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Ibitsu 1

+ posted by yukihito as translation on Oct 23, 2009 15:34 | Go to Ibitsu

-> RTS Page for Ibitsu 1

I love horror, so naturally this series caught my eye! Hopefully some of you will enjoy it. :D



White text: A shocking Japanese horror story begins serialisation!

Red text: Ibitsu (Twisted)

Phone: Hey, big brother! Are you listening? // Did you make sure to put out the trash?

Kazuki: I did!

Phone: If there’s a smell, the landlady will get angry again! / I’ll be coming round to check sometime soon!

Kazuki: Yeah, yeah // Jeez, mind your own business…go find a boyfriend or something.


Orange/white text:
New series
Chapter 1
“The girl at the trash dump”

Backwards text:
It wanders close by…
However, you won’t realise it until you encounter it…

Yellow text: The curious tale of a mysterious corridor.

Red text: Ibitsu (Twisted)


The “fear” that’s heard of in rumours wanders close by…
However, you won’t realise it until you encounter it…


Kazuki: Who is she? // What’s she doing sitting in a trash dump at night? // What’s more… / she’s wearing a lolita cosplay… // She’s creepy…


Kazuki: Damn… // I won’t be able to go back without walking past her…


Kazuki: I’ll ignore her! / It’s better if I don’t get involved! // I’ll pretend not to see anything when I go past! // Uwaa!

Text 1: She really stinks and is all dirty!

Text 2: Anyway, what’s that liquid?

Text 3: Hey…did she sew that herself?

Text 4: It looks like she slashed her wrists!


Text: She’s dangerous…I’ve got to hurry…

Woman: Hey…do you have a younger sister?

Kazuki: Me? I do…


Text: I’ve got the feeling I was asked a question just now…

Kazuki: Jeez… / Don’t hang around in front of people’s houses…


Kazuki: Ah…damn it! // I can’t draw this well enough! // At this rate, I won’t be able to hand it in today…

Goto: Kazuki! What are you so pissed off about?

Kazuki: Goto! / Miyama! // I couldn’t do the lettering exercise properly… / Have you guys already done it?

Goto: Hmm…kinda…


Goto: I’m the type who doesn’t do things they can’t!

Kazuki: Hey!

Goto: C’mon! Don’t get so pissed off! // I’m gonna give you this DVD! // Clear your mind by watching it when you get back home!

Kazuki: Hey…do you understand my situation?

Goto: Ah! It’s alright! It’s a sign of our friendship!


Goto: That’s cute. You’re so into Hikari-chan that you don’t need a DVD! // It must be nice to have a sister like that~

Kazuki: Nobody would be into their own little sister.

Goto: Don’t deny my fantasy.

Miyama: We’re disturbing him, let’s go.

Goto: See ya! Try your best!

Kazuki: Yeah // Damn it! I remembered something bad… // Shoot! Only 10 minutes left!


[SFX] twist

Kazuki: Ah…damn it! The trash has piled up! // Why do I keep forgetting to take it out in the morning? // I can’t go back to sleep… // I don’t wanna get told off by the landlady, so I’ll throw it out now…

Landlady: There are so many bugs because you don’t put out the trash! / Jeez! I’d like to meet your parents!


Text: It’s her!!

Kazuki: She’s here again?! // What the hell is she doing? // I’ll just throw it into the end of the container! I’ll throw it away and hurry back!


Woman: Oww…

Kazuki: What?! Did she fall over because I threw the trash? // I’m sure I didn’t throw it that hard… // S-Sorry…


Woman: My precious Keiichi is dirty…

Kazuki: Keiichi…?


Text: Ah…a soft toy…

Woman: He’s important…he’s not supposed to get dirty…

Kazuki: It’s your fault for being here!


Kazuki: Giving a soft toy a name…that’s just creepy! // What did she mean “He’s not supposed to get dirty”? It was dirty from the start! // Making weird accusations like that…


Kazuki: W-What is it?!

Woman: Hey…look… // He wouldn’t come clean when I wiped him…


Woman: Let me wash him.

Kazuki: Eh? // H-Hey! Don’t come in without permission!

Woman: What are you talking about? // You got my precious Keiichi dirty!


Woman: He likes being clean! // Getting dirty made him stressed, so he’s screaming!

Kazuki: H-Hey…stop! / Don’t shout so loud at night! // I get it! You can use the washroom!

Woman: Thank you… / You’re so kind.


Kazuki: Ugh!

Text: It stinks! What is that liquid?!


[SFX] splash

Woman: Does that feel good? // That’s right. // You’re happy… // Hehehehe…


Kazuki: It was terrible! // It took me until morning to clean up the mess that Lolita woman made!

Goto: Lolita?! Are you serious?! I really wanna see!

Miyama: Who was she?

Kazuki: Dunno…she was one crazy girl!

Miyama: If she’s such a peculiar person, then she might have some other troubles.

Goto: Call me next time she comes! I’ll keep her company!

Kazuki: You… // Ah…this is pissing me off! Let’s go to karaoke on the way home and get some drinks!


Bubble 1: Alright! Let’s start with some visual kei!

Bubble 2: Eh…that’s not like you!

Girl: Hey // Have you heard of that urban legend? // The story of “The Strange Lolita”! // At midnight // a girl dressed in Lolita appears and asks a question.


Girl: Excuse me, Itou Kazuki from Room 201 is my brother… // I forgot my key…could you lend me one?

Landlady: Ah…you’re Itou-kun’s younger sister? I’ve heard a lot about you.


Landlady: His room is such a mess, it’s quite troublesome. // Keeping it clean should be common sense. / Jeez…kids these days! // Here you go!

Girl: You mustn’t answer that question. // If you do, that girl will come // to be your younger sister!


Girl 1: Then she’ll say “I’ve found my big brother.” // Finally, she’ll // give you a “twisted” death!

Girl 2: That’s creepy! But why “twisted”?

Girl 1: Don’t know…but isn’t it scary?

Goto: Hey! Whatcha doing? Let’s go!

Text: An urban legend…no way…


Text 1: It’s her!

Text 2: If anything happens this time

Text 3: I’ll beat her up!


Woman: Thank you for yesterday. // Keiichi’s happy.


Woman: On the 3rd of June // You bought a cutlet bread roll, a special pork cutlet meal, two cans of coffee, one can of coke and one can of tea.


Woman: On the 6th of June, you bought a Chinese spring roll meal with fried meat, one 500ml coke and one tea. For dessert you had pudding a la mode. You rented “The Mummy 3” at the video store.

Woman: On the 7th of June, you ate three pieces of special Japanese beef from family restaurant F. You also had a large helping of rice and some oolong tea. You bought a sketchbook and stretching tape from an art shop.

Woman: On the 8th of June, you ate burger set B, a fish burger and nuggets from fast food outlet M. At drugstore T, you bought soap, a toothbrush, tissues and garbage bags.

Kazuki: You!!


Woman: This DVD… // Did you think of me when you watched it?

Kazuki: W-Whoa! // You went through my trash! // Why are you doing this?! // Stop what you’re doing already! // Don’t wander around here again! Got it?


Kazuki: Jeez…I don’t believe it! That Lolita thinks going through people’s trash is normal?! // I’m glad I confronted her! // I won’t hold back next time!


Kazuki: Huh? The room’s tidy… // Hikari came in and cleaned up again without asking… // She really should mind her own business…

[SFX] click


Girl: Jeez! You didn’t undress! // You really are a mess! // You’ve got to put the quilt on properly.


Woman: You’re kind.


Woman: You pushed me away and you really were angry… // This is “love”. // “I’ve found // my brother”.

Text: What’s at the end of the twisted mysterious corridor, where you cannot even realise that you are lost?

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#1. by sapphire-pyro ()
Posted on Oct 23, 2009
I knew it that this will interest you too xD Yay horror =3

Thanks for the translation =D *huggles*
#2. by Keiko13 ()
Posted on Oct 23, 2009
Woa!! creepy O.O.....I love it! XD Thank you!!
#3. by DelGrecco ()
Posted on Oct 24, 2009
Looks kind of creepy, but interesting. Thank you for sharing! :)

If nobody has already started on it, I'll probably start working on this one (with Yukihito's blessing of course).
#4. by mellylemon ()
Posted on Oct 24, 2009
Wow that was fast. XD
#5. by Teaparty ()
Posted on Oct 24, 2009
Nice, this is definitely cool since Halloween is approaching. :)
#6. by DelGrecco ()
Posted on Oct 25, 2009
Yukihito has kindly consented to me working on this and work is under way.
#7. by Queenofmuffins ()
Posted on Oct 25, 2009
You're doing a seinen? O_O

Wow, you're awesome... :D
#8. by yukihito ()
Posted on Oct 26, 2009
@Sapphire - You know me so well XD

@Keiko - It is creepy! Especially the end part. I got really creeped out reading this late at night!

@DelGrecco - Thank you for working on this! :)

@Mellylemon - Well, I read it and liked it, so I thought why not do it? :D Thank you for sharing the raw to begin with!

@Teaparty - Definitely, looks like it started at just the right time~

@Queenofmuffins - I wasn't that much into seinen before, but I think it's awesome now!
#9. by Queenofmuffins ()
Posted on Oct 27, 2009
Do you have much trouble reading all the kanji without furigana?
(My level is still waaaaaaaaaaay below that. ;_;)
#10. by yukihito ()
Posted on Oct 27, 2009
Not too much trouble, but reading a lot of newspaper articles helped with that, because they have no furigana at all. I never liked reading newspapers, but it paid off in the end.

I think you made an awesome start with your Japanese, so just keep trying Muffin! :D
#11. by Queenofmuffins ()
Posted on Oct 29, 2009
You can read Japanese newspapers? Seriously? Wow~:O

You think so? Thanks Yukihito! ^^
(Still, I think I'll stick to the shounen's for now... ;3)

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