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Bleach 231

[Shonen] Bleach 231 "The Mascaron Drive" by Jisinai

+ posted by Windy as translation on Jun 17, 2006 00:48 | Go to Bleach

-> RTS Page for Bleach 231

Long-time-no-see. Stopped doing the chapters because Djudge and pocketmofo usually have it down solid, but this chapter had Kisuke in it. Couldn't resist. And the JP script was little buggy, it was missing kana in places so had to check the script against the RAW. Without further ado: Wait I lied. Just like to state the fact that Rupi really annoys the crap out of me - reminds me way too much of Mizuno from Yakitate!! Japan. Okay so now, with further ado:

Page 1

予測を裏切る早期襲来!! 尸魂界の対応は…!?
Side: The early invasion that defies expectations!! How will Soul Society cope...!?

Rin: It’s a reading!! We just had a reading!!

Hiyousu: Their limit releases!?

Worker: Clearance is granted!!

Hiyosu: The readings!? What color are they!!

Rin: ...All red...!! They must be Espada!!

Page 2

Bleach231.The Mascaron Drive

Side: Trampling, plundering, devouring. Merely that alone.

Page 3

Jigoku-chou’s Message: Possible Espada-grade Arrancar spotted in Northern Karakura!! There are 4!! Hitsugaya has engaged the hostiles with his advance forces!!

Page 4

Ukitake: Kuchiki!

Rukia: On it sir! We just received the message as well!!

鬼道衆が開門処理に入っている筈だ! 隊舎前の穿界門に急げ!!
Ukitake: The Kidou-shuu should be in the process of readying the gate! Hurry to the Senkaimon in front of Division Headquarters!!

Rukia: Yes sir!

Inoue: Wait, Kuchiki-san, I want to go as well...

Page 5

Rukia: It won’t work for you, Inoue. I informed you of this when you came here. Even if you try to pass through the Senkaimon with me, if you do not have a Jigoku-chou, you will automatically be sent to the Dangai.

Ukitake: Now, I ordered the dimensional walls of the Dangai to be fortified in advance so that one can safely pass through it. It’s only half-finished, so hold on until it’s complete, and then you can go back to the material world. I know you want to hurry there, but it’s such times like these that it’s important not to be impatient, okay?

Inoue: ...I guess so.

Rukia: Don’t make the kind of face, Inoue.

Page 6

Rukia: I’ll be going ahead and waiting for you.

Inoue: ...Okay...!

莫迦な…十刃だと!?早過ぎる…! 崩玉の覚醒は冬ではなかったのか…!!一体…どうなっているのだ…!!
Rukia: That’s insane... Espada!? Way too soon...! The Hougyoku’s awakening isn’t until winter...!! What on earth... is going on...!!

Page 7

Grimmjow: ...ha.

Page 8

Grimmjow: Bankai, eh. What’s about it? Did you forget? That bankai of yours didn’t appear to touch a single part of my body.

そっちこそ忘れたのかよ? テメーは卍解した俺の技で…その傷をつけられたんだぜ。
Ichigo: Did you forget something? By this bankai and my technique... you got that wound.

Page 9

Ichigo: ...One thing though, Grimmjow. What happened... to your arm?

Grimmjow: Threw it away. Don’t need it to kill you. Two arms would be too many.

Ichigo: ...I see.

Page 10

それじゃ手加減は 必要無えな
Ichigo: If that’s the case, then going easy on you...ain’t gonna be necessary.

Grimmjow: Good idea, you’ll need to if you don’t wanna die!

Ichigo: Right now I can only hold Hollow Transformation for 11 seconds flat. I have to finish this in that time!!

Page 13

Grimmjow: .........wha... What the hell is that...!?

Ichigo: Sorry, but I don’t have the leisure of explaining it.

Page 14

Grimmjow: Gu...uh

Ichigo: Getsuga Tenshou [Heaven Piercing Moon Fang]

Page 16

ぬん!!! 何だぁこりゃ!?涼しいぜえ~~~~~
Yammy: Mph!!! What’s this crap!? It’s pretty chilly out~~~~~

…ちっ… No.10とはいえ限定解除してても卍解じゃねえと無理か…
Hitsugaya: ...Cheh... he’s just No.10 and my lifted limit isn’t enough, I guess I need to use bankai...

Page 17

Rupi: Tooold ya so, there’s no way you can beat me 1-on-1. Don’tcha get it?

Yumichika: ...shut up...

Rupi: Why don’t yooou tell him something too. I’m r-e-a-l-l-y gonna kill him, ya know that?

Ikkaku: Two-on-one ain’t our style.

Rupi: Oh really! What a pain in the butt. Yammy! Gimme your kid too!

Page 18

Rupi: These guys are so talky. Lemme at ‘em all at once, 4-on-1. I’ll just release and wipe them all out.

Renji: Told ya nooooo way!!

Page 19

テメーは力を使いすぎてんだよ!! 俺が行くからテメーはここで休んでろ!!
Renji: You used up way too much strength already!! I’ll go as well while you stay here and rest!!

Chad: B...but...

Urahara: Yes, he’s right. It’s just as Abarai-san says. However, Abarai-san is just as exhausted... the two of you will please stay here and rest. Instead... I will go.

Side: Urahara Kisuke --- at last, this man makes his move!!

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