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Madofuki Park Oneshot

+ posted by Xophien as translation on Feb 10, 2009 17:48 | Go to Madofuki Park

This translation didn't make it to the new system, so here am I adding it now.
First released on March 22, 2008.

Xophien there, for the second translation of the day~

Well well, this was a Murata yuusuke one-shot, so there was no way I wouldn't translate it, right? Especially seeing how the art is just sooo fucking gorgeous So I'm rather proud to present you my first one-shot translation ('t was long >.>). Big thanks to Asakura for providing the raw in the first place

And... this is just a random thought, but... When the hell did Murata-sensei draw that? ES21 hasn't taken a break for years, so when the heck did he find the time to draw a 35 pages long one-shot, with 8 color pages, and we didn't see the quality of ES21's art dropping one bit? That man isn't human! It's impossible!


PS : I didn't translate the interview at the end for length reasons

Madofuki Park

Page 01

Supereme one-shot series (lol at the engrish >.>)
Window-washer Park

Park : Yeah~
Park : Today, this sparkling city...
Park : It’s already safe to say it’ll thanks to the great Park-sama!
Left : A hero’s prediction!?

Park : Well then, let’s go today too!

Page 02-03 (fucking awesome spread)

Top right : Year 2050. Sky city Tokyo.
Park : Kyahooo!!
Bottom right : Window-washer Park
Left : Sensational! Murata Yuusuke WORLD!!

Page 04

Park : *whistle*

Pigeon : Beginning full power bombing raid!
Pigeons : Roger!

Page 05

Music : Don don
Music : Zun zun

Page 06

Gangsta : Geh!
Gangsta : Tch!

Park : Bingo!

Page 07

Gangsta : Wah!?

Gangsta : Wha! Wha!
Gangsta : What the hell are you!?

Park : The fee for cleaning the windshield is 1000 yens, please!
Gangsta : Haa!?

Gangsta : Id-idiot! If you’re a beggar then do it elsewhere!
Gangsta : What are you thinking, at this height?!

Gangsta : Get off!
Gangsta : Hurry up!

Park : *whistle*
Gangsta : Ugyaa!?

Page 08

Gangsta : I can’t see in front!
Park : Fo fo fo, now I’ll take 1000 yens more to do it again

Police : You won’t do it again.
Park : Ugyaa!?

Park : Id-idiot!
Park : Do you want to kill me!!?
Himuro : you wouldn’t die from just that.

Park : Ah!

Park : It’s the aging Fukei!
(note : Park calls her Fukei, which means “policewoman”, here it’s a pun as “aging policewoman” is “fuke fukei”)
Park : So it was you, idiot!

Page 09

Himuro : Himuro-san, you mean?
Park : Ye-yeah, that’s what I meant!

Himuro : Damn, I told you to stop doing your business here since you’re disturbing the traffic, Park!!

Park : Why!? Do you still think I’m a hindrance!?
Park : That nii-chan over there was embarrassed by all the pigeon’s droppings that fell by accident on his car, so I...
(note : nii-chan as in “generic young guy” here, no family ties^^)

Pigeon : Master~
Pigeon : Give us our reward
Park : Geh!

Pigeon : We’re hungry
Park : Sh! Sh!! I’ll give you later!!

Himuro : Ooh, they’re quite attached to you, aren’t they?

Page 10

Himuro : Do it properly!
Park : Uuu...
Gangsta : What the hell are you anyway?

Park : Damn it! I’ll remember that!

Himuro : Seriously, what is he doing...
Girl : Senpai?
Girl : Who is that kid?

Himuro : An ordinary part-time window washer.
Girl : Ordinary!?
Girl : I didn’t see it that way, but...

Page 11

Boss : Stupid Park!

Out-of-bubble text : What were you thinking!
Boss : Even though you’re a damn apprentice you dare being late!!
Park : Shit... Because of that I’m late!

Park : Aaah... that bombing raid of a pigeon squadron
Park : I thought I could make some pocket money while commuting to work with that
Park : I’ll have to rethink it...
Boss : Are you listening at all!?

Park : Yes! Of course!!
Boss : And on top of that, didn’t I tell you not to put your life at risk!?
Boss : the first and foremost priority of the window-washing job is safety! Do you understand!?

Park : Eh...? But
Park : I’m not running only on top of the cars, there are also the antennas, the signs, the electric lines, everywhere, so
Park : There’s no risk I’d fall.
Boss : You weren’t listening at all after all!?

Page 12

Park : Doing it properly is difficult, huh...

Narration : Lunch Break

Park : I’m home, Jii-chan!
(Note : Jii-chan basically means grandpa, but I’m keeping it that way since it’s cuter >.>)

Jii : ooh, welcome back, Park.
Park : How’s your health?
Out-of-bubble middle text : I brought back lunch

Jii : Well, I feel a lot better.
Jii : The air here is just much more cleaner.

Jii : Park seems to be doing ok in his job as well?
Park : Ahaha... Well, kinda.

Page 13

Jii : I’m completely grateful to you.
Jii : It’s like we never lived at all in Dream Island.
(Note : Dream Island is the name of an artificial island in the bay of Tokyo, completely made of trash. See Wikipedia for more info)

Park : I see.

Park : I hope you’ll get a lot better, Jii-chan
Narration : Sky City’s bottom level, Trash disposal area, “Dream Island”

Park : Move, move, move, move!

Page 14

Park : Oh!
Park : Found scrap iron!

Park (small text) : Move, mooove!
Guy1 : A monster as usual, right?
Guy2 : On that kind of footing... What kind of legs does he have?

Park : Hm?

Driver : Wah!

Park : Hey!
Park : Why is there so little scrap iron!!
Park : Bring more!

Driver : Aah? I’m not the one throwing those away! (small text : and get off!)

Page 15

FourEyes : 120kgs...

FourEyes : You really are trying hard, Park-kun.
Park : Yeah
(on his knees : Ice bag x2)
Park : It won’t do if I don’t do my best.

Park : Jii-chan can’t work because of his illness, after all.

FourEyes : Well then, here’s your pay for today.
FourEyes : Use it to pay for medicine.
Park : Thank you!

Someone : Park!
Someone : There’s a problem! The Jii-chan at your place...

Page 16

Park : Jii-chan has a chronic lung disease
Park : It grew worse because of the harsh environment of Dream Island
Jii : *cough*
Jii : *cough*
Park : Hang in there, Jii-chan!!

Park : There was no effective medicine in the slum’s clinic.
Park : I had to rush to an hospital in the city.

Park : I beg you, examine my Jii-chan!
Park : he’s badly ill!
Park : Eh? Money?

Masaru : Wah, what’s that, human trashes!?
Takashi : They shouldn’t get out of Dream Island!
Mother : Masaru! Takashi! Don’t say things like that!!

Mother : You don’t know what they might do to you, you know!?
Park : Guh...

Page 17

Park : Maybe I should really something to you bastards!!
Mother : Kyaaaa, call the police!
Jii : Park, it’s alright.

Jii : You shouldn’t be so serious for my sake...

Park : Stop saying stupid things!
Park : In the first place if Jii-chan’s disease worsened
Park : It’s because you cut on your medicine fees for the sake of feeding me, right!?

Baby food’s name : Step

Jii (small text) : So you knew?
Park : Don’t die before I pay that debt.
Park : it’d make me feel guilty!

Page 18

Park : This is no time to be feeling weak, you know.
Park (small text) : Lean on me
Jii : Park...

Jii : uh
Jii : Cough cough cough
Park : Jii-chan!

Park : Shit! What should I do...!?

Park : I don’t have money to buy medicine
Park : At this rate if I get back it’ll only get worse...

Park : At least if we could move to a place that has nice air...
Brain (top) : Getting brain in gear
Brain (bottom) : Gyarururu (sound of brain spinning)
Park : And we need a way to get enough to pay for food...
Park : And... And....

Park : ... Then
Park : if I were a window washer in the Sky City with all its dirty windows, it’d be at a nice height so the air would be nice
Park : I could use the legs I’ve trained on the mountains of trash for that...
Park : yeah, yeah, that was a nice train of thought

Jii : Hm!
Jii : Park, did you do something bad?
Park : Eh!?
Park : Wha-what are you talking about, Jii-chan?

Page 19

Park : Whoa!?
Himuro : Nice to meet you~
(note : Said in engrish^^)

Park : Wha
Park : What are you doing here!?
Himuro : I saw you enter that place by accident.
Himuro (small bubble) : But that’s an incredible place you live in, huh?

Himuro : I came to ask your guardian to keep a tighter leash on you from now on.
Jii (small text) : they’re wearing miniskirts in the police?
Park : You didn’t have to come to say that.
Park : You’re a mean-spirited police officer, aren’t you?!

Himuro : A pleasure to meet you, I’m from Mitaka’s 21st station...
Himuro’s arrow : *ignores*
Jii : Oh oh, I’ve heard a lot about Fukei-san from Park!
(note : Mitaka is a city of Tokyo)

Jii : But you’re a lot younger than I’ve heard.
Himuro : ... What have you been saying about me?
Park : Well then, I’ll make some tea...

Page 20

Jii : What...!

Jii : Pa-Park has been assaulting banks!?
Himuro (small text) : I understand how you must feel.
Park : Don’t tell such lies!

Himuro : Well, jokes aside
Park : I’m not listening.
Himuro : blah-blah yada-yada
Himuro : Thankfully there hasn’t been any accident yet, but I’d like Ojii-san to keep an eye on him as well.
(note : Ojii-san is a more polite form of Jii-chan)

Jii : I... I see.
Jii : you shouldn’t cause such trouble

Jii : Hey, Park...
Paper : I’m gone to work.

Page 21

Park : This is no joking matter, at such a busy time!
Park : It’s already enough that I have to listen to sermons at work!

Park : Hm?
Park : What’s that?

Park : Woh!

Park : Wow, so there are busy policemen too...
Park : I don’t know what happened, but
Park : It’d be great if the Fukei-san that came to throw oil on the fire at our place learned from them.

Park : Oops, I should go
Park : Otherwise I’ll be late again!

Page 22

Himuro : Atchoo!
(note : In Japan, it is a common belief that when you’re sneezing it’s because someone is talking about you)

Jii : I’m sorry, it seems I was too busy recovering from my illness to educate him properly...

Himuro : Not at all!
Himuro : Park-kun said you raised him by yourself because he was an abandoned child.
Himuro : He always says how grateful he is to you.

Jii : Fukei-san, that boy
Jii : He’s been working in my place up until now
Jii : Even though it’s my own fault if my disease got worse

Jii : He just won’t notice that he brought me far more than that
Jii : That idiot.

Page 23

Girl : Senpai!

Central : Several vehicles are driving wildly in Sky City’s XX avenue going south
Central : All nearby patrol cars are to go on the scene and be on the lookout! I repeat...
Bottom : Hologram board

Himuro : Geh...
Himuro : It’s a zoku band. (small text : during daytime, on top of that)
Girl : It’s really close.
(Note : zokus : common Japanese delinquents on bikes... Read the awesome manga Great Teacher Onizuka to know more^^)

Jii : ! That...
Jii : Isn’t that just in front of the building Park is working at?

Park : Boss... Somehow it seems like a procession is coming...
Boss : Damn it...

Boss : if they have so much energy they should help us with our work, you know?
Park : Wah
Park : Wah

Page 24-25 (spread)

Police : Stop!
Police : Stop your vehicles at once!

Policeman : waah!

Zoku1 : Kyahoo!
Zoku2 : hyuu~

Building people : Kyaa!

Flag : Kantou’s wild running association
Flag : Shidomiido
(Note : the name of the association is just a random guess since it’s not an actual word, it’s just a combination of kanjis, and kanjis can be read in totally different ways. It’s made with the characters “Death Anger Fascination Intimidation Guy”)

Page 26

Boss : Awawawawa
Park : What the hell are they?
Park (small text) : Mad Max?

Boss : One hour break!
Boss : Safety comes first!
Himuro : Park!
Park : Fuke... Himuro!

Himuro : Well, I just thought I’d come to check over for a bit.
Park : Haa?
Park : Haha, I’m alright! I’ll just withdraw until they’re gone!

Park : Jii-chan told you to come?
Park : What a worrier...

Zoku1 : Aniki! There’s a patrol car in front!
Zoku2 : What? Is it an ambush? Those bastards!
(note : aniki is slang for “older brother”, often used in gangs and the such)

Zoku1 : Take that!

Page 27

Park : Dwaah!?

Park : A-a-are you alright, Himuro!?
Girl : Senpai!
Himuro : ... I’m alright, it just grazed me

Park : Those guys...

Zoku1 : What’s that! There’s someone weird on the patrol car.
Zoku2 : Ah? It’s just a window washer, right?

Zoku1 : Oraaaaaaaa!!

Page 28

Park : Koraaaaaaaaa!!
Himuro : Park!

Policeman : it’s dangerous!
Policeman : Stop!

Policeman : Wha-wha-what the hell are you!?
Policeman : Where do you come from!?
Park : If you’re so slow you’ll never catch them!!!

Park : Show your spirit!
Arrow : Accelerate
Policeman : Ah!?

Page 29

Policeman : Gyaaaa!?

Page 30

Zoku : Uge!?

Zoku2 : Wha
Zoku2 : What the hell are you?

Zoku1 : Ah
Zoku1 : that’s the window-washer from before!

Park : Yeaaah~ Since I’m a window-washer
Park : I have to take care of the source of the dirt...!

Page 31

Zoku : Mugyah!?

Flag : Peaceful Death
Zoku : Geh!?

Zokus : Hiee!

Girl : Kyaaa!

Page 32

Himuro : You... damn idiot!

Himuro : By being this reckless
Park : A sermon again...
Himuro : It’s a wonder that no one died!

Jii : Park!

Jii : Zehi *heavy breathing*
Jii : Zehi *heavy breathing*
Park : Jii-chan!!

Jii : Are.... Are you alright, Park...!!
Jii : Zehi *heavy breathing*
Jii : Zehi *heavy breathing*

Park : Th-that’s what I should be asking! Going out in your state...
Jii : Do I look alright?

Jii : Huh?

Page 33

Jii : the cough...

Doctor : Your health has considerably improved.
Jii : Really?
Park : Isn’t it great! You damn Jii-chan!!

Jii (small text) : Guha!? *cough* *cough*
Park (small text) : Wah!? S-sorry, Jii-chan!
Park : Jii-chan’s health changed for the better.
Jii (small text) : What the hell were you thinking!?

Narration : One month later...
Park : Heeey, Jii-chan! Over here, over here!

Jii : I understand already!
Jii : Did you think I’d get used to that thing easily?!

Page 34

Jii : Seriously, making a convalescent old man work so hard all of a sudden...!
Jii : After all I failed at raising him properly. (small text : Definitely!)

Boss : Well, you’re really helpful! You’ve learned the job perfectly!
Park : Oooh, nice, nice! Good muscles there, Jii-chan!
Park : Guess you’re not brawny-looking just for show, huh?
Jii : Shut up!

Jii : Fff! Look at me now.
Jii : This time it’s my turn to repay you the favor!

Jii : Don’t go crying on me if you fall behind, Park!
Park : Interesting...
Park : I accept the challenge!

Page 35

Park : Well then, let’s go to the next place!!
Jii : Yeah!
Himuro : Koraaa! Don’t step on the passing cars!
Boss : I told you to stop risking your life!!
Left text : Go up in the world, Park!!

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