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Sasami-san@Ganbaranai 1

Tomorrow I will try my best

+ posted by xNothingx as translation on Oct 24, 2012 13:30 | Go to Sasami-san@Ganbaranai

-> RTS Page for Sasami-san@Ganbaranai 1

I'm not a native English speaker.


Top box: The super popular light novel series, which will have an anime adaptation this winter, is adapted to manga!!!!!!!!!!
A love-comedy-in-“in”ordinary-days new series!

Text: Today starts now. From a peace, wide and narrow room.

Yellow circle: 3 chapters consecutively in one hit with 65 pages!

Bottom right: (Author) Akira, (Manga) Nishikawa Akira
“Sasami-san@Ganbaranai” Shogakukan – Gagaga Bunkokan
(Character drafting) Hidari

Yellow arrow: Information about TV Anime is on the next page!


Chapter 1 / Tomorrow I will try my best

Box: I wonder why everyone...

Box: Can live in...
Box: An ambiguous and unreliable world like this?

Box: Not to mention weird incidents always occur...


Side text: Not leaving her house. Not leaving her room. She doesn’t try her best at anything,

Man: Tsukuyomi-san.
Man: I brought your luggage.

Man: Hmm, still no one home?

Sign: Home delivery box
Rabbit: Please do without ringing the bell

Man: Hmm...
Man: Though I have a feeling that there’s always someone in this house.

Sasami: There’s not.


Top text: The first new series!! “Sasami-san@Ganbaranai”

Sasami: I said there wasn’t anybody home.
Sasami: Leave my luggage off and come back quickly!!

Sasami: Hmm...
Sasami: Shougayaki for dinner, huh...

Sasami: Hmph, that’s fine.


Sasami: Though fish would be better...
Sasami: Idiot Onii-chan.
Box: Tsukuyomi Sasami

Sasami: Finally he left my luggage off.

Sasami: It came!
Sasami: It came!

Text: Satisfied


Box: The toilet goes with bathroom in grand-floor...
Box: And my room is upstairs.

Box: Everyday, I live freely...
Box: No one intrude upon my life...
Box: A world for only me!!

Box: And the only one has connection with that world is...

Kamiomi: Sasami-san.


Kamiomi: I’m home.
Kamiomi: Sasami-san.
Box: Tsukuyomi Kamiomi

Kamiomi: Give me a kiss as reward for a hard working day!
Kamiomi: Btw, now it’s G1G1 time!

Box: My Onii-chan...

Kamiomi: Please!

Kamiomi: Oh, isn’t this your foot?
Kamiomi: I can tell even I’m hiding my face.
Sasami: You stink...


Kamiomi: Ah...
Box: He’s a pervert, who hides his face all the time since he always embarrassing.

Kamiomi: Thank you very much!
Kamiomi: I will fly away now.
Box: The only one lives with me.
Sasami: You M.

Kamiomi: Then do you want to have dinner?
Kamiomi: Or take a bath first?
Kamiomi: Or you want m...
Sasami: I’m hungry enough to die.

Sasami: And it’s your fault if I die!!
Kamiomi: That... That won’t be good.

Kamiomi: Today we are having...
Sasami: Shougayaki, right!?
Sasami: Make it quickly!!


Kamiomi: You can tell!?
Kamiomi: We do understand each other, right!?
Sasami: R- Right...

Kamiomi: But if it’s true...

Kamiomi: Then when I think about that sort of thing, this sort of thing...
Kamiomi: Sasami-san will know... Ah!!?
Sasami: Please think normally!!

Kamiomi: Then when I go preparing dinner...
Kamiomi: Please clean this room a bit.
Sasami: I won’t. And why me!?


Kamiomi: But to eat in this situation is...

Sasami: What’s no good about this?
Sasami: Hmph...

Sasami: Ah.

Sasami: My fingernail...

Kamiomi: Sorry, are you hurt!?
Kamiomi: I had you do an impossible work!!
Text: Here is bandage!!
Sasami: N- Nothing, my fingernail just broke a bit...

Text: I will do everything from now on!


Box: I can’t do anything without Onii-chan.
Box: Onii-chan is like my servant, though.

Box: He is never angry with me, does everything I tell him to.
Box: However...
Sasami: I don’t need.

Kamiomi: You’re already full!?
Kamiomi: Is this not your taste?
Kamiomi: Or you’re not felling well!!?
Sasami: None of those!

Kamiomi: Then...

Kamiomi: Sorry, I’m so careless.
Kamiomi: Today must be “that day” of girls.
Small text: My bad...
Sasami: It’s not.


Kamiomi: Then would you like to eat something else?
Kamiomi: How about pudding or jelly!?
Small text: I can do every kind of simple desert.
Sasami: I said I didn’t need!!

Sasami: You...
Sasami: Let me alone. I’m going to take a bath...

Kamiomi: Then we’ll go together.
Text: Take off

Sasami: I don’t need!
Sasami: You mustn't come in!!
Sasami: And don’t play dump, I’ll cut our siblings relationship off if you come in!!
Kamiomi: S- Sasami-san...


Sasami: Onii-chan really...
Sasami: KY.
Note: KY literature means “can’t read the air” (Kuuki wo Yomenai).

Sasami: Although I don’t go to school nor leave my room...
Sasami: I take a bath too.
Sasami: And I don’t have to worry about meals or anything.

Box: But I wonder if this is the life I desired back-then...
Box: I don’t know it myself.


Box: And about what my Onii-chan think of my lifestyle...
Box: I have no idea either...
Small text: Sasami-san
Bigger text: Unknown thought

Sasami: M- My eyes!!


Box: It hurts...
Box: As I thought, I can’t do anything without Onii-chan.
Box: Onii-chan...
Sasami: I can’t open my eyes...

Kamiomi: Are you okay...
Kamiomi: Sasami-san?
Sasami: Eh...


Sasami: O- Onii-chan, I said I would cut our siblings relationship off if...
Kamiomi: Leave it afterwards.

Kamiomi: Siblings were for what...
Kamiomi: If I ignored you like that?

Kamiomi: Please leave everything to me.
Kamiomi: You have nothing to worry about, Sasami-san.

Kamiomi: I’m happy just like this.


Sasami: O- Of course you are!

Sasami: But why do you know that I felt?
Box: He has been seeing through all of my troubles...

Kamiomi: Because I peeked.
Box: As if he can...

Sasami: Die!!
Kamiomi: Ah


Box: “I'm happy just like this”

Box: That’s right. I don’t need to worry about anything.
Box: On top of that, I made my decision when I came to this house.

Box: That “I’m not trying my best” at anything.
Text: I’m not trying my best tomorrow either, munya...
Bottom box: Chapter 2 – To be continued in next 3 pages

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