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FC Barcelona Monogatari Oneshot : 1

FC Barcelona Monogatari

+ posted by Xophien as translation on Dec 19, 2008 17:02 | Go to FC Barcelona Monogatari

This translation is reserved to DragonPiece Scanlations.
Though, well, technically I guess it isn't, but they were the ones coming to me with the raw, and they should be waiting for this translation in order to scanlate this one-shot, so I wouldn't bother if I were you.

Anyway, nice one-shot we have here, by the mangaka of Meister. It's about the FC Barcelona, my favorite Spanish club (Real who? >.>), and it shows Kaji-sensei's skills at drawing football scenes. And that Meister's Kai has stolen Puyol's wig xD

Oh, due credits to Kaylee, who proofread this translation~
And I'm not a sports manga translator! T_T

FC Barcelona Monogatari

Page 01

Top : This is how the best players in the world are born!! Special one-shot of 43 pages!!

FC Barcelona Monogatari
-més que un club-
(more than a club)

Middle : This is the football that everyone in the world dreams of!!

Bottom : Kaji Kimiya

Page 02

Right : What is the secret of that strength!?

Narration : FC Barcelona (Barça for short)
Map : Barcelona
Map : Spain
Narration : A football club created in 1899, in the Catalonia province at Barcelona.
*The data is as of July the 15th, 2008

Narration : Inside that history that lasted for more than 100 years,
Narration : There are players like Cruyff, Maradona, Romario, Ronaldinho, who have carved their names into the history of football.
Johann Cruyff 1973-1978
Maradona 1982-1984
Romario 1993-1995
Ronaldinho 2003-
Narration : 2-time winners of the UEFA Champions League, 28-time winners of the Liga Española (Spanish League), 24-time winners of the Copa Del Rey (The King's Cup), a team that won countless titles.

Page 03

Narration : The Barça is a club that any football fan will acknowledge as a regular in the Champions League, as one of the best clubs in the world.

Narration : And if you wonder what the Barça has more than the other clubs, it's obviously the “Cantera”, an infrastructure that aims at raising players.
Narration : It's renowned and called the “factory that produces stars”.

Page 04

Narration : Although most big clubs are usually gathering famous players from elsewhere,
Messi – Bojan
Xavi – Iniesta
Puyol – Piqué – Oleguer
Víctor Valdés
Narration : Almost half of the starting members of the Barça are coming out of the Cantera.

Narration : For example, a central pillar of that team who is a player coming from the cantera...

Announcer : Oooh, he saved the team from a great pinch!!

Puyol : Come on, the line didn't fall back!!
Puyol : Don't be so passive!!

Narration : With overflowing spirit and great force of will, the pivot of the Barça as well as of the Spanish national team,
Narration : The “brave leader”, Puyol.
Puyol : Fire up!!

Page 05

Narration : It seems like Puyol's leadership abilities have been like that ever since his time in “La Masia”, the cantera's dorms.

Guy : What did you say, bastard!!
Guy : What!
Guy : Aah!?

Puyol : Stop!!

Puyol : We'll all gather in the dining hall!!
Puyol : Why you're fighting or what the problem is, we'll talk about it there!
Narration : It seems like he settled the problems that occurred without relying on the adults thanks to his outstanding leadership skills.

Narration : By the way, this happened when we went to collect data on the top team for Shounen Jump...
Guy : Gudjohnsen!
Arrow : Manga editors Y & K, currently living a dream.

Arrow : The nice Gudjohnsen who did some fan service after hearing the voices.

Page 06

Gudjohnsen : Ouch!

Puyol : Focus on training!!
Editors : Puyol is scary!!!
Narration : They thought Puyol was really a strict and hot-blooded leader.

Narration : And then, in front of Puyol, the team's midfield.
Narration : The midfielder positions are where the Barça really shows its true colors.

Narration : It's said that the Barça's midfield overflows with creativity on a world-class level.
Narration : As if their motto was “it's better to lose 4-5 while attacking than winning 1-0 while defending”
Narration : They consider it more important to take down the opponent by controlling the match.

Page 07

Narration : At the core of this midfield tradition, there are two players.
Narration : Xavi
Narration : And Iniesta
Narration : Those two also come from the cantera.

Narration : Ever since they joined the cantera more than ten years ago, those two have been soaked in the football of the Barça.

Narration : Xavi is setting the rhythm of the offense with his ever-changing passes,

Narration : And Iniesta adds up to the offense with his sharp dribbles.

Narration : The symphony played by those two in the midfield is truly art.
Narration : Thanks to that, the percentage of ball possession of the Barça in each match is astounding.

Page 08

Narration : And finally
Narration : The offensive squad that gets the balls from that midfield.

Narration : The player from the cantera that shines the most in the Barça right now is here.
Narration : Because of his youth, he is called “the future of Barcelona”.
Narration : He is the treasure of Argentina
Narration : Lionel Messi.

Page 09

Narration : While short, he can break through defenses thanks to his speed and exceptional sharp dribbles.
Narration : After debuting at only 17 years old, he became a fascinating being not only for the Barça fans, but for the football fans in the whole world.
Arrow : His running style, with his feet barely raising above the ground, is one of his trademarks.

Narration : But the path Messi had to follow before joining the Barça wasn't an easy one.

Narration : Messi was born on June 24th, 1987 in Rosario, the third most important city of Argentina.

Narration : Year 1998

Guy : Stop that shrimp!
Guy : Yeah! Leave it to m...

Page 10

Guy : Huh, what!?

Guy : Nice shoot, Messi!
Guy : As expected!

Guy : Shit...
Guy : What can we do...

Page 11

Guy : When that shrimp starts dribbling, we just can't touch the ball anymore...
Narration : Just after he began walking, Messi was chasing his two elder brothers and playing by kicking in the ball. He joined the local football club when he was 5 years old.
Narration : Immediately showing his talent, by the time he was 11 years old, his technique was famous among those in the know.
Messi, 11 years old.

Narration : But...

Narration : For some reason, Messi was really short compared to the other kids around him.

Guy : You're doing quite well, even though your body is so small.
Guy : Isn't that a problem when all your opponents are so big?

Guy : I never thought that this small body was a disadvantage, you know?
Guy : Ha?

Page 12

Messi : Even if the opponent is big, as long as I can use my speed to follow a path his legs can't reach, it's alright.

Messi : I'll score one more!!
Guy : His body is small, but he's a big guy inside.
Narration : Messi's dribbles, which make it seem like the ball is sticking to his feet, is a skill he mastered since his childhood in order to defeat bigger opponents.

Narration : His short height was just because his growth was a bit late, that's all.
Narration : That's what he used to think, full of optimism.
Narration : ... But...

Narration : At that time, no one knew it was something that'd cast a dark shadow on Messi's future...

Page 13

Messi : Eh!?
Messi : River Plate?

Coach : That's right, it seems like they want to get you and an offer is coming.

Messi : Yeees!!
Guy : Oooh! Isn't this awesome, Messi!!

Narration : River Plate is together with Boca Juniors the most famous club of Argentina.
Narration : This meant the scouts for there acknowledged his worth as a football player.
Coach : It seems they'd like you to come for the formalities and medical check immediately.
Messi : Yes!

Narration : But the situation changed suddenly.
Someone : Eh?

Page 14

Dad : You're calling it off!?
Arrow : Messi's father.

Guy : Yes.
Guy : We won't make Messi-kun sign a contract with us.
Dad : It can't be...
Dad : Why!?

Guy : Here are the results of the medical check Messi-kun took before...
*: Examination a player definitely has to take before joining a club.

Guy : We've confirmed that Messi-kun has a growth hormone deficiency that will prevent him from growing up any further.

Page 15

Guy : It wasn't that Messi-kun's growth was late.
Guy : He has a disease that prevents him from growing up.

Guy : There is no way that we'd sign a contract with such a player.
Dad : It can't be...
Dad : Isn't there a treatment for that!?

Guy : There is a treatment.
Guy : A daily injection of growth hormone in the leg would be enough...
Dad : Then...

Guy : But that treatment is expensive.
Guy : We can't afford that kind of expense for a player that we're not sure if he'll be of use to us in the future.

Page 16

Guy : Did you hear? Messi's story...
Guy : Yeah.
Guy : It seems his father came to our club to ask if they could play for the treatment, but they won't even meet him?

Guy : Our club is just stingy, huh...
Guy : It must be painful.

Guy : Even though he has so much talent...

Messi : I'm home.

Dad : Shit!

Page 17

Dad : A treatment that costs 900 dollars a month...
Dad : There's no way we can afford that with the little money I make at the iron factory...
*At the time, about 110,000yens

Dad : What can I do...
Messi : Dad...

Messi : Blaming God is easy, but...
Messi : You have to think a way will appear if you do your best until the end, without giving up...

Narration : From then on, Messi's father went on to try and find a club that'd buy Messi the treatment, but to no avail.

Narration : And then, two years went by...

Narration : Year 2000
Messi : Moving to Spain!?

Page 18

Dad : Yes, in order to pay for Lionel's treatment, we'll move to Spain, which has better working conditions and wages.
Dad : The whole family is moving over there.
Messi : Wa... Wait a second!
Messi : Going that far just for my sake... On top of that, dragging everyone in this...
*Spanish is the language of Argentina, so the language isn't a problem in this case.

Dad : Don't worry!
Dad : Leave everything to me.

Dad : You have a talent. I'll definitely get a cure for your problem.
Messi : Dad...

Dad : Who can it be? At such an hour...

Dad : Hello, who is it?
Arrow : Big brother
Bro : Don't worry about us.

Dad : Eh!?

Dad : The FC Barcelona!?

Page 19

Dad : Li... Lionel!!
Narration : That was sudden good news.

Narration : After hearing of Messi's talent and his family's desire to move to Spain,
Narration : the FC Barcelona offered to see Messi once and test him.

Narration : Messy left for Spain immediately.
Narration : 2000 September Spain – Barcelona

Rexach : Wha...

Rexach : What's with that small kid!?

Page 20

Messi : Uuh... I'm tense...

Guy : It's the rumored one, who came all the way from Argentina to take the test, Lionel Messi.
Guy : Because of a growth hormone deficiency, he's only 143cm tall at 13 years old.
Rexach : 143!?

Rexach : What was the scout thinking?
FC Barcelona
Caretaker manager (at the time)
Carles Rexach

Rexach : Football isn't a nice sport that you can play with a body like that!

Page 21

Messi : I calmed down.
Messi : Whether it's in Spain or Argentina, football is the same.

Guy : It seems like a lot of teams have scouted him in the past, but had to give up because of the expensive treatment.
Guy : Well, given the risks of investing on just potential...

Rexach : Something to write on...
Guy : Ha?

Page 22

Rexach : Even a paper napkin will be fine! I have to make him a contract!

Messi : Eh!?
Messi : I passed!?

Rexach : I want to make you sign a contract with our FC Barcelona.
Rexach : The club will also completely cover the treatment for your illness!

Messi : Re... Really?
Rexach : Yes.

Page 23

Messi : I did it!!

Rexach : Well then, Are you alright with the other conditions?
Messi : Co... Conditions!?
Messi (small text) : I should have guessed it was going too well...

Rexach : All your family will be moving to Spain.
Rexach : We'll handle finding you a place to live.
Rexach : We'll also take care of finding your father a new job.

Messi : Th...
Messi : These are all...
Messi : conditions for my sake?

Messi : Why... Why are you going so far!?
Messi : Since my body is so small, until now, no matter what kind of club...

Rexach : I've been in that world for a while.
Rexach : I can know if a player is good or not just by seeing the first trap.

Page 24

Rexach : My instinct told me, as soon as you touched the ball.
Rexach : This kid won't fail the FC Barcelona in the future.
Rexach : That's all.

Rexach : And the FC Barcelona has a big purse for those who love football
Rexach : with a burning passion.

Narration : And then, Messi, with whom Carles Rexach, who would go on to coach the top team the following year, fell in love at first sight, became a player of the Barça.

Narration : the proof that Rexach's judgment at that time was right
Narration : didn't even take 5 years.

Page 25

Announcer : He scored! Messi, goaaaaaaaal!!
Narration : By the time he was 17 years old, thanks to the treatment, he grew up to be 169cm tall.
Narration : And debuted at the top level exceptionally early.

Narration : With his dribbles and fierce activity, Messi immediately became the idol of the Barça.

Narration : On top of that, since his dominant leg was his left, among the fans, he soon started to be called,
Narration : in reference to the Argentine hero who scored a legendary goal after passing 5 players in the semifinals of the World Cup in Mexico,
Narration : “The heir of Maradona”

Page 26

Narration : But ever since Maradona retired, a lot of decently good dribblers have been called “the Second Maradona” before disappearing
Guy : Again?
Guy : How many guys does that make with that one?
Narration : There were a lot of doubters as well.
Guy (small text) : Like OrtXga, or AiXar, or SavXola.
(T/N : the names are kinda censored, but they're really for Ortega, Aimar and Saviola)

Narration : But...

Narration : During the semifinal of the Copa del Rey against Getafe in April 2007...
Xavi : Messi!

Narration : “It” happened!
Announcer : Messi got the ball a bit behind the halfway line!!

Guy : Damn!

Someone : There's already 2 guys pressing him!!

Page 27

Announcer : He... He easily passed the two players as if they weren't there!!

Messi : I can see the goal!!

Guy : He's free but still close to the halfway line...
Guy : It's better if he passes the ball to Eto'o at the front.

Messi : Pass...

Messi : No...

Page 28

Messi : It's a showdown!!

Guy : Dribbling!?
Guy (small text) : It's reckless!

Messi : I'm at the Barça because I didn't give up.

Guy : Like I'd let you...

Guy : Go!!

Messi : If I keep challenging without giving up...

Page 29

Messi : The future will definitely head in a good direction!!

Guy : He...

Guy : He went through!!
Guy : Four players!!

Announcer : It's a one-on-one against the goalkeeper!!

Announcer : He... He passed the goalkeeper too!!

Page 30

Announcer : Go...

Page 31

Announcer : Goaaaaal!
Announcer : Messi slashed down the other team by himself!!

Guy : Right now... How many guys did he pass?
Guy : Five guys?
Guy : Didn't it just look like that one?
Guy : Yeah...

Guy : Ma... Maradona.

Guy : It's Maradona's
Guy : Legendary goal!!

Page 32-33

Narration : That's right.
Public : Maradona!
Public : Maradona!
Public : Maradona!
Public : Maradona!
Narration : The people in this stadium this day would never forget that day.

Narration : In the semi-finals of the '86 World Cup in Mexico, the legendary goal scored by Maradona after he passed 5 players!

Narration : Messi started from about the same distance, followed the same path
Narration : Maradona

Narration : Messi
Narration : He even touched the ball the same number of times!!

Narration : On top of that, after the goal
Narration : Maradona

Narration : Messi
Narration : Even the way the ran to the right corner is the same...

Narration : Messi proved to the world with this play he was “the real deal”!

Page 34

Narration : “Nothing is impossible”

Narration : That young boy, whose future was closed because of a growth hormone deficiency,
Narration : is now at the hottest club in the world, the FC Barcelona,
Narration : and shining like the Sun.

Narration : And then, there is no rest for the Barça's “factory of stars”

Narration : Last season, there was a player that made his debut as a Forward at 17 years and 18 days old, even earlier than Messi.
Announcer : Well then, with 14 minutes left to play against the Recreativo, Gudjohnsen is replaced by...

Page 35

Announcer : The young 17 years old and new rising star, Bojan Krkić!!
Narration : A young and energetic player that scored over 960 goals during his 7 years at the Cantera, for an average of 3.5goals a match.

Henry : Come on, let's go!!
Bojan : Dwaah!

Bojan : W-w-w-wait!? What are you doing, Henry-san!
Bojan (small text) : You surprised me!
Henry : What's wrong, are you tense?
Messi : Hahahaha!

Page 36

Bojan : O... Of course I am.

Bojan : The FC Barcelona has the biggest stadium in all of Europe, the “Camp Nou”.
Bojan : And everyone there is looking at me, cheering so loudly my ears are about to burst...
*Stadium capacity is around 98,700 persons

Bojan : Ever since I was a kid, I've been dreaming about playing in this Camp Nou.
Bojan : To think that barely 2 months ago I was still cheering from afar, somewhere in these stands...
Bojan : Even now, I can't believe I'm standing on this field...

Messi : You broke my record of the youngest player ever to score for the club, and you're still saying that kind of weak stuff?
Messi's arrow : Messi, scored his first goal at 17 years, 10 months and 7 days old.
Bojan's arrow : Bojan, scored his first goal at 17 years, 51 days old (but still hasn't scored in the Camp Nou).
Bojan : Ah, no, well, I mean...

Messi : Scoring in the Camp Nou is also one of your “dreams”, right?

Page 37

Messi : When you fulfill that dream, it's going to be an awesome feeling, you know?
Messi : Aren't you excited?

Messi : Just enjoy it!

Bojan : Messi-san...

Announcer : Henry got the centered ball to the left, inside the penalty area!!

Page 38

Henry : Bojan!

Announcer : Henry transfers the ball to the center
Announcer : towards Bojan, who isn't marked!!

Guy : Like I'll let you shoot!!

Page 39

Henry : He closed the path of the shot!!?

Page 40

Guy : He didn't trap with the left leg but the right one!!?

Announcer : Bojan shoots!! He scored!!

Announcer : In the Camp Nou, it's Bojan's first goaaaaaal!!
Henry : And you said you were tense, you rascal!

Page 41

Guy : Well done, Bojan!
Guy : Bojan!

Public : Bojan!
Public : Bojan!
Public : Bojan!
Public : Bojan!

Bojan : The fans are screaming my name...
Public : Bojan!

Narration : The club is a rarity in the world -- it doesn't belong to any particular sponsor, but to its fans, the socios, through their membership fees.
Narration : You can say that since the club was created from the passion of its supporters, that's why they're so enthusiastic!
*The Barça has more than 150,000 socios (the Real Madrid has about 80,000)

Bojan : that's right... If my dream is the dream of the supporters
Bojan : The dreams of the supporters are also my dreams!

Page 42

Messi : See?
Messi : An awesome feeling, right?

Bojan : Yes!
Bojan : I want to fulfill many more dreams!

Bojan : Together with the best supporters in this world!
Narration : Bojan went on to score 10 goals in the season, breaking the record previously held by Raúl for the biggest number of goals scored in a debut season (9 goals).

Narration : Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, Bojan...
Narration : The FC Barcelona keeps up producing new talents like them one after another.

Page 43

Narration : Even from now on,
Middle : Raising stars...!! That is the FC Barcelona!!
Narration : The FC Barcelona will keep carving a new shining legend in the history of football!

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