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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Meister 9

Play.9 : Counterattack!

+ posted by Xophien as translation on Feb 7, 2009 17:40 | Go to Meister

-> RTS Page for Meister 9

Translating Meister is kinda tiring, honestly. Bloody full of text. On top of that my openoffice for some reason crashed whenever I tried to right-click, so this made translating this chapter quite a pain >.>;


Meister chapter 09

Page 01

Someone : Counter explosion!!!
Middle : They allowed them to score first!!

Someone : Kuromine scored first!!
Shiroi : Well done, Ada!!
Sado : Nice run!
Ada : Y-Yes!

Seisoku : This is just the same as last year, a goal scored in the first half.
Ootsuka (small text) : Awawawawa
Seisoku : This is the worst thing that could happen to Satomi.

Seisoku : Kuromine will protect tightly this point for the remaining time with their strong defense.

Page 02

Seisoku : They win 100% of their matches when they score first.
Middle : A huge wall stands in their way!!
Play.9 : Counterattack!

Seisoku : If they can't take down that invincible fortress

Seisoku : It's over for Satomi!

Page 03

Kagura : Hahaha! Take that!! This is Kuromine's tradition of counters!
Kagura : A school with no traditions and only first and second year players can't match that!!

Kagura : A school without traditions shouldn't be qualified to play football!! (small text : Gahahahaha!)

Kozue : What the hell is that baldy saying...!
Guys : Ko... Kozu-chan!?
Arrow : cold spray
Note : Kozu could lift the little finger of a GundXm.

Koori : It's my fault...
Koori : I didn't expected this freshman to be a fast runner like Raiho-kun...
Koori : I underestimated him...!

Koori : Damn
Koori : Damn...
Koori : Damn!

Page 04

Koori : … It hurts
Koori : What are you doing...
Kiichi : Stop mumbling to yourself!!
Kiichi : It's pissing me off!

Koori : I can't help it, it's my fault if they scored...

Kiichi : Geez...
Kiichi : Look over there!

Raiho : Why are you all depressed!
Raiho : There's still time, right!?
Raiho : It's too early to give up!!

Koban : B... But you know about Kuromine's stats, right?
Daiban : The “100% of victories if they score first” thing.

Someone : We're really in trouble now...

Page 05

Raiho : Then
Raiho : from today, we'll start a new legend
Raiho : “Satomi always wins if they got scored against first”!

Raiho : If we're losing, then someone just has to score a hat trick!

Someone : Pff...
Someone : Kukuku...

Koban : Hahahahaha, what the hell is that!
Koban : Doesn't it make us seem stronger if we let the opponent score! (small text : Idiot!)
Matsudo : It's true that there's no point worrying about stats!
Koban : Raiho is truly an optimistic, huh!
Daiban : That's fitting for Satomi, though!!

Everyone : Satomi go!
Everyone : Ooh!

Kiichi : We were outcasts in the beginning.
Kiichi : If Raiho hadn't been there
Kiichi : We wouldn't have been able to make friends and play football that way...
Kiichi's tattoo : I'm the devil
Koori's monitor : Die Die Die […] Die

Page 06

Kiichi : We haven't said it in front of Raiho, but
Kiichi : We swore it, right?

Kiichi : That we'd make Raiho the number one captain in the country!
Kiichi : Get a grip!

Koori : … Ffn
Kiichi : Wha!!?

Kiichi : What the hell are you doing!!
Koori : What's with the words of encouragement?
Koori : Did you really think I was depressed?

Koori : I was only acting like I was.
Koori : To think you'd take it seriously, it's so embarrassing...
Kiichi : Th... This sore loser...!!

Page 07

Koori : And it's alright now...
Koori : I won't let them score a single goal more...

Koori : I think I have a pretty good idea of that fast freshman's weak point.
Sudou (small text) : Nice goal!
Ada (small text) : Y... Y-y... Yes!

Koori : Kukukukukuku

Someone : They stopped Satomi's attack once again!!

Someone : And it's time for a new counterattack!!
Sudou : Ada!!

Page 08

Referee : Offside!!

Ada : Ah... Huh?
Ada : Was my timing off...?

Sudou : Ada! Don't worry about a miss!
Ada : Y-y-y-yes.

Someone : Offside once more!!
Someone : The counter failed again!!

Ada : R... Really!?
Ada : I thought the timing was perfect now...

Ada : Why...
Koori : Kukukukuku

Page 09

Koori : Such a shame...
Ada : Wah!!
Koori : You won't be able to score anymore.
Koori : I understand perfectly the way you move now.

Koori : You've got a little habit when you're about to start your dash.

Ada : Ha... Habit!?
Ada : I have!?
Koori : I don't think anyone else than me has noticed, though...
Koori (small text) : kukukukuku
Ada : B.. But I still scored once...

Koori : I let you on purpose.
Ada : On purpose!?

Koori : It was just to make sure of this little habit of yours.
Koori : For that sake, a goal is nothing big.

Koori : I'll prove it by making you always offside for the rest of the match (small text : kukukukuku)
Ada : He... he let me score for that sake... There are guys going this far!?
Ada : But it's true I fell for the offside trap twice in a row...
Ada : What's that habit he's talking about!? What is it!?

Page 10

Sudou : Ada!
Ada : Y-y-y-yes!!

Someone : Offside again!!

Ada (small text) : Ha!?
Koori : Kukukukukukukukukukukukukukukuku

Ada : I...
Ada : I don't understand anything anymore!!

Kai : Ffn
Kai : As expected from you, Koori.
Kai : Being able to see through his habit in such a short time...

Koori : Aah...
Koori : That...?

Koori : It's just a bluff.
Kai : Haa!?

Page 11

Koori : The legs of this first year are dangerous.
Koori : But this guy is acting quite weird around his teammates.
Koori : He's quite a timid guy.

Koori : That's why I'm going for psychological warfare.
Koori : Well, making him fall for the offside trap twice was a sink or swim plan, but...

Koori : Now, he's completely plagued by doubts and won't be able to play well.
Koori : The timing of his dashes is completely off.
Koori : Look at his face...
Koori : It's the best, kukukuku...

Koori : I'm really thankful to Raiho-kun...

Koori : There's nothing more fun than football!

Sudou : Ada's movements are weird...?
Sudou : What's wrong?

Sudou : Well, it doesn't matter...!

Page 12

Sudou : We'll still win as long as we can protect this goal!!
Sudou : Focus on defending!!
Someone : Yeah!!

Koori : Alright...
Koori : I've sealed the opponent's attacks like promised...

Koori : Kiichi-kun!!

Koori : this time it's the turn of the offense.
Kiichi : Yeah!!
Someone : Kiichi is running on the left side!!

Page 13

Someone : As expected from Kuromine! He's perfectly marked!!

Fudou : I remember the guy with the pompadour!
Fudou : His top speed is great, but his handling of the ball is of an amateur!
Fudou : As long as you hit his body, he'll make a mistake! The precision of his crosses becomes catastrophic!!

Fudou : Challenging a guy like that has nothing elegant!
Fudou : Disappear!!

Kiichi : Gh...

Page 14

Kiichi : Koraaa!!
Someone : He managed to pass!!

Fudou : Ffn, moron!!
Fudou : There's no way our defenders will let that crappy cross go!!

Nishiki : Hyaaa!!
Someone : Nishiki jumped!!
Someone : But the defender is sticking to him closely!!

Page 15

Someone : The ball flew above Nishiki's head!!
Nishiki (small text) : Eeeh!?

Matsudo : Woooh!!

Someone : It's Matsudo!!
Someone : Matsudo is the second one jumping!!

Shiroi : Well then...

Page 16

Shiroi : Oraaaa!!

Shiroi : Gahahahaha, it's easy to read an attack like that!!
Shiroi : Since there's me, Shiroi, in Kuromine...

Someone : It went above Matsudo and Shiroi too!!?
Shiroi : Whaaat!!?

Everyone : There's no way we'd let Matsudo and his crappy headers near this ball.
Narration : All the players of Satomi agreed.

Someone : The one running in their backs is...

Page 17

Someone : Raiho!!

Sudou : I won't let you shoot!!

Someone : As expected from Sudou!! He read the play that far!!

Someone : This is the traditional defense of Kuromine!!

Kiichi : In the match last year... I was really an amateur.
Kiichi : My crosses were just landing in front of the goal and that's it.

Kiichi : Against weak opponents, Raiho could do something with those, but
Kiichi : Against Kuromine, it was completely useless.

Page 18

Raiho : That why after this match, without anyone saying anything to him, Kiichi-kun began practicing his crosses.
Raiho : Early in the morning, after the afternoon's training, even while skipping school...

Raiho : You can tell how much he trained, looking at the cardboard box full of used spikes.

Raiho : That's why this cross is

Sudou : The ball rose!!?

Raiho : pinpoint for me!!

Page 19

Raiho : Football isn't something you play with traditions!

Raiho : It's something you play with passion!!
Text : Raiho, first shot of revenge!!
Raiho : Goal!! Satomi evened the score!!

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#1. by Tensai_Sakuragi ()
Posted on Feb 9, 2009
Too bad it´s ending.
It had potential, but the Jump World is harsh as hell.

Thanks for translating it all this time, Xoph.

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