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Kimi ni Todoke 33


+ posted by Xalsow as translation on Feb 4, 2010 05:52 | Go to Kimi ni Todoke

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Kimi ni Todoke Chapter 33 Translation:

Page 119:
Episode 33: Running

Page 120:
(no text)

Page 121:
Panel 1:
Sign on cone: No trespassing!
SFX: Bam!

Panel 2:
Ayane: What the heck is going on!!

Panel 3:
Ayane: Yesterday, what were you talking about with Kazehaya-kun that caused such an atmosphere!?
Outside: Spill it now!!
Chizuru: L...looming over her like that, your image is just like
Chizuru: A bully...!!
Outside: Yano-chin...!!

Page 122:
Panel 1:
Ayane: ...So then
Ayane: You're saying this kind of thing has happened with Kazehaya twice now?
Imagination bubble 1: I thought that among all the young guys here I was the closest to you, though
Imagination bubble 2: Oh, actually just forget about the other day!!
Chizuru thought: Kazehaya... you got frustrated, huh...

Panel 2:
Ayane: Why didn't you just give Kazehaya the chocolates on Valentine's in the first place, Sawako!?
Ayane: You two had such a good atmosphere going until then!!
Sawako: Uh!

Panel 3:
Sawako SFX: Ah, ah...
Ayane: You went through a lot of effort to get to go to the first shrine visit of the New Year with him, didn't you?
Ayane: As a thank you for that, giving him some chocolate should be completely normal, right?
Ayane: He even gave you his cell phone's contact address, didn't he!?
Ayane: You know, meeting up with him, or handing him your chocolates, if it came down to making an excuse you should have made as many as you wanted!!

Page 123:
Panel 1:
Outside: ...I
Sawako: I
Sawako: See...
Ayane: ...
Chizuru: ...

Panel 2:
SFX: Dowa! (The sound of her abrupt weeping... what have they used before? I'm too lazy to look it up.)
1: Gyah!!

Panel 3:
Chizuru: Hold on... Yano-chin, Give her a break (Small: Come on!)
Ayane: Eeeh!? What!? Me!? (Small: Are you serious!?)
Ayane: Hold on, Sawako!! I'm not making fun of you, so!! (Small: Don't cry!!)
Outside SFX: Defense weeping---!
Sawako: Th... That's not...!!
Small Outside: Uwaaaah

Panel 4:
Sawako: ......
Sawako: ...I didn't know what to do...

Page 124:
Panel 1:
Sawako: ...The chocolates...
Sawako: I couldn't give them to him as a thank you

Panel 2:
Sawako: And calling him
Sawako: ...I absolutely can't do that either

Panel 3:
Sawako: I'm thinking about it too much by myself
Sawako: ...I can't even greet him properly

Panel 4:
Sawako: ...I'm scared...
1: I'm embarrassed
2: I didn't want to he hated

Page 125:
Panel 1:
1: I've become greedy
Ayane: ......

Panel 2:
Ayane: You're not the only one who's scared though, Sawako

Panel 4:
Ayane: After what he said earlier, you know,
Ayane: In the current situation you could really, truly just forget about it and not say anything
Ayane: But if you do that, then this will continue forever, and nothing will ever change!

Page 126:
Panel 1:
Ayane: If you want to change the current situation, then you're going to have to change it yourself.
Ayane: Sawako.

Panel 2:
Chizuru: ...Of course, there's always the possibility that if do it wrong you might end up making the situation worse, though...(Small: Aha...)
SFX: Sigh----
Outside small with arrow: Remembering her last love
Ayane: So... sorry Chizu, but joining in on that conversation just now became a little too complex, so...
Small outside: I'm really sorry...

Panel 4:
Chizuru: I'll say. You completely for got about me, huh...
Chizuru: Love is way too complicated...
Small outside: But I guess it can't be helped...
Ayane: No, it's just because the conversation got complicated, Chizu... (small: Really... I'm sorry...)
Sawako: ......

Page 127:
Panel 1:
1: ...It happened...
Small above head: Somehow, a little
SFX: Jiiin... (Shine)
Sawako: ......
Sawako: Okay...!

Panel 2:
1: I see... It's not just me...!!
Sawako: Courage... is all I need...!!
Ayane: Yeah...
Ayane thought: You actually don't get it at all, do you? (Small: You'd better pick a lucky day too!!)

Panel 3:
Sawako: Well, I need to go visit the staff room before I head home, so... (Small: I still have some errands)
Ayane: Ah, okay
Ayane: We'll see you later then (Small: You're always working so hard...)

Panel 4:
Ayane: Ah!

Panel 5:
SFX: Ha ha ha ha

Page 128:
Panel 1:
Kaze: Yow!

Panel 2:
Kaze: Wha- what the hell are you doing!! (Small: All of the sudden!!)
Ayane small (right corner): Ya- Yano-chin...
Ayane: That's my line!!
Outside small 1: Panties
Outside small 2: You saw her panties, right?
Outside small 3: Panties

Panel 3:
Ayane: You looked pretty carefree just now
Ayane: You're avoiding Sawako on purpose, aren't you.
Kaze: Huh!?

Panel 4:
Ryuu: What's she taking about? (Small: That.)
Chizuru outside: I...I'm not sure but
Chizuru: I wonder if this is the best way to handle this...

Panel 5:
Kaze: I am not avoiding her!!
Kaze outside: What are you talking about!!
Ayane: Somehow I don't believe it when you say that.
Ayane: If you're not, then it certainly seems that way from how you're acting!

Page 129:
Panel 1:
Ayane: She's so used to being alone, that girl
Ayane: It was just a misunderstanding, so don't give up on her!

Panel 3:
Ayane: See ya!
Chizuru: Hey, hold on,
Chizuru: Yano-chiiiiin!
Outside: Wait up! What's wrong with you?

Panel 4:
Kaze: ---what the heck is up with her!? (Small: What the hell!?)
Outside: Don't try to tell me she kicked me just for that!!
Ryuu thought: How pathetic...

Panel 5:
Chizuru: What's the matter with you today? You're in a really terrible mood.
Outside: Come on now
Ayane: I guess so. It is pretty bad, huh.
Outside: I lost my temper...

Page 130:
Panel 1:
Ayane: The truth is that I do feel a little bit bad for Kazehaya too, but you know---
Outside: It's pissing me off!
Chizuru: Eh? Why do you feel bad for him?

Panel 2:
Ayane: Eh... because the girl he really likes, it looks like he's become scared to interact with her. (Small: Still, you have to admit it's pitiful...)
Chizuru: EH!? Kazehaya has a girl he likes!?

Panel 3:
Chizuru: ?

Panel 4:
Outside: You-
Chizuru: You're in a pinch...!
Chizuru: Sawako...!!

Panel 5:
Chizuru: B- but you know, Yano-chin! Kazehaya still cares about Sawako though!
Chizuru: Even just yesterday...!
Outside: Awawawawa...
Outside 2: But maybe he just did that out of some sense of responsibility or something----
Ayane: Hold on,
Ayane: Just hold on a minute, Chizu!

Page 131:
Panel 1:
Chizuru: The person that Kazehaya likes is Sawa...!!
SFX: Mgrphf! (muffled)
Ayane: Keep your voice down!!

Panel 2:
Chizuru: Then what's the problem!?
Ayane: I'm not saying it's a problem!! (Small: And I never did!!)

Panel 3:
Chizuru: That's great then!! I'm gonna go tell him!!
Outside: Kazehaya---! Good news--!!
Ayane: Hold it right there!!

Panel 4:
Ayane: Do you think
Ayane: Kazehaya is the kind of person who will be happy if we interfere?
Chizuru: N-
Chizuru: Now that you mention it...

Page 132:
Panel 1:
Chizuru: Even back in junior high!!
Chizuru: Wait-- Kazehaya-- Eri actually likes you, you know--
Outside: It was a favor-- She asked me to tell you--
With arrow, above Chizuru's head: One who was being used by Kurumi at the time
Kazehaya: (Small: Again?) Stop teasing me.
Chizuru: (Small: Nope) It's true, another one.
Next to Kazehaya's head: Since winter's coming on, baseball practice is already wearing me out.

Panel 2:
Outside: Dead Serious
Kazehaya: Then why doesn't Yoshida come and tell me that herself?

Panel 3:
Small 1: ....And that's what he said, so
Small 2: Waaaah!!
Small 3: How terrible, Eri-chan!!
Chizuru: Uwah, just as you said!!
Outside: He's completely unmovable!
Chizuru: Just as you thought!!
Chizuru: It's no good, no good! Even if we talk to Kazehaya!!
Chizuru: If we say that Sawako asked us to explain that it was just a misunderstanding, his opinion of her will hit rock bottom!!

Panel 4:
Chizuru: Then, I'm gonna go tell Sawako to confess!!
Outside: Sawako--!! Good news---!
Ayane: Hold it right there!!

Panel 5:
Ayane: Chizu

Panel 6:
Ayane: Didn't you have someone try that for you, and have it turn out badly? (Small: You should know that better than anyone!!)
Chizuru: Uh!

Page 133:
Panel 1:
Chizuru: That, I guess that's true, but... it's Sawako though
Ayane: Exactly, this is Sawako!

Panel 2:
Ayane: If we tell Sawako, and force her to confess, then they might start socializing again, however
Ayane: Do you really think it would work out that way?
Ayane: Even now, doesn't she get freaked out in regards to Kazehaya sometimes?

Panel 3:
1: Such a thing...
2: Even if she actually said "Go out with me" to him, that doesn't mean they'd actually start dating anyway.
3: And nothing would change from the way it is now
4: ...I, you know

Panel 4:
Ayane: Sawako is kind of strange in that way, she tends to feel so inferior that she thinks no one would want to socialize with her
Ayane: So that why I think that by herself, she's trying to fix the problem, she's trying to confess, and she wants to do it on her own.

Panel 5:
Ayane: ...even if it's unpleasant

Page 134:
Panel 1:
Ayane: It just has to be the case that they both like each other, and yet both of them think that the other wouldn't accept their confession.

Panel 2:
Chizuru: ...Yeah...
Chizuru: ......

Panel 3:
Chizuru: Knowing her, even if we tell Sawako that Kazehaya likes her, she wouldn't believe it anyway, it seems...
Ayane: Ah, That's true...

Panel 4:
Chizuru thought: ...And there's another thing...

Panel 5:
Chizuru thought: ...Yesterday...!!
Outside 1: Compared to Sawako? Have you really not noticed!?
Outside 2: Me or Yano-chin or even Ryuu would be closer to Sawako probably
Outside 3: You're probably the one farthest from her!!
With arrow: Said that without thinking
Chizuru thought: ...I had no idea what he was asking about...!! (Small: Could it be, that was about Sawako's feelings!?)
Outside under: Did I end up saying something really dangerous!?

Panel 6:
Ayane: (Huh?) What happened with Kazehaya yesterday? (Small: Did you say something just now?)
SFX: Dokiiiiii! (Loud heartbeat/fear)

Panel 7:
Chizuru: EH!?
Chizuru: Yesterday!? Kazehaya!?
Chizuru: I- I have no idea what you're talking about!!
Outside: No way, what are you saying!?
SFX (Above Arrow): Staaare
Chizuru Thought: As I thought, somehow or another it was...
Chizuru thought: Yano-chin will kill me!!

Page 135:
Panel 1:
1: Eeeeh?
2: You went to the cursed study session!?
3: How was it!?
4: It was amazing!
5: I understand it completely now!
6: Just like I heard!!
Outside: Are you serious!?
(5, 6 and Outside kind of overlap panel 2)

Panel 2:
Outside 1: Th- the rumors...!?
Outside 2: Doki Doki Doki...!! (Sound of heartbeats)
1: For example...
2: Yeah, I guess so...

Panel 3:
1: [Within three days, you'll wither away to a weight of only 5 kilos!!] it seems!!
SFX: Uwaah...!!
2: Wha...
3: What's that...!!

Side box: (I will translate this separately, sorry.)

Page 136:
Panel 1:
Sawako: They...
Sawako: They're not sick...!!
Sawako SFX: Gaaaan!
Outside: They're not cursed...!!
SFX on door: Yay yay
Small next to door: Amazing! As expected from Sadako!

Panel 2:
Kent: (Ha ha ha!) Oh, well said!!
Sawako: !!

Panel 3:
1: (Above: Ah!) Sada...!

Panel 5:
1: Amazing!
2: You're amazing, Sadako!
3: That study group yesterday
4: It might save me from another round of failing marks!

Page 137:
Panel 1:
Kent: See?
Kent: You just need to be more confident!!

Panel 2:
1: Ah, Sadako!
2: Thank you for yesterday!
Sawako: No, No, it was no trouble!!
Above Sawako's head: Uhya--

Panel 3:
Outside 1: Now that you mention it, the ones who didn't come, what were they thinking?
Outside 2: And the plants in the flower bed you (for convenience) cultivated...
Outside 3: Eh? In the flower bed!?
Small (under Sawako's elbow): Yay

Panel 4:
Small SFX: Yay

Page 138:
Panel 1: [Don't you feel bad for her?]

Panel 2:
Kaze: ...No, I don't

Page 139:
Panel 2:
1: Alright! Midterms are over---!

Panel 3:
1: It's incredible! My class rank increased, Sadako!!
Outside: Me too!
Sawako outside: Ooh!!
2: And the school festival is coming up too, huh---

Panel 4:
1: This year's theme is Fantasy, I hear
2: I wonder what our class will end up doing
3: Eeeh? What the heck is this!!

Page 140:
Panel 1:
Plant Sign 1: Constipation
Plant Sign 2: Diuresis
1: Constipation... Diuresis...
2: How scary!!
3: These are the plants that the second year upperclassman Kuronuma Sadako raised, it seems.
4: Sadako!?
5: Ah, I remember seeing her before!!
Outside (Left side): Doesn't she have super long hair!?

Panel 2:
1: Until a year ago, there were stories that she caused all kinds of curses!
2: No way! What kind, what kind!?
3: Things like that she could use shikigami and stuff like that!!
4: And she can teleport too!!
5: I heard she can improve your grades!!
Outside, top to bottom: Eeeh! No way! Scary! Amazing!
6: ......

Panel 3:
Small, top right corner: Okay
1: The costume parade theme is the 100 demons of the night, huh. So what should we do for it?
(T/N: Reference the manga Nurarihyon no Mago if you're more interested in the 100 Demons, the Hyakki Yagyou.)
2: (Small text just outside Bubble: I know!) What if the class did [Sadako's Black Magic Cafe] or something like that? What do you think?
Sawako SFX: Eh!!
3: Sadako, the strange grass you raised, (Small: They're medicinal plants, right?)
4: Sadako, feel free to give your opinion about what kind of booth we should make!
5: Then, let's take a vote!

Panel 4:
Blackboard: The Class's Project:
Sadako's Black Magic Cafe
26 Votes
Haunted House
7 Votes
Costume Parade
100 Demons of the Night
(T/N: Those "Sei" kanji are the way the votes were counted - they should be erased.)

Panel 5:
Sawako: Eeeh---!!

Page 141:
Panel 1:
1: What's this?
Sawako: It's a chameleon plant...
2: Eh--! (Small: So that's what it was!)

Panel 2:
1: They make chameleon plant tea, don't they?
Ayane (Small bubble, top center): Chizu, close your legs
Chizuru Outside: It's hot!
2: That's great! There's stuff for all kinds of medicinal tea, isn't there?
3: Oh, this is!
Sawako: Mint...
4: You're even raising mint, Sadako?!

Panel 3:
1: Ah!

Panel 4:
1: It's Kazehaya and the guys, huh.
2: Ah! Kazehaya---!

Panel 5:
SFX: Hah!!
1: Look at this, Sadako is even raising things like mint---!!

Page 142:
Panel 2:
Sawako: ......!
Sawako: ......!!

Panel 3:
Kaze: ...Yeah

Panel 5:
1: What can you use mint for? (Small: Just a spice?)
2: Can you make it into tea too?
Outside: A ha ha
3: It's not just for tea, you can use it in the bath too, right?

Panel 6:
Sawako: Ah...
Outside: They left...
1: Hey, what's this one?
Outside: A ha ha
Sawako: Ah! That is... (Small: They probably have to change their clothes...)

Page 143:
Panel 1:
Ayane: It looks like they want to talk to each other, but...
Outside: How do you say
Ayane: ...Kazehaya still isn't feeling any pressure, even after what I said to him earlier...
Outside (below): What's the heck!
Chizuru SFX: Shock!!

Panel 2:
Chizuru: ......
Outside: Y- yeah...
SFX: pata pata (the sound of her waving that fan)
1: ...I want to talk to him, but

Panel 3:
1: What should I say?
2: ...the words won't come out...

Panel 4:
1: ...I wonder if it's just my imagination.

Page 144:
Panel 1:
1: But earlier, I also felt like there was a distance between us

Panel 2:
1: ...I...
2: Am I overthinking it, I wonder...

Page 145:
Panel 2:
Chizuru: So, I'll be counting on you.
Ryuu: I don't wanna.

Panel 3:
Chizuru: Why not!? You should be able to just casually follow up with Kazehaya on this when you're talking to him, right!?
Chizuru Outside: Just tell him you understand about Sawako, 100%!!
Chizuru SFX: Nuuuu!!
Ryuu: No, there's no way I could just say such an unexpected thing casually, and I don't want to either, so...
Outside: No way!!
Chizuru: You- you blockhead!!

Page 146:
Panel 1:
Ryuu: ...Well,

Panel 2:
Ryuu: If he brings it up first, I guess I can do it...

Panel 3:
SFX: Pwaaaaah...

Panel 4:
Ryuu: ...but for your information, I'm not doing this for your sake. I'm just worried about Shouta, so...
Ryuu: And it's not like I didn't already know without you telling me, either...
Chizuru SFX: EEEEEH!?

Panel 5:
SFX: Showaaaah

Panel 6:
Kent: Ah!

Page 147:
Panel 1:
Kent: Sadako-chan!

Panel 2:
Kent: What great timing!
SFX: Grin

Panel 3:
Kent: I've been trying to find a way to talk to you alone!

Panel 5:
Pin: Oh?

Page 148:
Panel 1:
Sign: Cafeteria
SFX: Gaya Gaya (sound of talking)

Panel 2:
Ryuu: Ah,
Ryuu: Shouta
Ryuu: Over here (Small: There's an open seat.)
Kaze: Okay!

Panel 3:
1: Thanks!
SFX: Katan
Ryuu: ......
Ryuu: ...conversation...

Panel 4:
Outside: ...I called him over, so what do I do now...
Ryuu: ......
Ryuu: I guess, taking it into consideration...
Ryuu: ...Aaaah

Panel 5:
Ryuu: So then in the end, can I be frank about Kuronuma, or shouldn't I?
SFX: Gerk!! (Sound of him choking on his food)

Page 149:
Panel 1:
Ryuu outside: Ah! The broth...
Kaze: (Outside: Wha) What the heck is this all of the sudden!
Ryuu: No, I was just wondering about it

Panel 2:
Kaze: ......

Panel 3:
Kaze: ...How should I interact with her
Kaze: I'm just not sure

Panel 4:
Kaze: Until now, in regards to Kuronuma, I...
Kaze: I just interacted with her as I liked

Panel 5:
Kaze: was never about anything like [For Kuronuma's sake]

Page 150:
Panel 1:
Kaze: But maybe that was just bothersome
Kaze: And I didn't understand that
Kaze: ...If I just didn't understand, and I should have actually been listening to the person herself all this time...

Panel 2:
Ryuu: You weren't listening?
Kaze: Wouldn't she have just said [It's a bother]?

Panel 3:
Outside: Probably
Ryuu: But she didn't say that, huh.
Ryuu outside: Even if you think it
Kaze: Right?
SFX below: Yeah, yeah

Panel 4:
SFX (to the left, above Kazehaya's head): Irritated...
Pin: Oh! If it isn't Shouta!!
Pin: In such a place, eating without a care in the world, what an appetite you have!!

Panel 5:
Kaze: What the hell is wrong with a student eating his lunch in the school cafeteria!?
Pin: Oh? Are you saying you're fine with that then?

Page 151:
Panel 1:
Pin: Your wife is cheating on you, you know.
Pin: With Miura Kent!

Panel 3:

Panel 4:
Kaze SFX: Ah!!

Panel 5:
Outside: No
Kaze: You're wrong
Kaze: It's not cheating or anything like that!!
SFX: Katan
Pin: HAAHN!?

Page 152:
Panel 1:
Pin: You got dumped!!
Kaze SFX: Turn!
Kaze: You're wrong!!

Panel 2:
Pin: ......
Pin: Hahaaaaan, could it be, you...
Pin: Still haven't even confessed yet?

Panel 3:
Pin: Your love... you gotta tell her!

Panel 4:
Pin: You should just confess refreshingly, under the bright sunlight!
Pin: Ah, but you're kinda bug-like, huh. Getting it out with your tiny, tiny courage, maybe you should just shout your confession from the top of Jungle Gym instead!
Pin SFX: That would be the best!
Kaze SFX: You... You're pissing me off...!!
Kaze thought: Why the hell does this guy even know about it!!

Panel 5:
Kaze thought: Perhaps, Kuronuma herself is the only one who's completely oblivious
Kaze thought: ......
Kaze thought: No...

Page 153:
Panel 1:
Thought: Maybe she does know, and is angry with me...
Thought: ......

Panel 2:
Kaze: ......
Kaze: I have no idea...
Kaze: I really have absolutely no idea what to do
Kaze: About Kuronuma

Panel 3:
Pin: What are you talking about?

Panel 4:
Pin: That's obvious, isn't it?
Pin: There's only one way to find out for sure, isn't there?

Page 154:
Panel 2:
1: ...Yeah, you're right.

Panel 3:
SFX: Katan

Panel 4:
Pin: Where are you going?
1: Wha!?
Outside: What the heck!?
2: Kuronuma!

Panel 5:
Pin: If you're wondering about Kuronuma, she was at the flower bed where she's been growing that weird grass...
Pin: Ah!
Pin: Hey!

Page 155:
Panel 2:
Pin: (Small, uppermost right: Wha-) What the hell was that!?

(Small: The springtime of youth!?)
SFX: Hiiiiiiii!!
Ryuu outside: Ah, this feeling
Ryuu thought: For some reason, it reminds me of something from Momotetsu, with Binbou-gami having blamed someone else...!
(T/N: This is a reference to a long-running series of video games, "Momotaro Electric Railway" (桃太郎電鉄, Momotarō Dentetsu), often abbreviated "Momotetsu". The main nemesis is Binbou-gami (God of Poverty), and the objective is to acquire wealth and property but traveling around the world.)

Page 156:
(no text)

Page 157:
Lower left corner: <To be continued>

End of Chapter - Character profiles/omakes to follow

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