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12 Nin no Yasashii Koroshiya ―LEO MURDER CASE― 7



-> RTS Page for 12 Nin no Yasashii Koroshiya ―LEO MURDER CASE― 7


12 Tender Killers
Case 7: Saeki

Character design: Higuri You
Founder masaki
Artist: Takahashi Ryouou


Man: It’s called “di”. // I’ll give it especially to you.

Woman: But isn’t this a dangerous drug?

Man: It’s okay, everyone’s using it. / If you really don’t like it, just throw it away. I just felt sorry for you, that’s all.

Woman: I wonder if / I can become // a more suitable woman for Takashi with this…


Saeki: This city // hasn’t changed…


Makoto: Tohru-san…


[SFX] beep beep

Takashi: Tohru… // The owner…

Saeki: Ah! I just got back!

Takashi: Sa…


Takashi: Saeki-san!

Tohru: Owner Saeki…

Saeki: Tohru! Thanks for looking after the club while I was away! How’s it doing? / Hmm? What is it, Kotarou? You look so irritated!

Takashi: Don’t call me Kotarou…

Saeki: Ah…I brought you a souvenir!

Takashi: What is this disgusting mask?!

Saeki: Huh? It’s cool, right?

Takashi: A souvenir isn’t a souvenir unless it’s food!

Tohru: Owner Saeki… // It’s as I said in the club reports…


Tohru: I’ll be repeating what’s said in the report… // But I’ll explain again… // The cause isn’t clear, but it started a month ago. / There was some trouble between Team Bidou and a designated patron.

Saeki: Hmm…trouble?

Tohru: There have been a lot of things happening. / Yesterday, Riki’s designated patron brought a knife into the club and started acting violently… // Takashi was able to take the knife away quickly, so it didn’t become a serious matter…

Saeki: Why did she do that?


Tohru: I didn’t hear much from the police, so nothing’s clear…I don’t know… // Then, this morning / we heard that she had been found dead…

Saeki: I see… // What do you think, Tohru?

Tohru: I think there were some similarities between the patrons who caused trouble…


Tohru: They were always worrying about something, but recently they seemed strangely happy… // For some reason they’d be hysterical one moment, but calm a few seconds later…

Saeki: I see… // Okay! Get everyone who’s not busy to come and clean up the club! It’ll be business as usual. // Make a list of all the patrons who caused trouble too.

Tohru: Alright…

Saeki: I’m counting on you, boss!

Takashi: Saeki-san!


Saeki: Takashi! / Come with me!

Susumu: It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? // You came back to Japan / because of “di”, didn’t you?


Takashi: Uwaa!

Saeki: Yeah! / Anyway, I’ve brought the club’s No.1 with me. Be kind to him from now on!

Takashi: I’m Takashi Bidou…!

Susumu: Ah, you’re that No. 1! I’m sorry for not greeting you earlier! / I’m Susumu Yokoyama, from the second generation of the Hanamura Family’s Yokoyama syndicate. // There were many rumours about Saeki in the past, but he’s nothing compared to you!

In panel: He’s been completely defeated.

Saeki: That’s enough pointless talk. You don’t seem used to being a yakuza, considering how long you’ve been one!

Takashi: By the way, Saeki-san… / What’s “di”?

Saeki: Hmm?


Saeki: “di” is a new type of hallucinogenic drug…I’ve been looking for its origin for a long time…

Takashi: Hallucinogenic?

Saeki: It’s in the same category as heart medicine and antidepressants. To put it simply, it’s a suspicious medicine that gets rid of your worries, gives you confidence and makes you forget the bad things you did in the past.

Takashi: No way… / Saeki-san…

Saeki: Yes… // There’s a probability that someone / is selling “di” to Team Bidou’s designated patrons.


Susumu: “di” is / more dangerous than previous drugs. // If it is distributed widely, then the whole of Japan will become a battleground. Thanks to Saeki-san’s efforts, there should have been an agreement not to distribute “di” in Kabukicho… / Whether they know that or not…

Saeki: It seems that there are some fools breaking the rules…

Susumu: Saeki-san / We’re looking for those fools too. // We’ll cooperate with you on the matter.

Saeki: Ah, thank you…

Susumu: Ah…but…


Susumu: You mustn’t fail. // If you do anything to ruin the family name, it’ll be embarrassing for me and I won’t be able to show my face to my father…

Saeki: Heh… / You don’t have to worry about that.

Susumu: That seems to be the case.


Susumu: Well, I’ll give you the information right away. // This information just came in…

Akane: Hehehe…

Takashi: Akane-san…?

Akane: Ta~ka~shi…where are you? // Come here right now… // I’m telling you to come! You’ll come, right…?


Takashi: Ah… // Ha… // Akane-san…

Akane: Ahh! // Takashi! You came! // I’m so glad!

Takashi: Akane-san…are you okay?

Akane: Hmm?

Takashi: You called me just now, didn’t you?

Akane: Called you?


Akane: I didn’t call you… // Haha…how weird…

Takashi: Akane-san!

Akane: Hehe…it’s too weird…haha… // What…? / I hate you!

Takashi: …..

Akane: I really hate you!


Akane: Hate… // You’re handsome… // Takashi…hehe… // Ah, that’s right… // I’ve got to get them out…

Takashi: Akane!


Akane: Hey…let go of me, okay? / There are bugs crawling inside me… // I’ve got to get them out…to Takashi…

Takashi: It’s okay… // It’s okay now…


Takashi: Tell me one thing. // Who sold it to you?

Text 1: I’ll give you the information.

Text 2: There’s a host working at your club who’s got “di”.

[SFX] crumple


Host: Ah… // Ta… // Takashi…san…


Tohru: I see… / “di”, huh? // I’ve heard of it…

Saeki: Tohru…were they one of your patrons?

Tohru: No…at the moment…

Saeki: I see… // Jeez! It’s a really scary drug! “di” has the potential to attract anyone. // This kind of drug could easily become popular in a place like Japan.

Tohru: Saeki-san…

Saeki: Hmm?


Tohru: Can “di” erase // memories you want to forget?

Saeki: No, it can’t. // All it can do is make you unable to / feel the pain those memories bring. // Once someone doesn’t feel pain, they’re not human.

Tohru: Ah… // I see…


Host: Huh…?! // Let go of me! // Tch! What the hell were you doing, Takashi-san?!

Tohru: Takashi!

Takashi: You were // the one who sold it.

Host: Huh?!


Takashi: “di”… // Did you sell it?

Host: Where’s your proof?! Accusing me without any proof…

Takashi: My patron said it was you! // So it was you!

Host: Ha… // What about it?


Host: It’s their fault for using it…

Takashi: You!

Tohru: Takashi!

Takashi: You killed her… // You killed Riki’s patron…my patron was almost killed by you too! // The next time you do that // I’ll kill you! / Got it?


Tohru: Get up.

Host: Tohru-san…I…

Tohru: Hurry up. / Tell me everything you know about “di” // then go to the police by yourself.

Host: Haha… // I see…you were always…


Host: Damn it! Why?! / Why is it always Takashi?! I…

Takashi: Pathetic.

Host: Shut up! You don’t understand how I’m feeling…

Saeki: Are you done with your tantrum, kid?

Host: Saeki-san!

Saeki: Hey, I just got back today. / You got yourself involved in something pretty messy… // It’s gonna cost you…hmm?

Host: It’s unfortunate.


Host: It’s just unfortunate.

Saeki: Takashi

Takashi: Saeki-san


Takashi: It looks like he doesn’t know anything.

Saeki: It seems that he bought from the seller, but he doesn’t know what he looks like. [Ha…]

Takashi: Is Overload // going to be closed?

Saeki: It won’t.

Takashi: Eh? // You’re // so cunning…


Saeki: There’s something I’ve realised since finding out about “di”… // Intention isn’t the only thing that kills people. // The weaknesses in people’s hearts can kill too… // That’s what makes it even harder to forgive // those who make money from people’s weaknesses… / being in this city…


Takashi: Saeki-san / I’ll defeat anyone // who disturbs my kingdom. // That’s all.

Saeki: Yes


Saeki: That’s exactly why // you’re Overload’s king…

Yousuke: Kogure… / Tell Persona XII to come here…

Kogure: Very well.

Box: Someone is dealing a terrible drug… Persona XII have been summoned…

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#1. by Queenofmuffins ()
Posted on Dec 23, 2009

Let's hope it gets scanalated soon! :3
#2. by yukihito ()
Posted on Dec 24, 2009
I heard from Tessen that she's working on it, so scanlation probably isn't too far away~ ^^

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