dam project?
Tonegawa: Eh?
Arakawa: Yes... ooh, you know us?
Mion: ...Heh... Rika-san, you know well. // ...That's what called "it's an easy deduction, my dear Watson"-!
Rika: ...Nothing with deduction... Walking in dressed like that, it's only people have relation with the dam project. // Also, isn't there a Ministry of Construction's mark?
Mion: Oh!? You're right!
Tonegawa: Ha-ha-ha! It's as missy say. You have my admiration, miss great detective. / Seems we should do self-introduction once again.
Tonegawa (side): You got us there.

Page 20:

Tonegawa: Came in this April, from Slope Conservation Division of Erosion and Sediment Control Department. / I'm Tonegawa Katsumi from Urban River Office in River Bureau of Construction Ministry.
Arakawa: I'm Arakawa Kazuya from Urban River Office too.
Mion: Also, I'm Sonozaki Mion, we haven't known one another.
Rika: Also, what I haven't known is your annoying brain... // ......... // You think I'll shake your hand? / ...With the people who are going to destroy Hinamizawa!?
Tonegawa: Ugh!
Arakawa: This is harsh...

Page 21:

Rika: ...... // ...I don't allow such thing as a dam in Hinamizawa!
Tonegawa: But a dam in Hinamizawa is necessary.
Arakawa: It may contribute most of all deed in irrigation and flood control at downstream area.
Rika: No!
Tonegawa: The large generated electric power from the dam is very important too. / With 350.000 kilowatt at maximum, it will provide a boost to Japan's rapid economic growth.
Rika: No!
Arakawa: We also can't discount the dam's effectiveness to regional development. / Your home town may contribute to the betterment of industry and culture in every city along railway line.
Rika: No! // Although you gloss over it with any pretty words, it's still no... // Those aren't the reason to sink Hinamizawa into dam lake.
Tonegawa: Of course, we know your feeling. / But, Hinamizawa has a number of favorable conditions for dam construction.

Page 22:

Tonegawa: One is terrain condition. Hinamizawa is the place where the width of Hinamigawa river is ultra narrow. Moreover, the bedrock is granite. / ...They are the best conditions for a dam installation site.
Rika: So what?
Tonegawa: It's close to electricity demand center. To reduce the loss in electric transmission, it's important too. As I just said, carrying capacity at maximum is 350.000 kilowatt.
Arakawa: This will get the whole Shikoku land's electric energy consumption in years ago.
Rika: So what?
Tonegawa: The height of water storage efficiency may be also counted. In Hinamizawa Dam's case, it's 200.
Arakawa: This will get 200 times of the dam capacity.
Rika: So what?
Tonegawa: In other words, when we build a dam in Hinamizawa, water levels rise, and we'll have a dam lake with 30 kilometer in all lenght.
Arakawa: This will get the range from Tokyo to Omiya.
Rika: So what?
Tonegawa: The convenience of aggregate supply is also important. Hinamizawa Dam's aggregate with 1.500.000 cubic meter of capacity is need calculating.
Arakawa: This will get 6 maru-buildings.
Mion: While you're at it, we'll get a trip to the hot spring.
[Personal note: How scary this page is... I don't know what I was doing...]

Page 23:

Rika: So what!?
Mion: Heh!? / ...Hahahahaha! It would be nice if we got... I think that...
Rika: So what?
Mion: Generally, they'll give invitation to a pair, right! ...If we get, we'll go to the hot spring together-! // When come to there, we'll rub our back! And after that, play ping-pong in Yukata clothes-!
Rika: So whaaat!?
Mion: After that, we'll look firework show in river beach through windows-!
Rika: So whaaaaat!?
Mion: When the atmosphere has grown livelier, suddenly my fingers twine about you-!/ Rika-san will be shy while entrust yourself to-...!
Tonegawa: The young of nowadays has good relationship...
Arakawa: It's not like you say...
[Personal note: I leave these SFXs for you. It'll be fun if we do.]

Page 24:

Rika: ...Anyway, / I do not agree the dam!
Tonegawa: Vi- Vi- Vi- Violence is wrong!
Arakawa: W- W- W- Well! / I didn't agree the dam in first place too-!
Tonegawa: Arakawa-kun!
Arakawa: A dam is the source of environmental destruction, right-! Right-!? Eeeek!!
Mion: ...Just puch now has shown effect... If my pancreas is ruptured, what will I do-?
Rika: Anyway, dam is a no, absolutely no!
Mion: Why do you not allow it-?

Page 25:

Rika: There's no need for a reason...
Mion: That isn't good for a rebuttal. / You must give a proper reason why not. // I don't think a dam is no good. / Didn't we learn at society? It prevents flood for us.
Rika: It's sophistication!
Tonegawa: ...How pain that Hinamizawa citizens feel, we fully do understand. / Of course, we're aiming to provide a reasonable compensation.
Rika: Compensation for eviction?
Tonegawa: It will be our pleasure to render you a new mansion in the city. / Not only close the station, it also has a wonderful environment which fulfilling public facilities.
Screen: Close the station, experience! / 07 minutes by walking
Mion: Right, right! That's it! / It's delicious-♪

Page 26:

Mion: ...Since I was born in Hinamizawa, there's no way I'm not attached. // However... // Ending the springtime of life in a deep in mountains village that has a few hundreds of households, isn't it solitary... // But living in a city is good. There're something like that or this one that you've seen only on the TV.
Rika: You're Tokyanized and Televisionism. / ...They've been full in your mind since we went sightseeing in Tokyo.
Mion: You think I'm a maniac is okay! / But please give a thought!
[T/N: Lolz, I found those words from here:

Page 27:

Mion: Do you know which building is highest in Hinamizawa!? / It's the three-story fire brigade building! // Is there any place has an escalator!? / It's no, right!? // In fact, we have an elevator! // It's the one for carrying lunch meals in elementary school / ...I don't liiikkkeee that!
Rika: You mean the life in the city is more better than in your birthplace? / ...Our ancestors will cry as well.
Mion: I really hate to end my life in a countryside deep in the mountains like this! / I wanna live normally, like a normal girl, in a normal city, and surrounded in normal things!
Rika: ......... // You think Hinamizawa people can live in a city!?
Mion: ...!

Page 28:

Mion: It's personal! / If you like this place like that, just live as you pleases. // Please don't drag me into!
Rika: ...Mion...
Mion: My family is poor, so we couldn't move anywhere... / Thanks to compensation for eviction, finally we'll have money to go live in the city! / ...If the dam project were stopped, what would happen to us!?

Page 29:

Mion: Don't tie me in a place deep in the mountains like this anymore!

Page 30:

Rika: I go wash my face.
Mion: Ah... // Ri-... Rika-san...!
Arakawa: ...Urgh!
Tonegawa: Arakawa-kun!

Page 31:

Mion: Umm... Is he alright?
Tonegawa: Just after holiday break, it seems he doesn't feel well... and fast be painful.
Mion: U- Umm... If he needs a toilet, it's behind...? / Ah! // But... Rika-san's in there now...?
Tonegawa: This is not the stomach ache... Are you alright!? Arakawa-kun!
Arakawa: ...I'm sorry... it will go away... soon, so...
Tonegawa: That's because you worked hard! You should meet doctor at once.
Arakawa: I'm sorry. I feel better now... / My head's still pounding though... Okay.
Tonegawa: Isn't that a sign of subarachnoid hemorrhage or something!? / Anyway, take a break tomorrow! ...Meet doctor in big hospital for me!
Arakawa: .....You're right... I'm sorry... It's really... fast becoming pain...
Mion: ...... // ......!

Page 32:

Mion: ...Now that you mention it, I get headache too. / ...Yeah, it's a pounding one.
Tonegawa: It's not good. Maybe you caught a cold.
Mion: ...Hahah... // ...Because of the rain...
Radio: ......HQ calling Car-1, please respond. / ......Car-1, answer...
[Personal note: The SFXs are cracked sound, I don't know how to translate them.]

Page 33:

Mion: It's.. a persistent rain, right...?
Rika: Right... The rain seems about to stop but not stop...
Mion: Yeah...
Rika: I wonder if Arakawa-san that went to toilet is alright...
Mion: Yeah... // Huh? // There's someone coming...

Page 34:

Yoshimura: Well well-! Ha-ha-ha-ha! / A rain likes turning a bath tub on head! // Hold up umbrella or not, it's the same. // Uh-heh... Even the inside my pants gets soaked... / ...Wanna take a look?
Mion: Oh? // I'm rarely able to see it, so please-!
Yoshimura: ...Ah, no... I didn't think you would say that...

Page 35:

Rika: ...Is it someone you know?
Mion: Well... I never want to know an old man like that.
Rika: But, aren't you two chatting in close?
Mion: No no! My heart belongs to Rika-san only! / I just chimed in the lonely middle-aged man's soliloquy-!
Yoshimura: Wha-! / That "middle-aged" is so cruel! Even I look like this, I haven't been 28 yet!
Mion: If we round off, isn't it 30? If you were 30, you would be a venerable middle-aged man already-!
Yoshimura: Excuse me... // But a man's charm is from thirties!
Mion: Whaaat!?

Page 36:

Mion: Miso flavor-!? ...Oh my god-!! Rika-san, this man is dangerous-!!
Yoshimura: It's not miso! It's thirties-!!
Mion: On top of that, what's with hemorrhoids-? / This man is too dangerous-!
Yoshimura: ......I lose, I lose. Fine with hemorrhoids... / ...I can't win a young girl...
Mion: Rika-san, that old man is so funny-! / If we ask, maybe he'll give us spending money-!
Rika: ...It's really your first meeting? ...You two have a good conversation.
[T/N: Yoshimura says "misoji" (thirties age). But Mion thinks it's "miso" (miso soup) and "ji" (hemorrhoids).]

Page 37:

Mion: That's the same with I and Rika-san. // Although it's our first meeting, didn't we chat openly-? / Well, mostly it's me do all the accosting though... // Maybe only me was excited alone...
Rika: ...It's surely not... / I was happy too.
Mion: ......... / ...I'm sorry... I said too much before.
Rika: ...No... / It's me who say sorry to you...

Page 38:

Yoshimura: Wow... / A great shedding manner huh? I didn't think you took it in that direction...
Mion: Oh shaddup! We were in good feeling-!
Yoshimura: Don't threaten me. I understand, I understand! ...I won't interject anything anymore! / Please take its course as you want!
Mion: Whaaat-!? What is "its course"-!? / Oh my god-! Rika-san, this man is dirtie-!
Yoshimura: ? // ...You are Rika-chan?
Rika: Yes...
Yoshimura: I'm Yoshimura... Yoshimura Mitsuru. Nice to meet you.
[T/N: Yoshimura says "ikutoko made iku(-chattekure)", it means "take its course". But Mion thinks it means "come (cum) till orgasm".]
[Personal note: I lolz... Leave it to you, my dear editor.]

Page 39:

Rika: What is Yoshimura-san's hobby and occupation?
Yoshimura: Hah!? // Well well-! Ha-ha-ha! / Even marrige interviews are not straightforward that much. // I like lots of things... / A free writer is my job.
Rika: Free writer...? // It's a relation to part-time jobber...?
Mion: He's a free magazine journalist.
Yoshimura: ...Next bus... hmm... oh? It's a lot of time. / ...How luck I am-! ...I can take shelter from rain with young girls!

Page 40:

Tonegawa: Oyah, a friend of your?
Mion: He's a strange old man.
Yoshimura: How severely! Hi there, I'm Yoshimura.
Tonegawa: Greeting, I'm Tonegawa from Urban River Office in River Bureau of Construction Ministry.
Arakawa: Greeting, I'm Arakawa from Urban River Office.
Mion: Greeting, I'm Sonozaki, we haven't known one another.
Yoshimura: ...S- Seems like you are close... Everyone is friends...? // ...But I see it's enough to be close... Yeah. // Ah! / Everyone may be at that!? / Let's take photos a group of four unique close friends!

Page 41:

Yoshimura: ...Yes. Smile, smile-! / Nice~ Everyone, nice smiles! / Well... This impression truly likes... // Rotten Ministry of Construction members are doing compensated dating with active high school girls in Hinamizawa. // Ju-... Just kidding...

Page 42:

Radio: HQ, answer. HQ, answer...... End deployment all cars...
Yoshimura: ...Er... Also thunderstorm! ...The weather has been very bad, right?
Arakawa: It's true... // But, do you feel the sky over there is a bit clearer?
Tonegawa: Unexpectedly, perhaps when the bus comes, it will have stopped rainning and been sunny.
Yoshimura: I hope so...

Page 43:

Mion: ...Yoshimura-san, do you come here to collect datas? / ...I guess, about Hinamizawa Dam?
Yoshimura: ...Yeah. It just has connection to dam case. / ...However, I don't come here for the dam.
Rika: ...The Citizens' opposition movement around the dam project?
Yoshimura: No.
Tonegawa: The dam construction's influence on environment?
Yoshimura: It's not.
Arakawa: The contribution of the dam to area?
Yoshimura: A-ha-ha-ha-ha!!

Page 44:

Yoshimura: You get it all wrong. / It's not such serious things. // ...The reason I come here to collect datas... / ......
Tonegawa: ......What is it? ...Please don't put on airs.
Yoshimura: ...Do you know... Oyashiro-sama?
Mion: ! / ......Oyashiro-sama...!?

Page 45:

Rika: ...Yes. // Oyashiro-sama.

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