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Translations: Gintama 656 (2) , One Piece 881 by cnet128

Pajama na Kanojo 4

I’m so happy

+ posted by xNothingx as translation on Mar 18, 2012 11:44 | Go to Pajama na Kanojo

-> RTS Page for Pajama na Kanojo 4

Sorry for delaying. I'm a little busy this week so the translation might get worse.


Top: Thanks for your great feedback!! A little bit mystery love story!! The 4th chapter of the new series!!

Text: The blue summer sky can be seen through you.

Bottom right: Vol. 4 I’m so happy
Below it: Hadama Kosuke

Text on the fan: The story in summer


Text: The sound of locusts is permeating through the silent room.


Keisuke: Wha!!!

Keisuke: I’m...
Keisuke: I’m sorry!!

Man: Shirai-sensei...
Man: Eh?


Man: Wh...
Man: What on earth are you doing!!!
Keisuke: No...
Keisuke: This is...

Keisuke: This is... a misunderstanding...
Man: Here is hospital.
Girl: What happened?

Girl: That boy... he pushed the girl down and...
Girl 2: I- It’s disgusting!!!

Girl: Huh? Isn’t that girl...
Girl: The girl appeared on CM?
Girl: She’s Shirai Yuki on kamebou CM.
Girl 2: Eh!? Are you kidding? Is that really her!?

Girl: Her popularity is raising up suddenly, right!?
Girl: Then won’t that cause trouble?

Bottom: Hamada-sensei’s manga can be read on Jump only!! Support him please!


Girl: And now she is caught being with her lover...
Girl: Here goes a scandal.
Small text: Kya

Girl: Then he is her boyfriend!?
Girl: Are you kidding?
Keisuke: Ah...
Keisuke: Ah...
Text: This is not good at all!!!

Keisuke: Aaah, th- that’s right, big-sis!!!
Keisuke: We must take the book grandfather forgot to the airport now!!


Yuki: Eh...?
Keisuke: It’s because that important book is placed so high!
Keisuke: And it was dangerous when they collapsed
Man: Hm? Shirai-sensei’s grandchilds...?
Keisuke: What’s wrong!? Big-sis!!

Man: Ah, that’s right. I saw his grandchild on TV...
Text: G... Great!! I deceived them smoothly!!
Keisuke: Come on!! Big-sis!
Keisuke: Let’s go!

Yuki: Eh...
Yuki: Um...
Keisuke: Grandfather’s forgotten book! Take it quickly!!

Keisuke: Come one!!
Keisuke: Quickly!!


Keisuke: Please!
Keisuke: Excuse us!!!

Girl: Geez, they are his grandchilds huh...
Text: It’s boring.
Man: Huh?
Man: Does he have a grandson?

Keisuke: Hah...
Keisuke: Hah...
Keisuke: Hah...


Keisuke: Hah
Keisuke: Hah
Keisuke: Gez

Keisuke: Ah!

Keisuke: I’m sorry!!

Keisuke: Hah

Keisuke: Let’s... take a break...

Yuki: Hah...
Yuki: Hah...


Text: Is... Is she angry...? It seems like that...
Text: Having such kind of rumor... is surely bad.

Keisuke: I... I will come back to the hospital to remove that misunderstanding soon.

Yuki: It’s...
Keisuke: No!!! I...

Keisuke: Actually... I started forgetting that...
Keisuke: Senpai are a girl on CM...
Keisuke: So I took everything normal... And I caused you troubles with that lie...


Keisuke: If it has any bad effect to your job...
Keisuke: I... will do anything to apologize you...

Keisuke: You are a celebrity after all.

Keisuke: I’m truly sorry for today.
Keisuke: Bye.

Yuki: Wait.


Keisuke: Eh...?

Yuki: Don’t talk like that...
Yuki: Everyone says that...
Yuki: And I hate that sort of words...

Keisuke: Senpai...?

Yuki: M... More importantly!! If you’re going to apologize...
Yuki: You should do it for important points!!


Yuki: You touched my breasts!!
Yuki: You pushed me down!!
Yuki: And even you touched my below part when I was in the cardboard!!
Yuki: More importantly you did too mighty!!

Keisuke: I... I... I’m
Keisuke: Sorry for that...
Keisuke: But it wasn’t on purpose...
Yuki: I’m tired of hearing that.

Yuki: You put me in cardboard when I said I need to escape without being detected...
Yuki: You had us fake siblings when we were at the hospital.
Yuki: Really, what do you think I am?

Keisuke: What... It’s not that!!
Keisuke: I...

Yuki: But...
Yuki: I’m so happy.


Keisuke: Eh?

Yuki: Not giving anyone special treatment...
Yuki: That is...

Yuki: Your good point.


Keisuke: I...
Keisuke: I thought you were my big-sis.
Small text: I’m being teased...

Yuki: Whatever.
Yuki: Ah! That’s right.
Yuki: I got it on me since that moment.

Yuki: This letter and photo.
Yuki: I saw this is a serious situation.
Yuki: Just having me asked grandfather if you have something in mind, okay?

Yuki: So...

Yuki: I will borrow this.
Keisuke: Eh!? Wh... What are you doing!?

Keisuke: Hey, don’t...!!


Yuki: Here you are!

Yuki: This is...
Yuki: My phone number and email address.

Yuki’s phone: New email address
Kei’s phone: Email was sent


Yuki: Since you showed me that much...
Yuki: At least I will send you a good night email!

Keisuke: Eh...?

Kei’s phone:
{14:40 Shirai Yuki

Text: Wait


Text: No...
Text: I’m... having a weird feeling...

Text: It’s not good...
Text: Why am I having such forbidden thinking... I don’t get it...

Makura: Chuu
Makura: Chuu chuu

Makura: Hou
Makura: Chuu chuu

Makura: I want a cheese and I’m doing it.
Makura: Chuu


Makura: Hm...!? Huh?
Makura: This does look like Keisuke!

Makura: Ah ha ha, that’s right.
Makura: I will draw Makura next.

Makura: Chuu
Makura: Chuu

Makura: Chu...

Makura: Eh...?


Makura: Wha!! What am I drawing!!

Makura: Hm...

Makura: Why...

Makura: Doesn’t him...
Makura: Disappear...
Small text in bubble: Gez!!

Text: Her undeletable feelings.

Logo: Pajama na Kanojo.
Right: ... Vol. 4 / End

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Posted on Mar 18, 2012

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