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Kimi ni Todoke 31

Far Away?

+ posted by Xalsow as translation on Jan 24, 2010 07:17 | Go to Kimi ni Todoke

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Kimi ni Todoke Chapter 31 Translation:

Page 91:
Episode 31: Far away?

Page 92:
Panel 4:
1: Just forget it.
Sawako: ....
Sawako: I wonder what he meant by that...

Page 93:
Panel 1:
1: Since he said it like that, it seems as if it's not something I should worry about

Panel 2:
1: ...That's right,
2: Since he said it very naturally...

Panel 3:
1: ...What is "natural" though...
2 (round bubble): "As far as you're concerned, Kuronuma,"
3: "I thought that among all the young guys here I was the closest to you, but"
4: "I guess that wasn't the case?"

Panel 4:
1: ...I kept running it over in my head when I was trying to fall asleep last night
2: That maybe if I had responded then, it would have been better

Panel 5:
1: In the end,
2: I couldn't figure it out...
Sawako: ...I can't give up
Sawako: Giving up would be strange...
Sawako: I think...
Sawako: ...
3: I'm embarassed...

Page 94:
Panel 1:
1: Only I felt there was something more to it
2: Only I was worrying about it
3: ....I'm so embarassed...

Panel 4:
Kaze: ...What is it?
Kaze: Calling me out here, what do you want?
Kento: Just hear me out!

Panel 5:
Kento: Look, After all this time we've been in the same class, we still haven't had a good heart-to-heart talk!

Page 95:
Panel 1:
Kento: It's been quite a while, so I wanted to be able to speak with the oh-so-popular Kazehaya-san!
Kento: Come on! I only want to be popular too!!
Kento: Juuuust kidding! It's a joke!!
Above: Come, come, Sit down, sit down!
Kaze: How exactly do you want me to react to that...
Kento: It's fine, just sit down!!

Panel 2:
Kento: So, you must have been confessed to many times, right?
Kento: By girls, I mean.
Kaze: Not really.
Kento: You've gotta be kidding!
Kaze: Nope. So what do you really want?

Panel 3:
Kento: ...
Kento: Hm...

Panel 4:
Kento: ...Sadako-chan,
Kento: Only one year ago, she was pretty much isolated from everyone, right?

Page 96:
Panel 1:
Kento: I wonder if maybe it would be better if you weren't as involved with her.

Panel 2:
Kento: ...It seems that you're the kind that can't leave people like that alone, but
Kento: I think it might be counterproductive.

Panel 3:
Kaze: ...What are you trying to say?

Page 97:
Panel 1:
Kento: Since Kuronuma is isolated, and since you can't leave an isolated person alone.
Kaze: I don't have that kind of intention though.

Panel 2&3:
Kento: Ha ha ha ha!

Panel 4:
Kento: Sorry, sorry! I hit a nerve there, huh?
Kento: Don't get mad! If you make a face like that I'll be

Kento: Come on! Refreshing smile, refreshing smile!
SFX Above Kaze's head: Irritated....

Panel 5:
Kaze: ...Anyway, if you don't actually have anything useful to say, then...
Kento: Sadako-chan looks so pitiful,

Page 98:
Panel 1&2:
Kento: ...but I guess it doesn't really matter.

Panel 3:
Kento: She's gone through a lot of trouble to fit in with the class,
Kento: If they knew Sadako-chan liked you, the other girls might become hostile towards her.
Kento: Even if it doesn't mean anything to you, right?

Panel 4:
1: [That thing I said the other day
2: You shouldn't worry about it.]

Page 99:
Panel 1:
Kento: And then...
Kento: Oops
Kento: These are Sadako's feelings as a girl, so I probably shouldn't say anything more
Kaze: ---what are you implying?

Panel 2:
Kaze: Such a thing
Kaze: Even if that was the case, how should I change!?

Panel 3:
Kaze: If that's what you were aiming for when you called me out here,
Kaze: You
Kaze: Don't know anything!

Page 100:
Panel 1:
Kento: ...
Kento: If she's uselessly envying others while she's isolated
Kento: ...things like that will only make her collect even more futile hopes
Kento: Don't you feel bad for her?

Panel 3:
Kaze: Just now,
Kaze: Why did you say that?

Panel 4:
Kento: ...Kuronuma's always trying so hard, isn't she?

Panel 5:
Kento: Always
Kento: Kuronuma is

Page 101:
panel 1:
Kento: ...it really was a useless hope.

Panel 3:
Kento: So,
Kento: That's why you don't know.

Panel 4:
Kento: Because you and Sadako-chan are so fundamentally different.

Page 102:
Panel 3:
Kento: Now, now!
Kento: I'm not trying to start a fight with you over Sadako-chan!

Kaze: !

Panel 4:
Kento: It's alright that you don't really understand!
Kento: Since you're so far away such a thing is only natural, I should think!!
Kaze: To start a fight...
Kaze: You are trying, aren't you!!

Panel 5:
Kento: Though, Sadako-chan really is going through a lot of trouble and putting in a lot of effort so,
Kento: Doesn't it worry you?

Page 103:
Panel 2:
Kaze: ...
Kaze: I know that!

Panel 3:
Kento: ...It's fine then
Kento: I'll be counting on you.
SFX: Bow
Kento: He's actually a surprisingly quick tempered guy it seems---

Panel 4:
Kento: Jeez... he's leaving but
Small: I still feel a little like a Yes Man

Panel 5:
Kento: Ah!
Kento: That's right!!
Kento: Hey! Kazehaya!!
Kento: I forgot to ask you something!!

Panel 6:
Kento: You
Kento: Even though you're popular, you don't have a girlfriend
Kento: Is there someone you like---!?

Page 104:
Panel 1:
Kaze: ...
Kaze: There is!

Panel 2:
Kento: Then you should go out with her!!
Kento: Should I help you out!?
Kento's thought: And then Sadako-chan will give up too!
Kaze: No way!
Kaze: Absolutely no way!!

Panel 3:
Kaze: What the heck!!
1: [That's why you don't know.]
2: [Since you're so far away
3: such a thing is only natural.]

Page 105:
Panel 1:
Kaze: ...What does he mean, that "I don't know"?

Panel 2:
Kaze: "Far away", he says
Kaze: ...I am!?

Panel 3:
Kaze: ...

Panel 4:
Kaze: ...What the heck!!

Page 106:
(no text)

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