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Meister 6

Play.6 The four strongest of Chiba

+ posted by Xophien as translation on Jan 18, 2009 15:26 | Go to Meister

-> RTS Page for Meister 6

Meister 06

Page 01

Right : The first match of the interhigh preliminaries will be against one of the four strongest teams of Chiba, Kuromine!!
Left : What plan does Raiho have in mind to go against them!?

Play.6 The four strongest of Chiba

Page 02

Right : The matches have been decided!!

Sign : Chiba Sports planning office

Ootsuka : Seisoku-san~

Seisoku : You're noisy, Ootsuka.
Seisoku : Think about your age. (small text : It's gross.)
Ootsuka : M... my age has nothing to do with that, right!
Ootsuka (small text) : Gross!?
Ootsuka (small text) : Wait, I'm only 25 years old anyway!?

Ootsuka : Did you see the chart for the Interhigh preliminary tournament!?
Ootsuka : The first match is Kuromine VS Satomi, you see? (small text : Kyaaa~)
Seisoku : Could you start by calming down?

Seisoku : With the number of strong schools in Chiba, even if the 16 best teams are seeded, this kind of things is bound to happen from time to time.
Right : Kuromine
Left : Satomi

Ootsuka : Seisoku-san, which one do you think will qualify?
Seisoku : Ha!
Seisoku : Well...
Seisoku : There's no doubt about who are the four strongest teams of Chiba.

Page 03

Seisoku : First is the “champion”, Rikuou!
Seisoku : With the the control tower of the U-18 national team, Makubo, as its pivot,
Seisoku : Last year, on top of getting the three crowns of the high school level, they even defeated two J2 clubs in the Emperor's trophy!
Ootsuka : That created quite a stir~
Seisoku : They're a sure winner, way above the high school level. Offense, defense, they don't have a single weak point.
(T/N : U-18 as in under 18 years old, J2 is the second division of the J-league, and the Emperor's trophy is a tournament that gathers professional teams and some amateur teams, for almost every sports in Japan)

Page 04

Seisoku : Next, ever since they rose thanks to plenty of financing five years ago,
Seisoku : The “neo-football” team of Ten'you University's high school.
Seisoku : Using all the latest training methods, all the players are able to play at least 3 positions.
Seisoku : And even among all these all-rounders, Honjou Yoshinobu is considered just like Makubo to be a talent like you wouldn't see in ten years.
Ootsuka : Honjou-kun is really cool, right~

Page 05

Seisoku : Then the “Berserker” Toonomiya!
Seisoku : This year, they've completed their ultra-offensive formation where all players excluding the goalkeeper focus on attack.
Seisoku : The destructive power of the “three beast strikers” and the wingbacks who were called the “wild wonders” is outstanding!
Ootsuka : Th... these kids scare me...
Ootsuka (small text) : Such a gap with the previous page...

Page 06

Seisoku : The last one is the “catenaccio” Kuromine.
Seisoku : With Sudou Kaoru controlling a defense made of players with an average height of 186cm, and traditionally focusing on counterattacks, they're renowned for a 100% ratio of victories if they score first!
Ootsuka : huge!!
Seisoku : But for the last two years they've been defeated in the final of the preliminaries by Rikuou.
Seisoku : This'll make them want to defeat Rikuou even more this year!

Page 07

Ootsuka : And... About Satomi's chances of winning...
Ootsuka (small text) : Erm...
Seisoku : Were you even listening to me?
Seisoku : Rikuou aside, even the three other teams are strong enough to win the national tournament.
Seisoku : That's just how high the level is in Chiba.

Seisoku : On top of that, the most troublesome opponent for Satomi is Kuromine!

Seisoku : Satomi winning would be close to a miracle!

Matsudo : Why...

Matsudo : Why...
Sign : Kuromine High School

Page 08

Matsudo : Why am I at Kuromine high!!!
Narration : Kuromine high school, training grounds for the football club

Coach : Don't hold back just because it's training!!
Coach : Kuromine's tradition is to close all the openings in the defense!!

Coach : Again, stronger!
Someone : Yes!
Matsudo : S... scouting!?

Page 09

Matsudo : In Kuromine!?
Raiho : Yeah.
Raiho : We know them since we've faced them last year, but not Matsudo-kun and Nishiki-kun, right?
Raiho : Fighting an unknown opponent is exciting too, but you know...

Raiho : When you know how strong an opponent is, it's even more fun going against them!

Kiichi : While we're at it, how about sneaking in without being noticed?
Raiho : Aaaah, sounds fun!
Matsudo : Haaaa!!?

Matsudo : Wa-wa-wait, what are you talking about!!?
Matsudo : It's too dangerous!! If we're discovered, it'll be a big problem, right!?
Raiho : It's alright!
Raiho : You'll pull it off!

Koori : Don't worry...
Koori : I'll provide you with training gear from Kuromine... (small text : kukukukuku)
Matsudo : No, that's not the problem here...
Raiho (small text) : Go!

Guy : What's wrong, new guy?
Matsudo : A... Ah, nothing...
Matsudo : If they find out, we'll get killed...

Nishiki : You shouldn't complain.
Matsudo : Nishiki!

Page 10

Koori : They might know you from the time you were in the Jr youth team, so wear that...

Nishiki : Who would have a mohawk nowadays...
Nishiki : Why am I wearing a wig looking like Beckam's hairstyle when he came for the World Cup 2002...
Note : this is Nishiki.
Matsudo : My condolences.

Kozue : Waa...
Kozue : Will Matsudo-kun and Nishiki-kun really be alright...

Kozue : How are we going to explain that if they're found out...
From right to left : Kozu, Raiho, Koori, Kiichi, Kai

Koori : It'll be alright... Kuromine has a lot of club members.
Koori : Nobody noticed our disguises so far either...
Kozue : that's true, but...

Koori : On top of that, Kanahari-san,
Koori : Kuromine's uniform really suits you...?
Kozue : Eh!?
Koori (small text) : Complete...

Page 11

Kozue : Re...
Kozue : Really...?

Kozue : Ra... Raiho-kun.
Kozue (small text) : I wonder...
Kozue : D... does it suit me?

Raiho : Eh? What?
Raiho (small text) : Waaah, a real grass field... I want one in our school too...

Kozue (small text) : Hmph!
Raiho : ? ? Why!? Why did you slap me? Why?
KiichiKoori : Idiot...

Page 12

Someone : Offside!!

Sudou : Alright! It's this timing!!
Sudou : not just the opponents and the ball, always keep in mind the position of your teammates as well!
Guy : Yes!
Kuromine High Captain
Sudou Kaoru
Centre back 181cm 74kg

Matsudo : As expected from the defense of Kuromine...
Matsudo : there's no hole at all in the line of defenders...!

Shiroi : Hey, you over there!!

Shiroi : You seem to have a nice build!
Shiroi : Perfect!

Page 13

Shiroi : I was looking for an opponent to practice duels!!
Shiroi : Come and try to dribble past me!!
Shiroi Maio
Centre back 188cm 90kg

Matsudo : It's a nice chance to test their strength...

Matsudo : here I come!!
Matsudo : I'm a former forward after all! When it comes to pass a defender...

Shiroi : Oraaaa!

Matsudo : I have faith I won't lose when it comes to physical contact...

Page 14

Shiroi : Haha!!

Matsudo : Wha...
Matsudo : To think he sent half of my body flying in an instant...

Page 15

Matsudo : It just looks like I've been run over by a truck...!
Shiroi : Gahahahaha!
Shiroi : In top condition!! The next match will be an easy win!!

Sudou : Don't be careless, Shiroi.

Sudou : it's true that last year we won by keeping Satomi from scoring,
Sudou : but...

Sudou : The small forward of Satomi managed to get through our defense several times with his phenomenal movements.
Sudou : if the accuracy of their crosses and passes had been better, who knows what could have happened...

Shiroi : Gahahahahaha, I know that, Sudou!
Shiroi : That's for the sake of going against that shrimp that you've practiced a lot and made adjustments to the line of defense, right!!

Shiroi : Our goal is “Defeat Rikuou”.
Shiroi : There's no way we can be taken down in a boring match before facing them again!

Page 16

Shiroi : We'll crush Satomi at full power!!
Matsudo : I hoped they'd look down and underestimate us, but
Matsudo : They seriously... show no opening...!

Matsudo : A perfect control on a defense line that combines overwhelming power and height...!
Matsudo : So this is the school we have to fight in our first match!

Sudou : … But, was there a guy more than 190cm tall that joined the club this year?
Sudou : I don't think I would have forgotten that...
Shiroi : Sudou, you don't know him either?

Sudou : What's your name?
Matsudo : Err... Well...
Matsudo : Damn it!!!
Someone : Aaah!

Guy : What the hell, this guy was wearing a wig!!?
Matsudo : Nishikiii!

Page 17

Someone : Wait, I never saw these guys!!
Someone : Some kind of spies!?
Someone : Someone go get something to tie them up!!
Raiho (small text) : Wha... what should we do...
Kozue : What should we do, they've been found out!!

Shiroi : What should we do with these guys?
Sudou : Let's start by asking where they come from.
Sudou : We'll deal with them depending on the answer to that.
Nishiki : Hiiii!

Raiho : Uryaryarya!

Raiho : Rya!!

Page 18

Shiroi : Fast!!
Shiroi : Who the hell are you...!

Raiho : I am the captain of Satomi high's football club, Aragishi Raiho!
Raiho : I came to greet you today!

Raiho : My strong point is dribbles!
Raiho : Let's have fun in our match!!

Raiho : I'll be counting on you!

Guy : Satomi, the guys we face in our next match...!?
Guy : He came to greet us, he said...

Sudou : The dribble just now..
Sudou : It was sharper than last year...!

Raiho : Well then.
Raiho : With that said, we'll just take our leave...
Matsudo (small text) : Sorry for bothering you! It was just greetings!

Page 19

Shiroi : … Fff

Shiroi : There's no way we'd fall for that!!
Shiroi : Wait, bastards!!
Raiho : Waaaah, as expected!!

Shiroi : Don't run away!!
Raiho : Kiichi-kun, help!
Shiroi : Aah!!? The guy with the pompadour is from Satomi!!?
Kiichi : I... idiot, don't come this way!!
Shiroi : They brought friends with them, let's catch them all!
Kiichi : Waah!! (small text : Raiho, you idiot!)

Shiroi : Waaaait!
Someone : Noooo!

Narration : Well, various things happened, but

Narration : It's finally the first match of the Chiba preliminary.
Narration : the curtain is rising on the fated match between Satomi and Kuromine.
Left : Next match, kick-off!!

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#1. by Tensai_Sakuragi ()
Posted on Jan 18, 2009
Thanks very much for this. ^^

Wow. Revealing the 4 strongest teams of Chiba already?
It looks like Kimiya is betting everything he has up his sleeve in the first 8 chapters.

Well, then. Now I´ll go to my corner wait anxiously for Kuroko.

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