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Clear Qualia 5

+ posted by yukihito as translation on Aug 23, 2009 16:48 | Go to Clear Qualia

-> RTS Page for Clear Qualia 5


Ponkotsu: A summary of the previous chapter…

Qualia: Miaow…


Ponkotsu: Dorothy was captured by Jabberwocky…

Dorothy: Help me!

Ponkotsu: and for some reason, Rodbart has gone missing! This is bad! [aside: That’s all.]


Ponkotsu: What should we do now?


Ponkotsu: Ah… // The stars are beautiful…


[No text.]


Jabberwocky: What happened then?

Tweedledee: They took Rodbart away… / I don’t know anymore than that…sorry…


Jabberwocky: There’s no need for you to be sorry. // To tell the truth…I wanted you to at least follow them…


Tweedledee: I’m sorry!

Jabberwocky: Like I said, don’t be sorry!


Jabberwocky: But that’s no good, Tweedledee… // You couldn’t beat him?

in panel: Hey~

But he was a Plastica! / There’s no way a human like me could…

in panel: I couldn’t help it!


Jabberwocky: You’d better win next time.

Tweedledee: Yes, boss!


Ponkotsu: Well… // The sun came up while I was wandering aimlessly around the city…


Ponkotsu: How am I supposed to find Dorothy without any leads? // Well, it’s not like I’m having any trouble now that I’m alone…


Ponkotsu: That’s right… // I don’t have any problems without them here…

Text 1: I do like Dorothy …but my promise with her isn’t a written one…

Text 2: Never mind about the bullying stepmother…

Text 3 [behind Dorothy]: Ponkotsu is my slave.

Text 4 [next to Rod]: Get a move on, Cinderella!


Ponkotsu: Could this be… // the freedom you hear about in legends?!


Ponkotsu: What could this be? / It’s freedom! It’s a shock to me!

Qualia: Huh?

Ponkotsu: Now that’s been decided, I’ll enjoy my freedom to the full!


Ponkotsu: I was in high spirits when I said that… // Qualia, how should I make use of my freedom? // Hey…

Ponkotsu: This is it, isn’t it? After dedicating his life to the company, the corporate warrior no longer knows what to do when he retires. // I must be a really boring man…

in panel: I’m a little shocked…


Ponkotsu: Well, I’ll take a nap and think about the small details later. / My parts will last longer that way.


Text 1: Taking a nap because there’s nothing to do…I feel like I’ve become even more boring…

in panel: Ahh…

Ponkotsu: It’s kind of depressing…


Text 2: I wonder what Dorothy’s doing now…

Dorothy: You’re going out with the others?


Jabberwocky: If you need anything, just call me. // Look after Odette.

Odette: Have my brother and the others gone out?


Dorothy: [aside: Yes.] He’ll be back past midnight.

Odette: Ah, today too? / He’s a busy man.


Odette: I’m glad you came, Dorothy! / I was lonely always staying in the house alone.


Dorothy: It’s great that Odette is always smiling… // [aside: Okay!] I’ll try and do the same!

Odette: Why are you making that face?


Odette: I’m glad I kept my old clothes.

in panel: It’s strange…

Odette: They fit you perfectly, you can keep them.


Dorothy: Thank you… / Jabber left my things behind, so that really helps.

Odette: There are a lot of other clothes I want to get rid of. / I’d be happy if you took them.


Odette: I don’t have long to live. / I want to get rid of as many personal things as I can.


Odette: By the way, are you doing anything today, Dorothy? // I’m going out for a walk, will you come?


Dorothy: Yes, / I will!

Odette: Okay! / Wait while I get ready.


Dorothy: Was she… // pretending?

Text 1: Maybe she doesn’t need memories…


Text 2: If it was me, I’d want to leave a lot behind.

Text 3: Maybe Odette is different…

Mary: Hey, mister! // Are you okay?

Ponkotsu: Hmm?

Mary: Wake up, mister!


Mary: I’m glad you’re alive!


Mary: You were lying here… / and you weren’t breathing, so I thought you were dead…


Ponkotsu: Ah…about that…

Text 1: I’m a Plastica, so I don’t breathe anyway…

Ponkotsu: Well…there’s no need to go to the trouble of explaining that…


Mary: Were you sleeping because you felt sick? / If you are, then come to our house! My father is a doctor!

Ponkotsu: No, I’m fine. / There’s no need to worry.


Mary: I see! // Let’s play together then!

Ponkotsu: Wow! That was so sudden! // Okay, so what shall we play?

Mary: I don’t mind! / You think of something, mister!

in panel: Maybe children are just amazing like that…

Ponkotsu: Eh?


in panel 1:
Playing a game…what is there to do?
You need a machine to play video games…
You need a ball to play ball games…
What can I do?!

in panel 2: Hey! Let’s play something! Hey!

Mary: Just like a thought, he’s a pretty boring guy!


Ponkotsu: Someone help me…


Ponkotsu: Qualia?

in panel 3: Leave it to me.

Qualia: Miaow

Ponkotsu: Ah… / It can’t be! I lost to a cat?!


Ponkotsu: I’ve got nothing to do, I’ll take another nap.

Text 1: There was nothing I longed for,

Text 2: so I’m not surprised…


Ponkotsu: Freedom is // surprisingly boring.


Mary: Mister! / Wake up!


Ponkotsu: What’s wrong?

Mary: This is bad!


Mary: The cat can’t get down!

in panel: I’m done for.

Ponkotsu: Whoa!


Qualia: Miaow

Ponkotsu: Hmm… / What should we do?


Woman: Mary! Do you know what time it is?! / You’re supposed to return by sunset!

Mary: Mother!

Text 1: An industrial use Plastica…

Ponkotsu: It’s quite an old model…

Woman: That’s enough! I was worried…


Mary: Mother! The cat can’t get down from the tree…

Woman: That’s terrible!


Woman: Sukeakurou, help us!

Sukeakurou: Yes, master…

Ponkotsu: Eh?!


Ponkotsu: You’re making a Plastica climb a tree?!

Woman: It’s no problem! He’s proud of his strength!


Ponkotsu: But a Plastica’s much heavier than a human, if he climbs onto that branch… // I told you so!


Ponkotsu: I’m sorry, it was my cat’s fault…


Woman: Don’t worry! It was me who told him to do it… // He’s going to be taken away tomorrow.

Ponkotsu: Eh?!


Ponkotsu: You won’t have him fixed?

Woman: He’s quite old, so it’s a good opportunity to buy a new one. / I want one of the latest models.


Woman: I’m glad your cat’s safe.

in panel 1: See ya!

Text 1: It’s strange…

Text 2: Why am I shocked?


Text 3: I’ll think about that conversation I just had, but I’ll replace the robot with a pair of branch cutters.

Ponkotsu: I’m sorry.

Woman: It’s okay, I was thinking of buying a new one! // You can buy 24 for the price of 1 now! / It’s a great deal!

Text 2: See! Just like I thought, she’s not a good person.

Text 3: I’m glad I didn’t have to pay to fix it!


Box 1: Don’t you understand? / A Plastica is a tool.

Box 2: Just a tool, no different from a pair of branch cutters.


Box 1: But…

Text 1: I think both imitation flowers and jewels are beautiful…


Text 2: Dorothy didn’t think of me as just like a pair of branch cutters.

Text 3: Even that nasty guy, Rodbart…

Rodbart: Shut up! Die! Get out! Disappear!


Text 4: This is stranger…

Ponkotsu: But…


Ponkotsu: It would have been good // if Dorothy was your master too…


Dorothy: What’s that noise? / Did something break? // Odette?!


Dorothy: What’s wrong? Are you hurt?! / I’ll call Jabber!

Odette: I’m fine. / I just took a painkiller.


Dorothy: But…

Odette: I’m okay! Don’t worry!


Odette: Dorothy… / Hold onto my hand for a little while…

Dorothy: O-Okay… / I will!


Odette: Thank you…


Odette: I’m fine now…


Odette: I’m sorry I woke you. // There are times when my body hurts all over.

Dorothy: Are you okay?


Yes! / The painkillers are working.


Dorothy: I want to be like Odette too…

Odette: Eh?


Dorothy: Tell me… // How can I smile as beautifully as you?

Text 1: Even though she won’t be alive much longer…

Text 2: Even though she’s in pain…


Dorothy: Smiling…is really…difficult… / I’m jealous…of you…Odette…

Odette: Why are you talking like that?


Odette: [aside: Hmm…] That is a problem… / Anyway, try and smile.


Odette: Ah…yes! It’s okay! It’s not that bad! // Don’t get upset, Dorothy!


Dorothy: He said that he wanted me to smile… // I’m not an interesting person, I cry if I’m being made a fool of… // But this is impossible for me…


Dorothy: How will I ever be able to smile?

Text 1: Ah…

Text 2: No one taught that girl something so simple…

Odette: Dorothy…are you happy now?

Dorothy: Eh?


Text 1: What this girl was trying to get by herself,

Text 2: was a good thing that’s normal for anyone to have.

Odette: If you’re not, then it’s impossible. // If you’re not happy, then you won’t be able to smile.


Dorothy: But…you’re still able to laugh even though you’re tired!

Odette: [aside: Ah.] Well, that’s because I’m happy / you came running.


Odette: Anyway, there’s no need to force yourself to smile. / There are lots of other ways to show how you’re feeling.

Dorothy: Like what?


Text 3: But, Dorothy…

Text 4: That’s not something you can get by yourself…

Odette: Well… // For example, like this…


Odette: Thank you for running here… // Thank you for worrying about me…


Odette: Thank you for holding my hand… // Thank you for saying my smile is beautiful… // Dorothy, I love you…


Odette: Do you understand?

Dorothy: Just like I thought, it’s no good.

Odette: Ah…


Dorothy: But I’d like to share my feelings… // Can I try?

Odette: Of course.


Ponkotsu: The stars… // look beautiful again tonight. // Can your glass eyes see their brightness too?


Text 1: Can something be born inside of us, who have been created as machines and tools?

Text 2: Do we have a heartbeat that throbs, piercing gently?


Ponkotsu: There’s no way that we do… / For a start, our hearts are mechanical.

Box 1: I understand… / I know that…


Box 2: Even so, if I’m free now…

Box 3: If I were to choose what I should do…


Ponkotsu: I want to see these stars // with you.

Box 1: Dorothy… / I want to be by your side…


Tweedledee: It seems they’ve become great friends!

Jabberwocky: Good, good! // Well… // In that case, how about we start our work?

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