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I'm Kagome 1

I am Kagome

+ posted by yukihito as translation on Sep 21, 2009 21:20 | Go to I'm Kagome

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For Rurouni Scanlation Productions



The chapter titles are references to certain things, but I haven’t figured out where all of them came from.

Chapter 2: It could be the book/film “Running Man”. (I’m not sure though)
Chapter 3: “White Angel” - A 1936 film about Florence Nightingale/also a name given to nurses by Florence Nightingale.
Chapter 4: Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time) - A 1976 novel which has been adapted into several films.
Chapter 5: Tokusatsu is a form of live action drama that features superheroes and makes use of special effects. The meaning of the word Tokusatsu is “special effects”.



[Top of page] Contents

Chapter 1: I am Kagome.

Chapter 2: Running Kagome.

Chapter 3: Kagome is a maid.

Chapter 4: Kagome is a “White Angel”.

Chapter 5: The Kagome who leapt through time.

Chapter 6: Kagome is a Tokusatsu star.

Chapter 7: Kagome is a guardian angel.

Chapter 8: Kagome is double booked.

“My name is Kagome.” - a collection of early designs.


[Text at the bottom of the page] This is a work of fiction and has no connection to actual individuals or organisations.


Chapter 1: I am Kagome.


Shingo: On the way home from school, / when I stopped by the hospital Mom was at

Mom: Ah…Shingo…

Shingo: a young woman that I didn’t know / was moving around the room strangely and beating the air.


Shingo: Mom…who’s that?

Mom: From today, she’ll be helping us out at home.

Shingo: Helping us out?

Mom: I got a call from Dad. // He was sent overseas all of a sudden and won’t be able to come back.

Shingo: Eh? I didn’t know about that!

Mom: Well, it was a sudden decision. I won’t be able to leave the hospital yet. / I decided to have Kagome look after you.

Kagome: You’re Shingo-kun, aren’t you?


Kagome: My name is Kagome. // Come, let’s go home together.

Shingo: Umm…Kagome-san, why do you have your umbrella open?

Kagome: Because it’s going to rain.


Shingo: It won’t, the weather report said it’d be cloudy…

Kagome: No, it won’t.

In panel:
Here you go
It’s okay

Shingo: Ah

Kagome: See

Shingo: But then you’ll get wet…


Text 1: She…

Text 2: isn’t getting wet…

Text 3: The rain isn’t falling on her…?!

Kagome: Oh no! // It’s coming.


Kagome: Come.

Shingo: Eh…

Kagome: Hah!


Shingo: What was that?!

Kagome: Doesn’t matter, just hurry.


Kagome: Hey! // Hurry, open the door.

Shingo: What’s wrong? Hurry inside.

Kagome: I can’t come in. // When I’m employed by someone, they must say “Kagome-san, Kagome-san, enter the cage.” // otherwise I won’t be able to get in.

Shingo: Eh? // What?

Kagome: Just hurry. / It might come back, so hurry up!

In panel: Ah, okay!

Shingo: Kagome-san, Kagome-san, enter the cage.


Kagome: Okay, thank you.

Voice: Shingo! Shingo! It’s dad, open up!

Shingo: Oh? Weren’t you sent away?

Voice: It’s been cancelled, hurry up and open the door!


Shingo: Okay, I’ll open it now.

Kagome: Don’t. // That’s not your dad.

Shingo: Eh? // What are you talking about? I’m sure that voice…

Dad: Shingo. // What are you doing? Hurry up.

Shingo: Hey // Eh…

Kagome: Who’s behind the disguise?

Shingo: Ah.

Kagome: Go on, look again.


Shingo: WAAAH!

Monster: Shingo~~ It’s dad! // Hurry and open the door!


Shingo: AHHH!


[No text]


Kagome: Now, those things are waiting around your house. // They were in the hospital too.

Text 1: I went around the room getting rid of them.

Kagome: But it’s okay…if I’m here for a while, // they’ll give up and leave.

Text 2: Who…

Text 3: is this woman?


Children: No way! // Hahaha

Shingo: It’s true! Believe me!

Boy 1: Hahaha

Boy 2: Shingo, you’re lying! / You’re just lonely!

Shingo: I’m telling the truth…

In panel: Tch…

Teacher: The field trip’s tomorrow and the bus won’t wait if you’re late.

In panel: Yes~

Boy: Hey, Shingo / You’re alone with that pretty lady?

Shingo: Well, yeah.

Boy: Ah, I’m jealous! // Peek when she’s taking a bath…


Boy: She might have a tail. // Or bat wings on her back...

Shingo: I'm home. // Kagome...? Oh...she's taking a bath?


In panel: The bathroom…

Shingo: Huh…she’s normal. // A tattoo?


Eye: Hey, boy! No peeking!

Shingo: WAAH!

Kagome: That’s right.


Kagome: He’s come down with a terrible fever and won’t be able to go on today’s field trip.

Shingo: How mean…Kagome, it’s your fault // I’ve got a fever, isn’t it? [small text: huff huff]

Kagome: That’s right…

Shingo: That’s right…?

Kagome: I didn’t want you to get on that bus… // That bus…


Text 1: is going to fall from a cliff

Text 2: and everyone will die.

Kagome: I just wanted to save you.

Text 3: It was true.

Text 4: It was true that the bus fell off a cliff and everyone died.


Shingo: No way…

TV: Around 10 a.m. today, a bus carrying children to a field trip // fell from a cliff. // The scene of the accident was a hilly road, its many sharp turns hidden by the mountains.

Sign: Funeral Service

Parent: Why did our child… // Why was that boy saved… // Our child…


Parent: Give our child back…

Kagome: Shingo-kun, let’s go.

Shingo: Why… // Why didn’t you tell me earlier? We might have been able to save everyone…


Kagome: I didn’t think you’d believe me.

Shingo: You wouldn’t have known unless you tried. // From the beginning, you only intended to help me…

Kagome: That’s right. // I can’t alter the destiny // of someone who hasn’t employed me.


Kagome: I’m sorry. // That’s how it is.

Shingo: Why’s that? // I don’t understand.


Shingo: Uh…

Children: Shingo / It’s not fair. // Why only you…

Shingo: Sorry… // I’m sorry!

Children: Shingo, it’s not fair~~ It’s your fault.

Shingo: A dream…


Shingo: A bus…?


Shingo: WAAH! // Ahh…


Shingo: They’re here…I knew it…everyone resents me… // I was the only survivor and now they want to take me to that world!

Kagome: What makes you think that?


Shingo: Eh? Kagome…what are you wearing?

Kagome: Those children aren’t bad. // They just want to go on the field trip with you.

Shingo: And that outfit is…?

Kagome: A tour guide, of course.


[No text]


Kagome: Okay, it’s time for us to go. / The field trip isn’t over until you’re home.

Children: Shingo! // See you later! // Bye, Shingo!

In panel: See you later!

Shingo: Everyone…


Shingo: I wonder what I can do for them…

Kagome: Come, let’s go home. // The field trip…

Shingo: isn’t over until you’re home.


Text 1: After that, Mom came home from the hospital.

Text 2: Dad returned home too.

Kagome: It’s proof that all the bad things have gone. // It’s okay now.

In panel:
Kagome, Kagome
When will the caged bird be free?

Text 3: For a while after Kagome left


Text 1: I saw

Text 2: strange things…

Text 3: But before long, I stopped seeing them.

Text 4: The photo taken during the field trip that night

Text 5: is still precious to me even now.

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#1. by DelGrecco ()
Posted on Sep 21, 2009
Thank you so much for your kind efforts in translating this, I really appreciate it!
#2. by Kolmisho ()
Posted on Sep 23, 2009

Thank you very much!! here's the scanlation, we'll be waiting for chapter 2 :)
#3. by DelGrecco ()
Posted on Sep 23, 2009
Well that was unexpected since this translations says "For Rurouni Scanlation Productions" at the top of it. I'm still planning to release my version since I had asked Yukihito if she would be kind enough to translate this for me. It would be very kind of you if you would not distribute your version any longer. Barring that, I hope you will honor such notes for any future translations she might do of this series (or any notes other translators may have included in their translations). I appreciate your consideration.
#4. by Doragon ()
Posted on Sep 25, 2009
Delgrecco, I think you need to do something about this instead of waiting for the phail people at wild fang to delete it. .-.
#5. by Kolmisho ()
Posted on Sep 26, 2009
or better yet, do nothing! our version will always be as good as anything you're willing to spawn
#6. by Nami (Queen of The Damned)
Posted on Sep 26, 2009
Posting a note to say "Please respect our translators"!! No taking translations without permission allowed.
#7. by Doragon ()
Posted on Sep 26, 2009
What about the scanlators?
#8. by DelGrecco ()
Posted on Sep 27, 2009
Thank you for the support.

That was a surprising response from Kolmisho, I thought my message was pretty civil. Oh well...

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