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Cloth Weaver 1

1st stich: A lost sheep

+ posted by xdeathcat as translation on Feb 11, 2010 03:01 | Go to Cloth Weaver

-> RTS Page for Cloth Weaver 1

/ = new page
--- = SFX
@@ = small text
** = signs, etc
[] = thoughts
{} = translation notes
~ = streched sound (like Nee~ : ねー)
() = Original Text


*Overwhelming art! Finally, the start of the anticipated work!!*

This is the story of a tale handed down from generation to generation

Grandpa: A long long time ago,

--blink blink(pachi pachi)

Grandpa: God spun threads from his servant sheeps and weaved it into a cloth.

Grandma: It is called

Grandma: Divine Cloth

This is the story of those who revoles around the Divine Cloth

*Short term coverage serialization starts!!*


The story of the two, who spin to save the world!!

1st stitch: A lost sheep


boy: Pass through the forest, and you will reach a small town called Kuurenai,

boy: "Carpet of the evening sun", widely know as the Rouge-coloured garden will welcome you..."

boy: ..so

--birds crowing(Gyai)

boy: We're not anywhere near getting out of the forest... at all.

@Let's see.. Where are we now..?@

Girl: Ne~ Let's just leave it as it is and eat~

--boiling (Gu)

Girl: If you don't hurry, I'll eat Rairu's share too!

--munch (paku)


Rairu: You're really keen on eating..

--sigh (haa..)

--flump/fell heavily (dosa)


Rairu: Merino?

--Breaths heavily

Rairu: MERINO!?

Rairu: Wha-What happened, Merino!?

Merino: I- I don't know. I drank the soup and suddenly...

Rairu: That ccan't be!? When I checked the soup just now, it was..


--bubbling(gobo gobo)

--aweful smell(Pooooooon)


Rairu: fine...

Rairu: ...Oi. What did you do to the soup?

--bubbling(gobogobo kotokoto)

Merino: Eh? I just added a few colourful mushrooms..

Rairu: You idiot Merino~~~~~~~!!!!!

Rairu: O- Oi Merino!?

Rairu: Hang in there, Merino!!


Neenee Has Grandpa ever seen the Divine Cloth?

[Aah Yes I have. Just a part of it but it was really beautiful
Merino wants to see it too!!]

[Hmm. When Merino grows a little more bigger let's go see it.
Really!? Then Merino shall...]

--fast asleep(su)

Merino: Eat alot to grow bigger~~~~

--snuggle(munya munya)

Spec: Good.

Spec: Looks like she has pulled through the critical stage.



Spec: Are you awake?


Merino: Wh-wh-wh-wh- who are you!!?

--gets up suddenly(gaba)


Spec: Who me?

Enams:I'm Enams (Enamusu), this clinic's doctor.

Rairu: Be grateful and say thank you Merino

Rairu: He's your savior

Merino: Rairu!!

Merino: Eh.. Savior?

--rattle -chair-(gata)

Enams: I'm going downstairs. Call me if anything happens.

Rairu: Aa.

--door closes(patan)


Rairu: Sheesh.. Doing unnecerssary things to others cooking
Narrowly and we would have both collapsed.

@How can you eat something like this..@

Merino: But that has a slight spicy flavor and taste surprising good


Rairu: I don't need that spicyness

Merino: Uu--- Sorry


Rairu: but thanks to that, we made it to Kuurenai

Merino: Eh!?

Merino: We're in Kuurenai!?

Rairu: Aa, I found out later and was so surprised but..


Rairu: Tsk. Listen to me!!

The rouge-coloured garden that looks as if the evening sun is shinning on it

Liight pink with daark red Benibana Bun{Benibana is rouge-colour flower}

Town of rouge flowers Kuurenai!!


--dash (dadadadadada)

--bang (Ba)

Merino: Waaah

Merino: ...Ah

Merino: H..

Merino: Huh..?


Merino: This is...

Rairu: Thaaat is whyyy, I said I was surprised.

Merino: Rairu

Rairu: Looks like we wasted our effort.

[This place is Kuurenai!?]

Since a year ago, unnatural phenomenons have been occurring


Right now, there's not even a shadow left but

there used to be alot of people coming here in search of the rouge flowers

--wheels rattling(Garararara)

It was a lively and beautiful town


--grind(gori gori)

Enams: By the way,

Enams: You are...?

Rairu: Aaa!

Rairu: We're late on introductions huh. I'm Rairu.

Rairu: And this, is Merino

Rairu: That's our partner Noel!

--sleeping (supi~)

Rairu: We're travelling tailors

Rairu: We travel around the world to look for different materials and special products

*Light pink and Dark red one each!!*

Rairu: 'carpet of the evening sun' and Benibana dye was the purpose for coming to Kuurenai

Enams: Sad to say, the town now is idled
It's be best for you to leave the town as soon as the child wakes up...


[It would be terrible if you catch the infection]

Merino: Infection?

Rairu: Aa


Rairu: Take care of yourself especially since you're weaker now

Rairu: According to Enams, there's a deadly disease spreading in this town


Rairu: Therefore, we're staying here for today and leaving the next thing tomorrow

Merino: Eh?

Rairu: There's no purpose in staying in such a dangerous town right?

Merino: You're right but...

Merino: That's it! We should do something to thank Enams~

Merino: I was looking forward to it too

@Uu Uuu...@

Merino: BENIBANA BUNS... and "carpet of the evening sun"


Merino: Hey, what's that over there?

Merino: There, on top of that hill!

Rairu: Nn~~~?

Enams: Eh?

Enams: That building on top of the hill?

Rairu: Aa

Rairu: What building is that?


Enams: NO

Rairu: Eh?

Enams: That is the only place that you can't go

Enams: That building is...


The culprit that plunge this town in despair

Agbul (Agubul) medicinal factory

Villagers: Herb... Please give us...
We beg of you
We need it
The herb

Agbul: Oooh~

Agbul: Today is a sucess as well!

Agbul: After they heard the rumor, orders came continuously from everywhere!
I have to start hiring more!


Agbul: This is so much profitable than the Benibana


o___o 15 is the exact same page as 13.


--rumble(Go go go go go)

Agbul: If you want medicine, either pay a hundard million Mark(Maaki)
or work in the factory!!

--mumble Agubul: In that case, it'd be for life though

Agbul: If you defy me,

Agbul: I don't know what will happen

--breathing heavily(Fuuuu Fuuuu)

--horrified (zo)

There weren't anything that we can do

Rairu: To spread the disease and sell the medicine at an absurd high price...

Rairu: He's the worst

Merino: Horrible!!
Didn't the Church take action!?


Enams: Unfortunately, there is no church in such a remote town

Enams: The travelling priests who listens to requests haven't visited here for 10 years

Travelling Priests
Under the orders if the church, they are priests who inspect for anti-chruch movements and politics throughout the lands

Rairu: Therefore...

Rairu: you try to develop the medicine?

Enams: Because that, is our wish


Rairu: Our?

Enams: I have a sister who supported me in my research but

Enams: one day, she contracted the disease...

Enams: She entrust me with her wish, and left to work at the factory in exchange for the herb

Merino: This is that herb?

Enams: Un

Enams: All that's known is that it's a new variety
However I search, none of the books wrote about it

Enams: The form, constituent, and cell tissues are completely different

Enams: As if it is a plant from another world

Enams: because of that, the research is not proceeding at all



This is...


Rairu: Wah!

Rairu: You!!


Rairu: What are you doing Merino!!

Enams: Aa, sorry, you're sick and I made you listen for so long

Enams: Do you understand now?

Merino: U- Un


Rairu: Hey Merino

Rairu: Just now, could it be

Merino: Un

Merino: It ringed

Merino: It must have frayed in that factory

Rairu: Oh? If that's how it is, then

Rairu: It's a job for us!


The next day

Guard: Te

Guard: Te-te-te-te-te- terrible!! Agubul-sama!!

Agbul: What, so noisy in the morning

Guard: Tttttt-they have already arrived in the reception room

Agbul: Haa?


Guard: The travelling priest!!

Agubul: Wha- WHAAAT!?


Priest: I have recieved a report that your factory is causing contagion to both the villagers and the environment

Priest: I hereby request for an inspection of the factory grounds

Agbul: Hahahaha
There's no way I'm causing contagion!!
I shall go prepare to guide you at once!!

--panic(gata gata)


Agbul: Just just wait a while!!

Enams: W..Wow...

Rairu: You were quite good at it weren't you? Enams!

@Can't see well..@

Enams: R-Really...


But to turn out to be this sucessful


Enams: To decieve Agubul and stop the factory!?

Enams: That's impossible!! Like such petty trick would work

--jaw drop {more like surprised in a bad way}

Merino: No worries. We've done it many times before

Rairu: Merino Shhhhhh!! Shhhhhhhh!!

Enams: A-anyhow. I'm against this. In any case, this is our problem

Enams: I can't involve you who have nothing to do with this!!

Merino: You're wrong

Merino: Enams-san


Merino: We're

Merino: Part of this too

Merino: After all, Enams-san did what only Enams-san can do
to save Merino right?

Rairu: That's why we too, want to help you in a way which only we can.


Rairu: And of course... your sister and this town too!

Rairu: therefore......

Enams: Wa-wait a minute!

Enams: I have a favor to ask


Can I have one of those robes too?

Enams: Anyway, how did you come up with such a plan?

Merino: Merino's Grandpa used to be a Travelling Priest
That cross I got from Grandpa is genuine.

Enams: Heeh..

[We're coming to save you now]

Guard: Agbul-sama

Guard: We have prepared what you've asked for

Abgul: Alright

Abgul: I apologise deeply for the wait

Abgul: Come, come, please head in


Agbul: It is dark inside because of the cultivation so please be careful


Enams: A...

Enams: Huh?

--looks around(kyoro kyoro)

Enams: There's nothing?

Merino: There aren't any people either


Enams: What's going on?

--Heavy breath (nya)

--Heavy door creaking(gagokikikin)

Rairu: What!?


Rairu: The door!!

Rairu: There's something there!?

Agbul: Gaaahahaha too easy!!

Agbul: If you let your guard down

Agbul: you won't even know what hit you

Agbul: Oh great Travelling Priests

--heavy breaths(fuuu fuuu)

Rairu: Wh-what the hell is that...!?


Rairu: Just looking at it feels bad


[That's... A crane?]

Rairu: Merino
I'll draw it's attention away

Rairu: When I give you signal, take Enams and Noel and go down using the crane

Enams: Yo-you can't do that...

Merino: Un!! Ok

Enams: Merino-chan!?

Merino: It's ok, even if he looks like that


Merino: Rairu's very strong


Rairu: Those haphazard chunks of muscles are probably from taking in chemical substances

Rairu: If it's originally human, I can't attack it rashly

Rairu: No choice then



muscle lump: Oooooooo

--heavy steps(dodododo)

Rairu: Merino...


Rairu: Run





Enams: Rairu-kun

Rairu: It's fine so just go


Rairu: No worries


--reel clicking(gyari)

Rairu: Don't worry about me..






Rairu: Phew



Rairu: I'll catch up soon



Enams: W-wow


Rairu: You're not even in the crane!!

Rairu: What, are you scared?


Rairu: It's ok to wait here
We can check out downstairs ourselves

Enams: No way! I've already come so far

Rairu: We don't mind you following but
From this point onwards, it's our job

Rairu: Is that fine with you?

Enmas: J-job?
You are a tailor aren't you?

Rairu: Hey Enams

Rairu: Do you know what is world's most beautiful cloth?


Enams: Isn't that obvious?

Enams: Our living earth that God weaved, 'Divine Cloth' no?

Rairu: That's right

Long long time ago


Enams: Nah!?


God came down to the world that was filled with darkness

From his sheeps, he spun threads and weaved a cloth

In a blink of the eye, it covered the earth

And thus earth reborned into a new world called 'Divine Cloth'

Merino: Grandpa always talked about it before we go to bed

Enams: B-but
What does this have to do with...

--gloom presence (o o o o o)

Enams: What is this!?


Enams: N-no way



Enams: This is...

Enams: The reason why the town is suffering?


Rairu: Just as we thought..

Rairu: It's the bug

Enams: Eh?

Merino: Look!

Merino: The world is.. frayed

Enams: Nah!?


Enmas: Wh-what is that...!?

Rairu: It's name is bug

Rairu: A pest that feed on the world that God weaved

A long time ago, the world of darkness and its habitants was sealed

under the world that god weaved

Rairu: They are aiming to invade the world

--moving about (Gichi Buchiii)

Rairu: As it feeds on the world, the bughole expands

Rairu: To adapt to the environment here, it takes in humans


Enams: MINA!

Rairu: If that continues, it won't take long for the bug to destroy the world

Rairu: and you did it knowing what will happen?

Rairu: Agbul!!


Agbul: As expected of a Travelling Priest, your extensive knowledge has enlightened me alot


Agbul: But!


Agbul: It is not something that I need to know

Enams: Agbul you lowlife!!

Agbul: Ooh so scary
Do it

Guard: Yes sir

--Fssh {wave of the hand}

Enams: Nah!? The rope!


Agbul: Fuhahahahaha Now you can no longer come back up

Agbul: Even if you hold great power, there's nothing to fear about when you are trapped here!!

Agbul: Gaahahahaha


Agbul: Aren't you glad, you monster!!

Agbul: There's so much food for you today!!


--bullets being shot(dododo)

Agbul: Ghaahaahaha...

--BOOM{more like building collapsed}(dogoooonn)

Agbul: HA!?




Rairu: A~~~~a


Agbul: Wha.....a.....at?

Rairu: Because you made so much noise, the bug got angry

--big hole (pokkari)

Agbul: Uu

Rairu: Unfortunately, Bug is not something you(humans)

Rairu: can make use of


Rairu: Merino

Rairu: Let's start work

Merino: Uhn!!

Enams: Wait, work!?


--draws weapon (sha)

Rairu: Oh right, we were in the middle of that conversation

Merino: Our job

Rairu: is to mend the run of the world

M & R: We're tailors


Rairu: Noel!



Noel: Wan

Rairu: Are you ready?

Noel: Wan


Rairu: Let's go!


Rairu: Uooooooh


--bullets being shot (dodododo)

--bullets landing (doon/dogon/dogo)

Rairu: U


Rairu: Oooooooooo


--jumps (don)


Rairu: How dare you

Rairu: open such a big hole in the world


Rairu: Compensate

Rairu: for the sin you've commited


Rairu: Exacution!! {the actual meaning is cut, but that kinda lack impact..}



Enams: Yes!!


Rairu: Nope... Sad to say

Rairu: Bug cannot be destroyed



Enams: Naah!?


Enams: No way... Then

Enams: There's no end to this...!!

Rairu: Yeah but we bought us some time didn't we?

Rairu: Right Noel?


--bounce(byon byon)


Rairu: Is that all?

Noel: wan

Rairu: Good!

Rairu: Now's Merino's turn

Merino: Lord said-

Merino: "I set my lambs free on the field" and

Merino: bestowed them the light of hope

Merino: With that light, seal the darkness


Merino: Now, right here... Let the light




Merino: Spin!!


Enams: Wha-at!?

Enams: Her hair is

Enams: knitting itself!?




Merino: The new land that I weave from my hair
Doily Seal

Merino: completes here!

Merino: Return the lost child to its rightful place

Merino: And restore this land to its..


Merino: Original state!!

--shine (zao)





Rairu: Yeah!



--Go un

Rairu: With this

Rairu: Sealing complete!



Enams: There light shining from the ground!!



--disppear {whatever that was on them}(paaaaa)

Mina: U...nh

--wakes up(pachi)

Villagers: Wha--at!?

Villagers: There's light shinning from the factory!!

--gust of wind(buwaaaaa)


--Sound of the rain (Paaaa)

Mina: Eh? Where...


Enams: MINA!!

Enams: Goodness!! You're saved!!


Mina: Eh? Wa, Oni-chan!?

Man 1: Huh? What was I...

Woman 1: Nnnn?

--get up(muku)

Villagers: Eh? What? What happened?

Villagers: Huh? I was...


Villagers: Where is this place?

Villagers: Huuh?

Villagers: Feels like I've been sleeping for very long..



Merino: Uwaaaa Pretty~~~~~!!

Merino: It's really like the sunset!

Rairu: They are fully bloomed because of the energy released that was stored in the Bug

Rairu: With this, the town will return to how it once was

Merino: Nee Nee, Grandpa had seen this scenary before right?

Rairu: Aa
That's right

Listen well both of you-


Grandpa: When I die

Grandpa: Leave here and travel around

Merino: GRANDPA!!

Rairu: Merino

Grandpa: The world is big and beautiful
I want you both to see more of the world

Grandpa: The stories of the world I've told you about are real
With those eyes, see the Divine cloth

Grandpa: And please protect it
Because both of you have the power to...


[Now go, to the places I've travelled to...]

Rairu: Nooow then

Rairu: Where shall we go next?

This is the story of a tale handed down from generation to generation

Merino: I know! Merino wants to go to the Fable village which has the "Potato Catapillar Dango"

Rairu: Haa!?

This is the story of those who revoles around the Divine Cloth

Rairu: What ridiculusly named sweet is that!?
Ah, but they have the "Seven-colour silkworm"!

Merino: Silkworm means silk!? Silk can be eaten right!?

Rairu: You are really keen on eating...

Cloth Weaver's journey continues!!

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#1. by Mr. Death ()
Posted on Jun 1, 2010
I need to gt around to typesetting it....

Areas to check:

Mainly sentence structure

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Alias: xdeathcat
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