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Dogashi Kaden! 8

Dogashikaden! 8th Period

+ posted by Xophien as translation on Jul 19, 2008 00:06 | Go to Dogashi Kaden!

-> RTS Page for Dogashi Kaden! 8

I just loved this chapter... I think I'm seriously falling in love with this manga :love I can't wait for the first volume to be officially released :shakefist


Dogashi chapter 08

Page 01

Shiba : Aaaaaaall...

Shiba : right!!!
Haruyoshi : Gwoh
Shiba : So you could do it if you try, you see! No need to be afraid!

Sayama : Tch, that guy, after playing like that in the first half, I underestimated him
Yoshino : ... that’s a bad habit of yours

Sayama : But, it’s not getting me fired up. (small text : This match.)
Yoshino : Sa-ya-ma...

Sayama : But I’m incredibly bored!
Sayama : I am!!
Yoshino : It doesn’t matter, just do your best.

Left : Against the regulars, with their future in the club at stake!!

Sayama : Kh... I’m bored
Sayama : It’s so dull
Sayama : That crest guy isn’t a match for me...

Shiba (small text) : What...

Page 02

Sayama : Please, switch the players we mark in the second half, Yoshino-san.
Sayama : I’m about to die from boredom here...

Sayama : It’ll probably be a match-up more interesting against that small fast guy...
Sayama : Well, I’ll be the only one having fun, but...
Yoshino : Fine.

Sayama : Oh!
Sayama : Really?!

Yoshino : ... It’s alright, isn’t it? Hirose.

Hirose : ... isn’t it a good idea?
Hirose : I can’t see any reason not to do that
Hirose : What do you think, Minagawa?

Hazuki : More than that, if he’s not getting fired up...
Hazuki : isn’t it because there’s no spectators...?
Hazuki’s small text : Somehow... It’s missing something...

Page 03

8th Period : The crossover of counterattack

Yagisawa : Let’s begin!!

Sign :
Guess who will be the winning team!!
“Win a free trip to Italy”
Assembly hall ->

Left : Will they be able to catch up from so far!? Let the second half of this fated battle start!!

Page 04

Sayama : Hey, shorty, name’s Haruyoshi, right?
Haruyoshi : ... Eh?
Haruyoshi : Yes.

Sayama : You’re quite good!
Sayama : Even though you’re so short, you still had the guts to aim for the goal
Sayama : Nishishi
(For the record : I take the opportunity of this weird laugh to mention that Sayama speaks in a weird way, typical from the rural areas in central Japan, indicating he’s a country boy, and since I never was able to accurately translate slangs and dialects in an English equivalent (It always sounds weird for non-native English speakers anyway), he speaks normally there >.>)

Sayama : In basketball, the basket’s quite a bit high, so...
Sayama : You’d think huge guys like Neri-san have an advantage, but...

Sayama : That’s wrong.

Sayama : The most important things are
Sayama “Sense” and

Sayama : “Speed”

Sayama : It’s alright if you just make fun of guys like him!
Nerima : ... Hey, I can hear you perfectly!

Page 05

Sayama : Well then!!

Sayama : Oh! As expected, you can follow closely
Sayama : If it’s just that level of speed.

Sayama : here!
Sayama : Your legs are wide open!

Sayama : Return!!

Page 06

Sudou : .. Not paying attention, huh?
Sayama : Neither are you.

Nerima : Rah!!!

Someone : Ooooh!!!

Page 07

Left : The characters
Ookado Haruyoshi
Substitute during middle school. His weapon is speed!!
Minagawa Hazuki
Basketball club manager and acting coach. Ojou-sama.
Sudou Shingo
Freshman coming back from America. Cheeky.

Someone : Here it comes!!! It’s a dunk!!!
Someone : incredible power!!

Shiba : As expected, with a crowd like that, the ambience is overwhelming...
Shiba : Don’t mind, don’t mind!!
Shiba : Let’s scream our lungs out!

Sudou : Shit.

Haruyoshi : ... Amazing
Haruyoshi : I could chase his movements, but...
Haruyoshi : He suddenly went behind me...

Haruyoshi : If I don’t use my creativity more
Haruyoshi : and challenge him...!!!

Page 08

Hazuki : Somehow... he’s got a nice face there...
Hazuki : Haruyoshi-kun

Hirose : “Confidence”, gained after succeeding at a drive* once...
Hirose : I see
*Drive : Directly dribbling the defense and going for the basket.

Hirose : Wanting to change is already a good change in itself...
Hirose : If you want to fill a gap that seems impossible to fill, there is no other path...

Sudou : Haa
Sudou : Haa

Nerima : Compared to the first half, you’re quite subdued.

Page 09

Sayama : Too soft!!
Haruyoshi : ... Ah!!

Nerima : Why did you come back to Japan?
Nerima : Sudou...

Sasazuka : Defense!
Sayama : Eh!!? You’re kidding!? I went for the ball just now!!!

Sasazuka : It’s a foul.
Sasazuka : If you complain too much then I’ll call the police.
Yoshino : Why!!!

Sudou : haa
Sudou : haa

Sudou : Haa

Page 10

Nerima : Don’t tell me it was homesick blues?
Nerima : HAHA!
(as usual with Nerima, italic = actual engrish)

Sudou : Why?

Someone : He’s challenging him to a one-on-one again!!

Sayama : Well then, what will you do, Haruyoshi?
Sayama : You can’t pass me with speed alone.

Page 11

Hazuki : A crossover?
Hazuki : Are you kidding!?
Hazuki : Can he really do that?

Guy : He saw Sudou do it once...
Guy : But it’s kinda different from that time...

Hazuki : You must be kidding...
Hazuki : That Haruyoshi-kun can...?

Page 12

Right :
Shiba Rintarou
Hot-blooded freshman. May be a surprisingly nice guy...
Hirose Atsushi
Basketball captain. Currently injured. Scary.
Nerima Yoichi
Brawny senior. His sunglasses have been crushed.

Sayama : Provoking me?
Sayama : Interesting.

Hazuki : When you raise your speed while cutting during a crossover dribble, it becomes hard to control the ball.
Hazuki : Haruyoshi-kun probably doesn’t have that level of skill...

Hazuki : I saw him miss a ball that was simply rolling, so...
Hazuki : In such a short time...

Shiba : I just used a little magic
Shiba : For him to make it during these three days!

Shiba : He didn’t just practice the bank shoot the most during these three days
Shiba : The thing he kept practicing like an idiot is...

Page 13

Shiba : of course dribbling...!!!

Shiba : And he mastered only the dribble with the right hand!!
Sayama : ... Oh!?

Page 14

Shiba : It’s not like he’s really that unskilled at dribbling

Shiba : I was really surprised too
Shiba : He’s actually quite skilled at dribbling if it’s just with his right arm.

Sayama : Such sharp movements from side to side...
Sayama : On top of that, with just one arm...

Sayama : I can’t read it at all!!

Page 15

Hazuki : ... In the short time
Hazuki : I kept my eyes off him, he grew up so quickly...

Hazuki : Damn...
Hazuki : That boy!!!

Haruyoshi’s small text : Hmm?!
Haruyoshi : So high!!!

Sayama : It’s alright if you just make fun of guys like him!!

Page 16

Nerima : Oh?

Haruyoshi : Pass!!!

Haruyoshi : ... Three’s nowhere I can pass it to...

Haruyoshi : Waaah
Haruyoshi : Damn it!!!

Page 17

Haruyoshi : Go!!!

Nerima : Woh!?

Someone : A rotation shoot!?
Someone : ... I don’t get it, but it’s incredible!!

Haruyoshi : Get in...
Haruyoshi : Get in!!!

Page 18

Sudou : Nice Pass.

Haruyoshi : Eh...!?

Page 19

Someone : Wah...!!?

Someone : Wooh, seriously!!?
Someone : An alley-oop!!?

Sudou : Now that I could relax my body a bit...

Sudou : From now on, in the next three minutes, this great me
Left : Counterattack!!
Sudou : Will take down the point difference to a single digit.

Next week, a fiery game to turn the tables!! And then Sudou’s secret!?

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#1. by Crayola ()
Posted on Jul 19, 2008
Thanks, i'll try and get to this after I finish ES21
#2. by nxlouco ()
Posted on Jul 19, 2008
So Fast! Thanks!
#3. by jjmase03 ()
Posted on Jul 19, 2008
thanks for the trans!
#4. by macros ()
Posted on Jul 19, 2008
Thank You. I'm falling in love too. XD
#5. by VASSiLi ()
Posted on Jul 19, 2008
Thank you Xophie!
#6. by Phat ()
Posted on Jul 19, 2008
thanks :D

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