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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128
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Hinamizawa Bus Stop 4

Someone watching me

+ posted by WarriorKK as translation on Jul 18, 2013 04:32 | Go to Hinamizawa Bus Stop

-> RTS Page for Hinamizawa Bus Stop 4

Please contact Joly in Animesuki forum for editor. This is reserved for her.

Page 01:
Rika: Yoshimura-san… You will die as well. // Exploring indentity is something a desecration to Oyashiro-sama. / …If that’s your reason for visiting Hinamizawa, / …You will die as well.

Page 02:
Yoshimura: …E- / Even so, the bus… seems late. // This should be the time for its coming, shouldn’t it?
Mion: Haha… No wonder why it’s late. // Because of the rain…

Page 03:
Man: According to recon’s report… There are some outsiders mingling in.
Girl: Outsider? // What will we do? This is unexpected… / We cancel it?

Page 04:
Chapter 4: Someone watching me

Page 05:
Tonegawa: Hmm… / How late… Arakawa-kun is. // It’s best if there’s nothing wrong…
Rika: What happened to Arakawa-kun?
Mion: A little while ago, when Rika-san was going to restroom, his had a throbbing headache and writhed. // He said something like a spasm, but… // Well…

Page 06:
Mion: It’s ??? hemorrhage!
Rika: It’s subarachnoid hemorrhage…
<<It’s a play on words by speaking in Kansai-ben. “もうかりまっか” means “Are you making money”. I’m not good at this, so I leave it to you, dear PR-san!>>
Tonegawa: Toilet’s behind this, right… I’ll go check him a little.
Rika: Ah… / Tonegawa-san, I have medicine for headache here. // I go with him a bit, will be back soon.
Mion: Ah, yeah! Take care~

Page 07:
Mion: Fuwaa~h // …! // Phew… / Somehow I was getting sleepy… // For no reason, my head is hurt too… I wonder, maybe I cold…
Yoshimura: Some days ago… I made a tour of Tokyo with parents… // But well... we went to play only in Mouse Land…
<<Yoshimura doesn’t use a subject in his sentence. He’s telling about Mion’s story, but because of no subject, Mion think that’s his story. For fitting her misunderstanding, I use the subject “I” here.>>
Mion: Eh? / Is that so!? Last days I made it with parents too, in Tokyo! / And went to Mouse Land. Yeah! // …though, it was the only place I played at too!

Page 08:
Yoshimura: I stayed at a seaside hotel named Edoumi. / It was a hotel in Kasai Coastal Park...
Mion: Eh!? / Eh!? / Eeh!? // I did too! I stayed that place too! / What a coincidence!
Yoshimura: At night, while walking around the park, I saw something amazing.

Page 09:
Yoshimura: That was a sacred precincts for couples, made singles feel ashamed…
Mion: Ahahahahaha! // Argree, argree-! I thought so too-!
Yoshimura: The meal was so great, more than I thought. // But choosing Japanese style together with parents was a failure. / The boiled fish wasn’t my taste, so I left whole foods after all.
Mion: Ahahahaha! Yoshimura-san too-? / I as well-!
Yoshimura: ……… / Therefore, at midnight, the starvation didn’t let me sleep no matter what.

Page 10:
Yoshimura: Couldn’t stand it, I slipped out the hotel and walked to a vending machine at a near police box for cup noodle. // …However, there was a matter. I didn’t have enough money. // …That time I was dying of hunger.
Mion: Ah-hahahahaha! Yoshimura-san too-? / I as well-!
Yoshimura: Next day, I borrowed father’s cellphone, left it in pocket and went to toilet.

Page 11:
Yoshimura: Carelessly I dropped it into toilet bowl. How terrible.
Mion: (………Eh?)
Yoshimura: Didn’t care about dirty things, in a hurry, picked it up and used a dryer to desiccate. // …”Seems it’s out of battery”, I lied father. / But that was useless, right?
Mion: Ahahahaha! Yoshimura-san too-? / I---
Yoshimura: In Mouse Land, I played lots of the ride anyway. It was all day in play.

Page 12:
Yoshimura: Pirates of Caliph was funny one. // There was a mountain of treasure. When I leaned out over gondola to try to touch them… // Seems I was scolded by broadcaster.

Page 13:
Mion: Ahahaha….
Yoshimura: I used all of energy to play until very last moment of closing time. // Just before that time, I jumped into an ice-cream shop, begged mother for rum raisin one. // While eating ice-cream which was dripping… // I saw a young man was looking at me fixedly.
<<From this, I have a chance to change the subject. If this’s not good, please change again.>>

Page 14:
Yoshimura: You waved hand at him but he looked away. It made you sulky in anger. // …When you looked back, you had hanged down everything on your own clothes. // Because of that, you couldn’t get in even train and made a big cry, didn’t you?
Mion: Hahahah… That was…
Yoshimura: It seems playing all day long was such a bad idea. Next day, you was racked by a tremendous headache. / You drunk medicine for headache, but that kept it only for a while.

Page 15:
Yoshimura: …After thinking over, father and mother moved up schedule and chose to go back. // The head still swam, but you made an appeal while crying.
<<Finally, he reveals the subject.>>
Mion (flashback): I’ll get over this headache soon, for sure, so please-!
Yoshimura: But the parents loved their child, so they decided to go back. // Even now, you still regret it? That tour of Tokyo…
Mion: Eh? / …Uhm …That’s…
Yoshimura: …You argree with the dam, don’t you? // You’re hoping that with eviction fee, you may move to Tokyo. / …But because of your parents’ business, the new address seems like is in near city. / A compromise point’s here, huh. At least, it’s definitely like a city more than Hinamizawa. …It’s full of buildings higher than fire brigade’s one.

Page 16:
Mion: ……Wh-… why… do you… know… that much?
Yoshimura: You’ve put your soul in Tokyo already. // Your heart’s no longer in Hinamizawa. / …This is bad… Don’t you think so?
Mion: …B-… bad…? What’s bad…?
Yoshimura: I mean Oyashiro-sama! // Oyashiro-sama will curse who intend to leave and go away Hinamizawa, right? / …Supposing, if I were that Oyashiro-sama, I think you would be out already… // …Do you understand?
Mion: Un… understand what…?

Page 17:
Yoshimura: …Since you were small, you’ve been the type who believe in them. Whether it be a fairy tale, or a nursery tale, or a ghost story… / …Even though you know they’re just made-up story… you believe in them anyway. // …From the headache suffering you got in Tokyo… …to the story of Oyashiro-sama… you can’t ignore them… / Even though you know they’re just made-up story… right…
Mion: …Wh… …who… who you… are…
Yoshimura: Me? / …Me? You ask.

Page 18-19:
Yoshimura: …Didn’t I say before? I’m Yoshimura!! // Yoshimura the freelance writer!! / It’s relative to part-time worker, right?
???: HQ calling all cars. On account of outsider, we postpone the starting time of operations. / All cars standby, prepare for any situation. …Be careful. We don’t know what will come out.

Page 20:
Rika: …How are you? Does medicine work well?
Arakawa: …Thank you. It really helped me. / I deeply appreciate.
Tonegawa: …It worked? …Oh…
Mion: ……… // Rika-san, may you give me some too? Those medicine… I’m a just a little…
Rika: …You feel a pain?
Mion: No, I’m fine now. But a short while ago, it was very hurt.
Mion: N- no thanks!
Yoshimura: Is… is that so… Then, fine.

Page 21:
Tonegawa: Even so… Looks like the bus doesn’t come. I think it’s been the time already.
Rika: …… // Because of the rain, right?
Mion: Huh? / Someone coming again?
???: Hi there.

Page 22:
Man: Is everyone waiting for a bus?
Tonegawa: …Yes. I think it will come by now.
Woman: The bus won’t come here.
Tonegawa: Eh!? What does that mean…?

Page 23:
Man: We are polices. / There is a case, so we’re investigating its vicinity.
Mion: A case…?
Arakawa: What’s you saying!? What happened!?
Man: Please calm down. // It happened in the morning in town. It seems a street murderer is hiding in this neighbour. / …At present, this area is being cordoned off. That’s why the bus won’t come here.
Ara & Tone: A street murderer!?
Mion: A pervert!? / A drug addict!? / Oh please… I can’t stand with them…
Text: (Satoko) It’s no shame!! / (Addict) Geheh~

Page 24:
Tonegawa: H- how many people becomes victims?
Woman: …I’m sorry. We’re not able to tell the details. // But there has been sacrifices already.
Yoshimura: Excuse me… / How does the criminal look like? …His gender? His age? / …What kind of person is he?
Woman: ……… // …Your job is mystery story writer? May you show me your ID card?
Yoshimura: Eh? / Ah… business card is okay? // My name’s Yoshimura, a freelance writer.
Woman: …Don’t you have anything with indentification photograph?
Yoshimura: Well… …unfortunately.

Page 25:
Woman: As for now, I understand.
Yoshimura: Haha… Thanks.
Man: What is you two?
Tonegawa: We’re from Ministry of Construction. We have both license and staff card. // Here!
Man: Thank you. I appreciate your efforts.
Woman: And you girls?
Mion: Eh? / Heheh…
Arakawa: What kind of person is the criminal!? Possibly someone saw him.
Yoshimura: That’s right! Please tell us!
Woman: …I understand.

Page 26-27:
Woman: To tell you the truth, the criminal may be one of you people here.

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